RDM (Novel) Chapter 438

C 438

The remains of the molar were sticky.

It was a mixture of saliva and poison.

"It's not a real molar."

"Did they hide a poison capsule in a fake tooth?"

"That's right!"

"So, when they were locked up in the solitary confinement, did they bite the tooth and commit suicide? They didn't seem like such desperate people."

"The material of the tooth itself was made to dissolve in saliva. Probably, after a certain period of time in the mouth, it would dissolve, and the poison capsule would be naturally exposed."

"That doesn't make sense! If it was made of such material, how could it not dissolve while they traveled this far? And just as they were trapped in the gambling den, it dissolved right on time?"

Eun-yo's face was full of disbelief.

It was a natural reaction because she couldn't understand it with her common sense.

Pyo Wol explained to her.

"Perhaps they didn't know the poison capsule would dissolve either."


"They must have taken some kind of medicine that prevented the tooth from dissolving while coming here. However, there's a high possibility they didn't know about it. So, they might have thought it was an object that wouldn't dissolve in the first place. They only thought of hiding the poison capsule in their mouths in case of emergency."

"What do you mean?"

"But while staying at the gambling den, they didn't take the medicine, and the tooth gradually dissolved."

"Oh my goodness!"

"It means they had this situation in mind from the beginning. They already knew their tendencies and were prepared to use them."

Eun-yo couldn't hide her surprised expression.

Although she prided herself on having experienced countless human relationships and all kinds of plots at the Xiaoleiyin Temple, , it was her first time encountering those who manipulated people's lives in this way.

If Pyo Wol was right, the head of the Galactic Escort Bureau had planned from the beginning to understand the tendencies of Seok and the other escort leaders, using them to divert attention and then disposing of them.

It was a chillingly cruel scheme.

"It's my fault. If I had understood them a little more..."

"You didn't do anything wrong. Even I didn't anticipate such a scheme."

"Still, if I had been a little more cautious..."

"Even if you were cautious, the result would have been the same. So stop blaming yourself."


Eun-yo nodded weakly.

"Let's go back to the inn for now."

"Yes! Brother."

Pyo Wol and Eun-yo left the underground gambling den.

Outside, the downpour continued.

The two walked through the rain.

The rain beat down heavily on Eun-yo's head and shoulders, but she didn't feel any pain.

It was her first frustration since she entered Chengdu.

She felt how arrogant she had been until now, and it hurt her deeply.

'I still have a long way to go. I thought I was the best at this level...'

She bit her lip and vowed never to let this happen again.

Pyo Wol silently looked at Eun-yo.

In order for a person to grow, they must taste failure and trials.

In that sense, Eun-yo's growth began now.

Pyo Wol walked past Snow Cloud Manor with Eun-yo.

The flames that engulfed Snow Cloud Manor had long been extinguished by the pouring rain.

Pyo Wol glanced at Snow Cloud Manor for a moment before entering the inn.

"Brother! Sister!"

Do Yeonsan greeted Pyo Wol and Eun-yo.

"Where's Gwi An?"

"He's downstairs right now. He said he'd come up when you two arrived."

"Let's go now."


They headed to the underground space where Gwi An was.

In the underground space, Gwi An was looking down at a desk.

A huge map was spread out on the desk.

It was a map depicting Chengdu city and Sichuan.

It wasn't an ordinary map.

Gwi An had someone make it especially for him.

Naturally, there was a difference in accuracy.

There were numerous markings on the map.

Gwi An stared at the marked areas on the map as if to devour them.

Pyo Wol asked,

"Did you find something?"

"Ah, brother!"

Gwi An finally came to his senses and looked at Pyo Wol.

The moment he realized that Snow Cloud Manor had been attacked by the Galactic Escort Bureau, Gwi An activated all the intelligence networks within the city.

He mobilized all available personnel to track down the Galactic Escort Bureau.

Pyo Wol didn't participate in the chase from the beginning because he trusted Gwi An.

As expected, Gwi An had already used all of his information resources to determine their escape route.

Gwi An explained,

"I'll get straight to the point since we're in a hurry. At the time the fire broke out at Snow Cloud Manor, there were suspicious movements on the east and south roads."

"Did they split into two groups?"

"Exactly! There were only five people who directly caused the trouble at Snow Cloud Manor. The rest were divided into two groups, waiting at the east and south gates."

"Which group did the perpetrators join?"

"That's the problem. The witnesses' statements don't match. Some say they saw them at the south gate, while others say they saw them at the east gate. The pouring rain doesn't help, so there aren't many witnesses."

Gwi An showed a frustrated expression.

The pouring rain had ruined everything.

Because of the rain, most of the informants Gwi An had planted didn't go out, and the quality of the incoming information was not reliable.

It was only because of Gwi An that they managed to find out this much by combining the information.

"So, we can't tell which group the ones with the Scriptures joined for now."

"Right! They must have done that to shake off the trackers. The problem is that there are as many as fifty people in their group."

"Why is that?"

"Even though they are divided into two groups now, they could further divide the members to confuse the trackers. In other words, they could split into four or even five groups. That would make tracking them down even more difficult. If I were them, I'd definitely do that."

Pyo Wol nodded.

If he were leading a group of fifty people, he would do the same.

It was clear that the very fact that they had brought so many people in the first place was to cause confusion.

"Where is New Moon Manor?"

"In Qiyang, Hunan Province."

"And the Galactic Escort Bureau?"

"They're in Shaoyang, Hunan Province."

"So, they're both in Hunan Province."

"That's right!"

"First, we need to divide the chase into two groups. Eun-Yo and Do Yeonsan will follow the ones who escaped through the south gate. Can you do that?"

"Of course."

"You two work together to catch them. If the Scriptures is with them, be sure to retrieve it."

"So, you'll be tracking those who escaped through the east gate?"


"Got it."

"Stay in close contact with Gwi An. Eun-Yo knows the method. Hurry and track them down."


Do Yeonsan and Eun-Yo answered and went outside together.

Pyo Wol gave instructions to Gwi An this time.

"You investigate the Scriptures. Find out why they were so desperate to secure it. It seems too big and planned to be just a donation for espionage."

"Understood, brother! I don't know what secret the Scriptures hold, but I'll definitely find out."

"I trust you."

"Don't worry."

Gwi An confidently replied.

Pyo Wol patted Gwi An's shoulder and went up to the ground. Unexpectedly, he was greeted by a familiar figure.

Huffing and puffing while carrying a long box, it was none other than Tang Sochu.

"So Chu! What brings you here?"

"I heard Snow Cloud Manor had been set on fire."

"Did the news already reach your ears?"

"You're going to track down the criminals, right? Take this with you."

Tang Sochu handed over the box he had brought to Pyo Wol.

Pyo Wol silently opened the box.

Inside the box were a pair of arm guards, a dagger, and a black blood robe.


Pyo Wol put on the arm guards first.

The arm guards wrapped smoothly around his hands and forearms.

It felt as comfortable as if he were wearing nothing at all.


Pyo Wol smiled with satisfaction at the unexpectedly high-quality arm guards.

He then wore the dagger on his waist and put on the black blood robe. last.

"I won't explain about the dagger, as you've seen it before. The black blood robe. is made by mixing the spider silk of the Heavenly Dragonfly and the web of the Fire Spirit Spider. It has the strength of decent armor and possesses the water-repelling and fire-repelling functions like the Black Dragon RobeI gave you before."

"Thank you."

"All I can do is this much. I pray that you return safely."

"Alright! I'll be back."

Pyo Wol nodded and went outside.

As he put on the hat attached to the black blood robe. The rainwater was completely repelled.

Getting soaked in the rain would naturally consume energy. Although Pyo Wol wouldn't be too bothered by it, moving around with a dry body is better for conserving energy. He was once again impressed by Tang Sochu's skills.

Tang Sochu was not just good at handling metal; he could create the best equipment from any material.

Take the black blood robe. he is wearing now, for example.

Despite the rain pouring down like rods, the inside was completely dry and crisp.

Seeing the water-repelling function working so effectively, he figured the fire-repelling ability would be just as reliable without even testing it.

Pyo Wol headed towards the east gate.

Puddles of rainwater had formed on the ground in various places.

A middle-aged man was waiting for Pyo Wol in front of the east gate.

Standing with a polite demeanor, hands clasped in front of him, the man hurriedly approached as Pyo Wol appeared.

The man who had been waiting with a polite demeanor, hands clasped in front of him, hurriedly approached as Pyo Wol appeared.

"I have come to see you, sir."


"Yes! Lord Gwi An told me to call you that."

"Gwi An?"


There was no more time to clear up the confusion.

Most likely, the man belonged to the intelligence organization within the city that Gwi An operated.

Pyo Wol asked, "What have you found out?"

"It has been confirmed that they are heading towards Geumdang."


Pyo Wol unknowingly furrowed his brow.

It was because a large river flowed through Geumdang.

The origin of the city's name came from the four large rivers that flowed through the region.

The four large rivers were connected to smaller rivers and streams like a spider's web. Once on the river, it was impossible to predict where they would take the tributaries.

"Are there any people in Geumdang?"

"There are, but there's no way to send the news immediately. We can't send a messenger pigeon because of the rain."

"How many docks are there in Geumdang?"

"There are three, but only one of them is a place where they can board boats secretly."

"Where is it?"

"It's a small dock downstream of Geumdang. There's a fork in the road following the official route, and if you take the left path, you'll find it."

"Got it."

"I apologize for not being able to help more."

The middle-aged man bowed his head apologetically.

"This much is enough."

Pyo Wol moved his steps outside the east gate.

As soon as he left the city gate, the darkness without a single light greeted him.

It was the worst environment, as torches couldn't be lit due to the rain. Pyo Wol threw himself into the torrential downpour and the thick darkness that made it difficult to discern even an inch ahead without hesitation.

The distance from the city to Geumdang was about a hundred ri.

If he hurried, he could arrive in less than an hour.

Pyo Wol unfolded his Qigong and raced through the rain.

Ting, ting, ting!

The pouring rain water hit the rain cloak and bounced off in all directions.

The fierce rain and darkness couldn't disrupt Pyo Wol's senses, honed in the underground cave.

Without straying from his path, Pyo Wol accurately ran towards Geumdang.

As he was about to arrive in Geumdang, the rain stopped, and the sun began to rise.

Pyo Wol chose the left path at the fork.

As the middle-aged man had said, a small dock appeared just a little further.

It was located in such a discreet place that it would be impossible to find unless one was familiar with the area.

Perhaps because of the overnight rain, the river had swelled so much that the dock was half submerged.

There were no boats visible, perhaps washed away by the rainwater.

Pyo Wol examined the ground.

Puddles had formed everywhere due to the rain that had poured down all night. It wasn't easy to find signs of human presence in such a place.

Ordinary people would have given up on tracking any traces. But Pyo Wol was different.

He maintained his focus and observed carefully.

'Twenty or more horses moved. If they really came here, there must be some traces left behind.'

After examining the area for some time, Pyo Wol soon discovered a clear trace.

It was the mark of a dented tree at the dock.

It was a trace left by a large boat colliding with the dock.

Considering the size of the dock, it was an excessively large boat.

"It must be the River Boat."

It was clear that they had a River Boat boat on standby here and then loaded the horses onto it.

All that remained was to identify the direction the boat had headed.

Upstream or downstream.

Pyo Wol's choice was downstream.

The torrential rain that had fallen all night had caused the river to swell greatly and the current to become turbulent.

Going upstream against the current in this situation was a life-threatening gamble.

Pyo Wol didn't think they would take such a risk.

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