RDM (Novel) Chapter 356

C 356



A sharp reed blade grazed Wolgui's arm, tearing his flesh apart.




As blood spurted out, Wolgui quickly covered the wound with his other hand. But the wound was so deep that it could not be stopped.


'I have to escape.'


It felt as if the entire reed field was holding murderous intent against him.


In Wolgui's eyes, the vast reed field appeared like a giant monster.


He forcefully kicked the ground and propelled his body backward. But at that moment, a soul reaping thread flew from somewhere and wrapped around his ankle, dragging him to the ground.






His face smeared with dirt and filth, Wolgui was thrown roughly to the ground. But he had no time to feel disgusted.




Reed blades were flying at him one after another.


Wolgui rolled on the ground, barely avoiding the reed blades. But soon, a look of despair crossed his face.


A fierce wind was swirling around him, carrying the reeds with it.


He couldn't tell which of them would transform into a deadly blade.




Wolgui felt an extreme sense of terror.


Although he had completed countless missions in the past, he had never seen such a spectacle. mymtlnoveltranslations


He couldn't even imagine that the inner strength of an assassin could be so incredibly powerful. 

He couldn't even guess how much inner strength it would take to create such a wind.


"Let's, let's talk..."




Just then, a reed blade tore through his side.


With a burning pain, his flesh split open, and blood gushed out.


It was then that Wolgui realized that his opponent had no intention of talking.


Of course, if he had been in Pyo Wol's position, he would have done the same.


There was nothing more foolish than leaving someone who had been tailing and watching him all day.


It was just that the change in their roles terrified him.




Wolgui abandoned any attempt at conversation and switched to offense.


He unleashed a powerful sword qi toward the swirling wind.




The sword qi collided with the wind, causing a loud explosion. But it was impossible to extinguish the wind with a sword.


For a moment, the wind seemed to falter, but it soon resumed its fierce swirling.




Wolgui bit his lip in frustration.


His face was filled with an expression of bewilderment.


That was when it happened.




The reed blades, swirling with the wind, were all launched at him simultaneously. mymtlnoveltranslations


Wolgui swung his sword with all his might.


His sword created a sword barrier in an instant. The reed blades, flying like deadly needles, could not penetrate the barrier and were all deflected.


"Ha... ha..."


It was at that moment, as Wolgui gasped for breath.


Swoosh! Thud!


Silently, a ghost blade flew and pierced his body.




Wolgui fell to his knees in shock and pain. In front of him, Pyo Wol appeared without a sound.


Wolgui barely lifted his head to look up at Pyo Wol.


A pale, moonlit face stared down at him, glowing eerily.


It was a stunningly beautiful sight, but it only filled Wolgui with extreme fear.


Wolgui tried to reach the hidden poison needle from his sleeve. 

The poison needle, smeared with deadly venom, could take away the opponent's life in an instant just by a mere touch.

However, his attempt was in vain.


It was because a series of soul reaping threads pierced his arms and shoulders.


Wolgui let out a miserable scream.

The wounds penetrated by the soul reaping threads  were as small as needle holes, but the pain was unbelievably intense. mymtlnoveltranslations

The pain was so unbearable that even Wolgui, who prided himself on his high tolerance for pain, couldn't help but scream.

Pyo Wol knelt on one knee and looked at Wolgui's face.

Wolgui was shedding tears and snot.

"Pl-please spare me."

He begged Pyo Wol for his life.

Pyo Wol smirked.

For a moment, Wolgui's eyes trembled. He had a feeling of what Pyo Wol was about to say, and his guess wasn't wrong


"Weren't you taught to kill yourself if you failed in a mission?"


"I was taught that."

Those were the last words he heard alive.


Yeom Hee-soo furrowed her brow.

She tossed and turned for a while before opening her eyes.

Even though she was sleeping on a top-grade bed, her body felt uncomfortable. 

Since this was the first time she experienced such discomfort, Yeom Hee-soo opened her eyes with an irritated expression.

"What on earth?"

She got up, thinking she would have to confront the innkeeper.

The moment she touched the bed, she felt a damp sensation in her hand.

Surprised, she looked at her hand, and it was covered in red liquid. mymtlnoveltranslations


The sharp smell of blood filled her nose.

Someone's fresh blood was unmistakable.

Yeom Hee-soo hurriedly lifted the blanket, revealing a long object lying in the middle of the blood-stained bed.

"A hand?"

It was someone's severed arm.

She instantly recognized who the owner of the severed arm was.


It was undoubtedly the arm of her loyal servant, Wolgui.

Yeom Hee-soo's face turned pale.

While she was asleep, someone had visited her room, leaving Wolgui's arm behind.

If the visitor had malicious intentions, she would have lost her life without being able to resist.

At the moment, there was only one person capable of doing such a thing in Poyang Lake.

"Pyo Wol!"

Yeom Hee-soo bit her red lips hard.

Her body trembled as if she had a fever, and she felt chills.

She tried to maintain a calm appearance, but her body was reacting honestly.

It was fear.

The fear of Pyo Wol was slowly eating away at her body and mind. mymtlnoveltranslations


"Please, please don't do this. I'll pay back the money I borrowed soon, so please spare my daughter at least..."

A middle-aged man in his late forties knelt down and pleaded.

In front of him stood a tall, burly man.

With legs like pillars, a thick waist, and a body shape reminiscent of a bear, the burly man was none other than Deung Chul-Woong, the leader of the gang, Blood Ant Chamber.

Deung Chul-Woong had established Blood Ant Chamber with his own strength and was gradually taking control of the dark side of the Poyang lake.

Next to Deung Chul-Woong stood a beautiful woman with a delicate frame.

She was the middle-aged man's daughter.

When he couldn't repay the debt, Deung Chul-Woong had personally taken his daughter away.

The middle-aged man's daughter was known for her beauty, and many men had always had their eyes on her. 

The middle-aged man had been constantly worried about protecting his daughter from them.


Still, he had managed to protect her until now.

He was a very successful merchant and had a lot of money. But two months ago, his business took a sharp turn for the worse, and he needed a lot of money. So he borrowed money from Deng Chul-woong. That became the flashpoint.

In the end, he could not repay the debt, and Deung Chul-Woong appeared in person. He wanted the man's daughter just like other men.

"I beg you like this. Please just let my daughter go."

"Heh heh! If you wanted to protect your daughter, you should have paid the money back."

"Give me some more time, and I will definitely pay it back."

"Heh heh! Will you be able to pay it back if I give you more time?"

"I have the ability to do so. I still have connections..."

"Have you ever thought about why they didn't lend you money in the first place?"


"It's all because of me. Your connections were all watching my moves, and that's why they didn't lend you any money. So you had no choice but to borrow from me..."

"So this was all part of your plan?"

"That's right! Heh heh!"

Deung Chul-Woong smirked maliciously and wrapped his arm around the woman's waist.

The woman had to close her eyes tightly and lean against Deung Chul-Woong.

The strong smell of sweat and the stench of blood stimulated her sense of smell.

The scent of a fierce beast she had never encountered before.

It was a completely different world from the peaceful world she had lived in, a world dominated by people with beast-like desires, the scent of the martial world.

Deung Chul-Woong tightened his grip on the woman's waist and said,

"Now, your daughter is mine."


At her father's scream, the woman closed her eyes tightly.

She and her father were nothing more than prey caught in the trap of a ferocious beast. 

There was no way to escape from this trap.

No matter how much her father paid back, Deung Chul-Woong would never let her go.

"Heh heh!"

"I have a request."


Deung Chul-Woong looked at her with narrow eyes when she spoke.

"I will follow you obediently, so please reduce my father's debt."


"You wanted me, so you did all this. So please forgive my father's debt."

"Why should I? I already have you in my hands."

"Otherwise, I'll take my own life."




"Wouldn't it be a shame? To lose a hard-earned prize without even enjoying it?"




Deung Chul-Woong laughed loudly at the woman's threat.


She was the first person in the Poyang lake area to dare threaten him. And she did so by putting her own life on the line. But he didn't feel bad about it. He also didn't want to grant her wish.


Deung Chul-Woong pulled the woman's face close to his and said,


"If you die, your father dies too."




"If you take your own life, I'll kill your father. Very slowly, as painfully as possible... I'll cut off all his limbs, leaving him unable to move, and then feed him to the wolves. He will experience the agony of being eaten alive. Would you still choose to kill yourself?"


The woman couldn't respond and closed her eyes tightly.


She felt deep despair against an opponent who was immune to her threats. She also knew that there was no way out.


Deung Chul-Woong whispered in the woman's ear,


"If you don't want to see your father die in pain, live tenaciously. Heh heh!"


The woman clenched her teeth and nodded.


As she did, a thick tear rolled down her cheek.


Deung Chul-Woong ordered his subordinate,

"Take her away. I'll enjoy her tonight."


The subordinate dragged the woman away.


The middle-aged man cried out in despair, but it was useless. He lay on the ground, regretting his foolish choice.

Watching the man's despair, Deung Chul-Woong smirked.  akhi buy me a coffee

He couldn't count how many people had shown such a sight before him.

His organization, the Blood Ant Chamber, had been built on countless corpses.

For him, trampling on others and making them shed tears was a daily routine. The tears of the middle-aged man and his daughter meant nothing to him.


Deung Chul-Woong laughed, revealing his yellow teeth.

Although insignificant compared to the large factions in Kangho, he was steadily expanding his territory.

"What a bunch of idiots, letting such a valuable place go to waste just for the sake of their prestige, though I'm glad it's for my own good!"

He had no ambition to conquer the martial world, nor the desire to become the best in the western province. He was content with being the ruler of the Poyang lake. And he was getting closer to his dream, little by little.

That's when it happened.


His close aide, Oh Shin-Pyung, rushed to him.

"What is it?"

"We have a problem."


"Do you remember the visitors who came a few days ago?"

"The visitors?"

"Didn't ten of them come at once, demanding a hiding place?"

"Ah! Those unpleasant bastards! What about them?"  akhi buy me a coffee

"Someone is looking for them."

"What? Who's looking for them?"

"Since this morning, some people have been asking about their whereabouts."

"Damn it!"

Deung Chul-Woong cursed.

His face showed signs of anxiety.

A group of ten martial artists had suddenly appeared at the Blood Ant Chamber a few days ago. They had requested Deung Chul-Woong's cooperation.

It was more like a threat than a request.

Though Deung Chul-Woong was a skilled martial artist, he didn't dare confront them. They emanated a dangerous aura. So he cooperated with them. And a few days later, the secret base of Hao Clan was annihilated.

After the Hao Clan's base was destroyed, he found out what had happened and realized that the people he had secretly hidden were responsible.

No matter how much Deung Chul-Woong boasted about being the leader of the Poyang lake area, he was no match for the real martial world factions. Especially when the opponent was the Hao Clan.

If the Hao Clan decided to retaliate, the Blood Ant Chamber would be wiped out in no time. So he had hidden the visitors' existence thoroughly.  akhi buy me a coffee

"Who is it? Who dares to search for them?"

"We don't know yet."

"Find out their identities as soon as possible."


"Use all our subordinates."


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