IBRV (Novel) Chapter 23


 "I can't find any information about Suins or lizards."

Richard Collin checked all the books in the orphanage, but it wasn't enough.

As Richard grew more serious, I began to think increasingly strangely.

"Is it really cancer?"

"Could it be dangerous?"

"What on earth is it...?"

All sorts of thoughts raced through my mind.

Even if I tried to see my back in the mirror, it wasn't easy with my quadrupedal form.

"I wish you could talk."

I can't talk when I'm a lizard.

"It's almost dinner time."

It wasn't until late at night that Richard secretly returned to the orphanage he had escaped from, washed his hands, and headed straight to the dining hall.

Usually, he buys bread from outside and eats it, so I wondered why he decided to do this today.

"Hey, look."

"Leave him alone, don't even look at him."

"I'm not looking at him, I heard he doesn't eat here every day... Why did he come here to eat?"

"I don't know why the director is so partial to him. He doesn't even train every day."

"I guess it's just because he's reluctant. Besides, he used to be a slave... It must be because he's pitiful."

Innocent words were exchanged here and there. Richard, who was about to receive food on his plate, frowned.

And he threw the tray at the group of children.



"Hey, what are you doing?!"

"You noisy pigs. Speak up now! Why don't you talk in front of me?"

Richard raised his voice with a sharp look. Fire dripped from his cold amethyst-colored eyes.

"What? Hey, what did we do?!"

Richard, who was staring at the plate lying on the ground, turned around.

As I clung to Richard's shoulder while he returned to his room, I let out a deep sigh.


"Why, are you uncomfortable with me too?"

Why is he acting like this all of a sudden?

"What's wrong with being a slave? Do you think I'm dirty because they treated me like the lowest pet? I..."

Tears welled up in his distorted face.


Richard rubbed his eyes with the edge of his sleeve as if embarrassed by himself.

"A pet..."

Indeed, it's not easy for a slave to be treated as a decent human being.

It must not have been good.

I cautiously approached and patted Richard Collin on the cheek.

"I don't need sympathy or consolation. I did my best to survive."

"I know."

I thumped my chest with my front foot, using the posture I'm now accustomed to.

Um, maybe it's because I don't have a tail? Or perhaps I wasn't as accustomed as I thought?

It was a little difficult to stay still for a long time.

"Ha, do you know what I'm talking about?"

Richard smiled and gently stroked me with his fingers.

"I know."

Since he was an important character in the novel, there was very fragmentary information about Richard's past.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't even prepare your food today."

I looked at Richard in incomprehension.

"Are we going to bed early today?"

Richard said as he pulled a small blanket from the blanket cabinet on the side.

Originally, in the orphanage, the rule was for everyone to sleep together, but Albion gave Richard a separate room because of his special situation.

"You sleep here too."

Richard placed me on a small handkerchief and covered me with a blanket.

As if seeking a bit of warmth, Richard covered my front foot with his palm and closed his eyes tightly.

I moved my front paw and patted the back of Richard's hand.

They were cold, rough reptilian feet, but I hoped it was a bit comforting.


Was it because of what I did?

Richard cried until dawn, not even keeping quiet about what was so sad about it.

And when Richard finally fell asleep, the door creaked open cautiously.

I slowly turned my head, and a familiar man knelt beside the blanket.

It was Albion.

"It seems you haven't slept yet. Are you a nocturnal lizard?"

In name and reality, it's maneuverability.

When I saw the boy crying sadly, I couldn't sleep because it reminded me of someone in the past who was in a similar situation.

"He cried?"

I didn't bother to answer, just tilted my head.

"Last time, you seemed to be able to understand my words... Was it an illusion?"


No matter how much I think about it, it's not good for many people to know that I can understand their words.

What should I do if I get sold somewhere and dissected? I must learn to humanize quickly.

"Mages are not born for no reason. It comes only from genes with a lineage of mages. A mage's child is precious, and there's no way a proper parent would get rid of them. I'm trying to find Rich's parents."

Albion spoke as if confessing and wiped Richard's cheeks and eyes with a damp handkerchief.

It was the clumsy and rough hand of a person who had held a sword for a long time.

By the way, is that why you haven't been at the orphanage much these days?

"The happiest way for a mage's child is to return them to their parents."

I bet it is.

Albion said that and stood up calmly.

"Although I raised so many children with my own hands and made them independent, the child still seems to have difficulties."

He let out a brief sigh and quietly left Richard's room.

The door closed. A quiet and silent night arrived.

"Is Erno Etam okay? He didn't go crazy again, did he?"

No, I don't think that would happen when the heroine is by his side.

"He's not looking for me because I betrayed him, is he?"

I think it would be scary if he were looking for me to kill me.

Goosebumps ran down my back.

The expression on his face when he reached out to kill me in the end was so terrifying.

"Still, I'm sorry."

I wanted to be in his arms a little longer. I know the kindness is pure acting, but still...

I was very happy because I felt like I had a family for a while.

It was a fleeting dream.

"I want to become human again soon...."

Living as a lizard was too uncomfortable.

"Please, let me become human again..."

Otherwise, it seemed that Richard Collin would end up drowned in misery.

It's so sad that he can't go back even though he has a place to return to.

"My back itches...."

Feeling an itch on my back, which I couldn't scratch because my arms were short, I turned my body and closed my eyes.

I didn't know back then.

That on my back, something strange was slowly growing.

And the empty wish before going to sleep came true faster than expected.

"Aaah! What?!"

"Shhh..., be quiet..."

"Noisy?! Who are you?! What are you doing on my blanket?! And you, you...! How shameless...!"

I blinked slowly at the sound of Richard's loud voice ringing in my ears.

The bright light blinded my eyes for a moment.

What I saw was a blanket covering my body and Richard Collin sitting in the corner with an astonished look pointed at me.


The field of vision is high.

I lowered my gaze a bit and looked down, then at my hands, then at the ceiling, then at Richard Collin, who was sitting at eye level.


A voice came out.

It was strange to see Richard Collin looking scared with a pale face.

I slowly reevaluated my situation.

I don't know why, but when I woke up, I was humanized.

And how I became human again, and the clothes I had left there, of course I'm not wearing anything right now.


That's why you're surprised.

It's just the body of a five-year-old girl.

"....although, well, I'm naked."

I hugged the blanket covering me a bit tighter and opened my mouth in embarrassment.

"I asked who the hell you are!"

"What's going on, Richard...?"

And Albion walked in just as if he had heard the commotion in the room.

Soon, he saw me desperately hugging the blanket and Richard yelling at me...


"No, you can't freeze here!"

I had no tolerance for this kind of situation, so it seemed like there was buffering.

"Bam Bam..."

Richard widened his eyes and approached me, looking around the blanket.

Then, as if he had found something, he carefully picked it up with both hands.


While looking at something crushed, Richard's eyes turned red.

Richard looked at me as if he were going to kill me, then raised his voice.

"You... What did you do to my BamBam?!"

When I lowered my gaze a bit, Richard's hand was carefully placed on the skin of a lizard.

"...Oh? Did I shed my skin?"

Apparently, I shed my skin without even knowing it.


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