TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 237

C 237

Rimmer calmly stood up and beat the dust off his clothes. He went down on one knee, then punched the ground with his fist while lowering his head.

“The Light Wind squad leader is receiving my lord’s command.”

The solemn atmosphere burst from his shoulders alongside his low voice. It was difficult to believe that the powerful energy wave spreading throughout the audience chamber came from someone who had just been beaten up while joking around.

His green eyes, which always used to be mischievous, had turned serious. However, Glenn and the Gambling Monster weren’t surprised at all. They were acting like it was only natural that Rimmer would do that, since he was that kind of person to begin with.

“The mission hasn’t been decided yet.”

“Haa, you should’ve said so from the beginning! It’s so much effort to strain my eyes!”

Rimmer sighed deeply and stood up. He scratched his head while murmuring that it was such a disappointment.


Glenn frowned, then flicked his finger on the armrest. He seemed to be contemplating whether he should strike him with lightning or not.

“So, what kind of mission is it, since you mentioned before it even began?”

“Do you know Gazel River, the one connected to Rable River?”

“Of course I do. That’s where the Blue Lugh tribe lives.”

Rimmer nodded. Gazel River was located at the edge of Zieghart’s domain, and was the residence of the Blue Lugh tribe, which was one of the demi human races.

“I’ve stayed at Doran Village next to the river before. It was a comfortable and peaceful place, just like the forest.”

Rimmer remembered that he could rest in a serene and quiet atmosphere similar to his home forest, and that the villagers were extremely kind.

“It’s a pretty good place. Watching the Blue Lughs playing around in a clean river is strangely charming.”

A faint smile also appeared on the Gambling Monster’s face. He’d apparently been there before as well.

“I agree. The Blue Lughs are pretty nice to watch because they kinda look like cats.”

Rimmer nodded in agreement.

“Those Blue Lughs have apparently attacked people.”


The smile disappeared from Rimmer’s face as his jaw dropped.

“Th-There’s no way that could’ve happened…”

The Blue Lugh tribe resided inside or near the river, and they was a timid race that tended to immediately hide upon seeing people or boats. They were a powerful race, yet they didn’t try to show off, like benevolent wizards—which made it difficult to believe that they had actually attacked people.

“Who did they attack?”

“The fishermen from Doran Village, apparently.”


Rimmer scratched his chin. Since Doran Village was the only group in a symbiotic relationship with the Blue Lugh tribe, it was difficult to believe that they had attacked them.

“Maybe they touched the Blue Lugh’s children? I have never heard of a case where they attacked others preemptively.”

The Gambling Monster also tilted his head in bewilderment.

“The Shadow Agents are gathering information, and nothing like that happened. They were crossing the Gazel River just like always and were suddenly attacked. Their boat was destroyed.”

Glenn slowly shook his hand.

“I’ve also seen the Blue Lugh before. They immediately ran away upon noticing me, and they weren’t aggressive at all. They just seemed slightly curious.”

“That’s what I’m saying! They are extremely innocent…”

“We don’t know that. Since the Blue Lughs never go far from water, we don’t really know what kind of personality they have.”

“That’s true…”

Rimmer nodded. Just like Glenn said, not much was known about the Blue Lughs. There could’ve been other aspects that he didn’t see from them.

“You have some time, since I’ll deliver the mission after the Shadow Agents gather enough information. You should get ready to leave in the meantime.”

“Alright, but…”

Rimmer licked his lips as he met Glenn’s gaze.

“What exactly is the mission about? Are we supposed to stop the Blue Lughs? Or chase them away? Or…”

He purposefully didn’t finish his sentence.

“You should discover the reason the Blue Lughs have turned violent and stop them. However, you will need to get rid of them if that ends up being impossible.”

“All of them?”


Glenn nodded coldly, without the slightest hesitation.


Rimmer accepted the order without trying to argue against him, even though he had a pretty good impression of the Blue Lughs. However, his eyes had turned a lot deeper and more soulful than usual.


Glenn called Rimmer’s name to change the subject.

“Are you going to stop gambling now?”


Rimmer closed his eyes without responding.

“You didn’t manage to do it yourself, but your student has achieved it. It should be fine to stop now.”


He smiled faintly while looking at the Gambling Monster.

“That’s not wrong. Since I just wished to see someone complete the Promise of Three against that old geezer.”

The Gambling Monster’s red eyes were quietly wavering like a windy lake upon hearing that.

“I think I’ll just gamble for fun now. I’ll still need to make some money, though.”

Rimmer laughed, then rotated his shoulders.

“Rimmer, lingering attachments should be left to flow away. Holding on to someone else’s attachment is both painful and foolish at the same time.”

Glenn’s voice was even more void than usual.

“I have a different opinion about that.”

Rimmer shook his head.

“I think attachments are worth clinging on to. A deceased person’s lingering attachments should be realized, and it’s even more the case for someone who is still alive.”

The sad expression from before completely disappeared from his face as he smiled like a sly fox.

“I think my lord’s attachments need to be realized.”

“I have no such thing.”

“No way! You do, since you love Raon so muc…Gasp!”

Rimmer hurriedly used footwork to dodge the lightning sparking from Glenn’s hand.

“It looks like you can take more beatings, since you started talking again. Shall we start the real round?”

“I-I’ll take my leave now, since I need to get ready for the mission!”

He kicked the audience chamber’s door open and ran away.

“What was he talking about Raon just now?”

“Just ignore him, he was just spouting nonsense.”

Glenn quickly shook his head, telling him to not even think about it.


The Gambling Monster narrowed his eyes while looking at Glenn before straightening his posture.

“I’m also going to leave now.”

He politely bowed, then turned around.


Glenn called his name as the Gambling Monster was about to open the audience chamber’s door to leave.

“Welcome back.”

“…Thank you.”

The Gambling Monster nodded while smiling faintly. He looked at Glenn for a moment before leaving the audience chamber.


Glenn frowned while looking at the door where Rimmer and the Gambling Monster went past.

“You idiots. No one would blame you even if you lived comfortably now…”


* * *


Raon went to the main street alongside Yua and Yulius. The reason he was going to the main street instead of training was because of the tenant in his bracelet.

You don’t even try to keep your promise if the King of Essence doesn’t talk about it!

Wrath snorted while sitting on Raon’s right shoulder with his arms crossed.

You pretended you would do everything for the King of Essence when you made him work, yet you act like none of that ever happened once it’s over!

‘I was going to buy you some anyway.’

Stop making me laugh! If the King of Essence didn’t mention it, you would’ve been standing in front of a mirror like a ghost still, practicing the illusion sword from daybreak.


Raon groaned, since Wrath was telling the truth. He had no excuse because he kept training swordsmanship in front of a mirror after the Gambling Monster gave him advice.

‘But I’m outside now.’

Raon came out to the main street at lunchtime in order to calm Wrath’s anger. Since Yua and Yulius also happened to be idle without any lessons, he brought them with him to cheer them up.

“It’s your first time being here, right? I’ll guide you.”

Yua cheerfully ran around the main street.


“Welcome, Yua! These apples just came in. Try one!”

“Yua! The pork is great today! It will be delicious if you grill it!”

The merchants forming long lines on both sides of the street waved their hands at Yua. Since she usually did the grocery shopping with the maids, everyone recognized her with brilliant smiles on their faces.

“I-I know, too.”

Yulius pretended that he already knew about the place even though it was his first time being there. His pride must’ve been unable to acknowledge his ignorance.

“Really? Then what is that shop over there?”

“Huh? Th-They sell clothes…”

“Wrong! It’s a bakery!”


Yua burst into laughter, and Yulius’s face turned red.

‘They are complete opposites.’

Raon chuckled while watching the two. Yua still just thought of Yulius as a friend, and Yulius considered Yua a rival. Since they were thinking differently about each other, their relationship was interesting.

Those kids are pretty fun to watch.

Wrath also giggled while looking at them.

‘Did you like kids?’

The King of Essence originally cared for talented people. Moreover, the pineapple girl is the King of Essence’s third maid. It’s obvious he would take care of her regardless of her talent.

He was still calling Yua his maid. He was apparently serious about taking care of her and cherishing her, even though he didn’t actually do anything for her.

‘But why are you like that towards me, then?’

You… You bastard! You’ve taken away everything from the King of Essence!

Wrath looked like he was about to explode as he emanated wrath and coldness. His energy swarmed through Raon’s mana circuits.

Was that a provocation? The King of Essence will never overlook this!

“Sir Raon! We’ve arrived!”

Yua waved her hand at him from the bead ice cream shop.


Raon didn’t move in order to defend against Wrath’s attack, but his wrath and coldness dissipated from his body in an instant, like the falling tide.

What are you waiting for? Go inside already!

Wrath poked his tongue out like a puppy to urge him to eat the ice cream already. He seemed to have forgotten that he was angry.

‘What a great demon king you are…’

Raon shook his head, then entered the ice cream shop.

“You should pick whatever you want to eat.”


“Is it really okay for me to eat? I’ve already received so much favor…”

“It’s okay. You should also choose for the annex building’s people.”

Raon interrupted Yulius’s inflexible words and smiled.

‘How about you… Guh?’

As he was about to tell Wrath to choose his ice cream as well, the back of a head that he could see at the display window looked extremely familiar.



The silver-haired woman was literally sticking her face on the window at that point. When she briskly turned her head, Raon could see that she was Runaan, as expected.

“Why are you here…? Ah.”

He realized that was an unnecessary question. It was the same kind of story as a cat passing by a fish shop.

“I was watching.”

Runaan’s blank eyes were filled with regret.


Raon tilted his head. She was rich enough to buy the entire shop if she wanted, so he couldn’t understand why she was so troubled.

“Mom told me to eat only one per day.”

She hung her head while saying that. It looked like tears would start dripping from her purple eyes.

“Hmm, do you want to pick one as well?”

“No, I promised Mom…”

Runaan shook her head. Even though she wanted to eat them so badly, she was still keeping her promise. That was just like her.

“Then let’s eat later.”


Raon left Runaan alone as she quietly nodded, going to the display stand.

‘Which one would you like?’

Hmm, I’ve felt this before, but there are too few types of ice cream in this shop.

‘It can’t be helped.’

Zieghart’s region was cold all year long. Even though most of the residents were resistant to cold thanks to the martial arts they learned, they still preferred warm food over ice cream, so the shop was bound to be relatively small.

I’ll take a box of mint chocolates.

‘An entire box of mint chocolate…’

Raon bit his lip. His head was already starting to hurt from thinking about eating an entire box of that.

Wait, shall I make it into two boxes? Let me think… Hmm?

Wrath narrowed his eyes while looking at the poster on the wall.

What is that?

He pointed at the poster with the drawing of ice cream between bread, like a sandwich.

‘I’m not sure.’

Raon turned his head around to call the store manager.

“What is that?”

“It’s a new product that I’ve made.”

The manager with a mustache nodded from the counter.

“Did you make it?”

“I’ve tried making it as a temporary measure because the sales were pretty bad recently.”

He awkwardly scratched his cheek.

“There is ice cream placed between castellas that are made soft by using a lot of milk. It’s called bead ice cream sandwich.”

“Ice cream sandwich…”

Raon licked his lips. Eating ice cream along with bread could be called innovative.

Hey! What are you waiting for? Order it already! Right now!

Flame was raging in Wrath’s eyes like a puppy in front of food as he pounded Raon’s arm with his fist as soft as a cotton ball.

“Can I have one of these?”

“Which flavor would you like?”

“Cookies and cream, please.”

“Me too!”

“I-I’ll take the same one as Sir Raon, please.”

Yua and Yulius also raised their hands, telling him they would also like the sandwich.


Raon took a glance at Runaan, who was standing blankly behind him, before raising four fingers.

“Give me four.”

“Yes! Order received for four cookies and cream sandwich!”

The manager went inside with a smile.

You bastard! You should’ve picked mint chocolate!

‘Ah, you are right. Shall I change it now?’

Whatever. We can just add mint chocolate in the order.

Wrath licked his lips while looking at the ice cream. He seemed to be planning to try them all out.

“Here you go.”

Probably because the preparations were already made, it didn’t take too long until he finished making it.

“Here you go, Runaan.”

Raon first gave Runaan the sandwich.

“Mhm? But I…”

“This is a sandwich, not a bead ice cream. It should be okay, isn’t it?”


Runaan’s lips loosened and turned into a smile. It was a smile that Raon had never seen before.

“Mhm! Thank you.”

She nodded, then took the ice cream sandwich. She turned it around to look at it from different angles with a very small smile on her face.

“This is the sandwich…”

The way the cookies and cream ice cream was stuck between the thin castella bread, which was as soft as cotton, was mouth-watering. Because the round shape was so pretty, he felt like it would be a shame to just eat it up.

This is not the time to admire it! Eat it already!

‘You aren’t a gourmet, no matter how I see it.’

Gourmets usually appreciated the appearance of food as well, yet Wrath never did that. He was just a glutton who only cared about the quantity.

Raon shook his head before putting the sandwich in his mouth.


He unconsciously exclaimed. The castellas surrounding the ice cream from top and bottom gently melted like soaked paper to create a spongy texture, and the ice cream placed between them engulfed the tongue with sweet and crispy flavors. He could only smile because of the unexpected harmony in the taste.

I-It’s here…

Wrath raised his eyes sharply.

The King of Essence has been living for thousands of years without knowing about such a taste. His entire life was a waste!

He murmured some strange things and called the demon god. He was the definition of a lunatic.

The two ingredients are tasty by themselves, but they are making the drawbacks disappear. This is the perfect food!

Wrath’s body was trembling as if he were about to faint.


The castella’s brittle texture is fixed by the ice cream, and the ice cream’s cold and hard texture is being softened by the castella’s softness. This is the perfect food!

‘Harmony and softening…’

Raon blankly stared at the half-eaten sandwich he was holding.

All ingredients have strengths and weaknesses. This is the best food because it manages to kill the weaknesses by using the strengths. The King of Essence would like to keep eating this for the rest of his life!

‘So the strengths from each one can offset the weaknesses.’

If you finally understand, you should stop mumbling about it and finish eating it! The King of Essence can’t wait any longer!

Wrath started dancing by shaking his body.

Raon nodded, then put the rest of the ice cream sandwich in his mouth. After hearing Wrath’s explanation, he could clearly notice that the strengths of the ingredients were killing the weaknesses.

Kuuu! This is great! Order the mint chocolate sandwich now! The King of Essence’s hand is trembling in excitement!

Wrath’s body was really trembling in anticipation.


However, Raon wasn’t listening to Wrath. He kept murmuring about harmony while staring at the flier about ice cream sandwiches.

‘Maybe I can create a harmony between swordsmanships just like this…’

What are you doing?

‘If I can utilize the impact from the sound sword to make up for the illusion sword’s slow activation…’

Raon Zieghart?

Hey! You bastard!

Raon didn’t react, even though Wrath smacked his forearm and shoulder.

What kind of torture is this? Are you really going into a trance now after eating a single serving of this delicious food?

Wrath screamed, but Raon’s pupils softly lost focus.

You demonic bastard!


* * *


“This place…”

Raon blinked his eyes.

“What happened?”

He was in his room in the annex building. The last thing he remembered was eating an ice cream sandwich in the shop, yet he had returned to his room before he knew it.

’What happened?’ my ass! You are just crazy!

Wrath’s angry voice could be heard from the top of his shoulder.


You went into a trance while eating a stupid ice cream sandwich! You must have a hole in your brain!


Raon chuckled. He remembered that he started thinking about how to achieve harmony between the principles of two different swordsmanships while eating the sandwich.

Are you laughing? Are you really laughing right now?

Wrath shoved his face into him while grinding his teeth. His round eyes were bubbling like boiling water.

You said that you would buy everything I wanted when we went there, yet the King of Essence only managed to eat one of them! Moreover, it was cookies and cream instead of mint chocolate! Seriously, cookies and cream!

“It was still delicious, though. Wasn’t it?”

That’s true… But!

Wrath briskly rolled his eyes.

Anyway, you didn’t keep your promise to buy me the ice cream set! You’d better remember it, so you won’t say otherwise later on!

“Yes, yes.”

Raon slowly nodded.

“Did I make the payment?”

Despite your state, you paid for the ice cream girl and the kids, and even bought the maids’ portions! The King of Essence is the only one you didn’t care for! Kuh!

Wrath furiously pounded his chest.

I seriously can’t come to like you at all! The King of Essence really wanted to try out the mint chocolate sandwich!

“I’m sorry. Let’s go there again tomorrow.”

Raon smiled faintly, patting Wrath on the back.

Are you taking the King of Essence for an idiot? He won’t be fooled by your sweet words anymore!

Wrath briskly turned his head away. He seemed determined to not trust him anymore.

“It’s true this time.”


Wrath started rolling his round eyes. He looked like he had already forgotten about what he said a second ago. It was a mystery at that point that a demon king could be so innocent in front of food.

I can’t trust you.

“I managed to save lots of time thanks to your hint.”

Raon tapped on his scabbard and smiled.

Hint? The King of Essence only remembers insulting you, though. I called you a crazy bastard, blockhead, and hoped you would get stabbed to death…

Wrath tilted his head in bewilderment while repeating the insults he said before.

“What you said before that helped me. The thing about offsetting the weaknesses.”

Raon stood in front of the full-length mirror he had brought for training purposes. He grinned while facing the reflected sparkling red eyes.

“I had an idea about a new swordsmanship thanks to you.”

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