TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 246

C 246

Tyler didn’t stop even though he saw Raon holding the sword.

‘I knew he would do that.’

There was no way such a rational guy was going to allow himself to be killed. He was holding his sword instead of the dagger that Tyler was anticipating, but he was fully prepared for it.

No rotation.

Unlike before, he didn’t apply any rotation to his spear and astral energy, instead charging at Raon’s heart using only strength and speed. It was a strike of nothingness, without any technique whatsoever.

‘And I also have this guy.’

He covered his upper body with the Blue Lugh to use the fact that Raon was being affected by his friendship to narrow down the space he could swing his sword to the extreme. His perfect attack was prepared for all scenarios.

Raon unsheathed his sword right before the spear reached his heart. The crimson blade emerged without the slightest sound, soaring diagonally from his waist. It looked like he was targeting Tyler’s right arm, which was holding the spear.

Tyler grinned.

‘Too slow!’

Even though that was an excellent proficiency he had for the sword draw, he was far too slow because the time frame was too short. Tyler was confident that he could pierce through Raon’s heart before the sword could stop the spear.

‘Die and blame your own foolishness!’

He bit his lip tightly and finished thrusting the spear. However, even though Raon was right in front of him, the spear was unable to penetrate and didn’t move from the air. It was as if it had been stopped by something.

‘M-My senses…’

Strength left his hand and legs. It felt like he couldn’t control his body anymore. For some reason, the senses throughout his body were extremely weakened.

‘Is it because of my wounds? No.’

There was no way such a thing was happening because of a few cuts. Raon must’ve done something while drawing his sword.

Tyler gritted his teeth so hard they felt like they could break.

‘I’m not sure what he did… But I’m faster!’

Even though his five senses were weakened, his spear was going to reach its target faster than Raon’s sword. Moreover, he was covering his body with the Blue Lugh. There was no way he would lose.

He continued to attack. He was about to smile upon feeling the spear piercing into his skin.

‘It’s ov…huh?’

He could feel a slight pain from his left arm, which was holding the Blue Lugh.


He turned his head. It was almost scary how neatly his left arm was cut off. It was floating in the air, and the Blue Lugh he used to be holding was falling into the river.

‘...What is happening?’

It felt so surreal that he felt like he was in a dream. He couldn’t understand a single thing about the situation—why his arm was cut off even though he had the initiative, and why his left arm was cut off even though Raon was targeting his right arm.


His senses returned along with a blazing tinnitus that echoed in his ears. A tremendous amount of pain was covering his body.


Tyler’s chin trembled violently as he screamed his throat raw.

“What? Whaat?!”

He couldn’t think straight due to the intense pain. He stopped the bleeding of his left arm, which was completely cut off, and scrambled backward like crazy.

“What have you done to me?!”


* * *


“Are you okay?”

Raon ignored Tyler’s horrible shriek and extended his hand towards Flumen, who fell into the water.


Flumen hung his head as he took his hand.

“I-I’m sorry.”

“Good job.”


“I think he became careless because he took you hostage. I managed to cut his arm off thanks to you.”

He pointed at Tyler, who was glaring at him with distorted eyes, as he was still unable to understand the situation.

“Since you saved these people and even weakened Tyler, you did everything you could.”

Raon swirled Heavenly Drive around before returning it to its scabbard.

“I’ll finish him off now.”

He smiled faintly at him before walking ahead. Tyler swallowed nervously, stepping backwards.

“What the hell are you? What the hell?!”

“The one who’s about to kill you.”

Raon pushed his chest forward and bent his knees. He was in a classic posture of a sword draw as he kicked the surface of the river.


The blue water filling his vision brushed past him like starlight, and he could see Tyler’s distorted face like a fiend.

“You demon! Please die already!”

Tyler thrust the spear that he was holding around his waist. He used the Celestial Spear of Flooding Ocean for the second time. However, blood gushed from his left arm—which he’d stopped the bleeding on—again because he used all of his remaining aura.


Raon stomped the water, drawing Heavenly Drive towards the wave of astral energy storming towards him. The silver blade coming out from the scabbard contained the principles of Sword’s Silvery Dream.

The moment Heavenly Blade completely came out of the scabbard, an inaudible sound spread out to minimize Tyler’s senses. Since Tyler also realized that fact, he could only bite his lip.

Raon incorporated extreme swiftness into his sword and thrust it towards his heart. Tyler noticed the direction, changing the trajectory of his spear.

‘I got him.’

However, that was a deception created from the illusion sword. The real strike was coming up vertically from below.


Tyler quickly rotated his spear in order to avoid taking damage from the same technique twice, but Heavenly Drive had already reached its destination.


Tyler’s right hand slanted diagonally, splitting from his body along with the spear in his hand. A dangerous amount of blood gushed out from both arms.


The shriek he made as soon as his senses returned to him sounded like hundreds of birds chirping at the same time.


Tyler knelt on the river and started to howl. He apparently didn’t even have the strength left to run away. Since he couldn’t regain his composure because of the pain, he started to sink into the water.


Raon froze the ground to prevent him from drowning. An easy death would’ve been too merciful for him.

“I heard that the pain of losing parents and siblings was similar to that of having your limbs ripped apart.”

Raon raised his chin after shaking off the blood from Heavenly Drive.

“That’s what you’ve been doing so far.”

Actually, it was still far from being enough.

Tyler killed the innocent Blue Lughs, robbed them of their treasure, and took children as hostages to make their parents murder for him. Killing him then reviving him just to kill him one more time wasn’t enough punishment for his sins.

“The broken hearts you’ve created.”

Raon fixed the grip on Heavenly Drive and walked up to Tyler.

“People say that parents feel the pain of their intestines being cut out when they lose their children.”

Raon pointed at Tyler’s abdomen with Heavenly Drive.


Tyler shook his head with a trembling chin.

“I-I’m the disciple of the South-North Union’s boss! The South-North Union won’t stay still if you kill me! Do you believe you can handle them?!”

His shout sounded like his last desperate struggle.

“I believe I already told you that I don’t care about them.”

“Y-You would be fine because you can simply return to Zieghart, but what about the people behind you? The pirates will send them to the watery grave as soon as you leave!”

“Your worries are unnecessary. Doran Village will belong to Zieghart starting from today.”

“Kuhuhu! Do you even have the right to decide that? There’s no way Zieghart would accept them when they will be in a war against the South-North Union!”

Tyler grinned, saying that it was impossible.

“Think wisely. This is the last opportunity you have. If you leave me alive… Kuh!”

“Shut your mouth.”

Raon interrupted Tyler, stabbing his sword into Tyler’s stomach.


“The head of house isn’t afraid of anyone.”

The Glenn Zieghart he’d seen so far was the type of person who would erase the entire group of anyone who picked a fight with him. There was no way he would fear the mere name ‘South-North Union’.

“However, if by any chance the Zieghart happens to give up on protecting Doran Village, I will declare this land and this river as my own domain.”


“I’ll protect this land under Raon Zieghart’s name, rather than Zieghart.”

Raon twisted the blade of Heavenly Drive to cause Tyler extreme pain.


Raon pulled out the sword while listening to his scream.

“That is my valor.”

“W-Wait, I still have more to tell…Kuh!”

Heavenly Drive’s blade brushed past the sunlight reflected on the river, and Tyler’s head sunk under the river.

His wide eyes looked like he was still unable to believe his own death as his head disappeared into the darkness.

“Kuh. Kuuh…”

Raon turned around upon hearing the suppressed groan that sounded like it was being squeezed out from the throat. Flumen was shedding tears with trembling hands.

It looked like his pent up emotions were exploding because of the time he’d spent with Tyler and the suffering he had to experience because of him overlapping in front of him.

“It’s all over.”

Raon walked up to Flumen and held his trembling shoulder.

“Let’s return.”


* * *


“Are you saying that Raon is going to clash against the South-North Union?”

Glenn narrowed his eyes while resting his chin on his hand on the throne.

“Yes. Whether the change in the Blue Lugh tribe is artificial or natural, the South-North Union is trying to take over the entire Gazel River.”

Roenn continued while looking at the report that the Shadow Agents had created.

“Since they must be planning to take over Yuin Village on top of Doran Village, they are bound to clash against the Light Wind squad.”

“Rimmer will take care of them.”

Glenn closed his eyes, showing his disinterest.

“Do you really think so? With Sir Rimmer’s current state?”

Roenn frowned, telling him to stop saying such nonsense.


Glenn grunted painfully and slowly opened his eyes.

“How long is that damn bastard planning to stay that way…?”

He sighed and shook his head.

“Anyway, young master Raon is currently leading the Light Wind squad, and since his opponent is Tyler Sayton, I’m expecting a frontal clash between them.”

Roenn licked his lips after taking a glance at the report.

“According to the report, Tyler isn’t actually a hero—he’s a fake. A big fight will most likely occur between them, and they will try to kill each other.”

“That sounds about right.”

“The South-North Union is different from the White Blood Religion that doesn’t fear death. Tyler is going to beg for his life by using the fact that he’s the disciple of the South-North Union’s boss. How do you think Young Master Raon will react when that happens?”

“He will obviously slay him.”

Glenn immediately responded, as if there was nothing to think about.

“He’s my grandson and is inheriting my will. There’s no way he would be afraid of such lowly fame.”

He laughed coldly, saying that it was obvious.

“What are you going to do if Young Master Raon is defeated by Tyler and returns with a serious injury?”

“I shall punish him for being weak. And…”

Glenn clenched his fist with the hand that was grabbing the throne.

“Isn’t the location for the South-North Union’s main base already known?”

“What? Ah, yes.”

Roenn nodded. Unlike Eden and the White Blood Religion’s main bases, which were hidden in the dark, the location for the South-North Union’s main base was roughly known already.

“I’ll erase the South-North Union.”

The pressure emerging from Glenn was powerful enough to crush the entire world to prove that he was serious about it.

“I knew my lord cherishes the young master the most, after all…”

“Ahem! It’s not because of R-Raon or the other kids. I’m just paying them back for having underestimated Zieghart!”

Glenn shook his head in complete denial.

“Are you sure?”

“Of course!”

Roenn’s lips twisted slightly as he tried to suppress his laughter.

“Then what did you mean earlier when you called Sir Raon your grandson who is inheriting your will?”

“Wh-When did I say that?”

“You said that. You said that there was no way your grandson would ever do that because he is inheriting your will.”



A faint smile appeared on Roenn’s face as he watched the blushing Glenn.

‘Young master, please return quickly. Your grandfather is eagerly waiting for you while only thinking about you.’


* * *


Rimmer chuckled while watching Tyler’s corpse sink beneath the river.

“It’s all over.”

All of the Blue Lughs had been rescued, the evil deeds of the South-North Union’s pirates had been revealed, and the death of the last remaining pirate—Tyler—put an end to the incident. It was a perfect victory, without any casualties and only light injuries.

‘The Blue Lughs will recover soon enough.’

Once the Water God Stone was returned to the Blue Lughs, the Gazel River would return to the original color, and they would be able to return to their previous lifestyle.

‘They will need some time to forget the sadness, though.’

Obviously, that was only the materialistic and physical aspects. The psychological aspect would need a lot more time to recover from.

Rimmer watched the Blue Lughs shedding tears from Tyler’s death for a while before turning his head. Raon was holding Flumen’s shoulder to comfort him as he fell on his knees, crying loudly.

‘He said he would declare it as his domain.’

Raon said that he would declare Doran Village as his own domain if Zieghart refused to protect it.

That magnificent spirit and will was making Rimmer unconsciously clench his fist, his hair standing on end all over his body.

‘He’s similar.’

Raon and Glenn’s personalities were extremely similar, as if he were trying to prove that he was his grandson. Actually, Raon tended to brute force things a bit more in a more detailed comparison.

Rimmer smiled brightly.

‘He’s too good to remain in a squad or a division.’

Raon’s personality and talent were closer to becoming the head of house than anyone else he’d seen in Zieghart so far. Once he gained more experience, he could be expected to reach the sky by riding the Light Wind.

“Squad leader.”

Burren walked up to him as he watched Raon’s return.


“Can we also reach his level one day?”

That question wasn’t unique to Burren. Martha, Runaan, and everyone in the Light Wind squad were staring at him.

“I’ll tell you honestly, since you already know that I don’t like flattery. You can reach it one day. However…”

Rimmer smiled while nodding his head.

“You shouldn’t try to catch up to Raon. You should let him go ahead and learn while watching his back as you walk your own path.”


“You are already growing relatively fast even among the Six Kings. One of the reasons for that is because you’ve accumulated various experiences from following Raon. If you climb step by step, you shall be able to reach even higher than his current level.”

“Th-Thank you.”

“I’ll do my best!”

Although it was just an honest answer that wasn’t intended to give them hope, the expressions of every Light Wind member turned bright upon hearing him.

That hope was created by none other than Raon himself. It was a bit funny to admit, but Raon was truly a born leader.



Martha frowned slightly, and Runaan simply blinked, but Rimmer left them alone since they always did that.

Rimmer smiled softly while watching the Light Wind swordsmen, who were looking at Raon.

‘It will be even more interesting in the future. My latter years aren’t going to be boring.’


* * *



Wet footsteps could be heard as Raon and Flumen boarded the ship.

“The fight here is also over.”

Raon chuckled while looking at the deck, where not a single pirate remained.

“You are the one who finished too late.”

Rimmer shrugged with his arms crossed.

He’s right.

Wrath emerged from the bracelet with a frown on his face, despite having been silent.

Why did you take so much time when you could’ve killed him faster and more easily?

He yawned, telling him that it was boring to watch such a low level fight.

“I wanted to test my new technique.”

Raon smiled faintly and tapped his sword.

‘And I had another reason.’

Another reason?

‘Yes. Because I get better rewards if the fight is more difficult.’

He would’ve been able to defeat Tyler faster and more easily, just like Wrath said, if he was fully focused on winning.

However, he managed to create a new swordsmanship after completely destroying all of the martial arts Tyler had learned instead of simply defeating him. The rewards that he was going to receive were bound to be a lot bigger.

A-Are you telling me you took your time to increase the rewards from the system?

‘I didn’t take my time. I made the fight more difficult.’

You sneaky bastard! Do you think the stats are coming from nowhere? They are the King of Essence’s belongings!

‘I know.’

Since Raon was obviously aware of it, he simply nodded.

You are truly evil. You are the real fiend in this story!

‘That might be true.’

Kuaah! I want to kill you! I really want to kill you!

Raon kept responding like a sly fox, and Wrath ended up screaming while shivering violently.


As Raon was making fun of Wrath, Rimmer came up to him and extended his hand.

“You should give it to me now.”

“Give what?”

“You are supposed to give me the gold coins.”

“I already gave them to you, though.”

“Huh? When?”

“You must’ve gotten the gold coins and jewels when you were stealing the Water God Stone.”

Raon tilted his head while pointing under the deck.

“H-How did you know that…?”

Rimmer’s jaw dropped. He even forgot that he should’ve been trying to lie to Raon.

“It’s obvious, since they are pirates.”

“No, but that’s an exception. You promised that you would personally give me money!”

“I simply said gold coins.”


Drool was flowing from Rimmer’s dropped jaw.

‘That’s true.’

Raon really said ‘gold coins’ back then. He never mentioned that he would personally give them to him.

“Y-You are a devil!”

You fiend!

One elf and one demon king were screaming in despair over the same person.

“Well, since our job is over, let’s wrap it up. To begin with, we should destroy this ship…”

Raon was about to command the swordsmen while ignoring the two of them when the loud sound of a ship resounded from the north.


A huge and majestic black ship has appeared, plowing through the rough waves of the Rable River.

“Why is that ship here…?”

Rimmer’s eyes widened upon noticing the black ship.

“What is that?”

“The Misfortune.”

Raon could hear him swallow nervously.

“It’s the second warship of South-North Union, the Misfortune.”

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