RDM (Novel) Chapter 406

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Pyo Wol tucked Gwia and the inner pill into his arms.

Suddenly, a flash of anger arose in Gyeongmusaeng’s eyes.

He was infuriated by Pyo Wol's casual handling of his possessions.

TL/N- His possessions? LOL

Gyeongmusaeng shouted.

"Earth, Hardness, Life."

It was just a three-word shout, but it contained the principles of a mysterious magic.


Suddenly, the earth beneath Pyo Wol's feet began to stir.

The soil writhed as if it were a living creature, soon compacting to form a shape like a spear.

The number of spears crafted from the earth exceeded dozens.

At Gyeongmusaeng's gesture, the soil-made spears were launched from the ground into the air, targeting Pyo Wol's lower body.

Pyo Wol unfolded his meandering steps to dodge the dozens of spears. However, 

Gyeongmusaeng's assault didn't end there.

"Wood, Break, Scatter."

At his cry, the tree nearby Pyo Wol exploded, fragmenting into thousands, tens of thousands of pieces. The wooden fragments transformed into a rain of missiles, showering down on Pyo Wol.

It was an incredible miracle.

One could hardly believe that a few spoken words could perform such a miracle.

The magic he was using was originally from a very ancient scripture, which his father had modified in his own way.

In particular, the three-word mantra was easy to activate and had tremendous power, making it one of his favorite techniques.

Each time Gyeongmusaeng chanted the mantra, trees exploded, and soil clumped together, launching spears.

Pyo Wol unfolded his meandering steps to dodge all the attacks.

"You rat-like bastard!"

Gyeongmusaeng was furious at Pyo Wol's ability to dodge his attacks.

Despite his repeated use of the three-word mantras, it wasn't enough to inflict significant damage on Pyo Wol.

He was enraged that he could no longer use the talisman on his wrist.

He would have been more powerful if he hadn't used the talisman to subdue the Ghost King. If he hadn't, he could have subdued Pyo Wol much more easily.

Gyeongmusaeng's strength lay in his magic, not martial arts.

Although his martial arts skills were strong enough to be called a grandmaster in Kangho, what truly made him exceptional and powerful was his magic.

Gyeongmusaeng had never been bested by any opponent.

His mastery of magic, capable of summoning wind and rain, made him a formidable foe for any martial artist. However, Pyo Wol managed to narrowly dodge all of Gyeongmusaeng's magical attacks.

Pyo Wol was like a ghost.

He seemed to have an uncanny ability to sense when Gyeongmusaeng's magic was about to be activated and dodged accordingly. All the while, he steadily closed the distance between them.

For the first time, Gyeongmusaeng felt intense pressure from his opponent.

He had a feeling that if he allowed Pyo Wol to approach any further, something terrible would happen. So, he resorted to using a magic technique he didn't typically use.

"Call, Wind, Strengthen."

He summoned a wind, a very strong wind.

The wind was powerful enough to halt Pyo Wol's advance for the time being.

Caught off guard by the unexpected gust, Pyo Wol's body momentarily froze.

Gyeongmusaeng seized the opportunity and chanted another three-word mantra.

"Thunder, Attract, Earth."

In an instant, a bolt of lightning fell from the sky.

Pyo Wol managed to dodge all the other spells, but he couldn't avoid the lightning.


With a loud noise, Pyo Wol, who was hit by the lightning, was blown away.

Gyeongmusaeng burst into laughter.

"Hahaha! Fool! Serves you right."

The last lightning-summoning spell was the most powerful among the three-word mantras. It was so potent that even Gyeongmusaeng had to rest for several days after using it once.

Although it paled in comparison to real lightning in nature, it was still enough to take a person's life.

So far, Gyeongmusaeng had only used the "Thunder, Attract, Earth" mantra a handful of times. And those who faced it all met their end without exception.

When lightning strikes a human body, the nerves are burnt first

Those with burnt nerves either die or become paralyzed, unable to move their limbs.

Gyeongmusaeng thought Pyo Wol would either be dead or paralyzed.

At that moment, Gyeongmusaeng's face turned to shock.

An unbelievable event had occurred.

Pyo Wol, who had taken a direct hit from the lightning, was getting back up.

His pale face was now charred black.

It was evidence that he had been struck by lightning. But that was all.

He wasn't out of breath, nor were his limbs paralyzed.

Although he had received a strong shock and was in pain throughout his body, he could still breathe and move without any issues.

It was thanks to the Black Lightning Technique.

The Black Lightning Technique was a secret art that utilized lightning power.

The moment Pyo Wol was struck by lightning, the Black Lightning Technique was activated, dispersing the excess lightning energy that had surged into his body.

If it had been real lightning, even the activation of Black Lightning Technique wouldn't have saved him. There was a limit to the amount of lightning energy a human could control and withstand.

Unfortunately for Gyeongmusaeng, the lightning he had summoned didn't possess that level of power.

Gyeongmusaeng glared at Pyo Wol and spoke.

"What are you? How did you...?"


Instead of responding, Pyo Wol stomped on the ground.

He had no intention of engaging in idle conversation with an enemy in front of him.


The soul reaping thread surged from Pyo Wol's hand, taking the form of a small, sharp needle.

Gyeongmusaeng retreated in alarm.


A needle-sized hole was left where he had been standing.

The hole was too small to see with the naked eye, which made it even more terrifying.

The smaller the condensation, the stronger the power, that was a given.

If the condensed energy could hit a vital spot like the head or heart, it would undoubtedly be fatal.

Despite Gyeongmusaeng's extensive knowledge of powerful spells, such a wound would inevitably end his life.

In just three strides, Pyo Wol had reduced the distance between them. As a result, Pyo Wol's face became more distinct.

Sharp features covered in soot.

His icy black eyes, and his lips, red as blood, stood out particularly starkly.


Gyeongmusaeng's face contorted.


The beautiful face of Pyo Wol suddenly felt terrifying.


Once again, the soul reaping thread emerged from Pyo Wol's hand.

In an instant, Gyeongmusaeng unknowingly leaped back. It wasn't just a simple step back, but a far leap to avoid Pyo Wol.

Gyeongmusaeng's face was flushed with shame.

It was the first time since ascending to the Eight Constellations that he had retreated in fear of someone else.

He didn't want to admit it, but he was overwhelmed by Pyo Wol.

'Is this person my nemesis?'

Gyeongmusaeng's magic was incredibly powerful against the ghost king.

After all, Gyeongmusaeng was the one who saved the ghost king in the first place. 

However, his magic did not work on Pyo Wol.

It was because Pyo Wol could sense the subtle changes when the magic was activated.

No matter how powerful the magic was, it was useless if it didn't hit.

The last lightning strike had only hit because it was so sudden. Since he had experienced it once, he could avoid it before it was activated.

Pyo Wol's power became a threat to Gyeongmusaeng.


Gyeongmusaeng clenched his teeth.

He had never encountered an opponent who was immune to his magic.

Everyone would be afraid when they found out that he could use magic, but Pyo Wol was not.

Magic was mysterious.

It was threatening because it was unpredictable. However, it was not more powerful than martial arts.

Above all, there were signs when magic was activated.

If he could detect the signs first, he could avoid the magic.

In a way, Pyo Wol was undoubtedly Gyeongmusaeng’s nemesis. His magic was not a good match for Pyo Wol in many ways.


A chilling sound of energy reverberated.

Pyo Wol had unleashed the threaded serpent qi.

The thin, thread-like energy was incredibly powerful.

Gyeongmusaeng hastily retreated, but it was not enough to shake off the threaded serpent qi

"Wind, Rotation, Barrier."

In the end, he recited the three-word mantra and created a wind barrier.

The wind barrier spun, amplifying its power.


The threaded serpent qi and the wind barrier collided, creating a metallic sound.

It was a magic battle in a narrow space, but fortunately, he could block the threaded serpent qi.


However, the impact sent Gyeongmusaeng flying back a considerable distance.

Gyeongmusaeng realized that he had no chance of winning.

The compatibility was just too unfavorable.

He needed another way to deal with Pyo Wol.

He had no choice but to leave the ghost king alone and exit the area. The initial goal was 

the ghost king. But Pyo Wol wouldn't even allow that.

Pyo Wol stretched out his hand and wrapped it around the king's body, pulling him in.

Gyeongmusaeng's face contorted even more like a demon.

"You! I will never forgive you."

He couldn't know when he would have another opportunity to easily subdue the ghost king.

That's why it was more regrettable, and his anger surged.

If he could, he would have torn Pyo Wol limb from limb and killed him. But now was the time to stay calm.

"We'll meet again soon. When that time comes, I'll show you hell."

Gyeongmusaeng cursed Pyo Wol, and disappeared without a trace.

Pyo Wol looked in the direction where Gyeongmusaeng had vanished.

He wanted to chase after him right away, but he couldn't.

If he left his position, not only the ghost king will be in danger, but Hong Ye-seol would be at risk as well.

The whole reason he started this mess was to save Hong Ye-seol; if she were to die, all his efforts would have been in vain.


Pyo Wol let out a sigh. His body was still tingling.

Thanks to the Black Lightning, his nerves endured, but it was undeniable that there was a tremendous burden on him.

If it wasn't for the Black Lightning, the lightning Gyeongmusaeng summoned would have burned his nerves to a crisp.

Pyo Wol needed time to recover as well.

He took the ghost king to a corner of the destroyed forest and settled down.


Hong Ye-seol's eyelids trembled slightly before she opened her eyes.

The first thing she became aware of was her situation.

'My body is buried in the ground.'

Red soil covered her body, except for her face.

The sensation of being buried in soil made her skin crawl.

It felt like thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of ants were crawling all over her body. However, it wasn't an unpleasant feeling. Instead, it felt refreshing.

Hong Ye-seol stayed still and quietly checked her body's condition.

The blocked energy pathways were all cleared.

The flow of qi seemed to have completely recovered.

Her muscles and bones weren't in bad shape either. No, it was better, and she felt more energized than she had ever felt before.

'Am I buried in the land that the ghost king said would save me?'

There was no other way to explain what had happened to her body.

Hong Ye-seol didn't hastily rise.

She closed her eyes again and started to circulate her qi.

She could feel her internal energy from her energy center.

A single strand of energy escaped her energy center and began to circulate through her energy pathways.

At first, she cautiously operated her energy. But as she felt that her body was fine, she circulated her energy more boldly.

One round, two rounds, three rounds.

In an instant, she completed three full rotations.

Hong Ye-seol then realized that she was completely healed. In fact, her body was in a much better condition than before.

Her internal energy seemed to have increased, and she could feel strength in her muscles.

She would have to confirm the details in actual combat, but with her current condition, she felt she could compete not only with the ten Blood Assassins but also with the hundred wraith union.

Finally, Hong Ye-seol got up.

The red soil that had covered her body slid off to the sides.

She briefly watched the smooth flow of the red soil before she fully stood up.

Hong Ye-seol looked around.

She saw the black land surrounding the red ground where she stood. Beyond that, a green forest was visible. But a part of the forest was severely damaged.

'Something happened while I was unconscious.'

Hong Ye-seol flew towards the ruined forest.

She had only lightly taken flight, but she reached her destination in no time.

She saw two people sitting with their backs against each other.

One was Pyo Wol, and the other was the ghost king.

Behind them lay the enormous corpse of an Imoogi

"Oh my goodness!"

Hong Ye-seol exclaimed in surprise, covering her mouth with her hand.

She didn't know the details, but it was clear that a fierce battle had taken place here. Yet, Hong Ye-seol had been completely unaware of the events and had even recovered during this time.

It was evident that Pyo Wol had protected her.

"Damn it! He's tugging at my heartstrings again."

Hong Ye-seol pouted her lips and slumped down on a nearby rock close to Pyo Wol.

Since Pyo Wol had protected her, it was now her turn to watch his back.

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