RDM (Novel) Chapter 472

 C 472

The moment Manslaughter saw the strikingly pale face in the darkness, he felt chills running down his spine.

He had met and killed numerous martial artists.

The scars on his face were also from killing them.

In addition to his strong martial arts, it was his extremely developed sixth sense that kept him alive.

'It's him. The Reaper!'

Although the man looking at him didn't say a word, Manslaughter instinctively sensed his identity.

Reaper Pyo Wol.

The one he had been chasing.

Manslaughter shouted.

"Pyo Wol! How did you...?"


Pyo Wol looked down at Manslaughter without a word.

It infuriated Manslaughter.

It seemed as if he was looking down on him with contempt.



Manslaughter screamed and swung his blue sky hand.

The mansion's roof, barely holding on, collapsed in response to his attack


Manslaughter soared through the rubble and dust into the air.

"What's happening?"

"It's an attack."

Manslaughter's subordinates rushed out at the sound of the collapsing mansion.

Normally, such a big commotion would cause confusion. However, Manslaughter's subordinates were different.

They immediately dispersed in all directions, completely surrounding the mansion.

Moments later, as the dust settled, Pyo Wol's figure was revealed.

Manslaughter landed in front of Pyo Wol.

"How dare you show yourself before me, Manslaughter. You must be truly insane, Pyo Wol!"

"You’re Manslaughter?"

"Then you came all the way here without realising it was me?"

"I've never seen you before. How would I know?"

Pyo Wol and Manslaughter had been in the same place twice.

The first time was during the clash between Snow Sword Manor and Jin Manor, and the second time was at the unreturnable prison. Both times, however, the situation was resolved without them seeing each other's faces.

This was the first time they had seen each other's faces in person.

Manslaughter asked.

"How did you find this place?"

"You led me here."


"I followed you from the guest house, but you didn't know it."

At Pyo Wol's words, Manslaughter's face twisted in agony.

He couldn't believe that he, an absolute master, hadn't noticed Pyo Wol's stalking.

If Pyo Wol had indeed followed him, there was nothing more shameful than that.

It was like having his nose cut off right in front of his eyes.

If the martial artists of the pugilistic world found out about this, they would laugh at him.

"Damn it!"

Manslaughter's anger exploded.

He swung the blue sky hand towards Pyo Wol.


The spot where Pyo Wol had been standing exploded with a loud bang.

Manslaughter yelled.

"We got him!"


Manslaughter's subordinates rushed towards Pyo Wol in unison.

Their movements were like hornets.

Each of them possessed the strength of a hundred men, and they all knew how to inflict fatal wounds on their opponents.


Every move they made sounded like a wasp flapping its wings. That was how fast they were moving. But as fast as they were moving, Pyo Wol was moving even faster.


With a wave of his hand, the martial artists in the lead fell to the ground, blood spraying from their necks.

Pyo Wol had cut their throats with a soul reaping thread.

Even though their comrades had died right in front of them, ManSlaughter's subordinates hadn't blinked an eye.

They could disregard the deaths of their comrades if it meant killing their target.

They were raised and trained that way.


Sword qi flew like a storm from all directions.

Pyo Wol lifted his body into the air.

Manslaughter didn't miss the opportunity.


He went behind Pyo Wol's back and launched a surprise attack


With a loud explosion, Pyo Wol's body was flung away.

Manslaughter's subordinates chased after Pyo Wol, flying through the air.

"Damn it!"

Manslaughter followed them in a hurry.

Even though he had swung the blue sky hand with all his might, he didn't feel any sensation in his hand.

It wasn't because Pyo Wol had been hit by the blue sky hand. Pyo Wol had deliberately flung himself in the opposite direction.

He hadn't been hurt at all.

His men were oblivious to this, and to finish Pyo Wol off, they flew in the direction he had fallen.

"Retreat! It's a trap."

Manslaughter shouted urgently.


At that moment, a powerful impact erupted, and three of his subordinates were thrown back.

Pyo Wol had given them a taste of his Fire Jade technique.

The thrown subordinates were all in critical condition.

Pyo Wol flew to the roof of a nearby mansion.

Manslaughter's subordinates dared not to charge at Pyo Wol and could only glare at him.

Pyo Wol looked down at Manslaughter and said.

"I think this is enough for a return favor."

"A return favor?"

"I received your greeting."

He meant that he had retaliated because Manslaughter had killed Geum Pishang first.

Pyo Wol knew it.

In this kind of fight, if one loses their initiative, it's over. That's why he deliberately revealed himself and made a mess of Manslaughter's hideout.

Manslaughter said.

"I acknowledge your boldness, but that's not enough. You should have hidden more thoroughly."

"Whether to hide or not is my decision, not yours."

"Your foolish decision will hasten your demise."

"We'll see whose life will be cut off first."


ManSlaughter roared and charged. However, before he could reach, Pyo Wol flew away and disappeared in an instant.

ManSlaughter and his followers were left chasing Pyo Wol’s tail.

ManSlaughter gazed emptily in the direction where Pyo Wol disappeared.

"You bastard, I will bite your head off and drench your neck in blood."


So Yeowol and Song Cheonwoo returned to New Moon Manor.

New Moon Manor was truly enormous.

It was much bigger and more complicated than it looked from the outside, with countless layers of complexity and interests.

So Yeowol looked at the interior of New Moon Manor with eyes full of hatred.

Song Cheonwoo placed his hand on So Yeowol's shoulder.

"Let's go!"


As So Yeowol nodded and moved, someone approached them from the front.

A beautiful noblewoman, shielded from the sun by a large umbrella and accompanied by dozens of escorts.

The moment So Yeowol recognized her face, a cold killing intent filled her eyes.

Song Cheonwoo softly called out to her.


"It's okay, although it is annoying to have to see her so often."


"I'm not a little kid anymore."

So Yeowol smiled.

The killing intent in her eyes had disappeared without a trace.

The lady walking in her direction was graceful.

Despite being middle-aged, her white skin showed no wrinkles or blemishes. Her eyebrows were curved delicately like a crescent moon, and her sensual eyes were filled with hatred toward So Yeowol.

The woman stopped in front of So Yeowol.


Even her voice was bewitching as it flowed from between her red lips.

So Yeowol bowed her head slightly.

"Nice to see you, mother."

"What a cunning mouth you have. You still call me mother."

The noblewoman's name was Udamha, the legal wife of Go Jang-myeong

,the owner of New Moon Manor.

"Because you're my mother, I call you mother."

"I wish I could cut off those lips."

"How come you think the same way I do? I think we're alike in this way."

"How dare you!"

Udamha's shoulders trembled.

She stared at So Yeowol as if she wanted to devour her. But the grown-up child was no longer frightened or intimidated by her glare.

That fact enraged her even more.

So Yeowol was still, staring at her with a blank expression.

When their gazes met, Udamha's face became even more distorted.  Just being in the same room with her made her feel uncomfortable.

Udamha suppressed her nausea and approached So Yeowoland the people who were following her glared at her in unison.

If she made the slightest move, they were going to chop her to pieces.

Song Cheonwoo's eyebrows twitched.

He was raised as an assassin with So Yeowol, but he considered himself a bodyguard.

A bodyguard who would protect So Yeowol with his life.

Naturally, he was more sensitive than anyone to hostility or murderous intent towards So Yeowol.

Song Cheonwoo unconsciously reacted to the hostility towards So Yeowol.

His eyes suddenly filled with killing intent.

Those who served the lady also emitted stronger killing intent.

A tense atmosphere was circulating between both sides.

The corner of Udamha's mouth lips up.

"Our hunting dog is still full of energy."


"Hoho! That's how it should be. A hunting dog should show that much loyalty to its master. It's good to see."

At Udamha insulting words, Song Cheonwoo clenched his teeth.

So Yeowol said,

"This person is not a hunting dog."

"Is that so? But he looks like a hunting dog in my eyes."

"Looks like your eyes are mistaken, Mother."

"Fine! If you say so, he must not be an ordinary hunting dog. Let me correct myself. He's more like a ferocious wolf."


"Relax your eyes. Aren't we still mother and daughter? I'm afraid someone might see."

"It's my normal gaze."

"Heh! I hope that gaze continues."

"It will. From now on, always..."

"There's no such thing as eternity in this world, but I hope your determination is unbreakable."

“Thank You”

So Yeowol’s casual manner in which she replied was so shallow that she wanted to kill her.  but she couldn't attack her as she used to.

So Yeowol was no longer a young child, nor a powerless weakling. Her hidden fangs were sharper than a wild beast.

She had already lost valuable subordinates to So Yeowol's cunning before.


Udamha snorted and walked past So Yeowol.

When Udamha and her followers disappeared, So Yeowol raised her head. Her face was full of killing intent.

"It won't be long before you will be able to walk around with your head held high".

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have shown my killing intent..."

Song Cheonwoo looked genuinely sorry.

He had told So Yeowol to calm down, but he got excited first. It was a disgrace for someone who was supposed to protect So Yeowol.

"No, I felt the same way."

So Yeowol bit her lip so hard that it bled.

She tried her best to suppress her anger.

Now was not the time to get excited.

It was a battle where the one with greater patience would win.

Fortunately, she and Song Cheonwoo had honed their patience to the extreme in the underground cave. There was only one person who had more patience than them.

'Pyo Wol!'

It was then.


Suddenly, a hawk's cry sounded in the air.

As So Yeowol raised her head, a hawk that had been circling the sky swooped down like an arrow and landed on her arm.

It was a trained messenger hawk.

A letter was tied to the hawk's leg.

So Yeowol unfolded the letter and read it.

Her face, which had been calm even in front of Udamha,cracked.

"Pyo... Wol!"

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