IBRV (Novel) Chapter 40


I looked at the hand extended towards me and held my breath.

What was in front of me was like a dream, so I couldn't bear to hold it.

If it's a dream that will vanish if you catch it, it's painful.

"If you need time, I'll give you time to think."


"But keep your worries and thoughts by my side, daughter."


"I was surprised to see my daughter suddenly disappear."

I took a deep breath and clenched my fists at the friendly voice that I remembered.

His extended hand was still in front of me, yet I couldn't put my hand on his palm.

"The... game..."

"What are you talking about?"

"Father..., no matter how tired you get..., of the game..., I'll have to leave."

If that's the case, I don't want to go back. A life filled with fear has always been hard.

I'm tired of pretending to be loved.

In my previous life, I lived every moment like that.

At work and at university, I lived a life that catered to others' tastes. While creating an image that the other person would like.

But you have no idea how exhausting it was.

I had many friends, but none were real. Because I could only maintain a superficial and wide-ranging relationship with a false appearance.


He said softly.

My shoulders trembled a lot.

"Obviously, it was at first."

No, that sounds like it's not the same case now.

"However, it seems I've been more honest with you than you thought, and more than I thought."


"When you called me father and everyone ran away, only my daughter ran to the front and saved me. From that moment on, maybe

I thought of you as my real daughter."

It was incredible.

People could hate even their own children. People could truly resent even a child born after a great stomachache.

"I am... an ugly lizard... Father, hates lizards..."

The fact that Erno Etham hates reptiles is mentioned several times in the novel.

In response to my words, Erno Etham raised an eyebrow.

"It's not like that."


"It's my favorite animal."


"In the first place, it didn't matter whether you are a Suin or not."

At the unexpected words, I let out a brief sigh.

"However, I hoped you would tell me in advance. Because I didn't want to know like this."


"But my daughter must have been scared too."

She was afraid.

She was afraid that the momentary dream she barely held onto would shatter.

Well, in the end, Mayla forcefully shattered it.

"I can't even humanize properly..."

"I'll get a Suin from the southern continent to teach you."

"I have a secret..."

"Whatever you do, move with me on your back. My daughter can sit and order anything."

I slowly raised my trembling hand.

I had no family.

I never felt like I belonged anywhere in my life.

He waited patiently despite my slow movements.

"Is it okay if I do it...?"


It was a short answer, but it sounded like a promise to me.

So, when I placed my hand on his palm, Erno Etham took my hand and lifted me into his arms.

"How... did you get here?"

"Always around you..."

He opened his mouth slowly.

"It smells refreshing."

Having said that, Erno Etham hugged me tightly in his arms.

"A refreshing smell?"

I buried my nose in the hem of my dress and sniffed, but there was no particular smell.

"Did you enjoy escaping, daughter?"


"Well. For the second escape... I want you to tell me in advance."

A cold, subdued voice warned quietly.

"If I notify in advance and escape, can that also be called escaping...?"

"Welcome back, Eirin."

"...I'm back."

In response, he gently patted my back.

Was it because I felt reassured?

My eyes quickly became blurry. My head landed on Erno Etham's shoulder along with a warm pat on my back.

"Lucilion..., I should wait for him."

That was my last thought.


Seeing that Eirin was asleep, Erno Etham muttered into the air.

Then, somewhere, a man dressed in black knelt before Erno Etham with a low hood.


They were a group that had been supporting the Etham family for a long time and could do any dirty work perfectly.

They were the shadow of the Etham family, and they were also arrogant beings who only listened to the orders of the master they had chosen and the next master they had chosen.

"Get rid of everything."

"Yes, young master."

The man in the black mask, casually reciting the title that Erno Etham hated the most, disappeared.

Erno Etham didn't use Terem. Normally, they were not allowed to approach the room where he lived.

For Erno Etham, who had no intention of inheriting the Etham family, not using Terem was a rebellion against Duke Miriel.

He broke the rule that seemed like an unwritten rule.

Because of that, Terem's chief, "Khan," couldn't let this opportunity pass.

The fact that Erno Etham was using them meant that he was also considering inheriting the duchy.

"Is it because of that girl?"

Despite all their efforts and following, the mad young master who grabbed them by the neck and threw them to the ground was using them.

"I couldn't find her even after searching..."

Khan, along with Terem, had also inquired about the girl, but they had been unable to find her.

"It's incredible how she came out of hiding."

It was hard to believe that it was just for a small Suin that the stone young master had moved.

Khan quickly moved out of Erno Etham's sight to tell the other Terems the good news.

"Now that I think about it, I can give you a surname, daughter. Then, you won't even think about leaving home for your family."

Without hearing Erno Etham's low chant, which would have been mourned by all of Terem if they had heard it.


Lucilion, who had returned right after taking Enosh to the imperial palace, let out a white sigh.


He frowned.

The protective shield he had left behind was broken, and the surrounding grass was trampled here and there.

However, the girl's footprints showed no signs of escape.

In other words, Eirin obediently followed whoever approached her.

"You said you would wait..."

He tilted his head.

There was no reward at all for the effort he had put in.

"You lie too much."

Breathing briefly, he lowered his head. His white hair flowed down and fluttered in front of his eyes.

"Where could my mistress have gone...?"

He slowly lowered his eyes.

"I'm a little annoyed, but I have to go pray for the first time in a long while."

As if regretting, Lucilion rubbed the spot where Eirin was supposed to be with his toes several times before turning around.

No, he tried to.

If it weren't for a big man wearing a fox mask and holding a battered sword blocking his path.

"What's this? I don't know where this soft-looking thing came from, but... not bad."

Lucilion smiled.

"I'm not in a good mood right now, so I'd like you to step aside."

"This big brother is in a bad mood too. Some high-end items got away. Besides..."

"Ah, that's enough."

"Yes, it's good that you understand quickly. Well, well. Then..."

"Kneel, who do you dare to hold your head high before?"

At the same time a ring of pure white light appeared in Lucilion's blue eyes, the big man with the fox mask kneeled.

Lucilion smiled at the man whose eyes only met then.

"It would be better for the believer to repent."

"How... you...?"

"If everything returns to nothing, then good and evil are actually the same, and there is nothing to share."

Lucilion's small palm landed on the man's head like a priest giving a blessing.

"What are you doing...?!"

A white light covered the man's head. After a moment, Lucilion let go.

"Repent for the rest of your life, for standing before me today."

The man's eyes widened, and his mouth opened wide.

"Hehehe... I-I'm repenting... Hehehe... I'm repenting..."

As if his head had turned into a blank sheet of paper, the man opened his mouth and began to laugh.

Lucilion slowly walked away.

Shortly after, the fantasy castle, which had settled like a nighttime dream, was filled with screams and the smell of blood.

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