RDM (Novel) Chapter 422

C 422

The city was called Dali.

It was one of the largest cities in Yunnan Province.

When Pyo Wol and Do Yeonsan entered Dali, they felt that they had finally returned to the human world.

With many different ethnic groups coexisting in the city, the people of Dali were diverse.

The streets of Dali were bustling, comparable to those in the city of Kangho.

The streets were full of shops and street vendors, and many people did business with one another.

"Please give me a discount."

"There is no room for discount. If you don't want to buy, go somewhere else."

"Hey! Don't be like that..."

"I won't sell it for that price."

Listening to the loud voices of the traders somehow made them feel at ease.

Despite the arrival of the unknown Pyo Wol and Do Yeonsan, the people didn't even give them a glance.

Dali was a city where major roads intersected.

Naturally, countless people came and went every day.

With so many people coming and going, the addition of two more people did not stand out.


Do Yeonsan took a deep breath.

It really felt like they had left Kangho behind when they inhaled the air of the city.

Pyo Wol said, "Let's rest and prepare ourselves here today and then leave tomorrow."


The two of them found the largest and most luxurious inn in Dali.

After living in the rainforest for so long, they could use a good rest.

In Pyo Wol's experience, the bigger and more luxurious the inn, the more likely they were to be treated well.


The innkeeper greeted them.

The two men had lived in the rainforest for a long time and their clothes were tattered, causing the innkeeper to frown a little.

Pyo Wol threw two silver coins at the innkeeper and said, "Give us two of your best rooms.


The innkeeper smiled and replied as if he had never frowned before. He personally showed them to their rooms.

"These are the best rooms in the inn. We've just got new beds, so you'll be very comfortable."

"What about bathing?"

"I'll have the servants prepare it right away."

"There is one more thing to prepare."


Pyo Wol tossed him another silver coin and said, "Buy new clothes for both of us."


One silver coin could buy more than ten sets of new clothes.

If he bought only two sets, the innkeeper could keep the change.

The innkeeper said with a smile: "I'll have them ready for you as soon as you've finished bathing. Please take your time and come out after washing."

The innkeeper left smiling.

Pyo Wol said to Do Yeonsan, "Let's meet again after we take a bath."



The two of them closed the door and entered their respective rooms.

As the innkeeper had said, the rooms were quite splendid.

The beds were new, and the rooms were decorated in an antique style that exuded elegance.

Pyo Wol looked around the room for a moment and then took off his Black Dragon Robe.

The Black Dragon Robe, which he had worn for a long time, was worn out, as if to prove the fierce battles he had experienced.

Its ability to repel fire and water was long gone, and it had almost lost its function as clothing.

It was time to let go of the Black Dragon Robe.

Pyo Wol conjured a fire and the Black Dragon Robe turned into a handful of ashes.

Gwia left Pyo Wol's embrace and sat down on the bed.

Pyo Wol looked at Gwia who had fallen into a deep sleep with his tail curled. It had been actively hunting during their journey through the rainforest.

Gwia had eaten countless poisonous creatures. In order to digest all the poison that it had eaten, it needed a great deal of sleep.

As he digested the poison, the colour of the horns on Gwia's head gradually darkened.

Gwia was absorbing the essence of the Imoogi

It had long since transcended the category of a simple spirit animal.

I wonder if this little guy will become a dragon.

Pyo Wol couldn't help but chuckle.

The thought of this tiny creature becoming a giant dragon was amusing.

Just then,

"The bath is ready."

The attendant's voice could be heard from outside.

When he heard the attendant's voice and opened the door, a wooden bathtub was filled with hot water.

"Good work."

Pyo Wol tossed a coin to the attendant.

"Hehe! Thank you."

The servant bowed to Pyo Wol and left the room.

Pyo Wol undressed and entered the bathtub.

After soaking in warm water for the first time in ages, Pyo Wol's whole body relaxed.

He lay in the bathtub and enjoyed the feeling of drowsiness.

It took him almost half an hour to get out of the bath.

Outside the bath were clothes that the attendant had brought.

Pyo Wol took the clothes and returned to the room where Gwia was.

The clothes fit Pyo Wol perfectly, as if they had been tailored to his size. The innkeeper seemed to have a good eye.

Dressed in his new clothes, Pyo Wol spoke to the sleeping Gwia.

"Rest well. I'll eat and come back."

Gwia seemed to twitch its tail slightly.

It was Gwia's own way of reacting.

Pyo Wol left Gwia alone and went downstairs.


Do Yeonsan, who had already finished bathing, waved from his seat.

When Pyo Wol sat down, Do Yeonsan said,

"I've already ordered something to eat. I didn't know what you'd like, so I ordered several dishes. Is that okay?"

"You did well."


Do Yeonsan laughed.

Since his laughter had increased, he seemed to have recovered from his emotional wounds.

Pyo Wol thought his appearance was quite pleasant.

"Wow! He's really handsome!"

"Are you crazy?!"

Exclamations came from a nearby table.

The people who saw Pyo Wol's appearance unconsciously gasped. However, when Pyo Wol looked at them, they quickly closed their mouths and made an apologetic expression.

Pyo Wol's appearance was definitely different from the people here. Therefore, they couldn't help but attract attention.

Six out of ten people in this area were Bai, and the remaining four were from various minority tribes.

Among them, the Bai were light-skinned, while the other tribes were darker-skinned. So it was inevitable that the white skin would stand out.

The people here were polite and tried not to stare at Pyo Wol as much as possible. It was proof that they were pure.

This was very different from Kangho.

Do Yeonsan seemed to feel the same and said with a smile,

"People here seem really simple. Several people would have already started a fight if this were the Kangho.

"It certainly seems that way."

"I wish I could live here."

"You can, if you really want to..."

"I'll think about it."

Although his answer was noncommittal, Do Yeonsan had no intention of living here.

He didn't know anyone here and knew nothing about the place.

He would have to settle down one day, but he wanted to stay in an area he knew a little about.

While the two were talking, the servant came over with a tray of food.

"The food is ready."

There were more than five dishes, not including the side dishes.

Do Yeonsan said with an embarrassed expression.

"I was curious about the food because I heard it was really good. So I ordered a bit of this and that... Is it too much?"

"No, it's just right."


Do Yeonsan laughed and picked up his chopsticks.

Pyo Wol also picked up his chopsticks and started to eat.

As expected, the food was salty and spicy due to the hot climate. Nevertheless, the two of them enjoyed their meal.

Compared to what they had eaten in Murim, it was truly a feast.

Pyo Wol tasted a little of each dish while Do Yeonsan ate in a hurry.

The two had contrasting appearances, but somehow they seemed to go well together.

The people nearby stopped paying attention to them and concentrated on their own conversations.

"I heard that the Great Dragon Escort Company is recruiting escort guards. I'm thinking of applying."

"Great Dragon Escort Company?"

"They are going to Kangho to recruit a large number of new guards. I think I'll be chosen easily."

"I want to discourage you."


"Do you really not know?"

One of the men involved in the conversation looked pitiful as he spoke.

His gaze weighed on his colleague's mind, so he asked cautiously.

"Is there a reason?"

"You really don't know anything about Kangho, do you?"

"Ha! Stop beating around the bush and tell me straight."

"I'll tell you if you buy me a drink."

"All right! I'll pay for everything we eat here. So tell me."

"Ahem! Then listen carefully. Right now, Kangho and the surrounding areas are in total chaos."


The man frowned slightly at his colleague's naive reaction. He was a martial artist, but he was too ignorant of the affairs of the world.

"There's a big fight going on right now, a big conflict."

"No way?"

"Because of that, the whole Kangho is in turmoil."

"Is that really true?"

"The Golden Heavenly Hall and the Silver Lotus Hall, along with their affiliated martial arts factions and fighters, are all involved in a huge battle. The battle was so fierce that Poyang Lake turned red with blood. There have been so many casualties that they can't stop now. So if you want to follow the Great Dragon Escort Company to Kangho, you'll have to risk your life.

"So that's why the Great Dragon Escort Company is recruiting new escort guards."

"That's right. They also know the danger. That's why they are trying to strengthen their forces."


"If you really get involved in the fight, they'll sacrifice inexperienced escorts like you and escape. So listen to me and don't join the Great Dragon Escort Company. People like us can live longer by avoiding chaotic situations."

"Thank you! I would have been in danger if it wasn't for you."

"Knowing is half the battle."

"Any recommendations? I'm treating you to dinner tonight, so eat as much as you like."

His colleague spoke with a relieved look on his face.

The man poured alcohol into his cup and said,

"People like us with mediocre martial arts skills should not even set foot in such a chaotic scene. If we get swept away, we'll probably lose our lives first.

"I'll have to look for another escort company instead of the Great Dragon Escort Company."

"That's right. If you're really short of money, try to find a merchant group or an escort company that goes to Sichuan. That place is relatively safe."

"Got it. Sichuan, right?"

His colleague repeated the name 'Sichuan' several times, as if he'd received important information.

Pyo Wol and Do Yeonsan could also hear them talking.

Do Yeonsan put down his chopsticks and said,

"It seems that there is a great disturbance going on. It could even escalate into a great war. What if it really happens?"

Do Yeonsan trembled at the mere thought.

Although he was fortunate enough to have acquired the martial arts of the Ghost King, his mental age was still around fifteen or sixteen.

For a young boy, the Great War was a terrifying concept.

He didn't know how many people would die or be injured, and some of them might be people he knew.

Although he had finished eating, his appetite was gone.

Pyo Wol also put down his chopsticks.

The men's conversation was shocking, but it didn't affect Pyo Wol much.

So it's like this.

He had already expected this.

The clash between the Golden Heavenly Hall and the Silver Lotus Hall was not just a power struggle between factions.

It involved the interests of numerous martial arts sects and warriors.

If it hadn't started in the first place, it would have been different, but once it started, there was no stopping it.

The struggle between the two factions would draw many people in like a swamp, and once they were involved, neither warriors nor sects could ever escape.

In the end, a great war will break out.

And it would be sooner rather than later.

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