RDM (Novel) Chapter 369

C 369

"What on earth!"

With difficulty, the pulley turned and the huge basket slowly descended to the floor of the vertical cave.

Hwang Akchu and his men looked up.

Piercing the deep darkness, where not a single point of light could be seen, was a huge box.

Inside were about twenty warriors.

The capacity was ten, but they were overflowing.

Hwang Akchu frowned.

'You crazy bastards! What will you do if the line breaks?'

This line was the only way out of this place.

If it broke, they would have to wait indefinitely for another line to be lowered from above.

If something went wrong, they might have to stay here forever, 
Hwang Akchu could not help but be sensitive.

However, Hwang Akchu tried his best to hide his expression.

It was clear that those who were brought here were not ordinary people in status.

Less important people would be blocked at the entrance of the Unreturnable Prison.

Who are they?


Finally, the huge box landed on the ground and about twenty warriors came out one by one.

Leading them was a man dressed in tattered clothes with three spears stuck in his back.

Strangely, he was barefoot, with no shoes.

The sight of the man conjured up the image of a bloodthirsty wolf.
Hwang Akchu recognised the man's identity and was shocked.

"Gasp! The bloodthirsty wolf, Lee Ho-gwan? What are you doing here?"

"Hwang Akchu! So you were here?"

Lee Ho-gwan recognised Hwang Akchu and smiled.

At his creepy smile, Hwang Akchu shivered slightly.

Lee Ho-gwan was a skilled fighter. He was not inferior to Gu Ja-hwang, the warden of the Unreturnable Prison.

While Gu Ja-hwang was famous for his fierce fist techniques, Lee Ho-gwan was famous for his three spears.

Lee Ho-gwan was a hunter.

He had a notorious reputation for hunting any target as long as he was paid in gold.

The subordinates who accompanied him were all masters of tracking and hunting. When it came to hunting humans, there was no one more skilled than them.

Lee Ho-gwan's main area of operation was outside Kangho.

He was not someone to be seen here.

"How did you get here? No, when did you enter Kangho?"

"It doesn't seem like you're happy to see me."

"It's not that..."

"Ha ha! It's a joke. You don't have to be so tense."

Lee Ho-gwan laughed and patted Hwang Akchu's shoulder.
Every time Lee Ho-gwan's palm hit his shoulder, Hwang Akchu felt a shock as if he had been hit by a sledgehammer.
"You must have become weak from not having seen the sunlight for such a long time. Screaming at this level."
"No, sir."
"I have heard that the environment of the Unreturnable Prison is not good.  It's really poor now that I see it in person. They say they put criminals in a place like this."
"Yes, sir."
"Then put this guy in there too."
At Lee Ho-gwan's gesture, his subordinates behind him came forward, dragging a man by his arms.
The man being held by the subordinates was out of his senses, just breathing heavily.
"Who is he?"
"Nine Abyss Dark Demon."
Hwang Akchu unconsciously let out an exclamation.
Nine Abyss Dark Demon was a notorious womaniser from the south of Yunnan Province.
He had mastered a special martial art that required him to regularly replenish his energy with women's yin energy. As a result, he would kidnap women from brothels, satisfy his lust and then brutally kill them.
His evil deeds were exposed when he kidnapped and killed the youngest daughter of the Dan family, one of the most powerful families in Yunnan.
The youngest daughter of the Dan family was loved by everyone for her beautiful appearance and kind heart. Her disappearance prompted the Dan family to take action, and they eventually found out that the Nine Abyss Dark Demon had kidnapped her.
Furious, the Dan family set out in pursuit of the Nine Abyss Dark Demon.
Sensing danger, the cunning Nine Abyss Dark Demon fled Kangho, leaving the Dan family empty-handed. However, they did not give up.
They issued a call to the masters of the outside sects, offering a huge reward.
Many sects and martial artists took up the hunt, but none could capture the Nine Abyss Dark Demon.
The Nine Abyss Dark Demon was not only skilled in martial arts, but also in disguise, which allowed him to change his appearance at will. He continued his evil deeds while deceiving those who pursued him.
"Is it really the Nine Abyss Dark Demon? Why not kill him..."
"The Dan family wanted it. Instead of an easy death, they wanted him to live as long as possible and suffer hellish pain. That's why I brought it here."
Hwang Akchu nodded his head.
It made sense why Lee Ho-gwan had come so far in person.
Besides, Lee Ho-gwan and Gu Ja-hwang knew each other.
If Gu Ja-hwang hadn't become the warden, Lee Ho-gwan might have taken his place.
"Where is Ja Hwang?"
"He's inside."
"Show me! Oh, take this guy to the Unreturnable Prison first."
Hwang Akchu took custody of the Nine Abyss Dark Demon from Lee Ho-gwan's subordinates.
The moment Hwang Akchu closely examined the appearance of the Nine Abyss Dark Demon, he frowned. His appearance was too pitiful.
His face was so smashed that it was impossible to recognise its original shape, and the muscles of his limbs were severed and dangling loosely.
Most pitiful of all was his lower body.
The organ that had once violated countless women had been brutally severed from its root, leaving his crotch drenched in blood.
Hwang Akchu clicked his tongue.
The crimes of the Nine Abyss Dark Demon were unforgivable, but the fact that his manhood had been severed was the end of a man's life.
They cut off the root of his tongue so he couldn't take his own life and stopped the bleeding.

Now the Nine Abyss Dark Demon was completely helpless and had to spend eternity in this place.

Hwang Akchu spoke to his subordinates.

"Lock him in the brain prison.


As the subordinates replied, they dragged Nine Abyss Dark Demon away.

Lee Ho-gwan, who saw Nine Abyss Dark Demon being dragged away like luggage, spoke to Hwang Akchu.

"Take me to Gu Ja-hwang."

"Follow me."

Hwang Akchu led Lee Ho-gwan and his subordinates to an underground tent where the brain prison was located.

Lee Ho-gwan whistled as he looked around the interior.

"Wow! This is amazing. A brain prison in a place like this. Beyond my imagination."

"I was also very surprised when I first came here."

"A prison of no return? It's well hidden. Once you're trapped here, it's impossible to see the outside world again."

"Because there's only one way in. If we block it, no one can get out."

"Hmm! Should I give up being a hunter and come in here? It seems like fun. Are there any female prisoners?"

"There were."

"Were? I hear you say there aren't any now."

"Would any women survive? The men often engage in homosexual activity with each other."

"I see... If a woman entered such a place, she wouldn't survive.

Lee Ho-gwan was convinced.

There were countless men trapped in such an isolated environment. They were all strong, powerful warriors. It wasn't surprising that anything could happen.

Lee Ho-gwan smiled and walked on.

When they arrived in front of the tent, they saw a man of a huge stature standing there. Seeing the man, who reminded him of a huge iron tower, Lee Ho-gwan's face turned stiff.

"Gu Ja-hwang!"

"I thought it was noisy at the entrance and it was because you came."

"Hehe! I've come this far, so I should at least see what the inside looks like."

"Why? Are you interested in this place?"

"I was, but I changed my mind. I prefer places with women."

"That's why your martial arts have stagnated."


"Am I wrong?"

"Watch your mouth, Gu Ja-hwang!" 

"Why? Did I hit a nerve?"

"You're just guarding a brain prison after being pushed out of active duty, but your mouth is still alive."

Kwa kwa kwa!

The atmosphere was tense as the two faced each other.

They had been rivals even when Gu Ja-hwang was on the outside. They recognised each other's strength, but had very different values.

Gu Ja-hwang would carry out any mission without question, while Lee Ho-gwan would only do things that suited his taste.

Because of this, they often argued when working together.

Of course, they never tried to kill each other.

It was Lee Ho-gwan who backed down first.

"Your evil personality hasn't changed."

At his grumbling, Gu Ja-hwang also relaxed his intensity.

Only then did Hwang Akchu breathe a sigh of relief.

He hadn't really thought that they would fight, but watching their intense confrontation made his heart feel tight.

Gu Ja-hwang asked,

"When are you leaving?"

"Why don't you just tell me to go?"


"What? Really?"

"Whenever outsiders stay longer, it causes unrest among the troops."

"You're still so uptight."

Lee Ho-gwan grumbled. But his expression was more relaxed than before. He understood Gu Ja-hwang's words.

Those who guarded the Unreturnable Prison were strictly restricted from outside contact in order to maintain secrecy. In such a closed environment, those who had contact with outsiders were more likely to cause trouble.

Although he didn't like it personally, he understood.

"Fine! I'll just have a quick look around and leave. That's possible, isn't it?"

"If you're just looking."

With Gu Ja-hwang's permission, Lee Ho-gwan began to explore every corner of the underground space.

Gu Ja-hwang and Hwang Akchu watched Lee Ho-gwan with displeasure on their faces.

"I didn't expect to see that hunting dog again."

"Fortunately, he'll be leaving soon."

It was then.

"Hey, look!"

Suddenly, Lee Ho-gwan gestured at them.

Frowning, Gu Ja-hwang muttered,

"What kind of trick is this now?"

"Shouldn't we go and see?"


At Hwang Akchu's words, Gu Ja-hwang moved.

He knew that Lee Ho-gwan wasn't a person to waste his time. Even though their different dispositions made them growl at each other like enemies whenever they met.

Reluctantly, he approached where Lee Ho-gwan was standing.

It was exactly where Hong Yushin was being held.

Lee Ho-gwan was standing in front of a big iron door.

"Why did you call?"

"Is this supposed to be like this? This is the strange part here."

"What are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about this lock. There are signs that it has been forced."


Gu Ja-hwang felt a shiver run through his body.

He remembered the uneasy feeling he had just now.

He quickly examined the lock Lee Ho-gwan pointed to.

Indeed, there were scratches where the key had been inserted.

It was a mark that wasn't there yesterday.

Gu Ja-hwang shouted.

"An intruder."

In an instant, warriors rushed out of the tent.

Gu Ja-hwang told them,

"Form teams and search the inside thoroughly."

"Yes, sir!"

The warriors scattered.

There was no hesitation or doubt.

It meant that they trusted Gu Ja-hwang so much.


Gu Ja-hwang twisted the lock, and the huge lock, the size of an adult's torso, broke like a twig.

The two of them entered the cell.

Soon they reached the door of the room where Hong Yushin had been imprisoned.

When they opened the iron door, an empty room greeted them.

Gritting his teeth, Gu Ja-hwang realised that his suspicions had become reality.

Lee Ho-gwan asked,

"Do you have any suspects?"


"So someone snuck in here? They're not ordinary."

"Even so, they're nothing more than a rat trapped in poison. There's no way they can escape from this place."

"Hmm! Shall I help?"

At the unexpected offer, Gu Ja-hwang looked at Lee Ho-gwan.

Lee Ho-gwan, who had always been playful, looked serious.

Although they always fought like enemies, Gu Ja-hwang knew best how remarkable Lee Ho-gwan's skills were.

"I'll ask for your help."

"Great! It's been a while since I had an interesting hunt. You guys keep watch outside to make sure he doesn't escape."

Side Note:- Hehe, it's begun. Pyo Wol gonna show them Hell

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