RDM (Novel) Chapter 354

C 354

Sea Cliff Pavillion(해로장) was situated on the most scenic hill in Poyang Lake.


The area where Sea Cliff Pavillion was located was one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Poyang Lake.

There was no manor or mansion here that wasn't a powerful one, and it was heavily guarded and strictly off-limits to outsiders.

As a result, security was thorough, and the scrutiny of outsiders was strict.

Those without permission couldn't even dare to approach these mansions. Sea Cliff Pavillion was the largest manor among them.

The warriors guarding the Sea Cliff Pavilion took pride in guarding the largest manor in the Poyang Lake. mymtlnoveltranslations

They were all trained at nearby martial arts schools and received a reputation for their formidable martial arts skills.

Although it was late at night, the warriors never let their guard down. But they didn't know.

Someone was standing in a blind spot beyond their gaze. And that person had silently infiltrated the sea cliff pavilion.

That person was Pyo Wol.

An official had told him that a grand banquet had recently been held at the Sea Cliff Pavillion, and a performance troupe had been invited to perform.

But even though it was recent, it was already more than a month ago.

There was no chance that any traces from that time remained. And So Geoksan was not someone who would leak his destination to others.  akhi buy me a coffee

Yet, Pyo Wol came here to think from So Geoksan's perspective.

Pyo Wol stood in the middle of the large performance field where the troupe had performed.

The blue stone floor was good for practicing martial arts, and it was also great for hosting large events with many people.

This was the only place in the Sea Cliff Pavilion suitable for holding a large event.

Pyo Wol thought as he stood in the middle of the performance field.

So Geoksan wouldn't have come to Poyang Lake without a reason. For him, the Heavenly Flower Troupe is not only an object of affection but also an excellent tool to hide his identity. mymtlnoveltranslations

Like a tree in a forest, So Geogaksan hid himself within the Heavenly Flower Troupe.

Naturally, looking into the whereabouts of the Heavenly Flower Troupe would reveal So Geoksan's intentions.

Pyo Wol silently observed the performance field shrouded in darkness.

There was not a single torch, giving it an eerie feeling.

"Over there would have been a stage, seats for VIP's on this side, and seats for invited guests in the back. In the wooded area, there would have been security forces, and at the entrance, there would have been seats for the workers."

This was not baseless speculation.

It was an inference based on the optimal location considering the structure of the performance field.

Pyo Wol went to the spot where he guessed the stage would have been. There were clear signs of stakes driven into the ground. It was obvious they had been used to secure the stage.  akhi buy me a coffee

Standing in the center of where the stage had been, Pyo Wol looked around.

From here, the surroundings were more visible.

'So Geoksan would have been in a place where he could see well but avoid people's gaze.' mymtlnoveltranslations

So Geoksan ran the Heavenly Flower Troupe and had a deep knowledge of swordsmanship, but he did not perform himself.

It was because of the habits ingrained in him as an assassin.

He is extremely reluctant to put himself in harm's way. Especially since he was born a hunchback, he avoided standing in front of others whenever possible.

Pyo Wol moved to the left.

There was a small forest made up of large trees. It was a forest created deliberately to provide shade.

Pyo Wol stood in the forest and looked in the direction of the performance field.

Indeed, from here, not only the stage but also the entire performance field was visible at a glance. It was an excellent spot where one could hide themselves while easily observing others.

'What did you see from here?' mymtlnoveltranslations

He looked at the performance field as if he were So Geoksan.

Performers on the stage, musicians playing instruments, and singers singing. 

The images of more than thirty people performing on the stage unfolded like a fantasy.

It was a spectacle created by Pyo Wol 's imagination.

So Geoksan was the one responsible for protecting them.

If possible, he wouldn't want to involve the performers in his own affairs.

It was then.

The clouds cleared, revealing the moon that had been hidden until now.

The moonlight illuminated the whole landscape, revealing the scenery that had been hidden in the darkness.

Pyo Wol looked around the landscape revealed under the moonlight.  akhi buy me a coffee

At that moment, a glint appeared in Pyo Wol 's eyes.

It was because he saw the silhouette of a mountain beyond the plain.

The land around Poyang Lake was incredibly vast. Yet, the fact that the silhouette was visible meant that the mountain was extraordinarily large.

For some reason, Pyo Wol couldn't take his eyes off the mountain.


"Perhaps it was the same for So Geoksan."

"Could that be our destination?"

It was a baseless speculation, but his intuition was rarely wrong.

Pyo Wol felt the need to investigate.

However, the distance was too far to reach there by tonight.

Considering the width of the land, it would take at least two days to reach that mountain. If they rode a horse, they could cut the time in half.

It was when Pyo Wol was about to quietly leave Sea Cliff Pavillion.

Suddenly, someone's presence was felt in the misty training ground.

A hunched old woman was entering the training ground. She stood in the middle of the ground, staring blankly at the sky.

There was something odd about the old woman's atmosphere. So Pyo Wol didn't move and just watched her.

Suddenly, the old woman staggered and coughed.

"Cough! Cough!"

Her coughing sounded abnormal.

The old woman staggered and fell.

As her head was about to hit the ground, Pyo Wol instinctively approached her and caught her body.  akhi buy me a coffee

"Cough! Cough!"

The old woman coughed continuously in Pyo Wol 's arms. Her front teeth were stained with blood. She had coughed up blood.

The old woman's condition was getting worse.

Pyo Wol infused her with inner energy. Her coughing gradually subsided.

After some time, the old woman calmed down and looked up at Pyo Wol .

"Phew! Thank you! But you're not from the pavillion, are you?"


"Don't be so tense. I'm not so heartless as to be rude to the one who saved my life. Will you help me up?"

Pyo Wol nodded and helped the old woman stand up.


The old woman breathed deeply and looked at Pyo Wol .

"My time is near, so the attacks are more frequent. I've lived enough and have no regrets, but I didn't want to go away so futilely in a place with no one around."

The old woman smiled as if nothing had happened. akhi buy me a coffee

Her face was so wrinkled that it was impossible to guess her age. Her cloudy eyes showed deep wisdom.

The old woman asked again.

"So, what brought you to my house?"

"Your house?"

"Didn't you know? Sea Cliff Pavilion is my house. To be precise, my son built it for me. Judging by the fact that you sneaked in without knowing such a fact, you must not be from here."

"That's right!"

"Then why did you come here? If you have business, you could have come during the day. Why did you sneak in at night?"

"I'm looking for someone."


"The Heavenly Flower Troupe."

"Oh! Are you talking about the theater group that performed at my birthday party recently? Thanks to them, I had a great day."


"It was a performance of a level that is hard to see. I saw a truly great show before I will die."

The old woman's face lit up with a happy smile as she recalled the memory.

The purpose of So Geoksan, whatever it was, had certainly given her fond memories of the Heavenly Flower Troupe. mymtlnoveltranslations

"They've gone missing."


"They disappeared without a trace after their performance here."  akhi buy me a coffee

"What a pity..."

The old woman sighed.

She seemed genuinely distressed.

She asked, "So, are you looking for them?"


"I hope you find them. People with the talent to bring joy to others are not so common."

"I'll do my best."

Pyo Wol nodded.

Although it wasn't as pure an intention as the old woman thought, finding the Heavenly Flower Troupe was necessary to find a connection with Hong Yushin.

"It's fortunate! To have someone as capable as you looking for them."

"How can you be sure I'm capable?"

"Hehe! I'm over a hundred years old. I can tell someone's abilities just by looking at their face. Even if that's not the case, the fact that you can come and go freely in my house is proof enough of your capabilities."

It wasn't her son's ability that had built the grand estate called the Sea Cliff Pavillion. The businesses her son ran, such as the trading company and the escort service, were all built with the old woman's power.

In Poyang Lake, the old woman was called Noh Tae-tae, and she was respected by the people.

Noh Tae-tae became a widow at the age of eighteen when her husband, who had gone on a business trip, was killed by bandits.

Noh Tae-tae didn't cry.

She didn't despair.

With her only son on her back, she started working on the trading business her husband had done.

She had a hard time and was deceived.

But instead of despair, she stood up with determination.

Knowing that her collapse would mean her son would have no life, she worked even harder.

Three years after taking over the trading company, she heard it was the best in Poyang. To protect the trading company, she established an escort service, and to bring in proper martial artists, she spent a huge amount of money on nearby martial arts schools and sects.

From then on, nothing could stop her.

She expanded her trading company and escort service through aggressive business strategies, eventually becoming the best trading company in the Kangho Province.

Her accomplishment in growing the trading company was to eliminate the bandits who had killed her husband. She mobilized the martial artists of the escort service and cooperated with the officials to eradicate the bandits.

In the meantime, her son married and had seven children. The seven grandchildren grew up and got married. 

The seven grandchildren gave birth to dozens of great-grandchildren.

Only then did she retire from the front lines and take refuge here. Her aged son built the Sea Cliff Pavilion for his even older mother.

It was meant to honor her longevity, or long and peaceful life.

As someone who built a huge enterprise by herself, Noh Tae-tae’s ability to judge people was more accurate than anyone else's.

Noh Tae-tae quickly realized that the young man in front of her was an extraordinary existence.

It wasn't just because he had managed to sneak into the Sea Cliff Pavillion without being noticed by the martial artists. Pyo Wol had a peculiar atmosphere and aura that others didn't have.

Noh Tae-tae had never experienced such a chilling atmosphere before, which made her feel naturally intimidated.

Throughout her life, she had met countless people, including many martial artists who had shaken the martial arts world, but none had the unique atmosphere and aura that Pyo Wol possessed.

Noh Tae-tae instinctively understood that Pyo Wol was a stronger person than any martial artist she had ever met.

"What is your name?"

"Pyo Wol !"

"So, it's you! The Reaper..."

"Do you know me?"

"My son's business often goes to Sichuan Province. I first heard your story through them. To be honest, I thought it was exaggerated at first. But as I learned more about you through the information that followed, I realized that the rumors about you were true."

There were many rumors about Pyo Wol . However, even before those rumors spread, the elderly woman had been paying attention to Pyo Wol 's movements.

In order to operate a big business in the martial world, she believed that even the smallest rumors should not be ignored. However, she never expected to actually meet Pyo Wol .

Seeing Pyo Wol in person felt even more dangerous than she had vaguely imagined.

Such individuals, even if unintentionally, put the martial world in danger.

Even if they didn't want to, there were people who brought chaos.

Looking back through the history of the martial world, numerous martial artists had done so.

The Demon fist of mount hua was a prime example.

Nowadays, even his legend had faded, but examining the records of that time made it clear how unbelievable he was.

People remembered him as the one who ended the chaos, but the elderly woman thought that his presence intensified the chaos.

After that, the former head of the Heavenly Martial Gate did the same.

He was the hero who ended the Divine War, but his presence made it more intense.

Both of them had the commonality of ending the chaos with their own hands and being revered for it. However, the fact that such heroes appeared was evidence of the intense chaos that had taken place.

The elderly woman felt a similar vibe from Pyo Wol .

The heavens never send such unreasonable beings without reason.

"Phew! It seems another chaotic time is about to begin."

Her sigh scattered in the wind.

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