SL:R (Novel) Chapter 50

C 50

The Scavenger Guild members were busy chasing after Randolph, who was ahead of them dealing with the mummies.


Fortunately, they learned some tricks to deal with mummies while watching Randolph.

Randolph mercilessly pulled the limbs of the mummies that stood in his way with tremendous strength.

“Don‘t just break their legs, pull them out! Don‘t let them walk again! Pull out their arms so they can‘t even crawl!“

Certainly that method worked.

Where Ranrolf passed by like a storm, mummies with limbs removed were on the floor like insects.

But even that didn‘t last long.


“Ehh?! T-Their body parts are being connected again!“

It was the bandages that kept the original shape of the mummies.

Their bandages moved on their own, reattaching the fallen limbs and moving the bodies.

Somehow though, that bought them time.

“Keep running!“

The guild members ran with all their might, but the labyrinth was complicated.

They got lost many times.

Right then, the subordinates running behind Randolph found Suho approaching from afar.

“Isn‘t that the summoning hunter from earlier?“

“Is that so?“

“How dare he come in here?“

Although they were struggling, all the trouble was to find the relics hidden in the pyramid.

Randolph couldn‘t let other hunters, other than Scavenger Guild, intervene with his important goal.

“Great. Let‘s catch him, throw him as bait for the mummies, and let‘s go.“

They were about to move towards Suho with an ominous look on their faces.




Suddenly, black mummies appeared behind Suho.

The guild members froze on the spot.


“What are those again?“

Suho was dragging an army of black mummies behind him.


Just in time, Suho also found them.

The Scavenger Guild members felt a visceral fear and turned away.

“Shit! Run!“

Seeing them start to run away without hesitation, Esil quickly threw her spear.


The wall collapsed, blocking their retreat pathway.

In the end, they turned their heads to Suho with a bitter look in their eyes.

“Whatever, we just need to kill that summoning hunter!“

“Ignore the mummies and kill that bastard!“


However, their momentum did not last long.


Even if the white mummies were regenerated, that wasn‘t fast enough. The black mummies’ regeneration speed was absurdly fast.

[Kehehe. The effect of Young Master’s mana power rising is evident.]

Beru was delighted and he cheered.



Screams were heard everywhere, and a completely different scenario unfolded.

[Do not forget, Young Master. The fact that your true power is the immortal army.]

Suho‘s army overpowered them and continued to advance but he was never overconfident.

Class A Hunter Randolph.

Suho hasn’t been able to defeat anyone yet with this level of strength.

‘I have to catch a Poisoned-Tooth Sand Centipede.‘

Suho continued to move toward where the sand centipede‘s roar came from afar.

The moment he was waiting for came sooner than expected.



Above the heads of the scavenger guild members who were running away, the ceiling collapsed, revealing a sand centipede.


“S-Save me…! Ahh!“

The sand centipede swallowed a hunter whole in an instant and turned its attention to another prey.

The poison dripping from its teeth choked the hunter.

[Use ‘Skill: Blade Storm‘.]


Suho hurriedly used Blade Storm to counter the acrid poison smog.

Just by being near, his HP was decreasing in real time.

‘They kindly visited me in person.‘

Suho swung his twin swords.

“Everyone, go!“

With that, 19 black mummies attacked the sand centipede at once.



The sand centipede mercilessly bit and killed the black mummies.

However, the black mummies continued to regenerate with the use of the bandages attaching the body parts no matter how much they were torn off.

And even more like a demon, the mummies rushed towards the sand centipede.

The poison leaking out of the sand centipede‘s teeth seemed to do no damage at all to the poisonous black mummies.

On the contrary, the poison of the black mummies couldn’t be handled by the sand centipedes.

In the end, the fierce battle of the demons biting each other continued.



“Spread web so it doesn‘t escape!“

At Suho‘s command, Arachne began to spew spider webs on the sand centipede‘s body.

“Esil! Keep checking so it doesn‘t tear the web!“


“Whatever way you think of!“

Esil jumped forward.

When she infused magic into her spear, it grew longer and longer.

“Oh? This was possible?“

Meanwhile, Suho quickly bought a mana potion from the store and put it in his mouth.

Just then, Beru appeared and explained.

[Among the demons, there are those who can be spiritualized like that. That’s why the demons in the factory can also possess humans, do you remember?]


[Yes. That spear is the demon’s horn, and if the demon can be spiritualized, that spear can also be spiritualized. If it gets transformed into a spiritual body, it will be easy to infuse magic to adjust its size.]

“What about mine?“

Suho raised his weapon, the ‘Vulcan’s Horn‘.

After all that sword was also a demon‘s horn?

[Oh, that’s right.]

A strange light appeared in Beru‘s eyes.

[In my memory, the demon named Vulcan was enormously large. Of course, the horns were also very large.]

“Why is this sword made of such a large horn so small?“

[Its power must have been compressed in the process of making the weapon and transforming it into like Esil‘s spear.]

Suho‘s got an idea.

[Item: Horn of Vulcan]

Difficulty to obtain: ??

Type: Sword

Attack +40

A sword crafted from the horns of the greedy demon Vulcan.

Vulcan’s powers are imbued, dealing more damage.

-Effect ‘Destruction Desire‘: Increases physical damage by [40%].

-Effect ‘Demon Devourer‘: The power of Vulcan becomes stronger as it devours a demon‘s soul.

[Devoured Demon Soul: 10]

Item information floated on Vulcan‘s Horn.

That sword was a weapon that became stronger as it absorbed demon’s soul.

Esil, who was fighting fiercely right in front of him, was also a demon.

A demon aristocrat with very noble blood!



Esil answered without turning her head.

“I have something on my mind right now, can you help me?“

“I don‘t know what it is, but I got it anyway!“

“Is that a yes?“

Suho‘s lips went up at Esil‘s confirmation.

Then, he approached right next to Esil, who was fighting a sand centipede.

“Can you become a spirit now?“

“It is possible, but why?“


Esil was thrilled when she found Vulcan‘s Horn in Suho‘s hand.

“Can you possess this for a second?“

Suho said with a bright smile.


Esil, who was still fighting a breathless battle, had no time to argue with Suho‘s sudden idea.

“Is it possible?“

“I-It‘s possible, but… Oh, I don‘t know! Spiritualization!“

Less talk, more work.


At that moment, Esil‘s body gradually became transparent and turned into a spirit.

Just like when Gray possessed Suho‘s body, Esil permeated into Vulcan‘s Horn.


[Vulcan‘s Horn devours the demon‘s soul.]

Esil‘s sharp voice echoed from within Vulcan‘s Horn.

-O-Okay? Now what?

“Good! Can this sword grow like your spear?“

-Of course! Oh, so that‘s it!

It was such an urgent moment that an explanation was time consuming, but Esil also realized something from Suho‘s words.

It reminded her of the moment when Suho first grew in size and fought against sand centipedes.

The time when he fought with his bare fists because he had no weapons.

-Are doing it now? You‘ll need mana to do that!

“For a moment!“

Suho avoided the sand centipede‘s attacks just in time.

As he ordered the black mummies to counterattack, he looked at Rakan‘s Sword in his other hand.

“Hey, did you see that? Can you do it, too?“


Rakan‘s Sword made no reply.

“No? Aren‘t you part of the Fang Clan like demon‘s Horns?“

Suho remembered clearly.

Rakan was King of the Beasts he met in the realm of rest.

The sword was a fang that was pulled from the huge wolf‘s moth. It couldn‘t have been this small in the first place.

-… It is possible. But,I have no right.

Right then, an answer came elsewhere.

[The King of Beasts, Fang Monarch, nods his head willingly.]

This was because the owner of that fang was Rakan.


After all permission was granted, Suho felt no need to delay any longer.

“Giant‘s Armor.“

[Use ‘Skill: Giant‘s Armor‘.]


The armor wrapped around Suho‘s body and his size doubled.


The two swords held in both hands of Suho grew in size at the same time.

‘Vulcan‘s Horn‘ and ‘Rakan‘s Sword‘ enlarged to a size that fits Suho‘s hand, growing twice as large.

Suho crossed the twin swords and his eyes flashed.

‘It will be different from before.‘

Without hesitation, Suho rushed towards the sand centipede and swung his twin swords.



The merciless slashing left numerous wounds on the sand centipede‘s body.

But, the monster was no joke either.

Feeling threatened, the centipede swayed and tried to get out of the pyramid, shaking as if the pyramid would collapse.

Suho decided to use all his mana in an instant.

“Gray! Blessing!“

Gray‘s spiritual body, which had been staying in the shadow dungeon, permeated Suho’s shadow.

[The spiritual body of ‘Pet: Gray‘ is strengthened in the body of the pontifex.]


Suho‘s hair was bleached silver, and wild energy scattered through his body.

[Use ‘Skill: Grassland Wind‘.]

[Movement speed temporarily increases by 30%.]

[Attack speed temporarily increases by 30%.]


Suho‘s sword speed became incredibly fast and he attacked the centipede even more mercilessly.


A scream erupted from the sand centipede‘s mouth, and in the end…


Suho’s sword cut off his throat.

[You have killed a Poisoned-Tooth Sand Centipede.]


The gigantic monster finally collapsed.

Suho‘s mana power ran out.

[Your level increased!]

[Your level increased!]

[Your level increased!]

Right then, his condition has returned to normal.



[‘Blessing‘ is canceled.]

[‘Pet: Gray‘s spiritual body leaves the body of the pontifex.]

[‘Skill: Giant‘s Armor‘ is canceled.]

Suho‘s appearance became smaller and he returned to his original form.

He looked at the corpse of the huge sand centipede that was hanging limp in front of him.

Suho smirked and spoke without hesitation.


[To be continued…]

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