RDM (Novel) Chapter 341

C 341

Bok Ho-jin carefully observed the change in Jo Ik-gwang's expression.

"Could this have anything to do with you?"

"Why would you say that?"

"Because the missing girl seems to be your type..."


"You're right!"

Bok Ho-jin sighed.

A few close friends knew about Jo Ik-gwang's perverted tendencies. 

Especially Bok Ho-jin, who was closer to Jo Ik-gwang than anyone else and knew him better than anyone.

When he heard the apprentice’s story, Jo Ik-gwang was the first person who came to mind.

Bok Ho-jin didn't particularly have a problem with Jo Ik-gwang's sexual preferences.

He deserved to have fun, and he had the ability to keep it under wraps.

Heroes were originally known for their horniness, and it was rare to find a hero in the martial arts world who wasn't.

"Where is that Apprentice?"

"Do you think I'd come empty-handed if I knew? I would've caught him and brought him in."

"We should deal with him first."

"Of course, if we want to avoid any more interference."

"Damn it! A lowly apprentice during these times..."

A murderous glint appeared in Jo Ik-gwang's eyes.

His head was already hurting from Pyo Wol, but the fact that a lowly apprentice was getting on his nerves made him angry.

Jo Ik-gwang told Bok Ho-jin.

"Get the Long River Fortress to find him."

"Where do you think he's hiding?"

"Where else could he hide in Taeho? At most, he's on an island in Taeho."

"An island?"

"A man burning with vengeance wouldn't have escaped Taeho. Where else would he be able to hide from others' eyes except for an island?"

"That makes sense."

"He must be hiding on one of the islands in Taeho. It shouldn't be difficult for the Long River Fortress to find him." mymtlnoveltranslations

"Understood! I'll take care of it."

"Deal with him quietly once you find him. I don't want to waste any more energy on such a trivial person."


Just as Bok Ho-jin nodded, someone called out.


The chief of the Blue Peacock Manor rushed over.

"What's going on?"

"A guest has arrived."

"A guest?"

"Master Jo Jakyung has arrived."


Jo Ik-gwang gasped for a moment. The name mentioned by the chief carried a significant weight.

Spear King Jo Jakyung.

A martial artist who is known to have reached the peak with just a single spear.

Nicknames like Sword Saint, Wind Saint, and Spear King usually appear once or twice in a generation.

These titles are given to the best martial artists who wield the sword, blade, or spear during that time.

The fact that Jo Jakyung received such a title spoke volumes about his extraordinary spear skills.

What was even more remarkable was that he was one of the Eight Constellations.

The Seventh Star Seat.

The seventh star didn't mean that his martial prowess was ranked seventh. On the contrary, it was the consensus that his martial prowess alone would place him in the upper ranks.

Jo Ik-gwang and Bok Ho-jin hurriedly went outside.

There was an old man with a bushy white beard. 

The elderly man, carrying a spear split into two parts on his back, was none other than Spear King Jo Jakyung.

Although his age had turned his beard white, his spirit and gaze were no less fierce than those of the young martial artists.mymtlnoveltranslations

Just facing Jo Jakyung made it difficult for Jo Ik-gwang and Bok Ho-jin to breathe. The aura that Jo Jakyung exuded was that powerful.

The two hurriedly hugged and greeted each other.

"Jakyung Jo's grandson, Jo Ik-gwang, pays his respects to you, grandfather."

"Long River Fortress's Bok Ho-jin greets the saint."

At their greetings, Jo Jakyung opened his mouth.

"It's been a long time, Jo Ik-gwang. I've heard that Long River Fortress has a great talent, and it turns out it's you."


"It's an honor to meet you like this."

Bok Ho-jin had an expression that he didn't know what to do with himself.

This was the first time he had seen Jo Jakyung.

No matter how talented Bok Ho-jin was in the Kangho province, he couldn't compare to Jo Jakyung.

Jo Jakyung was one of the most brilliant stars in the entire martial arts world.

Even Bok Ho-jin's father, Bok Seong-wan, would have to bow his head to him.

On the other hand, Jo Ik-gwang looked at Jo Jakyung with an anxious gaze.

'Why has this old man suddenly come? What does he know?'

Jo Jakyung was a distant relative of the Namgyeong Jo family and Jo Jakyung was a branch that separated during the time of his great-grandfather.

Since they had separated several generations ago, there was almost no interaction, and there was even less reason to inquire about each other's well-being.

Jo Ik-gwang had met Jo Jakyung only once, ten years ago. That's why he had no affection for Jo Jakyung. Rather, he was afraid of Jo Jakyung's upright character.

Jo Jakyung had a personality that didn't tolerate injustice.

Even if they shared the same last name and were distant relatives, he would never forgive any wrongdoings that went beyond the line.

That's why even those with the last name Jo were afraid of Jo Jakyung and hesitated to get close to him.

Jo Ik-gwang cautiously asked.

"What brings you here, grandfather?"

"You don't seem very happy to see me."mymtlnoveltranslations

"How could I not be happy to see you, grandfather? It's just that it's unexpected to see you here, so I had to ask."

"Hmph! Your tongue is still as sharp as ever."

"I apologize."

"I came here because the heavenly energy is unstable."

"Really? The heavenly energy?"

"Yes! The energy here has been unusually unstable and fluctuating. That's why I came to see it for myself. Since there is a villa of the Namgyeong Jo family here, I thought I would stay for a few days. Is that alright?"

"Of course. It would be an honor for me to have you stay, grandfather."

"Then guide me to the room. I want to rest after bathing."

"Understood. Please come inside."

Jo Ik-gwang guided him to the quietest place in the mansion.

He arranged Jo Jakyung's quarters in a detached house farthest from his own residence.

"You can stay here. I will have the servants prepare your bath."


Jo Jakyung nodded as if he was satisfied.

The detached house surrounded by high walls was just to Jo Jakyung's liking.

The simple and modest landscaping made him feel more at ease.

"I want to be alone now. Leave."

"Yes, grandfather. Please rest comfortably."

Jo Ik-gwang bowed and withdrew.

Left alone, Jo Jakyung's gaze turned cold.

"Hmph! That sinister look in his eyes hasn't changed."

Just a moment ago, Jo Ik-gwang 's eyes were full of wariness as he looked at him.

Ten years ago, when Jo Ik-gwang was still a boy, his gaze was the same. 

The sinister look in the young boy's eyes had left a deep impression on Jo Jakyung's memory. That's why Jo Jakyung had a distaste for Jo Ik-gwang .

There were hardly any people with such a gaze who had a proper mentality.

If they hadn't been distant relatives, Jo Jakyung would never have let Jo Ik-gwang be.

"If I had the time, I would have properly educated that guy. It's a shame that there's no time."

The fact that he had come to see the heavenly energy was not a lie.

He had to come to Taeho because he read the unusually unstable heavenly energy while passing through this area.

"Who is it? The one disturbing the heavenly energy."


Pyo Wol was lying down with his arm as a pillow. Jo Yuseol lay on Pyo Wol's chest, propping her chin up with both hands.

Her white, bare body was exposed, but she didn't seem shy, smiling at Pyo Wol.

"Tell me."


"How many others have you met besides me? Three, four, or even more?"

"I don't know!"

"You're such a playboy."mymtlnoveltranslations

Jo Yuseol sat up with a sly expression on her face. However, it wasn't a genuinely upset expression.

It was a world where having multiple partners was allowed.

If a man was capable, it wasn't considered a fault to have several women. In fact, it was a world where those with many women were treated well.

There was no way women would leave a man with Pyo Wol's appearance and outstanding martial arts skills alone.

Jo Yuseol put on her clothes one by one, which she had taken off earlier.

Pyo Wol silently watched her, lying on the bed, as her beautiful clothes covered her previously naked body.

When she had put on all her clothes, Jo Yuseol's expression turned cold and distant.

It was hard to imagine that just moments ago, she had been passionately moaning. She was now so icy and aloof.

After fully dressed, she sat on a chair and looked at Pyo Wol.

Finally, Pyo Wol got up, started dressing himself.

Even though she had seen Pyo Wol's naked body while making love, Jo Yuseol blushed.

She had only discovered today that she had such passion hidden within her.


Jo Yuseol fanned her face to cool down the heat.

In the meantime, Pyo Wol had finished dressing and sat down across from Jo Yuseol.

"Now, tell me. What's wrong with your brother?"

"Ever since he was young, Jo Ik-gwang  had an incredibly vicious and stubborn personality. He had to have whatever he wanted, and if he couldn't have it, he'd rather destroy it. In many ways, he was different from ordinary people. Especially his sexual preferences..."

Jo Yuseol hesitated for a moment.

It was embarrassing to mention her brother's sexual preferences, but she continued calmly.

"He likes young girls. I don't know why, but it's a fact that he's obsessed with them. There have been several incidents suspected to be his doing. Most of them had traces of terrible torture. But without evidence, the cases were left unresolved."

For a moment, Pyo Wol's expression darkened.

He remembered an incident that happened not long ago.

'Do Yeonsan's younger sister was also brutally killed.'

Her body had traces of terrible torture. It was so gruesomely damaged that even looking at it could make a weak-hearted person nauseous.

No sane person could have mutilated the body like that.

Meanwhile, Jo Yuseol continued speaking.

"The problem is that my father knows about this to some extent."

"Yet he does nothing about it?"

"Our family doesn't operate on common sense. My father believes that only a son can lead the family, even with various problems. So, he's not only passive in resolving issues, but he's also focused on covering them up. This may even worsen the situation."

There was a subtle anger in Jo Yuseol's voice.

Her father, Jo Sumok, had known about Jo Ik-gwang 's issues for quite some time. mymtlnoveltranslations

He might have known even before she did. Yet he had left Jo Ik-gwang unchecked for years without any action.

Jo Yuseol couldn't forgive her father and Jo Ik-gwang.

"I can't stand to see our family ruined by an incompetent father and a cruel son. I think it would be better for the martial arts world if I became the head of the family and lead the Namgyeong Clan."

"Is that really your only reason for wanting to be the head of Namgyeong Clan?"

"What do you mean?"

"You don't seem that innocent."

"Haha! What a funny thing to say. Can anyone truly innocent survive in the martial arts world? We all live for our desires. I'm no different. Even though I was born a woman, I want to dominate the pinnacle of the martial arts world. Becoming the Namgyeong Clan  is just a part of that plan."

"Do you dream of becoming an Empress?"

"Is there something wrong with that?"

Jo Yuseol stared straight at Pyo Wol.

As he had felt when he first saw her, her eyes contained a vast ambition.

To her, even he might be nothing more than a tool for her use.

"I grew up quickly. I had no choice but to mature early in order to survive in that hellish place. As I grew up, I prepared. I secretly made preparations, one by one, avoiding their watchful eyes. For now, my power may be inferior to Jo Ik-gwang 's, but it will soon turn around. If you help me, that time will come much sooner."

"Do you want Jo Ik-gwang to be killed ?"

"Desperately. If you kill him, you can enjoy everything I have. It won't be a bad offer for you."

Jo Yuseol's proposal was attractive enough for any man to be tempted by. 

She knew how beautiful and charming she was. However, she couldn't be sure that her charm would work on Pyo Wol.

Despite having just spent an intimate moment together, Pyo Wol's gaze was unbelievably cold.

Jo Yuseol pleaded with a sincere desire. mymtlnoveltranslations

"Make me an empress. And become my man. Then, you'll become the man of an empress."

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