TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 248


Raon’s eyes widened.

‘The Sword Field Creation…’

A windless area has been created, just like when Rimmer killed the previous Blood Raving Demon.

The Axe King Roman’s pressure and the astral energy on his axe were swept away into the outskirts of the windless area.

The wind was erased, and the flow of air disappeared. The crushing pressure made it feel like gravity had doubled.


Inside the circular area where everything seemed to have stopped, Rimmer’s sword was covered with a dark green wind. The dignified resonance coming from his blade awakened Raon’s mind.

Raon swallowed nervously while looking at the wind covering Rimmer’s sword.

‘It’s different.’

Even though it was similar to the Eye of the Storm that he’d witnessed before, it had a different degree of completion. The windless area was more than twice as large, and the wind covering the blade was so condensed that it was pretty much part of the blade itself.

The pressure he felt and the power of the wind storming from his blade were both incomparable to before.


As expected of a warrior who was called the Axe King by the people, he didn’t panic despite witnessing the perfected Sword Field Creation. He curved his mouth into a smile under the heavy pressure and scattering aura, only to unleash an even more powerful blow.

Rimmer didn’t try to dodge either. His smile showed his intention to take it head on as he stretched the blade of wind that he pulled out from his energy center. It looked like he could even sever the sky.


The space distorted for an instant as the blackish-red blade of the axe and the dark green blade of the sword clashed against each other.

Yellow spark covered the entire deck, and the calm surface of the river surged up by itself to rain down from the clear sky.


The wave created by the two monsters spread out in a spiral, the violently wavering ship looking like it could split in half at any moment.



“D-Damn it…”

“They are such monsters!”

The Light Wind members groaned, laying on the ground. Raon wanted to help them, but he couldn’t afford to do so. That was because the villagers and Flumen would explode into pieces the moment he moved away from his position.

Raon licked his lips and focused on watching them.

‘This is also an opportunity.’

How would Roman respond to the sword field? How was Rimmer focusing the wind covering his blade? Watching the frontal clash between those two was already a great learning experience. Raon resonated the Ring of Fire to ensure that he remembered the flow of the fight.


The blades of the axe and the sword deflected each other, and the powerful energy gathering at the center exploded at once.


A tremendous explosion and roar spread out to the entire river. Sounds of destruction kept following it endlessly.

However, the deck where Rimmer and Roman were standing didn't collapse, despite all of that. That was because the two monsters were maintaining the balance of power in order to prevent the ship from getting destroyed.


As soon as their weapons parted from each other, both Rimmer and Roman took a step back. Their steps were as heavy as a mountain as they withdrew.

“Sword Field Creation.”

Roman furrowed his brows while supporting his axe on his shoulder.

“I didn’t expect you to use that method.”

“One’s gotta do anything to live.”

Rimmer turned his head while swirling his sword. His gaze was composed. He looked fully confident that he could take him on as much as he wanted.

‘Is he okay?’

Rimmer looked more cheerful than usual, but Raon couldn’t tell if he was just holding it in or he was really fine.

“I felt your power. I thought you were pretty much disabled, but you are making this fun for me.”

“I’m indeed disabled. I’m leading a nasty life in various ways.”

Rimmer chuckled and shook his hand.

“I haven’t been so excited in a long time.”

Roman took the axe from his shoulder with both his hands and dragged it down. His posture looked like a modified version of a swordsman holding down their sword as he raised his head.

“Let’s not waste our time. Next up is the Great Mountain Crusher.”

Probably because it was a match, Roman told him the name of the technique he was about to use.

“Bring it on.”

Rimmer fixed the grip on his sword, raising it on top of his head. It was a posture for a downward slash. Their postures and trajectories were the opposite of what they were in the first clash.

“Come this way.”

Raon gestured with his chin for the Light Wind swordsmen to come towards him, as they were barely retaining their consciousness.

“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You should watch them properly.”


“I-I know!”


Burren, Martha, and Runaan managed to respond, but the other swordsmen crawled up to him and barely managed to nod.

“Do you even get enlightened while watching a fight like this?”

Raptor came up next to them and grinned.

“Rather than an enlightenment, I’m trying to find what I can learn from them.”

“Wow! Amazing. There was a reason you managed to reach that level at your young age!”

He gave a light round of applause before moving away. His personality was similar to Rimmer’s, yet different in some ways. Raon couldn’t understand what he was thinking, just like during their first encounter.


Raon turned his head upon hearing the sound of aura getting distorted. The astral energy raging around Roman’s axe gathered in one spot, condensing into a blackish-red sphere.

‘Astral sphere…’

The astral sphere was a symbolic technique of Grandmasters, which consisted of condensing astral energy with the principles of martial arts to multiply its power and duration several times over.


Rimmer briefly caught his breath. The Sword Field Creation’s range expanded even wider than in the beginning, despite having been narrowed down after the first clash.


The power of the astral sphere covering Roman’s axe was decreased, while the green wind covering Rimmer’s sword shone even more majestically.

Just like the last time, Roman didn’t seem to care about his decreased output as he smiled a toothy smile, slashing his axe upward. Even though the trajectory was simple, an unimaginable number of principles of martial arts were weaved inside like a spiderweb.

Rimmer smiled in return as he struck down with his sword. The extremely polished blade of wind condensed even further to reflect a fearsome amount of sharpness. The extreme sharpness was completely filled with the sole intention of slashing.


The clash between the falling sword and rising axe opened the sky covered in thunderclouds and split the river apart.

The competition of two monsters’ power spread its aftershock to the surroundings, and an energy wave powerful enough to tear the skin poured onto Raon. He controlled the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation to the extreme in order to prevent harm from befalling the people behind him.


On the other side, Raptor was also canceling out the aftershock in order to avoid damage to the pirates.


Rimmer’s blade of wind poured down on the round astral sphere covering Roman’s axe. The distorted astral sphere looked like it could explode at any moment, and the blade of wind was shaking violently, as if it were going to shatter.


Rimmer and Roman’s energies intertwined with each other in a spiral and exploded with an earsplitting roar.

The remnants of the two energies fell on the river like a meteor shower during the night, creating violent explosions.


Roman took three steps back while Rimmer took four steps back. Those heavy steps created black footprints on the deck. It was a display of their superhuman control of their powers.

“Marvelous, Zieghart’s Sword of Light.”

Roman smiled deeply as he smashed the axe into the floor.

“It feels like I’m back to the past!”

“Is that so?”

Rimmer chuckled, warming up his neck and shoulder. His peaceful expression was making it difficult to believe that he had caused that terrifying clash a moment ago.

“You can continue, right?”

“Did you forget how to count? Why are you asking, when that was the second strike?”

“Of course you can! You look like the real Sword of Light now!”

Roman nodded fiercely in satisfaction. It looked like the side of him that was crazy for martial arts was coming out from behind his heavy personality.

“However, if you don’t have more than what you showed me just now, you won’t have any future.”

“Stop talking and start it already. I’m getting bored already.”

Rimmer gathered four fingers to crook them at him, urging him to attack.

“Even your personality must’ve returned to the past alongside your might. Alright.”

Roman leaped backwards. He held his axe vertically to the side and glared at Rimmer.


A tremendous amount of energy gathered around the axe once again. The volume of the astral sphere expanded twice as much as before, then started to rotate. It was an extremely advanced martial art, including principles to create an astral sphere and even control it on top.

‘What the…?’

It was a crazy level of martial arts, but Rimmer’s eyes were completely relaxed, as if he were drinking in broad daylight while he swirled his sword.

“The last strike will be the Revolving Void Axe Strike.”

Roman thrust his axe at the same time as he said that. The astral spheres rose in front of the blade, spreading out to the sides to emanate a tremendous amount of energy. It looked exactly like a cannon. The pitch-black aura wave was advancing forward just like the Heavenly Heavy Cannon.


Even though Roman’s attack was powerful enough to erase not only Rimmer but also the people behind him, that was not the end of it.

He instantly appeared in front of Rimmer, pushing his thrusting axe ahead. It was a marvelous strike that combined a direct attack with the wave of the astral sphere.

“It’s over.”

“Who gave you permission?”

The moment Rimmer snickered, crimson lightning sparkled on top of his blade, bursting out with dark green wind.


Lighting energy surged from his blade. It was the type of aura that possessed the highest power among the applications of the wind attribute.

“Lightning energy? How can you use the lightning energy?!”

“I became capable of using it after I got hit by it so many times.”

Rimmer bit his lower lip and stomped the ground. He thrust his sword, enveloped in a combination of lighting energy and wind, towards the Revolving Void Axe Strike that was covering his vision in black.


The auras of two different attributes condensed at the tip of the blade, creating a light sphere that was spreading an auspicious light.

Wind and Lightning’s Harmonized Slash of Light. The sphere created from a harmony between wind and lightning energy turned into an auspicious light, sweeping away the wave of darkness.


Roman’s Revolving Void Axe Strike that seemed capable of severing the entire river was blocked by the flash of the Wind and Lightning’s Harmonized Slash of Light, and the destructive sound of a huge tidal wave striking the land spread out in all directions.

The energies of light and darkness kept engaging with each other endlessly while spinning in concentric circles. They were devouring each other’s energy as they spread around a heavy and sharp energy wave.


The competition between the two colossal energies erased the rain clouds covering the sky, and the blue sky was revealed. The way sunlight was shining down brightly under the furiously exploding energies could only be described as eccentric.


Rimmer and Roman’s energies intertwined with each other to become condensed even further, and eventually exploded upon exceeding the limit. White light burst from the space between the sword and axe to erase everything.


* * *


Raon opened his eyes, frowning. The way all of the clouds were gone looked like the sky had opened up, and the wavering river only had half of its previous depth.


Rimmer and Roman were still standing in the same spot, and they both looked perfectly fine—as if a fight had never occurred between them.

“Third strike.”

Rimmer was the first one to speak.

“I fended it off.”

His faint smile seemed to say that it wasn’t a big deal as he lowered his sword.

“I admit it.”

Roman nodded, stabbing the ground with his axe.

“You managed to defend against all three of my strikes. I lost the bet.”

He admitted his defeat so easily.

“Thank you for admitting it so quickly.”

“And I apologize for underestimating you.”

Roman turned his chin slightly as he continued.

“I insulted you by calling you a disabled person, but your prowess reminded me of your prime. You amazed me.”

“I’m still far from getting ther…”

“The Sword Field Creation is normally a blood line type technique that only Zieghart’s descendants are capable of using. It’s impossible for you to use because you are a vassal and an elf.”

Rimmer shut his mouth because of Roman’s sudden comment.

“You’ve created your sword field by using your extreme wind affinity.”

“You understood so much when you only saw it once.”

“I also saw that you sacrificed a lot for that.”

He raised his chin while caressing his axe.

“Spending aura, willpower and stamina is a given. And it also chips away at your lifespan because you stimulated the mana circuits instead of your energy center.”

Roman narrowed his eyes while examining Rimmer from top to bottom.

“Although you looked as powerful as before, the stability and endurance are the worst. I’m sure you are in so much pain that you could collapse at any time.”

“Not at all.”

Rimmer swirled his sword and brandished to the front.

“I can fight all day long.”

“You are bluffing.”

Roman shook his head.

“Bluffing or not, you should disappear already since you admitted your defeat. I want to take a nap.”

Rimmer waved his hand, urging him to go away.

“Is there any reason for me to do that?”


“I admit that you are unexpectedly powerful, but the situation indicates that we are at an advantage in every aspect.”

“What are you…?”

“Your underlings have been weakened from the previous battle. As long as Raptor stops Raon Zieghart, we can kill everyone in less than a minute. Is there any reason for me to leave without doing anything when this is the perfect chance to bury you and Zieghart’s future prospects?”

Roman looked at him coldly. It looked like he had already finished his calculations.

“Are you telling me that you aren’t going to keep your promise?”

Rimmer frowned.

“You’ve changed a lot since the last time I saw you.”

“People change, just like the flowing river.”

Roman smiled, showing that he wasn’t ashamed of himself in the slightest.


“Of course, I wasn’t planning to do this from the beginning. However, I can’t stop myself anymore after seeing that your flame of life can be extinguished at any moment. I want to fight you to death before you meet your end.”

He raised his axe and pointed at Rimmer.

“I’m sure you will use all of your remaining lifespan to increase your power if your underlings start to die.”

“You crazy bastard!”


Roman called on Raptor to ask him to move.

“Ah, it’s so annoying…”

Raptor licked his lips. It looked like he was contemplating what to do.

“Zieghart’s Sword of Light. Show me everything you have if you want to save even one person among them.”

“You will end up losing your life if that happens.”

“Death is always welcome for a warrior.”

“You nasty, martial arts lunatic!”

Animosity started to fill Rimmer’s green eyes. The murderous intent suffocating the atmosphere was as fearsome as the death god’s advent.


The lightning energy and wind burst out like a flame from his blade. Rimmer’s skin quickly dried up. It looked like he was increasing his output to the extreme by using his lifespan, just like Roman asked him to do.


Raon frowned and pressed on his temple.

‘What was that just now…?’

The moment he saw Rimmer’s skin drying up, he saw an image along with a headache.

The entire deck was filled with blood, the Light Wind squad’s corpses were scattered all around underneath, and Rimmer collapsed on the ground, as dry as a mummy.

‘Was that a dream?’

No, there is no way that would be the case.

There was no way he fell asleep in that situation. It might have been a warning for the future, coming from the combat experience he’d accumulated so far. It was telling him that everyone was going to die at that rate.

‘I need to stop them.’

He couldn’t let the situation unfold according to Roman’s plan. He needed to take the lead of the situation instead.

“Raptor! Move!”

“It can’t be helped. Guys! Start working…”

Raon advanced before Raptor could step up. He held the hilt with his right hand, drawing Heavenly Drive by using the thumb of his left hand at the same time.


Glacier was spread out. Blue frost melted down on the silver-white blade. Dozens of melodies advanced through the atmosphere as if it were sheet music, incorporating the distant sound of falling rain.

Raon Zieghart Style Swordplay.

Fourth Form, Blue Rain.

The moment Heavenly Drive’s blade revealed itself to boast its elegant vibration, dozens of bandits behind Raptor collapsed at once.


Raon pointed his blade at Roman, a cold light flickering on it.

“It won’t go according to your plan.”

A crimson luminance was glowing from Raon’s eyes.

“I’ll be your opponent.”

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