SL:R (Novel) Chapter 44

C 44

Suho stretched out his hand toward Kwak Dooyeong, where light was coming from.


[You found ‘Runestone: Giant‘s Armor‘. Would you like to acquire it?]

‘A runestone?‘

It seemed that the skill Kwak Dooyeong used was a runestone.

Again, this was the first time.

There are several villains killed today, but this only happened to Kwak Dooyoung.


[Runestone: Giant‘s Armor]

Breaking the runestone absorbs the skill.

‘It‘s a giant‘s armor.‘

It was a skill that made Kwak Dooyoung‘s body bigger a little while ago.

Considering the value of the runestone, selling this runestone would earn at least billions.

But, Suho thought it was a waste to sell.

‘It‘s just money, I can earn it later.’

Becoming stronger was more important than money.

Besides, since he was just previously an E-Class hunter, his earnings were not good, but today he was reissued a C-Class hunter license.

Considering that the difference in power between E-Class and C-class was several times higher, selling runes for money was a foolish choice.

“Excuse me… Mr. Crow?“

Suddenly, there was a voice calling for Suho from behind.

Association hunters who had escaped from the prison were approaching him hesitantly.

“A-Are you okay?“

There was fear in their faces as they looked at Suho.

It was expected though. Suho single-handedly destroyed over 50 members of the Reaper Guild, and in the end even killed Kwak Dooyeong, a B-Class tanker, with his pure power.

Witnessing that ferocious battle right in front of them, they couldn‘t help but worry.

Even though Suho helped them, it was not a guarantee that they were on the same side.


“I don’t intend to be hostile, so don‘t worry. Are you going to arrest them?“



The association hunters looked away with embarrassed expressions at Suho‘s words.

Suho stuffed the runestone into his pocket and released himself from the blessed state.

While in that state, his mana was reduced by 1 per second.

That was also why he took out a potion when he was fighting earlier.

[‘Blessing‘ is canceled.]


The spiritual wind that had been swirling around Suho‘s body calmed down, and his hair, which had been bleached silver and was fluttering, returned to black again.


[‘Pet: Gray‘s spiritual body leaves the body of the pontifex.]

A puppy the size of the palm- no, a wolf cub fell out of Suho‘s body.

Seeing this, the association hunters were shocked.

A wolf suddenly came out of Suho’s body!

“A-As expected…“

“Beast King…“

“The king of beasts…“


Gray, who landed on the floor, had a puzzled expression.

There were people looking at him(?).


What were they thinking?

Gray suddenly lifted his nose and started howling.


With his infinitely proud and courageous eyes.

[The King of Beasts, Fang Monarch, looks proudly at the dignified appearance of his descendant.]


-Heh. He’s pretty much in shape now.


Suho smiled as even Rakan’s Sword in his hand looked at Gray satisfactorily.

* * *

The reinforcements called by the association hunters finally arrived after everything was over.

“Come out quickly, you guys!“

The members of the Reaper Guild who abandoned their weapons and surrendered were all limping and were dragged out by their hands.

“Why are you limping like that?“

Meanwhile, Han Jaehyuk rescued the hostages from prison and hurriedly transported them to the hospital. It was because they might suddenly turn into a Mist Burns if he let them stay on the field.

Immediately, with his subordinates, they conducted a search and seizure operation on all the evidence in the Stardust Lab.

“Don‘t miss anything, take it all!“

Han Jaehyuk gritted his teeth vigorously, recalling Vice President Lee Minseong.

Meanwhile, Suho was quite busy.

The weapons of the Reaper Guild members fell right on the floor.

It seemed like it would be pretty lucrative to collect all of those and sell them to the shop.

‘I have to earn money for the potion.‘

Surprisingly, Gray played a big part there.


Gray, who noticed Suho‘s intentions, ran toward the weapon, shaking his short legs.

Then he opened his little mouth and bit a weapon.


A message appeared in front of Suho.

[You found ‘Item: Flame Longsword‘. Would you like to acquire it?]


Suho‘s eyes widened.

Was it because of the pet system?

It seemed that Gray could acquire the items he touched from a distance.


[Obtained ‘Item: Flame Longsword‘.]

The item that was added into the inventory.

Suho smiled.

‘If I do this, it will be a bit more convenient in the future.‘

He finally found the purpose of that little cub.

Item shuttle.

Suho stroked Gray‘s head and said.

“Gray, good job. Go ahead and bite.“


Hearing sincere praise from Suho for the first time in his life, Gray was taken aback and didn‘t know what to do.

For some reason, the corner of his mouth kept twitching.

Then eventually.




Gray was so excited that he bit Suho‘s hand.

Meanwhile, his tail was wagging like crazy again.

“Let go now…”


Suho was at a loss for words when he saw Gray hanging from his hand.

[The King of Beasts, Fang Monarch, nods to the bravery of his descendant.]

-Whoops. Little guy, no matter how young you are, you’re still a beast.

“Stop it, you guys.”

“… Anyway, go and take a bite.“

Suho forcibly removed Gray and pushed him forward.

Gray proudly raised his tail and wandered around, biting the items.

Ring! Ring! Ring!

[You found ‘Item: Sharp Eye Bowgun‘. Would you like to acquire it?]

[You found ‘Item: Black Battle Ax‘. Would you like to acquire it?]

[You found ‘Item: Carbon Gauntlet‘. Would you like to acquire it?]

“Acquire. Acquire. Acquire…“

Suho stood still and sold the items to the shop window.



[You have acquired 750 gold.]

[You have acquired 1300 gold.]

[You have acquired 900 gold.]

Suho found it pretty exciting.

‘Great. At this rate, the cost of the potion won‘t be a problem for a while.‘

The days of struggling with gold and licking potions were gone.

Suho was browsing through the shop window, thinking of buying a new item to commemorate his gold accumulation, but he remembered something.

‘I almost forgot this.‘

[The following rewards are prepared.]

Reward: +5 stat points

Without hesitation, Suho allocated all of his ability points into strength.

The power was great.

Subduing the enemy with overwhelming power and speed will always affect the intensity of leveling up.

Wouldn‘t it be possible to raise other stats by using items?

Suho was so busy (?) when team leader Han Jaehyuk approached.

“Excuse me Mr. Crow, but could I talk to you for a minute?“


A very polite attitude and a cheesy way to address.

Suho looked at him with an awkward expression and replied.

“Yes, sure.“

* * *

Meanwhile, in the Shadow Dungeon where Gray disappeared.

“… Huh?“

Left alone there, Esil‘s expression suddenly changed.

‘No way?‘

Esil narrowed her eyes and glared somewhere.

Suddenly, she felt a strange sensation.

Esil immediately kicked off the ground and moved to search for it.

That black and white world was extremely quiet and static.

Even the goblins hiding everywhere were cleaned up, and the bizarre silence intensified.

However, a change was taking place in that desolate world.


Eventually, Esil stopped walking and looked ahead.

A dimensional rift through which ominous energy overflows.


Realizing the cause of the incident, Esil hurriedly raised her head and shouted at Suho in the outside world.

“Sung Suho! Come back! Now is not the time to be out there!“

Mysteriously, the voice reached Suho‘s ears through his shadow.

-Sung Suho! There‘s a portal in your world!


At that voice, Suho, who was just having a conversation with team leader Han Jaehyuk, shivered.

“Mr. Crow?“

Han Jaehyuk looked at him with a puzzled expression.

Suho glanced at him.

“There’s an emergency. Let‘s talk later.“

“Huh? Suddenly? What kind of emergency is it…“

Suho didn‘t have time to explain anything.

He immediately turned around and ran out of the lab.

“W-Wait a minute! You have to give me your contact information…!“

Han Jaehyuk panicked and called for Suho from behind, but there was no reason to hold him by force.

He was neither a criminal nor a villain, but rather a hero who helped them.

“I can give you a reward…“

His voice muttered softly towards Suho, who had already disappeared from sight.

With those words…

[Compensation money? Hand it over.]


Beru grabbed Han Jaehyuk by the collar.

[What are you doing? Give me the reward right away.]

* * *

[You have entered the Shadow Dungeon.]


Suho‘s figure appeared in front of Esil.

Immediately, Esil showed Suho what she had discovered.

“What is this…“

Suho’s expression hardened as he saw the gate in front of him.


Red sand was pouring endlessly from the gap in the dimensional rift in the air.

It was radiating a power to devour the whole world!


[An urgent quest has arrived.]

Quest arrived just in time.

[Urgent Quest: Dimensional Rift]

A dimensional rift has been detected.

Go through the connected gate and remove the cause of the dimensional rift.

“What the… You want me to go inside?“

Watching the waterfall of sand gushing down through the gap in the gate, Suho was perplexed.

“What? Do I have to go inside now?“

Esil was startled and looked at him.

“Are you thinking of swimming in that sand? The moment you enter, that place could become your grave!“

Suho, who was lost in thought for a moment, immediately shook his head.

‘Maybe because there is a way to solve the quest?‘

He needed to proceed with the quest. It was not a problem he could avoid.



A huge shadow, the grave spider Arachne, landed beside him.

“Can you dig the ground?“


Arachne raised its huge claw.

Seeing that trustworthy appearance, Suho smiled.

‘Maybe it‘s worth a try?‘

Making a decision, Suho turned his head toward Esil.

Esil instinctively took a step back and shook her head at the sight of Suho smiling brightly at her.

“No, I will wait here…“

“You don‘t like to eat meat?“


“You don’t?“


Esil was the only demon noble in the demon realm and the eldest daughter of the great Radiru Clan.

Today, she learned what suffocation was.

“Argh! Okay, let’s go!“

In the end, Esil gave up and closed her eyes tightly.

Suho smiled and turned his head again.


Toward the gate where a waterfall of sand cascades down.

“Then, let‘s go in.“

[To be continued…]


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