RDM (Novel) Chapter 387

C 387

A rather large fishing boat was heading to the other side of Poyang Lake.

Many of the fishing boats that fish in Poyang Lake are quite large. However, fishing boats rarely cross the lake. The lake is so vast and the fish are so plentiful that there is no reason to go all the way to the other side.

The fact that they went to the other side, when they could have just fished on the nearby shore, was proof that there was another reason.

"Who the hell do you want me to bring, dammit!"

A man with a somber expression grumbled on the deck.

His name was Lee Gu-yeol, and he looked like a 50/50 cross between a rat and a bobcat.

Lee Gu-yeol was a loyal servant of Deung Cheol-woong, the leader of the Blood Ant Chamber.

His face was full of dissatisfaction as the boat headed towards its destination.

He would do whatever Deung Cheol-woong ordered, but he didn't want to take on this mission.

This was because he had recently attacked a ship belonging to the Je-won merchant group and almost lost his life.

He had trusted the warriors of Rain Mountain Manor, but due to Pyo Wol's sudden intervention, he had to jump into the water to save his life.

However, he and his subordinates were lucky.

Not a single warrior from Rain Mountain Manor was left alive. Even now, he shuddered at the memory.

The men who had attacked with him had all suffered severe mental damage. They were intimidated by Pyo Wol's inhuman martial arts.

Although they considered themselves tough survivors who had lost their fear, but what Pyo Wol had shown them was enough to strike fear deep into their hearts.

After the harsh experience on the boat, Lee Gu-yeol and his subordinates were reluctant to go on a boat again. However, they had no choice but to obey Deung Cheol-woong's orders and take another boat to their destination.

The place they arrived at was a small dock on the other side of the lake.

At the nameless dock, more than a dozen people were waiting for them.

Each of them wore a deep hood to hide their faces.

An eerie aura emanated from their entire bodies.

Damn it!

Lee Gu-yeol's face twisted with an uncomfortable feeling.

It was a natural reaction because when he felt this way, something bad always happened.

However, Lee Gu-yeol forced a smile and spoke the prearranged code words.

"Are you the ones who came to pick the red flowers?"

"Are you the ones who came out of the ant nest to meet us?"

"That's right."

When the agreed-upon words were spoken, Lee Gu-yeol breathed a sigh of relief.

He gave an order to his men.

"Lower the board."


His subordinates hurriedly lowered the plank to the dock. But before it could touch the ground, the hooded figures jumped onto the boat.

The moment he saw their movements, he knew.

"They're all masters.

It wasn't just that they could easily climb the high deck.

It was because the boat didn't move at all, even though there were dozens of people on the deck at once.

Those with such Qigong skills couldn't be ordinary warriors.

The person who looked like a leader spoke to Lee Gu-yeol.

"Let's go."


Lee Gu-yeol replied, signalling his subordinates to leave.

The subordinates quickly retracted the plank and fully unfurled the sail.

The sail, filled with wind, moved the boat to the other side.

When the dock was no longer visible, the warriors on the boat removed their hoods.

"Phew! Now it feels like we can live."

"You're right."

The people removing their hoods were an old man and nine young warriors.

The old man had a stylish beard and looked more like a scholar than a warrior.

His name was Noh Kang-hyeon.

His nickname was Seven Sage Scholar.

When he was young, he was more famous as a scholar than as a martial artist, and as he grew older, he won the admiration of many people by harmonizing both aspects.

The nine young warriors were all his students.

They had received his teachings at an early age and had excelled in both literature and the martial arts.

One of the disciples cautiously asked Seven Sage Scholar.

"But do we really have to go there? I don't understand why you accepted Young Master Jang's invitation."

"Didn't he say he had an important request?"

"Even so, shouldn't he come to you instead?"

"I have heard that the situation at Poyang Lake is chaotic. He must have called us because he couldn't leave. We should understand that much."

"But still..."


"Yes, Master."

"I know what you're thinking. But not everything in the world always goes our way. If it's for a greater cause, it's right for us to take action, even if it means some loss. So don't mention this subject again.

"Understood, Master!"

The disciple who had expressed his dissatisfaction bowed his head and closed his mouth.

He didn't think it was proper for him to raise the issue any further after his master had said so.

Could there be trouble?

He was also aware that the situation at Poyang Lake was chaotic.

The tense atmosphere was evident. He was worried, but knowing the reputation of the Seven Sage Scholar, he felt somewhat reassured.

The Seven Sage Scholar was a person who was respected regardless of his political stance.

His fair character and generosity towards the less fortunate were well known in Kangho.

His martial arts skills were also exceptional, having dealt with countless wicked people. Many people admired him for this.

When he was young, the Seven Sage Scholar had received great favour from Rain Mountain Manor. Therefore, he willingly accepted Jang Ho-yeon's invitation and was on his way to the chaotic area of Poyang Lake.

"If they ask me to mediate between the Silver Lotus Hall and the Golden Heavenly Hall, how can I not go?"

"It is strange that they should ask you, Master, to mediate."

"What's so strange? Don't you think they thought I could easily mediate since I have connections to both the Dragon Mountain Manor and the Thousand Kingdom School?"

"Well, that's true, but..."

The Seven Sage Scholar had spent his life traveling the world and practicing justice.

As a result, he had made many connections with powerful factions in Kangho.

Among them were the Dragon Mountain Manor and the thousand kingdom school.

The leader of the Dragon Mountain Manor, Yong Geomsan, and the leader of the Thousand Kingdom School, Namgung Yuggeom, treated him as a close friend.

No matter how fiercely the Golden Heavenly Hall and the Silver Lotus Hall fought in Poyang Lake, they would not be able to ignore him if he stepped in to mediate.

The influence the Seven Sage Scholar had in Kangho was not insignificant.

He looked at the vast expanse of Poyang Lake and said,

"Come to think of it, Master Jang of Rain Mountain Manor is also an extraordinary person. He asked for my mediation. Perhaps he doesn't want to escalate the problem any further?"

"Master Jang may be a prominent figure, but he doesn't seem to be a completely just person."

"On what basis do you say that?"

"It's just my personal opinion based on the rumors I've heard."

"Ha! That is a big problem. Judging someone so harshly based on mere rumors."


"Close your mouth."


The disciple finally closed his mouth.

His eyes, looking at his master, were filled with a pitiful light.

Although it was clear that the Seven Sage scholar was a respected figure in Kangho, he was too naive and easily manipulated.

'Jang Ho-yeon must not have sent for my master with pure intentions.'

The student was suspicious of Jang Ho-yeon's intentions in summoning them to this place. But he couldn't say anything more when his master reacted so stubbornly.

Regardless of the conflict between the master and his pupil, the boat continued to move forward. The sails, filled with wind, made the boat move at a fast speed.

Before they knew it, the boat was in the middle of Lake Poyang.

No matter where they looked, all they could see was the horizon. It was a moment when they truly felt the saying that Poyang Lake was as big as the sea.

Nearby, some boats were catching fish with their nets spread out.

In one of them, someone was lying down, doing nothing.


All these elements came together to create a picturesque scene.

It was a remarkably peaceful moment.


The Seven Sage Scholar marveled at the picturesque beauty.

What moved him more than anything else were the huge clouds hovering over the water. The blue water, the sky, and the clouds roaring in between reminded him of a dragon.

He had wandered the Kangho all his life and performed countless deeds of chivalry, but he had never seen a landscape that moved him so deeply.

The Seven Sage scholar was captivated by the landscape before his eyes.

His students felt the same way.

"I've heard that Poyang Lake is like a small sea, and it certainly lives up to its name."

"Indeed, just looking at it makes me feel warm in my chest."

"It's wonderful."

The feelings of the disciples were no different from those of the seven sage scholar.

Lee Gu-yeol secretly sneered at them.

Idiots! What's so special about this scenery?

It might be a unique sight for the seven sage scholar, but for Lee Gu-yeol, who had lived around Poyang Lake all his life, it's just a boring repetition of the same scenery.

He thought it was pathetic that the Seven Sage Scholar and their group were making such a fuss about the everyday scenery.

The Seven Sage Scholar was drawn to the scenery and walked to the stern.

Lee Gu-yeol shouted at the seven sage scholar.

"Be careful. If you take a wrong step, you'll fall into the water."

"Hehe! Don't worry."

The seven sage scholar laughed and went on.

He stood on the deck and took in the wind with his whole body.

It had been a long time since he had felt such a refreshing sensation.

"Moo-soo, I wonder how my friend is doing. If we meet this time, we must drink and relax for three days and nights."

His friend lived on Mt. Baekunsan, hundreds of miles from Lake Poyang. The Seven Sage Scholar had sent him a letter inviting him to meet at Poyang Lake. That made him feel even better.

"I have a feeling that things will go well..."

Suddenly, the words of the Seven Sage Scholar stopped.

He saw something resembling a spider clinging to the underside of the bow.

It didn't take him long to realize that the object that looked like a water spider at first glance was actually a person.

It was a person dressed in black martial arts robes.

He had hidden his body under the gently curved bow.

At that moment, the person raised his head and looked at the Seven Sage Scholar.


The moment he saw his emotionless eyes, the Seven Sages got a bad feeling.


At that moment, the black figure hanging from the bow threw something into the air.

It was a pearl the size of a child's fist.


The pearl exploded in mid-air, and black smoke poured out like crazy.

The black smoke quickly obscured the view of those on the boat.

"What is this?"

"It's an ambush."

The disciples of the Seven Sage Scholar shouted in surprise.

They rushed to where the seven sage scholar were standing on the deck, but the black smoke made it difficult for them to move quickly.

"Damn it!"


The disciples of the Seven Sage Sholar swung their swords, creating a gust of wind.


A strong wind rose, but it was not enough to blow away the black smoke.

"How dare you, you assassin..."


The sound of the Seven Sage Scholar's angry shout and the swinging of his sword could be heard from the black smoke.

"Master! Are you alright?"

"This smoke... cough!"

The seven sage scholar's disciples couldn't stop coughing.

The black smoke was not just a simple cloud; it was mixed with various substances that interfere with breathing.

Even with just a few breaths, they felt suffocated and their chests tightened.


Even at that moment, the sound of clashing weapons echoed from the black smoke.

The disciples took comfort in knowing that the Seven Sage Scholar was still holding on. They hadn't thought that their master would be killed by a mere assassin.

For their master's martial prowess was too great to lose his life to a mere assassin.

They had no doubt that the seven sage scholar would quickly subdue the assassin.

Then it happened.


Suddenly a piercing scream was heard.

The disciples realized that it was the scream of the Seven Sage Scholar.


"Damn it!"

It was no longer time to worry about the black smoke.

They pushed through the smoke and moved forward. There they saw the seven sage scholar kneeling on the ground.

Standing in front of the seven sage scholar was an assassin dressed in black and wearing a mask.

The sword in the assassin's hand was dripping blood, presumably that of the seven sage scholar.

The head of the seven sage scholar fell slowly.

He was dying.



The disciples attacked the assassin like mad. But the assassin skilfully dodged their attacks and tried to dive into the water.

It was at that moment that the tide turned.

"Look at this. Were you an assassin?"

A faint voice accompanied a powerful piece of projectile that flew towards the assassin from a small boat nearby.



The assassin was hit by the projectile and fell into the water.

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