Revenge of the Iron-Blooded Sword Hound (Novel) Chapter 19


C19: Exposed Fangs (2)

The prodigy who appeared in Baskerville Village.

A young warrior who became a perfect sword novice at the age of only 8.

"Are there any creatures bigger than orcs?"

Vikir's words sparked intense interest among the fighters.

While the people of Baskerville Village are generally indifferent to others, they always show great interest when it comes to battles.

Even the cold-hearted Hugo was no exception.


Hugo began to ponder.

Vikir, observing Hugo, also had a thought.

"It's better to show your strength up to a certain point."

He hadn't impulsively escalated the situation without any consideration.

On the contrary, it would be better to demonstrate his abilities at a young age, as it would alleviate Hugo's sense of urgency.

It could also provide an excuse for Hugo to escape from his watchful eyes by showcasing his potential at a young age.

For example, he could be dispatched to Ojiro or study in the imperial capital.

"...Or maybe he could enter the academy."

As the third option didn't appeal to him much, Vikir decided to put it on hold and cleared his mind, nodding his head.

For now, it's time to focus on the present.

Meanwhile, it seems Hugo has also resolved his dilemma.

"Vikir has a point. This is the age when I should cultivate my practical combat sense."

It wasn't something you would say to an 8-year-old child, but at least within Baskerville Village, it was a reasonable judgment.

Hugo continued speaking.

"Apparently, the orc we collected from a distant place doesn't seem to match my son's potential. Are there higher-level demons in our family's hunting grounds?"

Anyone would think we're searching for better bugs in an insect collection jar.

But the demons in Baskerville Village's hunting grounds are nothing but hideously vicious creatures.

There's nothing suitable for an 8-year-old child to face.

Knowing this, Barrymore and everyone else, including myself, couldn't easily speak up.

Unable to bear the silence, Hugo was the first to express his thoughts.

"Come to think of it, do we have any specimens left from when we captured the savages for subjugation purposes?"

"Well... Yes, there is only one left."

Barrymore, the butler, could only answer truthfully.

Hugo smirked.

"They must have weakened due to not being fed for a long time."

"But, but they must have become even more ferocious. It might be a bit much for a young lord who just turned 8..."

"Well, if worse comes to worst, the guardian knights will handle it. It's not something the butler needs to worry about."

Hugo waved his hand as if the butler's concerns were of no consequence.

The deliberation was short, and the decision even shorter.

Eventually, the guardian knights brought Vikir's opponent from deep within the basement.

Thud, thud, thud, thud.

A faint sound of the ground shaking.

Soon, a huge demon with various heavy shackles and restraints revealed itself.

A short neck, two arms and legs, twisted fangs, a body weight of over 400kg, and a height of 4m.

Threat level: C+

Size: 4m

Encounter location: Enemy and Black Mountain Range 2nd Branch

-A cannibalistic creature with a massive physique and a ferocious temperament. Most of the disappearances of people who entered the mountains can be attributed to these creatures.

They possess an invincible regenerative ability and won't die until their neck is completely severed, unaware of the concept of fatal wounds.

A towering giant with green skin revealed its appearance.

Decaying gums, torn lips, and sticky saliva dripping through the protruding sharp fangs.


The troll swung the chains and heavy lead weights that coiled around its neck, wrists, and ankles.

Looking at its emaciated form, it seemed like it had starved for a considerable amount of time.


Vikir narrowed his eyes and gazed at the troll in front of him.

Soon, as the troll emerged into the center of the hunting grounds, the hunt began.


Vikir charged forward, wielding a short sword.

His fearless demeanor left Hugo and some of the seasoned Baskervilles in awe.

And then.


The troll's arm swung.

Vikir lowered his body, evading the troll's fist, and simultaneously plunged into the blind spot of its flank.

Timing the decisive blow!



Vikir deliberately refrained from stabbing the troll's flank with his blade.

He merely passed by the creature, readjusting his stance.

Hugo chuckled.

"A wise decision."

After all, trolls possess exceptional regenerative abilities, capable of healing wounds on their flanks or abdomen. Unless attacking a vital spot that can cause fatal injuries, it would be a waste of strength to target their vulnerabilities. That's why Vikir didn't bother exploiting the troll's openings.

Thud, thud, thud, thud-

The troll continued to attack Vikir relentlessly.

It delivered heavy blows with its fists, rolled on the ground, and carried out powerful physical assaults.

If it were an 8-year-old Baskerville, their sight would be overwhelmed by these attacks, leading to consecutive mistakes... but Vikir was different.

"He's slow, lacks tension."

As an experienced veteran who had spent over 40 years on the battlefield, he couldn't lose his composure under this level of pressure. Holding back a yawn seemed like the more arduous task.

Vikir calmly evaded the troll's attacks with a leisurely attitude.

Ironically, it was the troll that was losing stamina with each leap.

The seasoned Baskervilles couldn't help but be amazed by this sight.

"Is he really just 8 years old? Unbelievable."

"Hahaha, who would've thought such a kid would be born in our family? We'll witness incredible things as he grows up."

Vikir's decisions were consistently appropriate, always following the best possible route.

The troll, increasingly agitated by the heavy restraints, became more and more violent.

However, it was also rapidly depleting its stored stamina.

Its accuracy decreased, its speed slowed down, and its patterns became increasingly simple.

Vikir watched the self-destructive behavior of the troll, patiently waiting for the moment when he could determine the outcome of the battle.

And finally.


The troll charged forward, throwing its entire body into the attack.

Vikir sensed the timing and swiftly leaped forward.

With the body of an 8-year-old child, he could dodge the troll's attacks, but he couldn't kill the troll.

No matter how much of a genius he was, that was the reality.

Vikir was well aware of this common sense.

If he unleashed his hidden power, he could easily strike the troll down, but that would complicate matters significantly.

Therefore, Vikir had been waiting for this moment, the one moment that held a possibility to kill the troll.

Crash! Crash! Crash!

The troll's charging force is counterutilized.

If one were to take advantage of the force pushing against their heavy body and thrust a blade from the opposite direction, it could easily pierce through the tough leather and layers of muscle, severing the clusters of nerves in the neck.

And finally.


A faint ethereal aura emanates from the tip of Vikir's sword.

It is the very aura that astounded everyone in the recent battle against orcs.


Vikir's aura takes on a distinct tooth-like shape as it flies straight towards the troll's neck.


A sharp fang deeply embeds itself into the troll's throat.

In that moment, Vikir twists his body, simultaneously slipping through the gap between the troll's ribs and creating a gaping hole in its neck.


Everyone watching couldn't help but exclaim in awe.

Vikir's seasoned combat experience disguises itself as genius talent in this moment.



The troll is not dead.

It stuffs its fist into the hole in its neck and bravely begins to heal the wound.

A faint sigh escapes among the onlookers.

"Well, it seems even the Baskerville 1st Style can't handle a troll."

"The ethereal aura does make it somewhat challenging."

"What a shame. Still, for an 8-year-old child to come this far, it's already an extraordinary feat."

The Baskerville 1st Style. One fang alone cannot defeat a troll.

Vikir was well aware of that.

In truth, with Bellzebuth's bleeding ability, the troll would naturally meet its demise given enough time... but winning in that manner held no significance.

"That's enough. It could be more dangerous from here on. Let's stop at this point..."

Just as Hugo raised his hand to halt the battle,


Vikir spoke up.

"Release the restraints, please."

At those words, the expressions of all the Baskervilles stiffened.

Release the restraints on the troll? At a time like this?




All eyes were alternatingly fixed on Vikir and Hugo.


Even the mighty Hugo couldn't conceal his astonishment.

Eventually, his mouth slowly opened.

"My son, you have already proven your worth more than enough. Knowing satisfaction and withdrawing is also a mark of a swordsman."

A tone reminiscent of a sigh. The unprecedented attitude of Hugo left all the Baskervilles astonished.

But the astonishment was short-lived as Vikir's words once again captured everyone's attention.

"We're almost there. If we can't kill it in the next attack, we'll cleanly give up."

A declaration of a single strike.

Upon Vikir's words, including Hugo, all the Baskervilles were left astounded.

How could they defeat that relentless troll, unmatched by any others?


Hugo closed his mouth. It signaled that the battle could resume.

[Roar! Crunch!]

The troll leaps fiercely.

Some of the guardian knights evade the troll's rampage, approach it, and release the shackles and chains, then exit the training ground.

Finally, the troll, now completely free, rises to its feet.

Its eyes, swollen with rage, no longer show the pupils.


With a roar that seems like its innards are about to burst out, the troll charges at Vikir with all its might.

But Vikir merely gazes at the troll with a cold, unflinching stare.

"How much strength should I reveal?"

He had already found the answer to this question during the azure night.


The tip of Vikir's short sword shines a bit brighter than before.

A few astute individuals immediately recognize it. The density of the aura carried by Vikir's sword has changed.

But before they have time to be surprised, Vikir proceeds to his next action.


The sword's tip weaves a pattern towards the charging troll. Its fangs are sharply visible.

The troll, released from restraint, charges even faster, and the power of the interaction becomes even stronger.



The sword's tip, faster and stronger than before, pierces into the troll's body, which has also become faster and stronger.

And this time, it is evident that two teeth have pierced the troll's neck.

The first tooth, piercing through the troll's throat, creating a hole.

And the second tooth, fiercely gnawing at the side of the troll's neck, small and faint but clearly visible.

Baskerville Style 2.

And Sword Expert Intermediate.

...! ...! ...! ...!

The moment Hugo and all the Baskervilles, with their mouths agape, rise to their feet in their respective places.


The troll's decapitated body kneels to the ground.

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