RDM (Novel) Chapter 399

C 399

"Lee Geom-han is unfolding the Heaven Killing Sword?"

Namgung Seol couldn't hide her astonishment.

Lee Geom-han was a man with a strong sense of pride.

Especially when it came to swordsmanship, he held a deep pride, and he never unleashed his techniques on opponents unworthy of him. Particularly the Heaven Killing Sword, a secret technique of his clan, which was so powerful that he extremely refrained from practicing it.

Yet, Lee Geom-han was unfolding the Heaven Killing Sword from the start.

At least, this was the first time Namgung Seol had seen this since she had met Lee Geom-han .


A spine-chilling sound of splitting air echoed.

For a moment, Namgung Seol  felt as if she herself was being cut.

The technique created to kill the heavens was the epitome of lethal intent.

If mishandled, its user could be consumed by the technique. Hence, only a single successor was chosen among the direct descendants of the Mad Martial Sect to inherit it.

Lee Geom-han had mastered the Heaven Killing Sword to an astonishing level of eight stages.

Though he had not achieved the Great Success, his current accomplishment was unmatched among his peers.

The very fact that Lee Geom-han was unfolding the Heaven Killing Sword was evidence of his recognition of Pyo Wol.

'Is he even more incredible than I thought?'

Namgung Seol 's expression hardened.


At that moment, the two collided.

Lee Geom-han exerted his full power to unfold the Heaven Killing Sword, and Pyo Wol drew all nine of his Ghost Blades.


Lee Geom-han 's Heaven Killing Sword aimed for Pyo Wol's throat. However, his sword did not touch Pyo Wol's body.


The Ghost Blade had knocked away Lee Geom-han 's sword.

As a result, the Ghost Blade shattered like a straw stalk. However, Pyo Wol still had eight Ghost Blades left.

Sssh! Sssh!

The Ghost Blades circled and aimed for Lee Geom-han 's vital points. However, they couldn't penetrate the sword aura created by Lee Geom-han .


The sword and the Ghost Blades clashed repeatedly.

Each time, a massive shock wave exploded and swept the surroundings.


Namgung Seol 's complexion paled.

The shockwave had shaken her inner energy.

She was a martial arts master.

Having learned thousands of martial arts techniques from a young age, she was nearly matchless. Naturally, her depth of inner energy was also profound.

Ordinary attacks couldn't give her even a slight shock. However, her inner energy was being shaken by the shockwave, which was not a direct hit.

The martial prowess of Pyo Wol and Lee Geom-han far exceeded hers.

In Lee Geom-han 's case, it was understandable.

He was the man who had inherited the true lineage of the Mad Martial Sect, the strongest clan in the world.

But Pyo Wol was incomprehensible.

He was vastly surpassing Namgung Seol 's common sense.

"How can a mere assassin......"

She was at a loss for words at Pyo Wol's martial prowess, fighting on equal footing with Lee Geom-han .

She realized she had to revise her preconceptions about Pyo Wol.

'I must not regard him as a mere assassin. He is proving worthy of being Lee Geom-han 's competitor.'

Namgung Seol kept a close eye on Pyo Wol.

It was unlikely, but if by any chance  Lee-Geom han was defeated by Pyo Wol, she would have to employ every means to cover up the fact.

At that moment, the voice of the Snow Flower Sword’s Master came in like a mosquito.

"―I'm sorry for the late arrival."

"―Surround the area quickly."


In response to Namgung Seol's command, the master responded without hesitation.

Although they had suffered damage from Pyo Wol, the Snow Flower Swords was still intact. They silently surrounded the area.

Namgung Seol's eyes bulged as she intently watched the battle between Pyo Wol and  Lee-Geom han.


The confrontation between the two escalated to a climax in a blink of an eye.

 Lee-Geom han's sword possessed tremendous destructive power.

He didn't wrap his sword in sword energy or sword aura.

He concentrated all his energy into his sword and attacked Pyo Wol, which was more terrifying and powerful.


Another ghost blade shattered upon clashing with  Lee-Geom han's sword.

Now, there were only two intact ghost blades left. All the others had been shattered by  Lee-Geom han's sword.

The remaining two were also not in their prime, with chips and cracks in them.

Pyo Wol realized.

It was time to abandon the ghost blades.

He had used them quite effectively so far, but he had ascended to a world where the remaining weapons were no longer effective.

Through his confrontation with  Lee-Geom han, he definitively realized that his ghost blades would not work against the strong opponents he would face from now on.


The last two ghost blades also turned into dust and scattered.

Pyo Wol was now practically unarmed. The hidden weapons in the Black Dragon Robe could not exert any power against an opponent like Lee-Geom han.

However, Pyo Wol's eyes did not show signs of defeat.

Though he was accustomed to using the ghost blades, they were not his main martial art.

Pyo Wol charged at  Lee-Geom han with his bare hands.

He rushed along the shortest line connecting point to point. And the punch he threw.

A simple action without any unnecessary movements, there were no needless tricks or fancy movements.

All that was needed was a will to kill the opponent.

For a moment,  Lee-Geom han felt a chill run down his spine.


The sound of steel rang out as the fist and sword collided.

Pyo Wol had struck the side of the sword, not the blade.

A tiny scratch appeared on the body of the sword, a masterpiece created by the greatest craftsman of the Mad Martial Sect with all his heart and soul.

 Lee-Geom han frowned at the unbelievable sight.

It was an attack that applied the Aguido, a technique for destroying the human body.

No matter how much a human or a weapon is trained to the extreme, they inevitably have weaknesses.

And Pyo Wol's thoughts were spot on. His technique for destroying the human body worked on weapons as well.

It was only regrettable that he could not destroy it in one go, as the level of his opponent was too high.

Now that Lee-Geom han knew the level of Pyo Wol, he would be on high alert.

He wouldn't be able to gain the same advantage as before.

But that didn't matter.

A small key is what opens a tightly shut door.

All Pyo Wol needed now was a firm resolve.

A single candle light illuminates the darkness.

A strong heart is enough to tread through the darkness ahead of him.

He unfolds the Black Lightning.

The latent brain power in his body stimulated his nerves.


It was numbing as if struck by lightning.

The nerves stimulated by the brain power stood on end sharply.

The fully opened nerves expanded Pyo Wol's senses several times over.

His vision widened and a new world opened up.

A world that only Pyo Wol could see and feel.

Pyo Wol opened that door and charged at Lee-Geom han.


Lee-Geom han was taken aback by the sudden appearance of Pyo Wol's face.

From his point of view, it felt as if Pyo Wol had ripped through space. However, he did not panic and unfolded the initial stance of the heaven killing sword.


The sword sound, reminiscent of a ghost's wailing, echoed chillingly.

If Pyo Wol used Black Lightning to speed up his own clock, Lee-Geom han's sword cut through space faster than a lightning bolt, tearing through Pyo Wol's world.

Lee-Geom han's sword brushed past Pyo Wol's nose by a hair's breadth.

A little more reach and Pyo Wol's face would have been sliced off. In fact, Lee-Geom han did just that. But his sword did not touch Pyo Wol's face.

Because Pyo Wol retreated just as much as the sword reached out.

As soon as the sword passed, Pyo Wol's counterattack began.

His fist exploded into Lee-Geom han's side.


A force strong enough to break a rock.

Yet, Lee-Geom han was unscathed.

He had stretched out the palm of his free hand to block Pyo Wol's attack.

Boom, boom, boom!


The sound of fierce impact and tearing echoed countless times.

Pyo Wol unfolded another strike, and Lee-Geom han successively unfolded the beheading stance of the heaven killing sword.


Pyo Wol's shoulder was torn open and blood scattered like threads.

Lee-Geom han was also not in a good condition. An unexpected Soul Reaping Thread had pierced his shoulder.

Pyo Wol pulled the Soul Reaping Thread.

If it had been a normal opponent, they would have been pulled in entirely. But Lee-Geom han was not a normal warrior.

He swung his sword hard and cut off the Soul Reaping Thread that had pierced his shoulder. The Soul Reaping Thread, made of Qi, was cut off too easily.


Lee-Geom han's body rotated and his sword was drawn horizontally.

It was an attack combined with a spin.

The acceleration and destructive power increased several times in an instant.

Kiing! Kiiing!

The sound of the gears in the machine rotating fiercely resonated as the body moved.

It was a movement that literally destroyed common sense.

Lee-Geom han competed against Pyo Wol with all his might.

He had long abandoned any feelings of belittlement.

'This guy is also someone heaven-sent.'

Sometimes, there are such people.

Born from the bottom with nothing, but they've seized tremendous martial power with their own strength.

In the old days, there was Mount Hua, and in the relatively recent past, there was Lee Gwak of the Mad Martial Sect.

They all shared the common point of changing the flow of their era.

Lee-Geom han inherited the legacy of his grandfather Lee Gwak.

He was confident in his martial arts and achievements, but all of it wasn't achieved by his power alone.

If it weren't for Lee Gwak and the Mad Martial Sect, his current achievements would have been impossible.

He was curious.

About the true martial power of Pyo Wol, who climbed up from the bottom with his own strength and stood at the same eye level as him.


So, he unfolded the heaven killing sword with all his might.

Although he had only mastered up to the eighth level, the heaven killing sword was a supreme technique.

Its power surpasses the ultimate techniques of the top martial artists.

With the swing of the heaven killing sword, the air in the vicinity trembled.


It was as if the sky was angry.

At this sight, not only Namgung Seol but also the Snow Flower Swords dared not approach.

"My goodness!"

Snow Flower Swords watched the duel between the two with a lost expression.

It was an otherworldly duel they could not even imagine.

It was unbelievable.

Lee-Geom han was the strongest martial artist they knew.

He was the martial artist who could have an equal match against the eight constellations, known as the top martial artists.

Pyo Wol was having an equal duel against Lee-Geom han. They had been skeptical when they heard the rumor that Pyo Wol had defeated one of the eight constellations, but now they had no choice but to believe it.

It was a surreal spectacle that they would never have believed unless they saw it with their own eyes.


A thread of Qi came out from Pyo Wol's fingertips.

It wasn't a normal Soul reaping thread.

It was the threaded serpent qi, a strong Qi made from Qi threads.


The heaven killing sword and the threaded serpent qi collided countless times.

In terms of destructive power alone, the heaven killing sword was far superior. But in terms of length and maneuverability, the threaded serpent qi was much ahead.

Moreover, the one handling the threaded serpent qi was Pyo Wol.

Pyo Wol knew very well how to maximize the power of the threaded serpent qi. He fiercely swung the threaded serpent qi and attacked Lee Geom-han.

Lee Geom-han advanced stubbornly like a carp swimming against the current.

Approaching the first yard wasn't difficult. But advancing the next yard was twice as difficult.

The closer he got, the shorter the length of the threaded serpent qi. The shorter the length, the greater the power.

A tremendous shock jolted his entire body.

He swung his sword to offset most of the shock, but still, his organs vibrated.

A trace of blood appeared at the corner of Lee Geom-han's mouth. But he did not stop advancing.

Finally, he reached within reach of Pyo Wol.

It was the distance where the heaven killing sword could exert its greatest power.


Lee Geom-han thrust his sword towards Pyo Wol's neck.

Of course, Pyo Wol blocked his sword with the threaded serpent qi.


The threaded serpent qi broke under the advance of the sword.

The threaded serpent qi, flowed down like sand from the part hit by the sword.

Lee Geom-han's sword advanced without hesitation.

It seemed that his sword would stick right into Pyo Wol's chest.

That's when it happened.

There was a change in the threaded serpent qi, which had been falling apart helplessly.

Suddenly, a flash of light, and a black lightning bolt shot up along the threaded serpent qi.

Pyo Wol had put Black Lightning in the threaded serpent qi.

The threaded serpent qi, combined with the black lightning, raised its head again. And it bit into Lee Geom-han's heaven killing sword like a venomous snake.


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