Reaper of the Drifting Moon (Novel) Chapter 348

C 348

"Who do you think you are, using the family's assets as you please? Have you gone mad? How can you act so arbitrarily?"

A middle-aged man glared at his daughter sitting across from him.

He was Jo Sumok, the head of the Namgyeong Clan. 

Jo Sumok stared at his daughter, Jo Yuseol, with furious eyes.

He had rushed from Namgyeong to Taeho in a month after receiving the news of his son's death.

At the scene of his son's death, he saw Jo Yuseol distributing the family's supplies to help people.

Already enraged by his son's death, Jo Sumok's anger exploded when he saw Jo Yuseol distributing supplies without the head's permission. mymtlnoveltranslations

He shouted at his subordinates.

"What are you doing? Hurry up and seize her. Lock her up in the warehouse before she gives away all the family's assets."


The subordinates approached Jo Yuseol, all of them were elite warriors of the Namgyeong Clan.

However, Jo Yuseol did not even blink at their approach.

"Who dares to lay a hand on this child?"

Right behind her was Jo Jakyung.

At Jo Jakyung's intervention, the warriors approaching Jo Yuseol paled, staggered, and all fell to their knees. Their minds were shaken by his power.

Jo Sumok's face also turned pale.

Only then did he realize that the old man standing behind Jo Yuseol was the spear king Jo Jakyung.

"H-How come you're here, Father..."

"Do you know what kind of misdeeds your son, Ik-gwang, committed?"

"What do you mean?"

"It's too filthy for me to even say it with my own mouth. It would be best for the Namgyeong Clan to act according to Yuseol's words if they want to survive." akhi buy me a coffee

At Jo Jakyung's words, Jo Sumok shrank his shoulders.

A foreboding feeling loomed over him.

Jo Yuseol explained the situation to her father.

"Ik-gwang kidnapped young girls, raped, tortured, and killed them. Our estimation is that there are tens of thousands of girls who died that way."

"That's impossible. Ik-gwang could never..."

"You already suspected that Ik-gwang wasn't normal."

"Well, that's..."

"It's all because of him that this disaster happened. If this fact is revealed, the Namgyeong  Clan won't be able to hold their heads up anymore. Is that okay with you?"


"There's only one way for the Namgyeong Clan to survive. We must restore the destroyed area and regain the people's trust."

Jo Sumok couldn't say anything to Jo Yuseol's words, only clenching his jaw muscles. Jo Yuseol looked at her father with a cold expression and gaze.

The Jo Yuseol who used to watch her father and brother's every move no longer existed.

The gaze and spirit of Jo Yuseol standing here now were so fierce that Jo Sumok could hardly bear it.

'Was she always like this?'

This was not the daughter Jo Sumok had known until now.

Rather, Jo Sumok felt overwhelmed by Jo Yuseol.

Moreover, Jo Jakyung was behind her.

He didn't know what had happened, but Jo Jakyung was supporting Jo Yuseol.

Jo Sumok had persistently tried to recruit him, but Jo Jakyung had never shown any interest. akhi buy me a coffee

However, he seemed willing to give his all for Jo Yuseol now. mymtlnoveltranslations

Jo Yuseol called her father.


"Can you handle it properly?"


"Leave it to me, and I will definitely fix it."

"Alright. I'll leave this matter to you. Sigh!"

Jo Sumok let out a sigh.

In an instant, Jo Sumok's face seemed to have aged by at least ten years.

Jo Sumok had lived his life focusing on his only son. 

Jo Ik-gwang's death dealt a huge shock to him. 

To make matters worse, learning about Jo Ik-gwang's misdeeds left him with no motivation to rectify the situation. akhi buy me a coffee

Jo Sumok sensed that his era had come to an end.

With the spear king, Jo Jakyung, acting as his daughter's patron, there was nothing he could do. Moreover, his daughter had both legitimacy and practicality on her side.


His sigh was scattered in the wind.

Jo Yuseol knew exactly what this meant.

'It's done.'

She had opened the massive iron gate, which had never opened for a woman, with her own strength.

Having overcome the most difficult hurdle, it would not be too hard for her to inherit the remaining power from her aging father.

A bright smile appeared on Jo Yuseol's face.

She spoke to Jo Jakyung.

"Let's go, Grandfather! We have a lot to deal with today."

"Let's do that."

Jo Jakyung nodded and followed Jo Yuseol.

The sight of the two walking together left a strong impression on the people of Taeho.

Spear King, Jo Jakyung, supported the woman who was rebuilding the ruined streets of Taeho.

The name Jo Yuseol was being etched into people's minds. akhi buy me a coffee

Fortunately, the Taeho First Pavillion, where Pyo Wol was staying, was on the opposite side of the collapsed street, so it had escaped damage.

The misfortune of others sometimes became the fortune of others.

The Taeho First Pavillion and nearby guest houses were such cases.

The street on the opposite side of the lake had been completely destroyed, so people flocked to this area. The prosperity here seemed likely to continue until the collapsed street was restored.

The Taeho First Pavillion was almost full with the influx of people. Only one spot remained empty.

The table by the window with the best view of Taeho was completely vacant. The inn's owner had reserved this spot for Pyo Wol.

While other seats were given to customers, the owner personally managed this spot and kept it empty for Pyo Wol. However, not a single person complained about this.

The rumor that Pyo Wol had subdued the spear king, Jo Jakyung, had spread throughout Taeho. mymtlnoveltranslations

Just for subduing Jo Jakyung, one of the Eight Constellations, Pyo Wol deserved enough respect.

Many guests inside the inn had come to see Pyo Wol. They sneakily glanced at the stairs while drinking.

Then, Pyo Wol silently descended the stairs.

'The Reaper.'

'Is that Pyo Wol? He's much more beautiful than the rumors.'

'The Reaper, Pyo Wol, the new powerhouse in the martial world.'

People were thrilled just by the fact that they had seen Pyo Wol's face in person.

Pyo Wol knew the way people were looking at him. But he was already used to such gazes.

He naturally took his seat.

As soon as Pyo Wol sat down, the innkeeper hurried over.

He placed a teapot and teacup in front of Pyo Wol and said,

"I brewed some Dragon Brewed tea that arrived yesterday. Please try it, and if it doesn't suit your taste, let me know."



Pyo Wol nodded his head and picked up the teacup.

After taking a sip of the tea, Pyo Wol said, "Good!"

"I'm glad. Please wait a moment, and I'll bring out the food."

The innkeeper smiled broadly and withdrew.

Left alone, Pyo Wol drank his tea while looking out the window.

He saw several boats cutting through the current of Taeho River, heading in the opposite direction. Unlike fishing boats or cruise ships, these boats had a streamlined shape, making it easy to cut through the water.

It was when Pyo Wol frowned slightly at the unfamiliar shape of the boats in Taeho.

"The boat you're looking at is used by the Long River Fortress."

Suddenly, someone's voice was heard.

Turning his head, Pyo Wol saw an old man dressed in simple clothes standing there.

A strong smell of blood emanated from the old man.

Pyo Wol recognized the old man's identity.mymtlnoveltranslations

"You must be the Taeho branch chief."

"It's been a while."

The old man was the aged head of Taeho branch in Hao Clan. The large knife he usually 

used for hunting was nowhere to be seen.

"May I sit down?"


"Thank you."

The old man sat across from Pyo Wol. Then, Pyo Wol asked, "That boat is Long River Fortress's?"


"Why is the Long River Fortress going there?"

"Isn't it obvious? They are trying to gain favor with Jo Yuseol, the new power holder in 

Namgyeong Clan."

"Is that so?"

"Since the young master Jo Ik-gwang has fallen, it's only natural for Jo Yuseol to join hands with Long River Fortress. Moreover, Jo Yuseol is a woman, so it's not strange that the young master Bok Ho-jin of Long River Fortress would be interested."

"Do you think Jo Yuseol will join hands with Bok Ho-jin?"

"If I were her, I certainly would."

"So, you know about Jo Yuseol?"

"She was a subject of our investigation. Most people didn't pay attention to her, but we in Hao Clan have known for a long time that she has great ambition."

To outsiders, Jo Yuseol seemed to have suddenly gained prominence, but Hao Clan had known from the start that she harbored extraordinary ambition.

However, as long as Jo Ik-Gwang was in power, there was nothing she could do, so they only collected information and took no action.

"Jo Yuseol is an extremely cunning and deep-hearted woman. Although she is now in control of Namgyeong Clan with the support of the spear king, there will surely be those who will resist her simply because she is a woman. To suppress their resistance, she will undoubtedly join forces with an external power."

"And that external power is the Long River Fortress?" mymtlnoveltranslations

"It's an alliance that benefits both parties. She has no reason to refuse."

"That makes sense."

Pyo Wol nodded in agreement.

His thoughts were the same as the old man's.

Having experienced Jo Yuseol's ambition firsthand, he knew it was much greater than what could be seen from the outside. She would do whatever it took to bring Long River Fortress under her control.

Pyo Wol asked the old man, "Did you come here to tell me that?"

"No, I just thought you might find it interesting. My real purpose is something else."

"I see."

"There are too many eyes here. How about moving to a quieter place? I have something to tell you in private."

"No need. They won't be able to hear anything."

"Excuse me?"

It was then that the old man finally realized something


Everyone was looking at them with a mix of curiosity, but they were unable to hear the actual conversation, tilting their heads in confusion.

"Did you block all the sound?"

"They'll never know what we're talking about."

The old man couldn't hide his astonishment at Pyo Wol's words.

Blocking the sound from leaking meant that Pyo Wol's skills had already reached the level of an absolute master.

Considering Pyo Wol's age, it was hard to believe his achievement. However, it wasn't impossible considering the martial arts he had recently displayed.

Rather, it was thought that he should be able to do this much.

The man before him was a formidable warrior who was called the "reaper" in the martial arts world.

Pyo Wol asked him,

"What do you want to talk about?"

"Actually, I have a request." mymtlnoveltranslations

"A request?"



For the first time, a smile appeared on Pyo Wol's lips.

Though he had been wandering around Kangho, this was the first time an old man had boldly asked for a request like this.

The old man misunderstood Pyo Wol's smile and hastily explained.

"No, it's not a personal request. It's a request from our sect leader."

"From the Hao Clan’s sect leader?"

"Yes! The sect leader has asked me to request your help directly."

"Is it about the Hong Yushin issue?"

"Yes, how did you know?"

The old man wore a defeated expression.

He was afraid of the man before him.

His terrifying martial arts skills were one thing, but even more frightening was his deep insight.

With just a small clue, he could piece together the whole picture and turn any unfavorable situation to his advantage. His brilliant mind was terrifying.

The old man tried to hide his fear and cautiously continued.

"We found a clue to find master Hong the day before yesterday. However, with our abilities, we can't go any further, so we're asking for your help."

"How did you find the clue?"

"Do you know the Heavenly Flower Troupe?"

"Heavenly Flower Troupe?"

"Yes! The troupe that performed in Yeonam Province."

"What about the Heavenly Flower Troupe?" mymtlnoveltranslations

"There was a connection between the Heavenly Flower Troupe and master Hong. To be exact, the whereabouts of master Hong coincided with the Heavenly Flower Troupe. So, while tracking the troupe, we found clues about master Hong's disappearance. However, our abilities are insufficient to proceed further. So, the sect leader wishes to entrust you with the request."

"What's the reward?"

"Full support from the Hao Clan and anything you desire."


Pyo Wol wore an interesting expression. mymtlnoveltranslations

He had already received a promise from Hong Yushin, but the weight of the sect leader's promise was different.

Above all, the fact that the Heavenly Flower Troupe was involved piqued his interest.

There was So Geoksan in the Heavenly Flower Troupe.

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