RDM (Novel) Chapter 374

C 374

With a thud, the severed head rolled to the ground.

The eyes were wide open, as if it couldn't believe its own death, filled with disbelief.

The rolling head came to rest at Pyo Wol's feet.

Pyo Wol looked down at Gu-ja-hwang's face in silence.

Life slowly faded from Gu-ja-hwang's wide-open eyes.

With a kick, Pyo Wol sent Gu-ja-hwang's head flying into the flames.

"Crazy!" Yoo Soo-hwan shook his head.

Although not well known in Kangho, Gu-ja-hwang was a formidable fighter.

Especially his flesh, which was as tough as steel, would have been a great challenge for anyone. But Pyo Wol killed him so easily.

It wasn't just a matter of compatibility or surprise attack.

Pyo Wol's martial arts were that strong.

"He has already surpassed the limits of an assassin. It's terrifying! That there's such a warrior in the world."

Yoo Soo-hwan clenched his fists.

His palms were already sweating.

Pyo Wol's martial arts, which he had seen at first hand, were shocking.

In his life, only two people had made such a strong impact.


One was his former confidant, Dokgo Hwang, and the other was Pyo Wol.

They had shocked him in different ways, but both had shaken his values.

At that time, So Geoksan spoke gruffly.

"Now is not the time to discuss this calmly. We'll all burn to death if we stay here.

As a result of Gu-ja-hwang's mad act, the entire underground chamber was filled with raging red flames and thick smoke.

If they stayed any longer, not only would they burn to death, but they would certainly suffocate.

Indeed, all of Gu-ja-hwang's subordinates were burned to death, unable to escape the flames.

Pyo Wol looked around and said,

"It is already too late to escape.

The flames were a problem, but the biggest obstacle was the pitch-black smoke. Inhaling the high temperature smoke would melt their lungs and kill them instantly.

The only passage to the outside, the vertical cave, was filled with black smoke. It would take a long time for the smoke to clear.

If it was just him, he could somehow hold his breath and escape, but it was impossible to take others with him.

"What shall we do then?"

"We have no choice but to lock the iron door and wait until the smoke is gone."

Pyo Wol looked at the chamber where Hong Yushin and the others were trapped.

A large iron door stood at the entrance to the chamber.

Closing the iron door would at least protect them from the flames and smoke.

Hong Yushin agreed with Pyo Wol.

"There are still people trapped inside who haven't escaped. We must save them too. I'll follow Pyo Wol's decision.

"There is no other way."

"Damn it!"

In the end, the other two had no choice but to follow Pyo Wol's opinion.

The four of them entered the chamber again.


"Please save us!"

As the presence of people outside was felt, those trapped inside the iron door cried out in desperation.


They realised that something had happened in the underground chamber.

As soon as they entered the Brain Prison, Pyo Wol closed the iron door.


With a heavy sound, the iron door closed tightly and darkness fell.


Thick, dark smoke poured out of the vertical cave.

"What's going on?"

"What is this?"

The guards at the entrance to the Unreturnable Prison looked puzzled.

The black smoke had suddenly poured out without warning.

They had heard stories of such smoke being emitted before a volcanic eruption. 

But this was Dragon Tiger Mountain.

It wasn't a volcano.

But the fact that black smoke was being released like this meant that there was only one reason.

It meant that something had happened inside the Unreturnable Prison.

"Lower the basket quickly. We must save the people inside."

"Release the rope."

It was then.

"Cut the rope."

An icy voice stopped the guards in their tracks.


The guards, who had been preparing to lower the basket, turned cautiously.

A strange figure in a crimson uniform came into view.

His hair was wildly dishevelled and his beard covered his chest.

Only two sinister eyes and a nose were visible on the face.

The guards froze for a moment.


They recognised the identity of the stranger at once.

The most murderous man in the world.

He was called Manslaughter because he was said to have killed ten thousand people.

Although he hadn't actually killed ten thousand people, it was certain that countless people had died at his hands.

As Manslaughter approached, the guards stepped aside.

The guards could smell the scent of death coming from Manslaughter. His scent frightened even his allies.

Manslaughter walked up the vertical passage.

Sniff, sniff!

Manslaughter sniffed the smell of the black smoke billowing out.

He frowned and said, "That fire is no ordinary oil.

"Yes! It's a specially mixed oil that produces a strong flame with a small amount. Once it catches fire, it won't go out easily."

"How much oil is there?"

"There are twenty containers in all.

"How long will it burn with this amount?"

"It will burn for at least twenty days without going out."

"Twenty days?"

Manslaughter furrowed his brow.

He had never in his life heard of flames burning for more than twenty days. 

However, he thought that the abilities of the Guryongsalmak could produce such a miraculous substance.

"It seems I'm too late. I wondered why Gu asked for help.

When Manslaughter received Gu Ja-hwang's letter, he was in a situation where he couldn't leave immediately.

No matter how urgent it was, there were things that had to be taken care of first.


Above all, he trusted Goo Ja-hwang.

Although his character was dirty, he was more than qualified for the job.

The Diamond Blood Horse Martial Arts that Goo Ja-hwang had mastered was a martial art that even Manslaughter was reluctant to face.

The reason was that they were incompatible.

Manslaughter's martial art was hand-to-hand combat that maximised destructive power.

On the other hand, Goo Ja-hwang's body was the strongest in the world. It was impossible to deal him a single blow.

No matter how powerful Manslaughter was, he had to use a weapon to bring Goo Ja-hwang down. That's why he respected Goo Ja-hwang so much.

He thought he could withstand any enemy or problem until he arrived. But contrary to his calculations, it seemed that an enemy he could not resist had infiltrated.

Otherwise, Goo Ja-hwang wouldn't have let the fire catch on the oil.

"Is he aiming at someone?"

Manslaughter's eyes narrowed.

If a master like Goo Ja-hwang was targeting someone, then it was clear that the opponent was exceptional.

He wanted to see the face of the person who killed Goo Ja-hwang.

However, going down the vertical cave in this situation would be a suicidal act for him.

He gave a cruel order.

"Cut the rope and seal the entrance.

"But what about the people inside...?"

"Do you think they can survive in that fire? They're all dead. Seal the entrance and erase the evidence."

"Ah, understood."

The warriors reluctantly replied.

The people inside were like their brothers. It was heartbreaking to cut their only lifeline with their own hands, but they had no choice.


The rope attached to the basket was cut.

Next, the warriors prepared explosives for the walls.

They intended to use the explosives to destroy the entrance completely.

These had been prepared since the prison was built.

The purpose was to completely bury any evidence in case the secret was revealed. They believed they would never have to use them, but now was the time.

The warriors setting the explosives looked at Manslaughter.

Manslaughter nodded his head.

"Detonate it!"


Together with her reply, the warriors detonated the explosives.


With a loud explosion, the entrance collapsed.

The thick smoke stopped immediately. The entrance was completely sealed off.

There was no way to climb up the vertical cave, and the entrance was buried.

Now there was no way for those trapped inside to get out. Even if there were survivors, they would either starve or suffocate in the flames.

Manslaughter gave an order to the warriors.

"Clear this place and retreat."


"Remember, all evidence of us must be thoroughly erased."


The warriors began to move busily with their answer.

With their hands, they wiped away all traces of the existence of the Unreturnable Prison in Dragon Tiger Mountain.

Manslaughter muttered as he watched the scene.

"Who the hell is that guy?"

The Unreturnable Prison was located in the most perfectly secluded place in the world.

Even if someone discovered the existence of the unreturnable prison, it was impossible to infiltrate it secretly.


Even Manslaughter himself realised that a frontal assault was the way to go, and he didn't trust himself to sneak in unnoticed.

Judging by the reaction of the guards guarding the place, they also seemed unaware of the intruder and what had happened inside the Unreturnable Prison.

This meant that the intruder had been hiding in the Unreturnable Prison without their knowledge.

"Has there ever been anyone like that?"

Suddenly a man's name came to mind.

"The Reaper, maybe he could do it..."

As rumoured in Kangho, if he was such a great assassin, sneaking into the unreturnable prison would be no problem for him.

"If it really is him, we've caught a big fish! Hahaha!"

Manslaughter burst out laughing.

There was only one entrance to the Unreturnable Prison.

Once the entrance was blocked with rocks, there was no way to escape from inside.

"Whether it's the Reaper or someone else, it doesn't matter. Once they're trapped inside, they'll never be able to escape."

The rocks blocking the entrance were huge, forming a huge barrier.

No matter how skilled a warrior was, it was impossible to break through and escape.


But Manslaughter never let his guard down.

He sat cross-legged and watched over the entrance to the unreturnable prison.

It was a month later that Manslaughter left the Unreturnable Prison.

"He's dead."


The Yellow River was a great river that flowed around Dragon Tiger Mountain.

The river was clear and deep, and the current was not too strong, so the fishermen who lived here could catch fish on their rafts.

The view of Dragon Tiger Mountain from the Yellow River was so beautiful that it was often visited by poets and travellers.

On this day, however, there were no fishermen or sightseers to be seen.

This was because the weather had been abnormal since the morning and heavy rain had been falling all day down all day.

The rainwater cascaded down the cliffs leading to the Yellow River, causing the normally calm water to roar like an angry beast.

Launching a raft on such a day was tantamount to suicide, so people didn't even go near the Yellow River.


The unbroken cliffs had become a massive waterfall, pouring out an immense amount of water. But not all the cliffs were wet.

Amazingly, not a single drop of water fell into the hollow at the bottom of the cliff.

There was a tiny hole in the hollow, just big enough for a finger. Something seemed to be wiggling inside, and soon it revealed itself.

It was a tiny snake, no thicker than a finger.

Strangely, its scales were a burning red colour.

The snake stuck its head out, looked around, and finally emerged completely.


Immediately after the snake came out, the hole crumbled like sand and a hand burst out, followed by a face and shoulders covered in mud.


The snake stuck its head out, looked around, and finally emerged completely.

The man, kneeling on the ground, took a deep, ragged breath.

The red snake climbed up the man's arm and coiled itself around.

The man caught his breath for a moment and washed his face and head in the falling waterfall.

As the mud was washed away, his true appearance was revealed.

There was only one person in the world with such a pale complexion and a mysterious air about his face.

It was Pyo Wol, who had emerged back into the world.

Not only him, but others too.


"Is it... outside?"

"We're alive."

Following him, more than ten men were escaping the narrow cave one after another.

Side Note: Pyo Wol's Henchman, that's gonna be interesting

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