RDM (Novel) Chapter 343

C 343

A boy standing by a well, and a group of men with strange expressions surrounding him.

Jo Ik-gwang thought the scene was very unfamiliar.

He had never imagined there could be someone who dared to challenge him in Taeho, let alone a young boy like this.

Jo Ik-gwang aimed at Do Yeonsan.

Despite his menacing gaze, Do Yeonsan continued to laugh and chuckle, which even seemed to show a hint of madness.

"This guy is really insane."

Jo Ik-gwang felt the need to resolve the situation quickly.

If the fact that he had intimidated and killed Do Yeonsan's sister were to be revealed, he would face Kangho's condemnation.

He could even be named a culprit for all the wrongdoings he had committed so far.

Before that happened, he needed to capture Do Yeonsan and silence him.

"Get that bastard!"


His subordinates responded and approached Do Yeonsan.

Despite the approaching men, Do Yeonsan did not stop laughing.

"Haha! Hoho!"

His laughter even grew louder.

His desperate madness was felt in his laughter, making the men's hearts shudder.

"You guys are really stupid."


"You're just stupid guys who rely on strength. You didn't even think about why your colleagues fell and came at me like this."

It was only then that the warriors looked at the bodies of their dead colleagues.

Their colleagues had been killed without leaving a trace.

It was a completely abnormal situation.

Suddenly, a sharp needle-like object flew out.



The warriors screamed at the same time.

Two more warriors fell to the ground.

Small silver needles were stuck in their chests, which melted into their veins in an instant.

The warriors understood why their colleagues' bodies had no wounds.

The wounds caused by the needles were too small to be seen.

The needles melted into the veins in an instant, making it impossible to detect them at first glance.

The warriors who were hit by the needles convulsed and died.


"Oh my God!"

The warriors who saw the scene were stunned and speechless.

They could not have imagined that a young boy like Do Yeonsan could use such an evil technique.

Do Yeonsan held a small cylinder in his hand.

The cylinder seemed to be the device that launched the needle technique.

Jo Ik-gwang shouted, "Take that cylinder away from him!"

But even with his order, his subordinates did not move easily.

They were too scared of the power of the needles they had just witnessed.

The silver needles were invisible, and once hit, they killed instantly without giving a chance to resist.

Even though they were loyal to Jo Ik-gwang, they could not help but fear risking their lives.


Jo Ik-gwang himself stepped forward as his subordinates hesitated. mymtlnoveltranslations


He wielded his sword, and a powerful sword energy was released.


The sword energy hit Do Yeonsan's body directly.

Do Yeonsan could not even scream and fell over.

Only then did his subordinates rush in and take the cylinder away from Do Yeonsan.

"He's still breathing."

His subordinates held Do Yeonsan's arms and lifted him up.

Finally, Jo Ik-gwang approached Do Yeonsan.


Jo Ik-gwang tore off Do Yeonsan's clothes, and a chest plate appeared.

The reason why Do Yeonsan did not die from Jo Ik-gwang's sword was because of the chest plate.

The chest plate had reduced the power of Jo Ik-gwang's sword.

"I thought you were an apprentice, but you're quite intelligent."

“Do... Su-yeon.”

At that moment, Do Yeonsan struggled to speak.


“Do Suyeon, that's my younger sister's name. The one you killed.”

“Huh? What do I care?”

Jo Ik-gwang twisted his mouth.

In Do Yeonsan's eyes, there was anger mixed with the pain of losing his family to Jo Ik-gwang's desires. 

He was furious that the person who caused it all didn't even know his sister's name.

“You destroyed my world.”

“Your world?”

“Yeah! The place where my father, mother, and sister were.”

"You idiot, you call that your world. That's not the real world. Kangho is the real world.


Compared to it, your family is nothing. No one cares about you because you're not worth anything."

“You son of a bitch!”

"Ha! You've saved your ass, but that's it. If I kill you, no one will ever know that I did it."

Jo Ik-gwang's eyes glinted with a deadly intent.

He removed the steel plate covering Do Yeonsan's chest.


The heavy steel plate fell to the ground, revealing Do Yeonsan's bare chest.

Jo Ik-gwang slowly stabbed Do Yeonsan's heart with his sword.

As flesh and muscle tore apart, blood flowed out. But even then, Do Yeonsan did not wipe off his crazy smile. mymtlnoveltranslations


“You're crazy. How can you laugh like that even with your life ending?”

“Why did I come out here? When I could have ambushed you in secret.”


“I'm talking about why I chose this well.”

Suddenly, Jo Ik-gwang remembered that Do Yeonsan had thrown a rock into the well.

He hastily ordered his men.

"Hurry up and check the well."


The men quickly peered into the well.

That's when it happened.


An enormous amount of poisonous gas suddenly rose from the well.

One of the men, who had breathed it in, screamed in agony.


He clutched his face, and liquid oozed out of his fingers. His skin had melted away from the poison.

“What's going on?”

“What the hell?”

Jo Ik-gwang and his men were stunned.

Even though they didn't come into direct contact with the gas, their insides felt nauseous, and their heads spun. 

“It's poison.”

“This is insane! You put poison in the well.”

Only then did they realize that Do Yeonsan had thrown a rock containing a poisonous mineral into the well.

The mineral dissolved in the water, and it was now spewing out toxic gas.


The toxic gas escaped from the well and spread rapidly on the wind.


“You crazy bastard!”

Jo Ik-gwang and his men cursed.

If the poison continued to spread, the whole area would become a living hell.

Do Yeonsan screamed with his mouth covered by his sleeve.

“If this is the kind of world that exists, then it's better to die together. We'll all die together.”

Tears of blood flowed from Do Yeonsan's eyes.

Although he had developed some resistance to poison, he couldn't withstand it for long.


“Ugh! I can't breathe...”

Those who breathed in the gas collapsed, screaming in agony.

Jo Ik-gwang's protective qi prevented him from being affected by the poison, but his men weren't so lucky. mymtlnoveltranslations


“Help me!”

They died from the poison, their internal organs melting away.

Jo Ik-gwang bit his lip at the horrific sight of blood and flesh melting away.

He didn't want to help, and he couldn't help.

No matter what happened to his men, he had to survive.

“There must be a way out.”

Jo Ik-gwang hurriedly looked around, but there was no way out among the poisonous obstacles.

At that moment, screams were heard from all over.

People exposed to the poison were dying.

Do Yeonsan, at the center of the poison, was also not in good condition.

Half of his face was melted, and blood was flowing from his ears. However, he still stood there staring at Jo Ik-gwang like a demon.

In his heart, he wanted to slice Do Yeonsan's throat with his sword right away.

But he couldn't waste even a bit of his internal energy right now. If he did, the poison would penetrate his body.

At that moment, someone else's lion's roar burst forth.

"What's going on?"


A tremendous energy was contained in the lion's roar, causing the surrounding air to tremble.

It was a truly terrifying force.

The owner of the lion's roar jumped into the poisonous fog, wielding a single spear, as the fog was filled with deadly, noxious gasses.


The master roared and swung his spear.


The spear spun violently in his hand, creating a powerful attraction force. Then, the poisonous fog that was hovering around started gathering around his spear.

 It was an unbelievable sight even with his own eyes.

The poisonous fog gradually dissipated as the man swung his spear.

He was none other than the spear king Jo Jakyung.

His face was filled with anger as he gathered the poison with his spear.

He had come out of Taeho a little while ago to calm his complicated emotions.mymtlnoveltranslations

The scenery of Taeho was so beautiful that it calmed his heart somewhat.

But that's when the incident happened.

The poisonous fog suddenly spread out not far from where he was.

He rushed over sensing the danger, but by then, many people had already lost their lives to the poison.

"Whoever did this outrageous thing?"

Fury burned in Spear King Jo Jakyung's eyes as he swung his spear with powerful attraction force, searching for the culprit.

He soon found the source of the poison.

It was emanating from a well where Do Yeonsan was standing.

Do Yeonsan looked at Jo Ik-gwang with a crazy gaze as his skin melted from the poison.

Spear King Jo Jakyung didn't know why Do Yeonsan was looking at Jo Ik-gwang like that, or why Jo Ik-gwang was there, but he was sure that Do Yeonsan was the culprit.

"How dare you commit such a heinous act. Are you even human?"mymtlnoveltranslations

"Kruue! I am..."

Do Yeonsan tried to make an excuse, but his vocal cords were melting away, rendering him speechless. Seeing Do Yeonsan's condition only fueled Jo Jakyung's anger.

Although he wanted to take care of Do Yeonsan immediately, he had to deal with all the poison mist first, which was spreading from the well.

"Chaahht (Fire Dragon Destruction Spear!)!"

Flames erupted from his spear as a Dragon appeared, and began to burn away the poisonous mist.

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