RDM (Novel) Chapter 385

C 385

Namgung Seol had a unique atmosphere.

What made her so special was her deep-set eyes. Despite her glamorous appearance, her eyes were so deep that it was impossible to see her thoughts.

This was a characteristic often found in people who thought deeply.

Namgung Seol looked at Pyo Wol with her deep, mysterious eyes.

Her glamorous appearance, like a rose, and her deep eyes were enough to cast a spell on anyone who looked at her.

In fact, the guests sitting behind Pyo Wol were staring at her in a trance, even though her gaze was not directed at them.

Namgung Seol stared at Pyo Wol for a long time.

Pyo Wol looked into her eyes in silence as well.

Namgung Seol was the first to break eye contact.

She lowered her eyes and spoke.

"I've always wanted to see you. You're the first person Wol's(Nam-Gung wol) ever talked about so much, and now that I've seen you in person, I can see why."

"I don't think you came all the way here because you're worried about your brother. What's going on?"

"Would you believe me if I told you I came to see master Pyo?"


"It is true. One of the reasons I came here was to see Master Pyo."

"What is the other reason?"

"I'm sorry, it's personal..."

Namgung Seol apologised with a slight smile.



Her smile made the surrounding men exclaim in admiration.

On the other hand, Pyo Wol's gaze deepened.

She is a witch.

Namgung Seol was someone who had the ability to captivate and enchant men with her eyes and expression, whether she wanted to or not.

Pyo Wol rose from his seat.

"Now that you've seen my face, I guess there's no more business."


For the first time in her life, Namgung Seol showed a flustered expression at Pyo Wol's sudden action.

She hadn't expected him to act like that in front of her.

A beautiful face was a great weapon.

To be able to mesmerise a man with a simple smile was an even greater weapon, and she knew how to use it to maximum effect.

Most men were seduced by her gaze and readily revealed their thoughts. Even if they didn't go that far, they tended to let their guard down. But her beauty didn't work on Pyo Wol.

Namgung Seol wiped away her smile and said,

"I am sorry. I didn't mean to test Master Pyo.

At her apology, Pyo Wol sat down again.

"What is it?"

"Master Pyo, you are the matter."

"Did you come to see me and judge for yourself?"

"You're giving me a headache."


"It's because you're too clever. It's a burden to have someone too smart around."

"I don't think that's for you to say."

"Is that so?"

"Am I an enemy or an ally? What's your judgement?"

"I'll hold off on that."


"I don't think it's a matter for me to judge. It seems that Master Pyo is beyond my level of judgment..."

"You seem to have arranged a meeting with someone at Poyang Lake. Are you planning to leave the judgment to them?"


Namgung Seol sighed with a weary expression.

She had met many people in his life, but she had never met someone like Pyo Wol who could get to the heart of things with just a few words of conversation.

He was a challenging opponent to deal with.

Especially someone like her, who hid a deep mind behind a glamorous exterior.

Namgung Seol looked directly at Pyo Wol and said,

"If I were Hyung, who is after the power of Kangho, I would kill Master Pyo first. Master Pyo is a being who makes things difficult for people in many ways.

"Is your man also after the power of Kangho?"

"Of course not! Ah!"

Namgung Seol answered unintentionally, then realised her mistake and glared at Pyo Wol.

"How did you know I have a boyfriend?"

"The clothes you're wearing and the jewellery. They're all too flashy for everyday use. I don't think a sensible woman like you would dress like that to show off for nothing. There is only one reason for a woman to be so out of place."

"Is it because of a man?"

"Isn't it?"

"I think you'd be better suited as a fortune-teller than a martial artist."

"I'll take that as a compliment."

"It's a compliment, but I have a favour to ask."


"Please don't use Wol. He's a good boy. He's full of chivalry, and if he keeps growing like this, he could become a giant in Kangho."

"I also have a request."

"What is it?"

"I'd like you to stay out of his life."


"He's doing fine as it is, I'm just worried that your undue attention might be poison to him."

"Phew! You don't give an inch. Fine, I won't say anything more unnecessary."

In the end, Namgung Seol surrendered, having suffered only casualties.

But she had learned one thing for sure.

His martial arts skills are excellent, but what I should be more wary of are his deep thoughts.

She was not afraid of a man with a strong martial art. But she was wary of those with strong thoughts. Finally, she was afraid of those who were both strong in martial arts and deep in thoughts.


Pyo Wol was such a case.

As she looked at him, her eyes grew more alert.

"What are you doing here?"

Suddenly, with a soft voice, someone approached Pyowol.

For a moment, Namgung Seol's face showed a puzzled expression.

It was because the person who naturally sat next to Pyo Wol was a woman.

The woman, who seemed ordinary at first glance, but possessed a strangely captivating beauty, was Hong Ye-Seol.

Hong Ye-Seol clung to Pyo Wol's side and looked at Namgung Seol.

"Oh dear! We have a guest."

Hong Ye-Seol acted as if she didn't know.

Namgung Seol read the strong caution and jealousy in Hong Ye-Seol's eyes.

She realised what kind of feelings Hong Ye Seol had for Pyo Wol.

There was only one reason for a woman to be so wary and jealous of another woman.

It was trying to prevent their man from being taken away.

It was clear that Hong Ye-Seol saw Namgung Seol as a potential rival.

Namgung Seol stared at Hong Ye-Seol intently. Hong Ye Seol stared back at Namgung Seol without backing down.

Sparks seemed to fly between the two women.

Namgung Seol said calmly,

"My name is Namgung Seol. And you are?"

"Ah! You are Lady Namgung. I'm Hong Ye-Seol."

"Lady Hong, I see."

"But what brings Lady Namgung here? Do you have any business with this man?"

"The business is done. I should leave now."

"Oh, dear! That's a pity. I wanted to talk more with Lady Namgung."

"Perhaps next time. Well then..."

Namgung Seol rose from her seat with a soft smile.

She exchanged pleasantries with Pyo Wol and Hong Ye-Seol and left.

As soon as Namgung Seol's figure disappeared completely, the smile on Hong Ye-Seol's face vanished as well.

"That cunning fox..."

"Do you know her well?"

"How could I not know the Thousand Year Fox?"

"Thousand-Year Fox?"

"Didn't you know? It's her nickname. Ah! You must have been so busy with her face that you didn't recognise it."

There was a hint of anger in Hong Ye Seol's eyes as she stared at Pyo Wol.

Even though Hong Ye Seol herself didn't think it made sense, the emotion she was feeling right now was clearly jealousy.

She knew that Pyo Wol had many women.

For a man with Pyo Wol's looks, it was natural for women to flock to him. She was also one of the women who had been drawn to Pyo Wol in that way.

But she thought she was different from other women. Unlike other women who fell for Pyo Wol without thinking, she thought she was using him.

So she thought she wouldn't be jealous no matter how many women Pyo Wol had. But when she saw Pyo Wol talking to another woman in front of her, her anger rose to the top of her head.

That's why she broke the taboo and revealed herself in front of others.

Even at that moment, her heart was beating much faster than usual. Her face was flushed.

Whether Pyo Wol knew this or not, he said,

"Tell me more about Namgung Seol."

"Are you interested in her?"



For a moment, Hong Ye Seol couldn't contain her anger. But when she saw Pyo Wol's cold gaze, her anger vanished like a lie.

Pyo Wol's gaze was not something that someone with curiosity about the opposite sex could have.


With a weak sigh, Hong Ye Seol's reason returned.

She opened her mouth, trying to calm her wildly beating heart.

"She is the second of Namgung Yugeom's three children and the only girl. She was famous for her beautiful appearance from a young age, but what made her even more special was her deep mind. She's been known to think differently since she was young. As she grew up, she turned her attention to the outside world, not the thousand kindgodm school. Perhaps she thought she had little chance of inheriting the thousand kingdom school because of Namgoong Jin. However, she spends half the year outside the thousand kingdom schol and no one knows where she stays. Even her own family doesn't know.

"How interesting."

"That's why we at the Hundred Wraith Union have been following her every move with interest, but we've learned nothing, which is proof that she's very careful not to reveal her whereabouts."

"A woman so determined would not have come to Poyang Lake for no reason. This is getting complicated."

"Why don't you leave this place?"

"Are you talking about me?"



"I say this for your own good, because people like us are easy to use and easy to leave. You know how easy it is to be an assassin, and how easy it is to use as an excuse. You're too exposed.

Perhaps unwittingly, many people were watching Pyo Wol's whereabouts.

In fact, there were people inside the guesthouse who were closely watching Pyo Wol and Hong Ye-Seol's conversation. They didn't show any signs, but their ears were perked up to listen to their conversation.

However, it was obvious that Pyo Wol had used a technique to prevent their voices from leaking out.

Pyo Wol looked around the guesthouse and said,

"Being exposed isn't always a bad thing."

"What do you mean?"

"Everyone comes to find me like this."


"You came to find me too."

"So you're saying, you're exposing yourself on purpose?"

"I'm just saying that's the way it is."

"Ha! You really are a mystery. You are..."

"I'll take that as a compliment."

"It is a compliment. You're the only person I can't figure out."

Hong Ye-Seol sighed deeply.

Pyo Wol stared intently into Hong Ye Seol's face. Then Hong Ye Seol's face turned red.

"Why, what?"


"I was wondering if you were well prepared."

"What preparation?"

"Be careful, you're right, we're the perfect people to take advantage of."

"Are you worried about me now?"

"I am worried!"

"Wow! I'm happy."

Hong Ye Seol exaggerated her happiness.

Seeing her reaction, Pyo Wol was sure that his hunch was correct.

Her target was a big shot, one who could even be used as an excuse by someone.

It was clear that Hong Ye Seol was also burdened, so she reacted exaggeratedly to Pyo Wol's unserious words.

This lake will be stained with blood.

In Pyo Wol's eyes, the blood-stained Poyang lake was clearly visible.

The winds of chaos had already begun to blow.

Just as the wind could not be stopped by human strength, the chaos could not be stopped artificially.

Once it started, it would only stop after destroying everything.

The fate of an individual in the midst of it is no different from that of an ant facing a flood. They will be swept away in an instant, with no time to react.

To survive in times of chaos, it's not enough to be alert.

You must first read the flow of chaos and respond wisely.

Although we often equate them, wisdom and cunning are two different things.

The clever live for immediate gain, while the wise see farther ahead.

Pyo Wol hoped that Hong Ye-Seol possessed such wisdom.

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