TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 244

C 244

Tyler went to his warship as soon as he left the conference room.

“Why did they call you?”

Vice-Captain Haeckel walked up to him with a smile on his face.

“We are in trouble.”

Tyler frowned while taking a glance to the back.

“Raon Zieghart discovered where we hid the Blue Lughs.”

“H-How did that…?”

Haeckel’s eyes widened.

‘But that’s impossible.’

The Blue Lughs were hidden in a corner where no one would visit, and they were even ordered to never come out. He couldn’t understand how the location could have been discovered.

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure, since he mentioned that they were between Rable River and Gazel River.”

Tyler firmly shook his head.

‘There’s no way someone like him would make a mistake.’

There was no way someone of Raon’s caliber wouldn’t have confirmed the most important information. It would’ve been foolish to hope that he was mistaken.

“What on earth even happened there?”

“What happened there was…”

Tyler told Haeckel about the conversation in the conference room.

“How could he…?”

Haeckel frowned, since he couldn’t understand why he’d done that.

“The reason doesn’t matter anymore.”

Tyler briefly clicked his tongue.

‘He got me good.’

A war of words was decided by how much knowledge and preparation they had. Since he’d gone there while being unaware of the situation, he had no choice but to be devoured by that young bastard.

“Th-Then, what are you going to do now?”

“We have that thing that they are still unaware of.”

“Ah! The Water God Stone!”

“Since that Raon bastard must be cautious of me, you should give them orders through the Water God Stone. Tell the Blue Lughs to hide and never come out, no matter what happens. And then… nevermind!”

Tyler shook his head and shoved his face at Haeckel.

“Five. Send around five of them to me.”


“We’ve bet on who will kill more Blue Lughs. If I kill five of the Blue Lughs, and let the rest of them escape, Doran Village is going to be ours for free.”

No matter how thoroughly Raon prepared, there was no way he could’ve known about the Water God Stone. He figured that he could easily win the bet by controlling the Blue Lughs through the Water God Stone.

‘It’s actually better this way.’

If everything went well, they could take over Doran Village without any casualties and could even obtain Yuin Village after that.

“You dug your own grave, Raon Zieghart.”

Tyler smiled while looking down on Raon and the Light Wind squad, who were approaching the ship.

“Thank you for handing over Gazel River.”


* * *


Raon looked at the front part of the ship, which was submerged underwater, before boarding the ship. No one should’ve been aware of the fact that Rimmer and Flumen were hiding under that part.

[Did you just smile?]

Rimmer’s aura message came from underwater.

[You just shoved your squad leader—who also happens to be your teacher—underwater, just to enjoy the warm sunlight for yourself. Are you actually smiling in this situation?]

Judging from the direction the aura message was coming from, Rimmer must’ve been sticking his back towards the ship like a remora.

[I’m smiling because the squad leader is so reliable.]

[Stop kidding me! It’s all because of you that I…]



Rimmer shut his mouth as soon as Raon mentioned the gold.

[Flumen! The scariest thing in the human realm isn't a sword, but gold. Gold! Money is what you should be wary of the most!]

Rimmer sent an aura message to Raon and Flumen at the same time with his supreme technique.

It seemed like Flumen simply nodded instead of responding to him.

[A human being becomes shabby if they don’t have any money, regardless of their age! Look at me. Despite my age, I… Kuh!]

[You will be able to earn a lot once everything’s over.]

[Oh? Really?]

[I’m counting on you.]

Raon bowed very slightly, which looked like he was simply warming up his neck.


Despite Rimmer’s carefree appearance, he was the type of person who would make sure to complete any request. That was why he was more trustworthy than anyone else.

Raon imagined how Flumen would try to comfort Rimmer, then boarded the White Spear—Tyler’s warship—with the Light Wind squad.

‘It’s bigger than I thought.’

The deck was bigger and more splendid than what he had expected when he saw it from below. It looked like a military warship rather than a pirate ship.


“It’s huge.”

“This is what a South-North Union’s warship looks like…” The Light Wind swordsmen exclaimed and looked around the ship. 

However, they weren’t actually admiring it. They were observing the ship in preparation for when they would have to fight there.

“How do you like my ship?

As Raon was probing the White Spear’s deck along with the others, Tyler walked up to him with a smile.

“I’m worried that it might not look good enough for the Frostfire Sword of Valor.”

“It’s a splendid and stylish warship. However, it’s a lot smaller than the Graceful Knight of the Tide’s reputation.”

“It can’t be helped, since my position inside the Union isn’t that high.”

Raon provoked him by calling the ship small, but Tyler brushed it off with a smile. He even mentioned that his standing was low in the Union.

Raon smiled faintly while observing Tyler’s reaction.

‘He regained his composure.’

The reason Tyler’s face looked so comfortable was because he believed that he could win the bet by controlling the Blue Lughs through the Water God Stone.

‘I guess he is going to lure a few Blue Lughs out with the Water God Stone.’

Raon was sure that his plan was to draw three to six Blue Lughs with the Water God Stone, then order the rest to hide so that he would be the only one to kill the Blue Lughs and end the bet in his victory.

‘He’s too obvious.’

Since Raon had expected Tyler’s move the moment he had devised the plan, he could clearly read his thoughts.

‘Because he can’t even begin to guess that I’m aware of the Water God Stone’s existence.’

Thanks to Flumen’s information, the bet—or, rather, the war’s outcome—was already decided.

“How come your position isn’t high? You are the Graceful Knight of the Tide, a Master level warrior. You are being too humble.”

Raon opened his ocean of perception with Glacier while praising Tyler.

‘So, who’s going to make their move?’

Since Tyler was the commander, he could be expected to stay on the deck. Since it was necessary to be close enough to see the Blue Lughs in order to send orders through the Water God Stone, it must have been hidden somewhere inside the ship, and someone other than Tyler had to move there in order to use it.

‘That man.’

A middle-aged man with a sturdy body looked like he was inspecting the ship as he checked different parts of the ship. Considering the huge amount of solid energy in his energy center, he must’ve been the vice-captain of the ship, Haeckel.

‘His appearance is also exactly like I heard.’

He’d heard that he had a sturdy body with snake-like eyes, which matched his appearance. He was most likely going to operate the Water God Stone instead of Tyler.

“It feels nice to think that we aren’t going to need to see the annoying Blue Lughs ever again.”

Tyler smiled while murmuring that a weight was going to be lifted.

“Yes. The monsters are soon going to disappear.”

Raon nodded while making sure to remember Haeckel’s presence.

“Weigh anchor!”

“Weigh anchor!”

“Set sail!”

Every pirate repeated Tyler’s shout, setting the ship afloat.


Even though a huge ship was moving, it wasn’t trembling that much. Considering that mana could be felt throughout the ship,  magic must’ve been cast to resist the waves.

“By the way, do we really need that ship to follow us?”

Tyler pointed at the commercial ship from Doran Village that was following the warship. The village chief and the villagers were filling that ship, which was as large as the warship.

“I don’t believe any of us is going to be narrow-minded enough to refuse to admit their defeat.”

“It’s not because of the bet. It’s because I wanted to show them how we eliminate the ‘monsters’ since they have suffered a lot.”

“Wow, you are crueler than I thought.”

“That might be true.”

Raon smiled faintly. However, that was obviously not the real reason. It was in order to show the villagers what kind of people Tyler and the South-North Union were.

‘Moreover, this ship has to disappear.’

Since he was planning to destroy the warship, the commercial ship had to follow.


* * *


The Blue Lugh’s dwelling that Flumen had told about him wasn’t too far away. They were already at the destination before he knew it while he was double checking the plan.

“Are they around here?”


Raon pointed at the estuary full of sharp rocks, making it difficult for a large ship to enter.

“I can’t see any Blue Lugh for now. Are you sure they are in there?” Tyler asked.

At the same time, Haeckel started moving towards the captain’s cabin. Raon immediately noticed his movements, since he’d been keeping track of him.

He was moving according to his prediction, but that wasn’t enough. He needed something to alarm all the pirates, including Tyler and Haeckel.

“Of course. Dorian.”

Raon called Dorian to come up next to him before that man could make his move.

“Take out that thing.”


Dorian came up next to him and put his hand in his belly pocket. A white sphere the size of a human’s head came out from the pocket, settled on his slightly round hand.



Tyler and Haeckel, who was about to open the room to the captain’s cabin, groaned at the same time.

“Wh-Where did you get that?”

Tyler’s chin was trembling, unable to hide his emotions.

“I received it from the person who told me about this location.”

Raon smiled while accepting the fake Water God Stone that he’d made in advance from Dorian.

“They said I can bring the Blue Lughs out with this sphere.”

“Wh-Who said…?”

“I’m not sure either. He was a small person wearing a black robe, but his speech was really awkward. However, I had to believe him because he showed me his ability to control the Blue Lughs first-hand. Judging from the strong energy of water he had, he might not have been human…”


Tyler’s face crumpled like paper being crushed by hand.

‘He must’ve remembered.’

The questions about Flumen’s survival and whether that sphere was the real Water God Stone or not must’ve been deeply engraved in Tyler’s brain. Since he had to think about that, it was obvious how he was going to act afterwards.

“In… In that case, can you try controlling them?”


Raon used Glacier while reaching out the hand holding the fake Water God Stone towards the river. The Water God Stone sparkled in white, and blue mana spread inside the sphere in streams.


Bubbles appeared between the sharp rocks, and dozens of Blue Lughs appeared at the same time.


“Th-They are really here!”

“It was true!”

“What the hell is that sphere?”

The Doran villagers on the merchant ship’s jaws dropped upon seeing that the Blue Lughs had really appeared.



“Th-That’s crazy…”

Tyler and the pirates looked like they had lost their souls.

‘Flumen did a good job.’

It wasn’t the Water God Stone’s power, but Flumen’s ability. He was the one who’d taken out the Blue Lughs, who were staying on the river floor.

Raon noticed a very small movement of Tyler’s aura through the Ring of Fire. He must’ve been ordering Haeckel to quickly find the Water God Stone.

‘We are getting started now.’


* * *


Tyler swallowed nervously while looking at the Water God Stone in Raon’s hand.

‘It’s the Water God Stone. It’s the real one.’

Raon didn’t seem to know how to use it properly, but it was the real Water God Stone.

[Haeckel! When did you last check on the Water God Stone?]

Tyler immediately sent an aura message to Haeckel, clenching his fist.

[I-I checked two days ago.]

[Go there right now! Go and confirm whether that bastard stole the Water God Stone or it’s a second Water God Stone that he has!]

[Wh-What should I do if it’s still there…?]

[In that case, send the orders according to the plan! Send five of them to me and tell the rest to escape upstream to hide!]


Haeckel entered the captain’s cabin as soon as he received Tyler’s order. He silently opened the hatch on the ground before climbing down the ladder to the lowest part, opening the round door.



Young Blue Lughs were locked in a cage there. Their scales were jagged, and their flesh was cracked like a field during a drought because they’d been away from water.

“Shut up!”

Haeckel swore at the young Blue Lughs before going to the wall. He tapped different locations of the wall with his finger, which split the wall in half. Gold and jewels could be seen inside.

He didn’t pay attention to any of them, staring at the transparent sphere at the center. Blue streams were wavering inside the sphere.

“It’s here! Which means, the one he has is…”

“A fake.”


Haeckel tried to quickly turn around upon hearing a drowsy voice from behind him. However, his opponent was faster than him.


A blade shining with an icy cold light was protruding from the left side of his chest.


Haeckel coughed up blood, turn his head. A red-haired elf was waving his hand at him with a smile.

“Wh-When did you get behind me…?”

“When you opened the hatch.”

Rimmer twisted the sword that was stabbing Haeckel’s heart.


“Raon. Just like that damned boy thought, both you and Tyler were too agitated to notice me. I silently followed your lead.”

“D-Damn it…”

Haeckel collapsed on the dry floor while grasping his chest. He couldn’t put up any sort of resistance.


Rimmer frowned while looking at the young Blue Lughs that were trembling in fear inside the cage. Each time their bodies shivered, a bunch of dry scales were falling down while green blood trickled from their cracked skin.

“They are trash.”

Flumen had mentioned that the Blue Lughs valued their children. The young Blue Lughs must’ve been locked up as hostages just in case there was a problem with the Water God Stone.

‘This reminds me of bad memories.’

Watching the young Blue Lughs’ eyes, filled with fear and despair, reminded him of when he first came to the human realm.

“Step back, everyone.”

The Blue Lughs crouched upon seeing Rimmer’s hand gesture.


A light swing of Rimmer’s sword cut through the cage’s entrance like tofu.



The eyes of the terrified Blue Lughs widened upon noticing that the entrance was open.

“It’s time to go home.”

Rimmer picked up the real Water God Stone from inside the storage, then smiled at the confused young Blue Lughs.

“But before that…”

He licked his lips while taking a glance at the shining jewels behind him.

“It should be fine if I take just a few gold coins.”

It was really sad to be poor…


* * *


Raon smiled coldly while watching Tyler’s eyes roll all around the place.

‘He must have a lot to think about.’

His head must’ve been about to explode from the questions, such as whether that was the real Water God Stone or a second one, whether Flumen was alive or not, what Flumen would’ve told him.

‘And the worst part must be…’

The fact that Haeckel stopped contacting him. He should’ve returned after sending the order through the Water God Stone, but he hadn’t returned yet, which must’ve been driving him crazy with anxiety.


A tremor strong enough for everyone to feel spread out from inside the ship. It was Rimmer’s signal to tell them that his job was done.

“What was that just now…?”

“Sir Tyler, I actually heard one more thing about this sphere.”

Raon started talking to Tyler, since he realized it was time to start his part.

“Wh-What did you hear?”

Tyler’s face was filled with so much anxiety that anyone could tell if they saw him.

“I heard that destroying this sphere while the Blue Lughs are watching makes all of them perish.”

“Wh-What kind of nonsense…”

“Since we won’t lose anything from doing that, let’s try it.”


Raon threw the fake Water God Stone into the air. As he was about to draw his sword in order to slash it, Tyler hurriedly jumped to catch the Water God Stone.

“But it might have a different use!”

He turned around in the air while hugging the Water God Stone. That movement was also according to Raon’s prediction.


Raon snapped his finger.


The fake Water God Stone exploded, covering Tyler’s body with ice.


As expected of a Master, he controlled his aura in that short instant to prevent his skin from freezing up, but his clothes and equipment ended up shattering.

“You bastard…”

Tyler ground his teeth while crumbling one of the few shards left from the fake Water God Stone.

“The way you jumped to catch a bomb was really funny.”

Raon turned his head to the side and snorted.

“How could you attack me? You must’ve gone insane…”

“It’s not over yet.”

As soon as Raon said that, a huge explosion happened from the center of the warship.


The lower part of the warship was shredded to pieces and Rimmer appeared.

“Hey, village chief! Get the ship closer!”

He waved his hand at the Doran villagers and village chief, who still hadn’t managed to grasp the situation.

“What’s going on…?”

“What’s happening?”

“Why is Sir Rimmer over there…?”

“That’s obvious.”

Rimmer used the wind to send all of the young Blue Lughs to Doran Village’s merchant ship before boarding it himself.

“Those pirate bastards have been controlling the Blue Lughs by using this sphere and the Blue Lugh children.”


“Wh-What did you just say…?”

“Why would they do such a thing…?”

The villagers’ teeth chattered in disbelief. Since the South-North Union and Tyler were too favorable towards them up to that point, they could hardly believe that they’d just been acting.

“Then, how can you explain that I found the children in such a state on their ship?”

Rimmer pointed at the young Blue Lughs, whose skins were in tatters, and the cages that still remained in the destroyed center of the ship.

“Moreover, this sphere…”

He gave a brief explanation to the villagers about what had happened so far.


“How could that happen…?”

“H-How inhuman…”

The villagers bit their lips while looking at the clear eyes of the Blue Lughs and their injured skin. When they raised their heads once again to look at Tyler and the pirates, their eyes were filled with disgust.

“Th-They are demons!”

“How can a human being do such a thing…?”

“Even a beast doesn't do something like this!”

Since the Doran villagers believed that they’d been coexisting with the Blue Lughs ever since their childhood, they started to hurl insults at Tyler and the South-North Union from the extreme rage they felt.


Tyler exhaled roughly. A powerful aura burst out to shatter the frost stuck to his body.

“How… How did you realize it? Who the hell are you?”

“Your friend told me about it.”

“Friend? What kind of bullshit…”

“Ah, I should say a former friend instead. Flumen!”

Flumen was covered in a robe as he climbed up on the deck following Raon’s call.

“Are you okay?”


Flumen nodded, then threw away the robe he was wearing.

“You… You!”

The moment the black robe rode the wind to float into the air, Tyler’s bloodshot eyes started to waver violently like a boat on a turbulent ocean.

“How are you still alive?!”


Flumen tightly bit his lip, then looked into Tyler’s fiendish eyes.

“I-I came to save my family!”

His body was trembling, and he looked like he would start crying at any moment, but he didn’t avert his eyes from Tyler’s gaze.

“Haah! I can finally understand it. It was all because of you.”

Tyler took the long spear from his back with his trembling hands. He nodded, as if he understood everything.

“You bastard, you sold me out!”

“I-I didn’t sell you out. I only did what I had to…”

“Shut up! You are just the son of a monster who can’t join any group!”

The spear he was holding was thrust at Flumen like lightning by incorporating the principles of extreme swiftness.

“How hasty of you.”

Raon laughed coldly, drawing Heavenly Drive. He slashed with the Fangs of Insanity, incorporating his blade with the principles of swiftness and power—which didn’t lose to Tyler’s.


The deck looked like it would collapse as it trembled violently from the powerful shockwave bursting from the clash.

“You idiot!”

Tyler’s eyes were distorted like a beast’s as he rolled them. His previous polite and respectable appearance could no longer be found.

“You dare start a fight against me for the sake of mere beasts like them!”

“You look more like a beast than them.”

Raon snorted, then pushed back Tyler’s spear.


Tyler had to step back because of Raon’s strength and aura, which had already transcended the level of a human. Each time he took a step backward, the entire deck trembled because it was unable to bear the energy coming from him.

“I’m a disciple of the South-North Union’s leader!” Tyler screamed while raising his spear.

“Are you trying to start a war between Zieghart and South-North Union for the sake of those things that aren’t even human?”

“Flumen is my friend and is working with me.”

Raon pressed on the spear shaft with a cold look in his eyes. He pushed Tyler back by creating a fearsome amount of heavy pressure.

“It’s only natural to wield my sword for the sake of my friend.”

Raon straightened his back while remembering the task he hadn’t managed to accomplish in his previous life and Sylvia’s wish for him to become a true swordsman.


Tears dripped from Flumen’s eyes as his teeth and lips trembled.

“Did you say that it’s meaningless to have a name that won’t be called? Flumen, we will call you by your name from now on.”

Light Wind squad followed behind Raon, drawing their swords. An oppressive energy wave spread out throughout the deck.


“Th-That’s Zieghart…”

“What is this pressure coming from such young children…?”

The pirates swallowed nervously as their hands trembled, as did the weapons they were holding.

“You crazy bastard! You are all crazy! I’m Tyler Sayton, the Graceful Knight of the Tide! The South-North Union is going to start moving the moment you attack me! I’m a disciple of the South-North Union’s leader!”

“I don’t care about your name, nor the South-North Union’s leader.”


“I can only see a lowly pirate in front of me.”

Raon raised Heavenly Drive and pointed it at Tyler’s heart. The auspicious light emerging majestically from the silver blade made everyone fall silent.

“Come at me.”

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