RDM (Novel) Chapter 408

C 408

Pyo Wol and the ghost king left Baektab-ri and started moving.

As the ghost king said, his memory was not intact.

He simply relied on the fragments and senses of the memories that occasionally came to mind. 

Nonetheless, Pyo Wol didn't intervene and just watched.

He wanted to gauge if there were any rules or inconsistencies in the ghost king's actions.

Observation was one of the things he did best.

Examining persistently and digging into the origin.

Approaching the truth in this way was Pyo Wol's method.

Pyo Wol moved as the ghost king led.

The ghost king was indeed inconsistent.

Sometimes he headed north, and other times he headed south.

They had crossed mountains several times, and the number of lakes and rivers they had crossed was countless.

The inconsistency made Pyo Wol think that the ghost king might be doing it on purpose.

But The ghost king was definitely trying his best.

Sometimes he stood blankly, desperately searching his memory, and other times he relied on instinct to find the way. However, he never managed to find the way to the place he wanted to go.

Pyo Wol could understand why the ghost king had come to Poyang Lake and why he couldn't ultimately shake off the pursuit of the master of life and death.

The ghost king's movements were extremely inefficient.

Making many impulsive decisions made it impossible to find any clues.

Finding clues originates from carefulness, but the ghost king lacked that aspect.

As a result, they couldn't get any clues and wandered aimlessly.

Meanwhile, Pyo Wol had just observed the ghost king. And finally, on the seventh day, Pyo Wol discovered something strange.

'He never crosses a certain line to the west.'

It was a fact that Pyo Wol wouldn't have known if he hadn't observed consistently for the past three days.

When he seemed to be going well but reached a certain line, the ghost king unknowingly changed direction.

At first, it was difficult to notice such a fact. But as the situation repeated periodically, Pyo Wol realized that the ghost king had a deeply ingrained awareness that he shouldn't cross a certain line to the west.

His unconsciousness was refusing to go west.

Pyo Wol wanted to know that line. So, after that, he deliberately made the ghost king go west.

When they arrived in Guangxi Province, passing Henan Province, the ghost king's rejection became more severe.

Anyone could tell that he was not trying to go to another region beyond Guangxi Province.

There was no reaction when going to the eastern Henan Province, but he instinctively refused to cross to the west of Guangxi Province.

'Is it the Yunnan Province?'

To the west of Guangxi Province was Yunnan province.

The hottest and most humid place in the rivers and mountains.

It was a place where beautiful trees were densely packed and venomous insects and snakes lurked, so ordinary people were reluctant to approach.

The ghost king said that the first sight he saw when he opened his eyes was the beautiful trees and the stars that seemed to pour down.

The landscape also matched that of the Yunnan province.

Of course, the same scenery could be found in other famous mountains in the Kangho, but it was worth checking out.

Pyo Wol asked the ghost king.

"You said you have no memories before you opened your eyes?"

"That's right."

"Do you remember going to Yunnan province?"

"Have you ever entered the Yunnan province after coming to Kangho?"

"I'm not sure."

"We're going to Yunnan province."

"Yunnan province? Why?"

"Because you instinctively refuse to go there."

"I refuse?"

"That's right. You change directions as soon as you get close to the Yunnan Province."

"I've never done that."

"I'm sure. It's not a conscious action, but an unconscious one."


The Ghost King blinked.

It was an expression of incomprehension.

Pyo Wol calmly explained.

"Either someone has implanted a restriction in your unconscious, or you yourself have developed an aversion and are reluctant to approach it. It's one of the two."

"Is that true?"

"I can only speculate. We'll have to go to Yunnan Province to find out for sure."

"Yunnan province... Alright. I'll follow you."

It was the Ghost King who had asked for help finding the way.

For the past month, Pyo Wol had been observing him, and now he had come up with a result.

Now it was his turn to follow Pyo Wol.

Pyo Wol and the Ghost King headed to the Yunnan Province together.

The problem occurred at Jeonyang, the border area of the Yunnan Province.

As soon as they entered Jeonyang, the Ghost King's steps went astray.

He understood it in his head, but his body refused the command.

'Sure enough, a restriction was implanted in his unconscious.'

Pyo Wol confirmed that his speculation was correct.

The problem was the Ghost King's refusal.

To control him, they had to suppress him, which was never an easy task.

Even his arch-nemesis,Gyeongmusaeng, could only subdue him after sacrificing two scrolls. If Pyo Wol tried to subdue him by force, they would both suffer great losses.

After pondering for a while, Pyo Wol came up with a solution.

"If there's a restriction in your unconscious, let's make it so you can't feel any sensations at all."

"What do you mean?"

"Cover your eyes and plug your ears. Block out external sensations so you can't even recognize where you are."

"Tricking the senses."



The Ghost King immediately tore his sleeve to cover his eyes and ears. Then, he used his inner power to block out external sensations.

And so, the Ghost King plunged himself into a world of darkness.
The only connection to the world was Pyo Wol.

Pyo Wol took out a silver thread that was in the Black Dragon Robe and connected his and Ghost King's wrists. He intended to communicate his intentions to the Ghost King through the silver thread.

It was impossible for ordinary people to move like this, blocking all senses. They might be able to walk for a while at first, but walking all day like this would eventually break their spirits or force them to sit down.

However, The Ghost King was an expert with extreme inner strength.

He also had tremendous mental power.

Although his memory was not complete, his firm mental strength allowed him to overcome the darkness and loneliness that surrounded him.

Fortunately, the resistance disappeared once all senses were blocked.

He obediently followed Pyo Wol's lead.

Their appearance was quite strange.

The sight of a young man with a beautiful appearance and a pale face leading a blindfolded 
child attracted everyone's attention.

Ordinary people might have felt burdened by the gaze of others, but neither Pyo Wol nor the Ghost King cared about it.

Regardless of other people's gazes, they both silently moved on.

As a result, they were able to enter Yunnan province within a few days.

As soon as they entered Yunnan province, the air changed dramatically.

The humidity and heat were already suffocating.

Just by the change in the air, they could feel that they had entered the Yunnan province.

Pyo Wol asked the Ghost King.

"Do you feel anything?"

"Not yet."

"Let me know if there's even a slight change."


The Ghost King nodded.

Even after entering the Yunnan province, he did not release the sensory blockade.

He had become quite accustomed to it by now, and with Pyo Wol's help, he had no problem walking.

The two wandered aimlessly in the Yunnan province.

They walked all day, rested at an inn when it appeared, and set off again the next day. It was a repetitive lifestyle.

It wasn't just a day or two, but almost a month of living like this.

Ordinary people would have been exhausted by now, but neither of them showed any signs of fatigue.

During this time, they wandered all over the Yunnan province.

They had covered almost every corner of the eastern part of Yunnan province.

There was no gain until then.

The change happened the next day.

Suddenly, the Ghost King sniffed.

"This smell, it's familiar."

"Are you sure?"

"I'm positive. I've smelled it before."

The Ghost King replied confidently.

At first, he didn't know. But as he concentrated on the smell, he became more certain.

He remembered smelling it at some point.

It was a smell that was both damp and slightly stinging.

He had never smelled anything like it outside the Yunnan province.

"I must have been here before."

"Anything else?"

"I don't know yet."

Pyo Wol was not disappointed by the Ghost King's answer.

Just grasping this much of a clue was a great accomplishment.

"Staying around here for a while, there must be something that comes to mind. Let's look for an inn."

Pyo Wol looked around.

Although they had been wandering around Yunnan province for over a month, they did not know the exact name of the place.

The Yunnan province was different from other provinces in the Kangho region.

Unlike other provinces where inns appeared only a short distance away, there were many places in Yunnan province where you couldn't find a single residence even if you walked all day.

The place they were in now was one of those places.
The place they were in was like that too.

There was not a single house in sight, let alone a city.

They could have slept on the streets, but if possible, sleeping at home was better for preserving their energy.

Pyo Wol climbed up a tall tree branch, leaving the Ghost King behind, and looked around.

In the distance, a small village was visible.

With barely ten households, it was a small village.

It seemed like a settlement made by slash and burn farmers.

Pyo Wol headed toward the village with the Ghost King.

As he had guessed, it was clear that the village was built by slash and burn farmers.

Around the fields, which seemed to have been recently cultivated, traces of burnt ground were visible. They had set fire to part of the forest to make fields.

In the newly cultivated fields, a middle-aged couple, who appeared to be husband and wife, were diligently picking stones.

As Pyo Wol and the Ghost King approached, the couple was startled.

"Oh dear!"


They screamed as if they had committed a crime and ran away.

Pyo Wol frowned slightly at the unexpectedly intense reaction.

Even though slash and burn farmers were known to be cautious, this reaction was too much.

The couple probably alerted the village, and people poured out of the village.

In their hands were objects like iron bars and axes.

An old man who seemed to be the village head stepped forward.

His sunburnt skin and sagging wrinkles spoke of the hardships he had endured in life.

Like the others, the old man had an iron bar in his hand.

With the iron bar pointed at Pyo Wol, he said, "I don't know where you're from, but our village doesn't accept outsiders. Please leave."

"Can't we stay for one night?"

"As you can see, there's no inn here. Since everyone here works in the fields all day, we can't offer food either. So please give up on staying here and go somewhere else."

The village head's words were echoed by others.

"We don't accept outsiders."

"Go somewhere else."

Pyo Wol frowned slightly at the unexpectedly strong reaction. However, he had no intention of persuading them, who were showing such a clear rejection.

Pyo Wol said to the Ghost King, "Let's go."


But The Ghost King seemed to be unwilling to leave quietly.

He had closed his eyes and ears while coming here, but he opened them briefly to hear the conversation with the villagers. As a result, he heard everything they said.

The Ghost King released an intense aura.

"I will stay here tonight, no matter what."

He was challenging them.

He had a grudge against the slash and burn farmers, who rejected them without reason.

The Ghost King had an unpredictable temperament.

He had softened a bit while traveling with Pyo Wol, but his nature hadn't completely 



The villagers turned pale as the Ghost King released his aura.

Especially the village head, who was closest to them, collapsed on the ground and wet himself.

The Ghost King's aura was too overwhelming for an old man like him.

He felt like an ant facing a tsunami.

His mind became hazy, and his head felt empty, unable to think of anything.

Only then did he realize that the men in front of him were much more terrifying than he had thought, but there was nothing he could do.

It wasn't just the village head.

All the villagers were lying on the ground, trembling.

Some people might enjoy this scene, but it wasn't Pyo Wol's taste.

Pyo Wol was about to tell the Ghost King to stop, but someone else spoke first.

"Please stop. They're not doing this out of malice."

It was a voice that could calm the listener's heart.

The owner of the voice walked out from within the village.

With a stride as calm as the voice.

As soon as Pyo Wol saw the person, his expression changed slightly.

"Yong... Seol-ran?"

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