Reaper of the Drifting Moon (Novel) Chapter 361

C 361

Jo Seolpung's jaw muscles twitched.


"Who are you scoundrels? Do you know that this place is managed by the Je-Won merchant group?"


"Judging by your venomous tongue, it seems we've found the right person."


The blood-stained men surrounded Jo Seolpung.


Suddenly, cold sweat flowed down Jo Seolpung's back.


He was a renowned martial arts expert. 

Just by looking at the opponent's posture and gaze, he could guess their skill level.


'There's no gap to exploit.'

His hands were naturally stretched out and his gait was free.

At first glance, it looked like it was full of flaws, but in reality, it was so solid that there was no way to penetrate it.

 Jo Seolpung drew his sword and said,


"Did the Blood Ant Chamber send you?"




"Are you the ones the Blood Ant Chamber was hiding?"




"I see."


Their silence only confirmed his suspicion.


It meant that those surrounding him were the ones Pyo Wol was looking for.


At that moment, the blood-stained men moved.




They attacked Jo Seolpung with a terrifying force.


The blood-stained men displayed a sophisticated combined attack, as if they had been practicing together for a long time. 


Ting, ting, ting!


The sound of swords clashing rang out continuously. mymtlnoveltranslations




Jo Seolpung's expression gradually twisted.


Facing one opponent would have been manageable, but it was difficult to withstand the combined attack of three.


'I didn't know such experts existed.'


The problem was that despite the intense battle, his subordinates were not rushing to help.


There was only one possibility in his mind. mymtlnoveltranslations


'Did they really all perish?'


If so, he was undoubtedly in the worst situation.


It was then.


"Do you have the luxury to think about other things?"




The blood-stained man's sword grazed his arm, tearing through clothes and muscle, causing his blood to spurt.




Jo Seolpung swung his sword in pain.


His arm was already in bad shape, and the injury made it even more difficult.


Although Jo Seolpung had mastered martial arts to a high level, this was his first time fighting for his life.


As a result, he was unable to fully utilize his skills and was pushed back relentlessly.


On the other hand, the blood-stained men were very familiar with life-and-death battles.


They did not learn martial arts in a comfortable environment like Jo Seolpung. 

Their skills were honed through numerous real battles in the harsh wilderness.


Their toughness was incomparable to Jo Seolpung.




In the end, Jo Seolpung allowed the sword to strike on his hand.


He dropped his sword and fell to his knees.


The blood-stained men pointed his sword at Jo Seolpung's throat and said,


"We were told to be cautious of you, but you're nothing special."


"Who are you? If you kill me, the consequences will be endless."


"You don't need to worry about that. Noh Tae-tae and your grandfather won't see tomorrow's sunrise."




"You should have known better. Why did you mess with the Blood Ant Chamber and cause all this trouble?" mymtlnoveltranslations






The blood-stained men swung his sword mercilessly.


Jo Seolpung closed his eyes and waited for death. However, no matter how long he waited, he did not feel any pain.


Eventually, Jo Seolpung could not wait any longer and slowly opened his eyes. At that moment, he saw an astonishing sight.


A small dagger was stuck in the forehead of the blood-stained man who was swinging his sword at him.


The blood-stained man's eyes bulged in disbelief as if he couldn't believe his own death, and then he collapsed. akhi buy me a coffee


"Who is that?"

The remaining blood-stained men were shocked by their comrade's death.

Even they had not noticed when the dagger had been thrown.


Jo Seolpung's eyes suddenly widened.

A black shadow silently landed behind the blood-stained men who were on guard. Even in the darkness, the strikingly pale face was someone he knew well.

'Pyo Wol!'

Although the blood-stained men were right behind him, they were completely unaware of his appearance, despite being on guard.

Only then did Jo Seolpung truly understand why Pyo Wol was called the reaper.

The Pyo Wol he saw now was terrifying, like he would wet his pants in fear.

At that moment, one of the blood-stained men noticed Jo Seolpung's face and eyes. mymtlnoveltranslations

'Could it be?'

He followed Jo Seolpung's gaze and turned his head. In his field of vision, he saw a dazzlingly white face.


He was genuinely startled, as if his heart was about to leap out of his mouth.

At that moment, Pyo Wol reached out his finger.

A thread shot out from his finger.


The thread pierced through the blood-stained man's forehead.

The blood-stained man trembled and collapsed on the spot.

He died without even screaming.

Finally, the remaining blood-stained man realized Pyo Wol's presence.


He unleashed his sword energy towards Pyo Wol. However, before he could even unleash half of his sword energy, Pyo Wol grabbed his wrist.



The blood-stained man's insides were shaken by the recoil of the blocked sword energy.

Pyo Wol didn't miss the opportunity and struck the blood-stained man's chest with a powerful blow.


The blood-stained man's chest bone caved in and he collapsed. However, unlike the others, he didn't die instantly.

This was because Pyo Wol had controlled the amount of force used to some extent.

The blood-stained man barely lifted his head to look at Pyo Wol.

"Ugh! You, you..." mymtlnoveltranslations

"Why did you slaughter the Hao Clan 


"Heh! Who would answer that?" 


Suddenly, with a burst of sound, the blood-stained men  bled from his mouth and collapsed.

He had committed suicide by bursting his own heart.

Pyo Wol silently stared at the dead body of the blood-stained man.

The blood-stained man's behavior, committing suicide without hesitation when cornered, reminded Pyo Wol of a certain group.

'The Guryonsalmak'

They were like this too.

They threw away their lives like a drop of water to protect their secrets.

The only group with such blind loyalty known to Pyo Wol was the Guryonsalmak'.

At that moment,

"Pyo Wol, my great-grandmother is in danger!"

Jo Seolpung said with all his strength.

Pyo Wol gave a slight nod and flew towards the main hall.


Jo Seolpung got up using his sword as a crutch.

Although Pyo Wol had gone to Noh Tae-tae, there was no one for his great-grandfather.

At that moment,


"How could this happen!"

The troops who were outside rushed in.


They hurriedly tried to support Jo Seolpung, but Jo Seolpung waved his hand and said,

"I'm fine, please go to the elders quickly. 

We can't be late." akhi buy me a coffee

"Oh no!"

The troop leader and his troops left Jo Seolpung and hurried to the Je-won Merchant Group’s main hall.

Jo Seolpung clenched his teeth as he watched their receding figures.

'I hope it's not too late....'


Noh Tae-tae looked up at the night sky.

She couldn't tell if the faint moon in the distance was hard to see because of her old age or because she didn't have many days left to live.

Noh Tae-tae thought it didn't matter. She had already enjoyed enough longevity, and she had the feeling that she had finished everything she had to do in this world.

"The young people lead the times, and the old people who have done their job disappear behind the scenes. That's the way of the world."

A serene smile appeared on Noh Tae-tae's lips.



Suddenly, screams erupted around her one after another.

Noh Tae-tae's complexion changed drastically.

After Pyo Wol's visit, Noh Tae-tae's son thought that the defenses of Sea Cliff Pavillion were weak and increased the number of troops. akhi buy me a coffee

Now, the defenses of Sea Cliff Pavilion were almost tripled compared to when Pyo Wol had invaded. And they were highly skilled fighters.

But the fact that screams were heard meant that an incredible fighter had invaded Sea Cliff Pavillion.

"There's no way he's come back..."

Noh Tae-tae immediately denied his thoughts.

If Pyo Wol had returned, there wouldn't have been such screams. He had not left any trace or sound.

So, the person who had invaded the Sea Cliff Pavillion now was not Pyo Wol but someone else.

"It seems that this old woman has committed many sins. I must go through so many things in my old age...."

Noh Tae-tae looked at the front with deep-set eyes"

In her view, three blood-stained men wearing red headbands appeared

They were approaching Noh Tae-tae with their swords stretched out. Blood dripped from the sword tips facing the ground.

Seeing this, Noh Tae-tae's eyes sank deeper.

"So many people lost their lives trying to protect this old man in vain. Instead of bothering others, you should have come straight to me. I would have gladly given my life."

"That wouldn't have been enough of a warning." akhi buy me a coffee

The voice of the Blood Ant Chamber's leader, Cheol Daejin, was cold.

Noh Tae-tae shuddered at the emotionless voice.

Just by the sound of the voice, she knew how ruthless and cruel the man was.

'How many people have died by the sword in his hands? Now my blood will be added to it as well.'

As he approached closer, the strong smell of blood was felt.

Noh Tae-tae's body trembled.

She didn't want to die a disgraceful death, even when facing death.

She wanted to die as dignified as she had lived. So, she tried to hold her head up high and stand straight.

Although her body trembled in response to the opponent's murderous intent, she still tried to maintain his composure.

Cheol Daejin slightly admired Noh Tae-tae's appearance.

'As they say, she is a rare female warrior. She built the massive Je-won merchant group easily.'

Although he had killed many people, it was the first time he had seen someone as dignified as Noh Tae-tae in the face of death.

Cheol Daejin unknowingly said, "I will kill you as painlessly as possible."

"Thank you!" replied Noh Tae-tae. akhi buy me a coffee

At her response, Cheol Daejin smirked and swung his sword.

As the sound of slicing air echoed, Noh Tae-tae closed her eyes.

'Is this the end?'

It was at that moment.


Suddenly, a loud metallic noise rang out right in front of her.

Noh Tae-tae was startled and opened her eyes, only to see Cheol Daejin's swung sword deflected in the opposite direction. 

A dagger had fallen at Cheol Daejin's feet. 

It was evident that someone had thrown the dagger and knocked Cheol Daejin's sword away.

The dagger had so much force that Cheol Daejin was pushed back several steps.

"Who the hell is it?" Cheol Daejin yelled defensively.

Swoosh! Swish!

At that moment, daggers flew in from somewhere else.

One of Cheol Daejin's henchmen barely managed to dodge, but the other was not so lucky.


The dagger lodged deep into his throat.

The fallen warrior wobbled for a moment before falling backward. akhi buy me a coffee


Cheol Daejin's eyes darkened.

His hand gripping the sword was still trembling. The force contained in the dagger was immense.

There were only a few warriors in the Kangho capable of harnessing such power in a mere dagger. And now, one of them had appeared before him.

A man who silently stood in front of Noh Tae-tae without making a sound or giving any indication of his presence.

His unusually pale face contrasted with the darkness and seemed out of place.

Cheol Daejin felt momentarily overwhelmed by the man's otherworldly aura.

On the other hand, color returned to Noh Tae-tae's face.

The saying that growing old makes you indifferent to life was a lie.

She still wanted to live.

Even if it was just for one more day.

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