Revenge of the Iron-Blooded Sword Hound (Novel) Chapter 31

C31: Vikir's Special Law (4)

The story of the girl who moved the stick and earned 10 billion instantly spread throughout the entire Underdog City, no, to every corner of Baskerville Territory.

Rumors say that special security was provided in Underdog City to protect the girl's prize money.

"This is what law is. It must be upheld."

The short speech of the newly appointed young subconsul was being talked about by countless people.

Naturally, Vikir's law, also known as "Vikir's Special Law," became even more famous than Baskerville's autonomous law.

The lawyers were discussing it.

"The new subconsul is different no matter what."

"Vikir subconsul keeps his word no matter what happens."

"Since that day, the crime rate in Underdog City has plummeted by half."

"The saying that law is distant but fists are close is an old saying. Now, the close law will keep fists away."

Break the law and receive punishment, uphold the law and receive rewards.

This simple principle touched the citizens deeply.

A society where principles are upheld.

The mistrust toward the previously unenforced laws washed away since that day.

Immediately after Vikir's Special Law was enacted, illegal activities noticeably disappeared, and the crime rate was cut in half, indicating the effect.

The deep-rooted darkness that had been present in Underdog City was tidied up by this one performance.

Underdog City Hall.

Chihuahua, the Baskerville chief clerk, was happily writing something on a signboard.

<The Sign of Drifting Wood>
From today onwards, it would be displayed in the subconsul's office.

Vikir, standing next to Chihuahua, watched it intently and spoke.

"Chihuahua, you're really good at writing."

"Oh, not at all. Since I was born, I've never seen anyone who handles calligraphy better than me. Every time the subconsuls ask me to sign on their behalf, I have to imitate someone else's handwriting..."

Chihuahua couldn't finish his sentence.

It was because Vikir unexpectedly uttered a word.

"Can't I learn it too?"

Chihuahua's eyes widened at Vikir's words.

A high-ranking Baskerville bloodline member from the main household, coming to a mere servant to make a request instead of giving an order, was unheard of.

Moreover, even as a person who ate meals with a knife, he showed interest in a brush.

"Oh, not at all! Of course, I can teach you! It would be an honor!"

"Thank you. Then, whenever you have time, please teach me little by little."

After receiving praise, Chihuahua hummed a tune and teased the brush.

Vikir silently watched him.

Chihuahua Baskerville.

He was an outsider who came from the outside and worked as a contract worker in Baskerville for three years before formally joining the family and receiving the Baskerville name.

Unlike the swordsmen who became guardian knights and received the Baskerville-style swordsmanship, the administrators had little remuneration and no special privileges.

Since mastering Baskerville-style swordsmanship alone elevated one's swordsmanship by several levels, swordsmen had the motivation to become part of the Baskerville family. However, for administrators like Chihuahua, there were no appealing merits other than honor.

"As far as I know... he joined Baskerville with the conviction of serving his hometown."

Vikir had seen Chihuahua a few times before his return.

A man who, despite his appearance as a subordinate, confidently gave direct advice to the subconsuls.

And because of that, he was demoted to a remote place and never saw the light until he grew old.

While Vikir was having various thoughts about Chihuahua...

"By the way, you are amazing, Subconsul."

Chihuahua, who had finished his calligraphy, looked at Vikir and spoke.

"Who would have known that you would present such a groundbreaking performance? This Chihuahua is truly grateful. I've worked as a chief clerk here for 20 years, but this kind of excitement is a first. My heart is still trembling."

Vikir nodded his head lightly.

"The laws of Baskerville are indeed well-crafted. However, it's not enough to just put the laws out into the world. It's important for the people of the territories to believe in them and follow them."

"You're absolutely right. Your words are very fitting. However, the previous subconsuls didn't have such thoughts."

"We shouldn't get angry at the people of the territories for mistrusting or trivializing the laws. That's why I thought about how to gather their attention and leave a strong impression."

In fact, this was a performance carried out by Camus, who would later be known as Morg's Kamu, a long time later.

After taking the position of family boss, Kamu, who would be called Chaecheonmuhu, became a formidable ruler and turned her territory into a strong legal area.

The people of the territory didn't even pick up money that fell on the ground, and there was almost no crime due to the lack of conflicts between them.

"...However, the people of the territories didn't have a favorable impression due to the oppressive politics of fear."

But because it was during the war with the Demon World, Kamu's iron-fisted rule could dramatically increase the survival rate of humans. Even after the Age of Destruction, the population of survivors in Morg's territory remained the highest.

...Well, it wasn't a problem to think about now.

"Now the future is the issue."

Vikir looked down at the map of Underdog City.

"Now that a prize of 10 billion has been awarded, we need to find a way to fill the gap."

Soon, Vikir picked up a pen and began drawing red X marks all over the map.

He seemed to know exactly where everything was located, marking X's in every hidden corner and alleyway.

X X X X X X X...

In no time, there were over a hundred X marks drawn.

"These are the places where illegal organizations might be hiding or where they might hide in the future. We'll investigate each one and recover the black money for the national treasury."

"H-How did you know? That there are criminal businesses in these places?"

"I can smell it."

Vikir smirked while pressing his nose.

The hunting dogs of Baskerville had sharp senses.

Leaving the dumbfounded Chihuahua behind, Vikir continued to outline his plans for the future.

"In military strategy, procuring supplies from the enemy's territory is considered a reward. If we seize all these places, our revenue will increase significantly. With that, we can strengthen the welfare system for the lower classes."

"Oh... That's a brilliant idea. By the way, there are still so many X marks. I suppose there were many hidden organizations."

"That's right. Even though the crime rate has been slashed, the remaining crimes have become more secretive and sophisticated."

But that didn't matter.

Vikir knew the locations of these illegal dens and the key organizations behind them.

"These were the areas we patrolled and cracked down on tirelessly before."

The memories of becoming a hunting dog during the "war against crime" and relentlessly attacking the young thugs in the back alleys were still vivid.

He also knew a few colleagues who had taken bribes, so he was well aware of their tactics.

He knew how criminals think and act, where they hide, what methods they use, and how active they are. There was nothing he didn't know.

At least for the next 25 years, he had thoroughly mapped out all the underground channels where illicit funds would flow.

Wing, wing, wing, wing...

The Baalzebub hidden in his wrist artery began to tremble, emitting a murderous aura.

It meant that his thirst for blood was growing.

At that moment...


The door opened, and a staff member entered with a perplexed expression.

"...There's a request for a meeting."

Upon hearing this, both Vikir and Chihuahua turned their heads.

Chihuahua was the first to speak.

"Who dares to request a meeting during official hours? Especially someone who has been appointed for less than two days."

"W-Well... The Youth Council of the Township Hall wants to have a meeting with the subconsul at least once..."

Chihuahua's face stiffened at those words.

It seemed like the moment they had been waiting for had finally arrived.

Vikir nonchalantly spoke up.

"So, they want to see me, the high and mighty, in the company of those bourgeois youngsters who gossip in the local community?"

"Yes... The Youth Council consists of the descendants of influential families in the area, particularly the second and third generations of powerful clans that have exercised influence in Baskerville for a long time."

It was a request for a meeting from a group of young individuals belonging to smaller families within the Baskerville region, who had maintained influence for a considerable period of time. These families often had direct or indirect ties to Baskerville, and their connections were sometimes forged through marriage or educational relationships.

Chihuahua couldn't fully hide the disdainful undertone in his voice as he spoke.

"The so-called Youth Council of the Township Hall is nothing more than a licentious social club. It seems that those young nobles have something to say about the 'Vikir Special Law.'"


Hearing those words, Vikir pinched his chin and leaned back against the sofa.

"The most corrupt places are usually the ones that make the loudest noise when you try to uproot their absurdities."

The backlash against the Vikir Special Law, which was heard for the first time. And it originated from the Youth Council?

With an uneasy expression, Vikir glanced at Chihuahua, who was discreetly observing his reaction. He spoke briefly.

"It seems like the dung flies caught the scent first."

Hadn't he already laid down the groundwork, expecting such a response since his first day in office?

Now it was time to catch those pests that were infesting the city.

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