RDM (Novel) Chapter 383

C 383

At the hour when everyone was asleep, a figure moved silently like a thief cat on the roof of the Southern Heaven Pavilion.

He was dressed in black.

With a mask covering his face perfectly, he walked silently on the roof.

The black figure stood on the roof and looked around for a moment.

It was still early morning.

The world was very dark before the sun rose, and there were no shadows of people to be seen on the streets.

The black figure picked up a tile and crept onto the roof.

He moved by walking on the roof tiles.

He completely suppressed his breathing and hid even the slightest sound.

There were many guests in the guesthouse, but none of them noticed the black figure walking above their heads.

After moving cautiously for a while, the black figure finally reached its destination.

The place where he stopped and looked down was a room in the Southern Heaven Pavilion's annex. 

Someone in the room was breathing heavily in their sleep.


The figure descended into the room without a sound.

He stared intently at the person sleeping on the bed.

The owner of the face that was strikingly white and beautiful even in the darkness was Pyo Wol.

The black figure whispered in Pyo Wol's ear.

"You're not asleep, I know."

At that moment, Pyo Wol opened his eyes.

Although there was a masked figure in his room, Pyo Wol didn't look surprised at all.

As he said, Pyo Wol already knew.

The moment the masked figure stepped onto the roof of the Southern Heaven Pavilion, Pyo Wol felt his presence.

It was because the masked figure had no intention of killing so far.

The masked figure smiled as he saw Pyo Wol staring straight at him.

"Heh! I knew it. You're always so cunning."

He took off his mask. Then, like a waterfall, his black hair cascaded down in three layers.

At first glance, she looked ordinary, but she was a woman with a strange beauty that attracted people's attention.

As far as Pyo Wol knew, there was only one woman in the world with such features.

"Hong Ye-Seol!"

"It's been a long time."

The woman, Hong Ye-Seol, smiled and showed her white teeth.

"What brings you here?"

"I came to see you."

"How amusing."

"Oh my! I'm serious."

Hong Ye-Seol widened her eyes and looked at Pyo Wol. A captivating smile was still on her lips.

She bent down at the waist.

Her face was close enough to touch Pyo Wol's.

Hong Ye-Seol whispered in Pyo Wol's ear.

"Do you want to know how much I've missed you?"

She laid her body on Pyo Wol's.

Pyo Wol hugged Hong Ye-Seol's waist tightly.


Hong Ye-Seol burst into laughter and snuggled deeper into Pyo Wol's arms.

Her clothes slipped to the floor.



Hong Ye-Seol gently stroked Pyo Wol's chest with her smooth white fingers.

Lying on top of Pyo Wol, Hong Ye Seol exposed her naked white body and hummed a tune as if she was in a good mood.

Hong Ye Seol's fingers moved up to Pyo Wol's face.

As she touched Pyo Wol's cheek, she whispered.

"How can your skin be so good? Tell me, have you been secretly taking some kind of elixir?"

"What brings you here?"

"Changing the subject again. I told you, I came to see you."

"Have you been given a mission?"

"Ah! So boring."

Hong Ye-Seol sighed as if out of breath and stood up.

She wrapped herself in a blanket and went to the window.

When she opened the window wide, the moonlit Poyang Lake appeared. The moon, which had been hidden in the clouds when she entered, had reappeared.

The moonlit surface of the water shimmered like a jewel.

Hong Ye Seol leaned against the window and gazed at Poyang Lake.

Her appearance in the moonlight was very beautiful. Any man could not help but be moved by her deadly figure. But her expression was cold.

"You have received a mission."

"Tsk! As expected, it doesn't work on you. Yes, I have received a mission."

"Who is the target?"

"Why do you ask like that? You know the unspoken rules of our world. Even if it's you, I can't say."

"Did you come alone?"

"I told you, I can't say."

Hong Ye-Seol shook her head again.

Pyo Wol didn't ask any more.

If Hong Ye-Seol is involved, the target must be someone important.

There were many influential people in Poyang Lake.

Nam Gung-Wol, Yong Ha-sang, Jo Seolpung, Jang Ho-yeon, they were all young, but they were important enough.

Whichever of them died, it was certain that there would be great turmoil in Kangho.

The problem was who had hired Hong Ye-Seol.

Even though Pyo Wol's mind was brilliant, he couldn't deduce that without any information.

Hong Ye-Seol smiled at Pyo Wol.

"Don't think too complicated. You just have to enjoy this time."

She stretched her arms around Pyo Wol's neck and looked at him with a sultry look.

Pyo Wol was not unaware of what she wanted.

He pulled her into a rough embrace and kissed her. Hong Ye-Seol greeted the intruder with her red tongue, moving like a snake.


When Pyo Wol opened his eyes, Hong Ye-Seol had vanished without a trace.

Only the remnants of their passionate night remained in the room.

Pyo Wol quickly dressed.

When he finally put on his black dragon robe, the snake, Gwia, appeared and climbed up his leg. Then it casually wrapped its tail around his arm.

Its belly was slightly swollen, as if it had feasted somewhere. Pyo Wol patted Gwia's head once before leaving the guesthouse.

"Did you get out?"

The first person to greet him when he entered the dining hall was Yoo Soo-hwan. He was already eating a hearty meal.

"Sit down. I just need to add some rice."

"I'll eat later."

"Excuse me?"

"I have to go somewhere."


"I'll tell you when I get back."

Pyo Wol left Yoo Soo-hwan behind and walked out of the guesthouse.

His destination was the workshop street at the edge of Poyang Lake.

It was definitely the smell of metal.

Although Hong Ye Seol herself might not have realised it, her body carried a faint metallic scent.


It was the distinct smell of metal being heated in a fire.

Pyo Wol knew exactly where such a smell came from.

It was this workshop street.

Only here, where weapons and farming tools were made by directly melting metal in hot furnaces, would have that smell.


As soon as Pyo Wol stepped onto the workshop street, his facial muscles moved and he transformed into a completely different person.

Pyo Wol didn't think she had just come to share her love with him.

There was always a reason for an assassin's actions.

He had to find out the reason.

Pyo Wol's chosen method was to find a place with the same smell that clung to her body.

To someone with a dull sense of smell, the smell of burning metal might all be the same, but Pyo Wol knew that there were differences depending on the type of metal and the fuel used in the furnace.

Pyo Wol entered a workshop at the entrance to the street.

As he entered the workshop, a blistering heat greeted him.


The worker greeted him warmly.

Pretending to casually choose a weapon, Pyo Wol approached the furnace.

In front of the furnace, craftsmen were hammering with their shirts off. Sweat poured down their bodies like beads.

Pyo Wol approached them. The stench of burning metal strongly stimulated his sense of smell. 

It is not here.

The smell was slightly different from the one on Hong Ye-Seol's clothes.

"I can't find anything I like. I'll come back next time."

Pyo Wol excused himself and went outside.

Next he went to the workshop next door. But the smell of metal was different from what he remembered.

Pyo Wol made up an excuse that he didn't like the weapons and left. He then entered another workshop.

In this way, Pyo Wol visited all the workshops on the street one by one. Nobody thought his behaviour was strange.

This was because there were countless martial artists in the area.

Weapons were the lifeblood of a martial artist.

Of course, they had to choose carefully.

Not only Pyo Wol, but many martial artists visited at least six workshops before deciding.

It was the twelfth workshop when it happened.

Pyo Wol wrinkled his nose slightly.

The smell of metal coming out of the furnace was exactly like the one he remembered.

In front of the large furnace, two craftsmen with their shirts off were heating the metal.

Pretending to choose a weapon, Pyo Wol approached them.

At that moment, the older craftsman shouted as he took the heated metal from the fire.



The young craftsman replied, hammering with all his might.

Clang clang!

The sound of metal being flattened by the hammer echoed through the workshop.

Sparks flew from the metal in all directions.

Some of the sparks even touched the craftsmen's bodies, but they didn't show any signs of pain or discomfort, concentrating only on their hammering.


As a result, they didn't notice when Pyo Wol approached.

Pyo Wol sniffed the air near them again. It was definitely the same scent he had caught Hong Ye-Seol's clothes.

This is the place.

Pyo Wol scanned the workshop with a sharp look.

He wasn't sure if this place was a base of the Hundred Wraith Union or if Hong Ye-Seol had just stopped by to buy weapons, but it was certain that she had been here.

The workshop seemed ordinary at first glance. It looked no different than any other workshop.

The weapons displayed on the counter seemed to be of high quality.

The craftsmanship was clearly impressive.

At that moment, an elderly clerk approached Pyo Wol with a smile.

"Are you looking for a particular weapon?"

"I'm looking at the swords here, is that all you have?"

"We have more inside, would you like to see them?"


As Pyo Wol nodded, the clerk led him into the workshop.

There was another display case inside, and the weapons on it were well organised. They definitely looked of higher quality than the ones outside.

The clerk picked up one of the swords and said,

"This is one of the masterpieces our craftsmen have put their heart and soul into. As you can see, it's made of very high quality steel, with good strength. It's well balanced and sharp. Would you like to have a closer look?"


Pyo Wol nodded and took the sword.


When he flicked the blade with his finger, a clear metallic sound echoed through the workshop. Only a well tempered sword could make such a sound.

As the clerk had said, it was a well-made sword. But it was not enough to meet Pyo Wol's high standards.

Their skills were far inferior to those of Tang Sochu, who had created the Ghost Blade. Therefore, there was no need to buy the sword he held.

Unaware of Pyo Wol's thoughts, the clerk continued to speak.

"It's a good sword. It's not easy to find a weapon of this quality. Only our workshop can produce such a well-made sword; you won't find one like this in other workshops."

There was a strong sense of pride in the clerk's voice.

That's when Pyo Wol noticed the back of the clerk's hand.

It was full of calluses. It was not unusual for someone who worked in a workshop to have calloused hands. The problem was where the calluses were.

It was on the back of the hand, not the palm.

No matter how hard the work in the workshop, it was impossible for calluses to form on the back of the hand. Such calluses could only be developed by practising martial arts or hand skills.

The clerk's physique was very slender, showing no signs of having practised martial arts.

It was a physique that could not have been possessed by someone who practised the sword, the knife, or any martial art that involved intense movements.

Pyo Wol had an intuition that the clerk was of the same kind as him.

An assassin!

It was clear that he had reached a high level of skill.

His look, his breathing and his gestures showed no signs of being an assassin. But he couldn't fool Pyo Wol's eyes.

Pyo Wol had a keen sense for detecting the scent of those like him.

The clerk had the scent of a fellow assassin.

Pyo Wol smiled and said,

"I will buy this sword.

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