IBRV (Novel) Chapter 18


 Today was the "New Moon Night" when the moon disappears. And on the night of the new moon, the Etham blood sleeps.

"New Moon" was the day when no one in Etham could go crazy, they remained stable, and fell into a deep, insensible sleep.

A day of rest provided by the dragons for humans who have obtained power beyond their control.

This day was when the power of those who inherited the Etham blood, whether directly or collaterally, was weaker, and it was also the day when Etham's security was strengthened the most.

All immediate descendants of Etham didn't leave their rooms on this day.

It was more accurate to say they were only sleeping.

Of course...

"I'm fine."

I'm not the least bit sleepy.

I heard that they are usually a little sleepier, but...

I'm in a good mood.

What kind of languor is this? I'm more lively than ever.

It was clear that I didn't have a drop of Etham blood.

"Mayla, today... What day is it? I don't know."

"Today is Prince Erno's birthday."


Is it Erno Etham's birthday? On the night of the new moon?

Was there such a scenario in the novel? I tilted my head with a puzzled look.

"There will be a birthday party next week. Have you prepared a gift?"


Was there an event like this?

I furrowed my brow involuntarily. There was no mention of a birthday at all.

"Ah, she's Prince Erno's only daughter. First, we should look for a gift."

"Yes. Then I..."

During the new moon night? What gift can I get on the day when everyone sleeps?

"Can I tell you a good way?"


I somehow felt strange.

I tried to suppress my delicate heart and asked again. Mayla, as always, had a kind expression on her face.

"But who was the real culprit?"

Apparently, they were not a good person.

"There are some earrings that Prince Erno always wears."

Obviously, it wasn't a very important role.

"Did you know they're actually shaped like beads? If you collect them all, Prince Erno won't be so scary."

An extra who was in debt and needed money...

"I know where the rest of the pieces are."

Moreover, it was a device to bring the heroine and Erno Etham closer, who were in the midst of a relationship and could deceive extras who were equally insignificant.

"If the madam brings them, he'll surely love her a bit more."

... I guess it was me.

Suddenly, I remembered Mayla, who had disappeared behind the annex as if being chased.

"Why didn't I realize?"

I touched my forehead.

"I remembered, the decisive reason they kicked me out."

According to the original novel, it was revealed that I was a lizard, so I had to undergo a blood relationship test.

The results of blood family tests take at least a month or more to come out.

And in the novel, this was the time when I stayed in this mansion on a grace period.

And, indeed, it was clear that I was kicked out because of it.

"Why did it only occur to me just now?"

It was strange.

How can I be so unable to remember certain scenes from a novel I read for years?

And as if to erase that doubt, a scene from the novel came to my mind with clarity.

<—"Consider it, my lady. If you can access Prince Erno's family records, you won't be kicked out of your house.


—If you give him a gift like this, I'm sure he'll adopt you instead of the newcomer.

—...Then, can I stay with you?

—Of course, my lady.>

Feeling dizzy, I touched my forehead.

Mayla was the culprit.

I calmed my racing heart.

After thinking for a moment, I shook my head. There wasn't much to worry about, really. I was just thinking of what to say.

"I don't want to, silly."

I snorted and replied. Then Mayla's eyes widened in surprise.

No matter how good the original was, it didn't come to the point of wanting to risk my life.

"My lady, I've been so good to you... Was there something wrong with what I said?"

"I've been good to you too, silly. And I can tell right from wrong."

"Then I might accidentally say that the miss is a Suin."

That statement surprised me a bit.

How does Mayla know I'm a Suin? I had never heard of that.

"Did you think I wouldn't know after taking care of you for so long?"

Mayla's expression when she said that was full of disdain.

It wasn't the expression of a maid who had been kind until yesterday. I took a deep breath.

"But, it's strange. Originally, the transformation was supposed to happen at the New Year's gathering. I heard it's quite an effective medicine for sinners in the Southern continent."

Mayla spoke with a friendly voice as always. The smile on her face was the same I remembered.

"...Could that be your doing as well?"

The back of my head tingled a bit.

"What does it matter?"

Being kicked out was predestined anyway, and whether it was revealed or not wasn't my concern.

I turned around.

"You'll regret it."

"You'll be the one regretting it, silly."

"I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning."

"Um, you'll die in two weeks anyway."

I replied like a child and went back to my room.

In reality, Mayla... No, the extra that appeared in the original work was killed by the novel's villain.

In one word, it was "killing the dog after the hunt."

(N/T: Expression used to indicate the situation of using something when necessary and discarding it without compassion when it's no longer needed.)

"...Although Mayla will eventually end up stealing the earrings."

It was a story that would continue as per the original plot. Because that's how the heroine can excel by using her abilities against Erno Etham.

So at least it won't be my fault.

However, it seemed necessary to prepare to leave soon.

"Not even the female protagonist is here today."

The heroine is also born with Etham blood, so today she will fall into a deep sleep.

Let's pack our things.

I let out a deep sigh and looked down at the stuffed tiger by my side.


Life doesn't always go your way.

I'll have to take the tiger with me.

Still, it's a gift I received.

Of course, it was only this stuffed animal that I had to pack.

And the next day, Mayla ended in tragedy.

"Is that girl really...?"

"Oh my god..., Mayla cared for her like a nanny."

"To repay such kindness like this!"

"How dare she be so ungrateful to the Etham family...!"

Erno Etham didn't come today. Of course, neither did Mayla.

I couldn't go hungry, so I had no choice but to walk to the dining room, but I heard some strange sounds in my ear.

"It seems something happened again."

Of course, at best, it would only truly reveal the fact that I was a Suin.

The rumors are familiar to me. Compared to what I've been through at school, there's no malice here.


I thought a shadow was cast over my head, but someone blocked my path.

"Who is it?"

"My name is Kylo, the butler of the Etham family.

To say butler was the same as saying Miriel Etham's right-hand man.

"The fact that he came..."

It must be because this incident reached the ears of Duke Miriel.

"Let's go."

"... It seems like he knows what's going on."

"My hearing is good."

"... I see."

As I walked forward, Kylo quickly followed me and took the lead.

He strode out with his long legs and matched my pace.

"You may enter."

He said as he opened the door to the conference room.

Duke Miriel was not alone inside.

Erno Etham, the heroine beside him, and key figures including the vassals and collateral members of the Etham family were present.

And I saw Mayla standing on one side of the conference room.

Seeing her holding a damp handkerchief and drying her eyes made my stomach churn.

"Even though I gave you all the information."

Even if I didn't help, somehow Mayla would have survived anyway.

"Because the extra villains persist until they are needed."

The reason Mayla and I exist in <Adopted> is to connect Erno Etham and the heroine.

In reality, the heroine seemed to be holding Erno Etham's hand and suppressing his madness.

"She's a fool, she doesn't know that extras end up dying when they run out of utility."

I took a slow, deep breath.


No one responded to my greetings either.

"It's okay."

Because I'm used to it.

There was no one who accepted my greetings throughout my school days.

No, actually, it's not just the school days. It was the same with my family.

"You, from now on, answer my questions honestly."


I obediently replied, anticipating the end of Duke Miriel's threat.

"Is it true that you joined a person in black to steal this kind of earrings?"


"Do you know what kind of earring it is?"

Wow, did he blame me for that?

I was left speechless at the absurdity, and when I looked up, I saw Mayla crying pitifully.

"What about the fact that you are a Suin?"


When I couldn't open my mouth, Duke Miriel pounded the table with his fist.

Fortunately, the table didn't split in half this time.

"Answer me honestly! If it's not, it's not, if it is, then say it."

"As for being a Suin..."

It's true, but I tried to answer that I didn't steal the earrings, but my body started to heat up as if it had been waiting for this moment.


At first glance, Mayla's lips slowly formed an arc.

"What? What have you done to me....?"

The moment I thought it was clear what she did.


My vision narrowed, and my eyes darkened.

I had transformed.


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