RDM (Novel) Chapter 445

C 445


The dagger barely grazed Pyo Wol.

In an instant, two of the blood demons attacked Pyo Wol from behind, trying to stab their daggers into his vital points.

There were no signs or sounds.

Their movements were strikingly similar to Pyo Wol's.

If it were someone else targeted, they would surely have been cornered. The combined attack of the blood demons was so meticulous and deadly.

Humans should have a fear of death. No matter how many fierce battles they have been through or how many struggles they have experienced, death should always be feared.

However, the blood demons attacking Pyo Wol seemed to be unable to feel even a hint of fear.

They attacked Pyo Wol like a pack of mad wild dogs.

So Yeowol and Song Cheonwoo must have done something to intensify the feeling of fearlessness in them.

It would have been impossible with ordinary methods.

As the saying goes, "the waves in the back push the waves in the front," So Yeowol, who had been raised with brutal methods in the underground cave, created even more monstrous beings with even crueler methods.

A hole was blown through the forehead of a blood demon that charged straight into Pyo Wol's Soul Reaping Thread attack.

Even in that state, the blood demon tried to attack Pyo Wol with its dagger-wielding hand flailing.

The deeply ingrained instinct made the body move even though consciousness had flown away.

Until its breath was completely cut off, the blood demons flailed like that.

Even as they watched their comrade die, the blood demons showed no emotional disturbance on their faces.

Shiack! Shing!

They attacked Pyo Wol madly and continued to attack.

Although their individual skills were far inferior to Pyo Wol's, their ferocity was truly impressive.

Holding only a dagger as thick as a child's arm, they charged at Pyo Wol, reminiscent of moths to a flame.

Pyo Wol unsheathed his dagger.


Every time his dagger cut through the air, a blood demon died. But not a single one let out a scream or even a groan.

It seemed as if not only the emotion of fear but also the sensation of feeling pain had been paralyzed.

Could they be considered living humans just because they breathed and moved?

Pyo Wol didn't think so.


They were no different from puppets deprived of free will.


Puppets controlled by the monster called So Yeowol.


The only way to ease their pain was to kill them as quickly as possible.




Several blood demons were skewered together on the threaded serpent qi.


Pyo Wol swung the threaded qi to the side in that state. The blood demons' sides were split apart and crumbled.




Pyo Wol jumped over them and attacked the blood demons behind them.


As the blood demons crumbled, their flesh was torn apart.


Even though they saw their comrades die, the blood demons fearlessly charged at Pyo Wol.


Pyo Wol used his dagger to cut them and pierced them with the threaded serpent qi.


From the beginning, the difference in power was too stark.


No matter how secret weapons the blood demons were, raised by So Yeowol, their individual power could never compare to Pyo Wol's.


Moreover, Pyo Wol's power and senses were at their peak now. Having gained enlightenment through numerous battles and having sufficiently rested in Chengdu, there were not many warriors who could match Pyo Wol.


The blood demons' power was indeed impressive.


Their fearlessness in throwing themselves into death could certainly frighten other warriors, but it had no effect on Pyo Wol.


Swish, swish!


Every time Pyo Wol swung his dagger, the blood demons lost their lives.


The eerie sight of them dying without letting out a single scream was truly chilling.


It was no different from the sight of puppets falling apart when their strings were cut.




Pyo Wol thrust his dagger into a blood demon's chest and pushed forward.


The blood demons behind were pushed back.


As they were pushed back and fell, they were stepped on by Pyo Wol, breaking their bones. In that state, the blood demons tried to grab Pyo Wol's ankle and attack him with their daggers.

It was a terrifying sight that might appear in a nightmare. However, Pyo Wol was more venomous than they were.


Puff, puff, thud!


He unleashed his Soul Reaping Thread to completely cut off the breath of those under his feet.


He didn't know how long he had been fighting.


Now, the only living beings left moving on the ground were Pyo Wol and the last blood demons.


The blood demon gasped for breath.


No matter how much their emotions had been severed, their bodies were still human.


In the face of a fierce battle, he couldn't help but get tired.


The blood demon, frustrated, threw off his mask.


As Pyo Wol had guessed, the blood demon was still a young boy.


Considering that it takes at least ten years of training to become a usable assassin, the boy must have been raised as an assassin before he was even ten years old.


That meant that So Yeowol had started raising assassins as soon as she joined Guryongsalmak.


At that time, So Yeowol wasn't that old either.


Pyo Wol asked the blood demons,


"What's your name?"




"What is your name?"


"Jo... Ilseung."


"I'll remember that."


For a moment, the eyes of the blood demon who revealed his name as Jo Ilseung wavered.


Pyo Wol was the first person to say such a thing to him.


Even So Yeowol and Song Cheonwoo, who had raised Jo Ilseung as a blood demon, had never asked for his name.


He had always been called by a number instead of a name.


That's why he had to make a considerable effort to remember his name.


The blood demon gritted his teeth and attacked Pyo Wol.


That's how he was trained and raised.


To kill emotions and kill opponents.


His body moved involuntarily, as human as ever, even though he was shaken by Pyo Wol asking his name.


Pyo Wol also rushed towards the blood demon.




The blood demon's dagger barely grazed Pyo Wol's head.


Plunging into its chest, Pyo Wol drove a piercing blow into its heart.




With his heart rupturing, the blood demon vomited blood from his nose and mouth.


The blood demon looked up at Pyo Wol for the last time.

"My na...me... is?"


"Jo Ilseung!"




The blood demon made a grotesque expression. With a strange expression that seemed like crying and laughing, the blood demon's body collapsed.


Pyo Wol silently stared at the blood demon’s corpse.


After a while, Pyo Wol, who had been standing still like a statue looking at the corpses of the blood demons, moved.


He headed in the direction where Ma Won-Ik and his wife had disappeared.


Ma Won-Ik must have been injured by Pyo Wol.


He wouldn't have gone far with such a wound.


The problem was So Yeowol and Song Cheonwoo.


They had been raised just like Pyo Wol.


They knew all the skills of the assassins that Pyo Wol knew.


They knew how Pyo Wol tracked traces and how to confuse him.


Pyo Wol thoroughly searched the area. However, he couldn't find any traces of Ma Won-Ik and his daughter anywhere.


As he had feared, So Yeowol and Song Cheonwoo had meticulously erased all traces.


It was impossible to track Ma Won-Ik and his daughter using the methods he had used so far.


Pyo Wol placed both hands on his waist and stared at the night sky.




Ma Won-Ik and his daughter had disappeared completely from Sichuan.


Although he searched with Eun-Yo and Do Yeonsan, who had joined later, they couldn't find any traces of them.


It was pointless to pursue them any further.


Pyo Wol returned to the Red Pine Manor with the two others.


"Brother! You've been through a lot. You guys did well too."


Gwi An greeted them.


"You've worked hard too."


"What did I do? You and the kids did everything."


"Did you find anything?"


"Let's go inside my room and talk."


"Let's go."


They all headed to Gwi An's quarters.


In the middle of Gwi An's room, there was a large table, and a detailed map of Sichuan was spread out on it.

The map of Sichuan was incredibly accurate, made by Gwi An using his intelligence network.

Pins were stuck in various places on the map, connected by red threads.

Gwi An said,

"These are the routes that the Galactic Escort Group took when they entered Sichuan."

"They entered through Xingmen."

"That's right! They came in through Xingmen, passing through Uibin, Aksan, and Misan"

"That's a route the trading company wouldn't usually choose."

"True! The road is treacherous and not suitable for transporting goods. Passing through this route would be impossible without the cooperation of those who know the local situation well."

"Are you saying someone was assisting them?"

"I think so."

"You wouldn't say that without any evidence, so tell me everything you've found."

"There is a place called the Forbidden Manor."

"Forbidden Manor?"

"Here's the thing: it's a manor in Xingmen, and it doesn't engage in any outside activities, and its owner is completely unknown, but they live well, and I've been able to track their spending, and it far exceeds the budget of any other manor or sect of similar size."


"To cut to the chase, they guided the Galactic Escort Group and provided various help. I suspect that they might have been created as a ghost manor for someone's cleanup in the first place."

It wasn't just because they helped the Galactic Escort Group.

Gwi An had mobilized the Hao Clan to investigate, but they couldn't find out anything about Forbidden Manor's identity.

It was an impossible task for Gwi An's common sense.

When people live together, various stories naturally come out. However, there was none of that in Forbidden Manor.

It was impossible without someone controlling the information.

If Forbidden Manor had been around Chengdu or nearby, they would have found out immediately. They cleverly positioned themselves on the outskirts of Sichuan, out of sight of Gwi An and Hao Clan.

Moreover, Forbidden Manor closed down immediately after the incident. People disappeared as if it had been abandoned, leaving only the buildings behind.

Pyo Wol was deep in thought after hearing Gwi An's entire explanation.

Gwi An, Eun-Yo, and Do Yeonsan silently looked at Pyo Wol, who was lost in thought.

All three of them were quick-witted people who would be unhappy to be second in the world.

They knew that they should be quiet when Pyo Wol was lost in thought like this.

After a while, Pyo Wol spoke.

"I am chasing Guryongsalmak. They are..."

As Pyo Wol continued to speak, the expressions of the three people became more serious.


'Those who trained with my brother joined them?'

'Is it like a secret organization?'

The three were lost in their own thoughts.

Finally, Pyo Wol finished telling the whole story.

The first person to speak was Gwi An.

"I had no idea that such a group was operating in secret in the Kangho. In a way, it was fate that you found them, brother. It was a disaster for them, though. Can I ask you one thing, brother? Are you going to keep fighting them? You could just back down at this point. Even if they're spreading their influence throughout the world, they won't be able to touch Sichuan. We've already completely taken control of it. But you still have to fight them?"

Gwi An's expression was more serious than ever.

His already dark eyes seemed to grow even darker.

Pyo Wol looked into Gwi An's eyes and said,

"My relationship with the Galactic Escort Bureau is already deeply intertwined. They've suffered greatly because of me. They won't forget their grudge even if I back down."

"So in the end, we have to fight until one of us falls. I got it! I understand. I'll do my best to help you."

"You're quite proactive."

"It's your business, brother."

Gwi An did not like being the center of attention. That's why, even after entering the Red Pine Manor, he only stayed in the basement and rarely went outside.

The only thing he was interested in was building an intelligence network in the city. As if that was the only thing he could do.

If it hadn't been related to Pyo Wol, he would never have been interested in Guryongsalmak.

"From now on, I'll focus on cooperating with the Hao Clan to figure out their true identity. If we start with Forbidden Manor, we'll find something."

"Thank you."

"How big is the favor I received from you, brother? There's no need to be thankful or burdened. Your business is my business."

At Gwi An's statement, Eun-Yo smiled and stepped forward.

"That's right! If it weren't for our brother, we wouldn't be here either. Our brother's enemy is our enemy."

"I'll help too, brother!"

She stepped forward with an arm around Do Yeonsan.

They were sincere.

They had received great favors from Pyo Wol, but Pyo Wol had never asked for anything in return. Now it was their turn to repay his kindness.

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