Revenge of the Iron-Blooded Sword Hound (Novel) Chapter 24

C24: Morgue Camille (5)


Camus summoned fire, ice, lightning, and rocks, relentlessly pounding the ground.

Vikir narrowly dodged all of this and gradually approached the boundary with the opposite training ground.

"You little bastard! Don't run away, face me properly!"

Camus shouted, trembling. As the prey came closer, she regained her lost confidence.

However, to others, the three bumps on her forehead made her look cute.

Vikir avoided the magic and, while moving, raised his palm and lightly tapped his own forehead three times.

Seeing Vikir's smirk, Camus completely lost her composure.

"I won't leave you alone for real! You little brat! I won't forgive you even if hell freezes over!"

At the moment when Camus made her final leap, Vikir abruptly stopped running away.

And at that very moment, Vikir's wicked plan unfolded perfectly.


At that moment, 15-year-old Baskerville and Morgue, who were fighting nearby, collided fiercely head-on.

Their swords broke, and the magic shattered, sending fragments flying in all directions.

Unfortunately, Morgue had used a massive fire magic, which exploded into flames, tearing everything apart and scattering fire in all directions.

Vikir and Camus were dangerously close to the impact zone.


An explosive sound burst forth, followed by gasps of astonishment.

"Oh no! Camus!"

"This can't be happening! Lady Camus!"

"No way! Lady Camus...!"

The magicians who were observing the duel from the surroundings were greatly taken aback.

However, despite the incident, the scale of the damage was quite minor.

The flames raging from the adjacent training ground posed no significant threat.



Camus looked down and screamed as she saw that most of her clothes had been completely burnt.

In a hurry, she hastily removed the still-smoldering garments and ended up being exposed in her undergarments in the middle of the training ground.

Fortunately, due to the flickering flames, smoke, and dusty soil, her naked body was not yet visible to others... but it would undoubtedly be revealed as soon as a gust of wind blew.

Thinking that the damage was not so serious, the guardians outside did not rush in to intervene.

Only sporadic concerned voices could be heard.

"Oh no, this can't be! If it continues like this...!"

With tear-streaked and runny-nosed faces, all of the people present were now exposed to the embarrassment of the wind revealing their undergarments. What a disgraceful situation!

"What do I do? What do I do...?"

If she continued to display herself in this state, it would be a great blow to her family's reputation.

Perhaps due to the traumatic experience of being kicked out of the house with her bare feet by her mother, she was reminded of an even more severe trauma.

"S-Someone... Anyone, please come and help!"

Camus crouched down, using her hands to cover as much of her bare skin as possible.

Seconds passed as she worried about the impending and dreadful humiliation.

...And then, at that moment.


Camus felt the fabric enveloping her entire body.

It was a heavy but soft fabric.

When he raised his head, he could see the black fabric of the Black Wind covering his whole body.

"At least wear that."

Vikir stood in front of Camus with his underwear exposed.

Camus stuttered, "Y-you, who are you?"

In response, Vikir shrugged his shoulders.

"It's a privilege for kids to think that there is no damage to their honor even if they expose their nakedness to the world."

Although it is considered shameful to show one's inner self, regardless of gender, it is a common occurrence... But that is only for adults.

Children walking around barefoot is not a significant emotional problem or flaw. Kids can be like that sometimes.

...Of course, the opinions of the children involved may differ, but at least that's how Vikir saw it.

Vikir stood up from where he had undressed Camus.

Then, Camus pointed at Vikir's face and stammered, "Yo-you're... blood! Blood!"

Vikir finally raised his hand and wiped the blood flowing from his forehead.

It seemed that fragments of the sword were also scattered when the magic was dispersed.

In fact, it wasn't a fatal injury either, but seeing blood was enough to determine the outcome of a fight between eight-year-olds.

And then.


A gust of wind blew, sweeping away the dust and smoke that had risen in the training field.

Amidst the haze, the sight revealed Camus sitting dazed, covered in Baskerville's training uniform, and Vikir standing naked, blood streaming down his body.

In the dusty haze, no one knew exactly what had happened, but everyone could sense that the atmosphere between them was no longer one of conflict.


Especially when they looked into Camus's eyes, they could tell that the battle was completely over.

The vacant gaze, as if lost in thought, seemed to be somewhere else...

On the other hand,

The other Baskervilles couldn't help but show a hint of envy when they saw young Baskerville standing confidently even while being naked.

"Oh, so he fought against Morg's female subordinate? Or did he win? I can't tell."

"By the way, isn't that young kid quite skilled? It must be thanks to Styx's protection."

"Of course, it's those well-developed muscles all over his body. It seems like he's properly digesting the training schedule."

The fight between the impressive eight-year-olds came to a somewhat anticlimactic end due to Camus's loss of will.

After the friendly training event concluded,

Hugo called Vikir separately in a corner of the training ground.

As they walked together toward the family residence, Hugo asked Vikir.

"How was Morg's confrontation with the female subordinate?"

"It was interesting. I was able to grasp the significance of the event once again."

"Combat with a sorceress is quite different from a battle between swordsmen."

"I'll continue to learn as I go."

Hugo and Vikir exchanged various conversations.

If other members of the family had witnessed this scene, they would have been quite surprised.

Hugo was not the type to have such conversations with his children.

And Vikir also felt quite unfamiliar with this aspect.

"What's going on? Was he always like this?"

Vikir didn't remember much about Hugo's childhood.

He was always ruthless, strict, and cruel.

There was a rumor that his temperament became like this because he lost his first wife and eldest daughter in a tragic way.

"Well, I don't know about that anymore."

While Vikir was thinking about various things in his mind, Hugo asked the next question in a blunt tone.

"What do you think about the Ruby Mine?"

Hugo's crucial question was an extension of the debate that took place before the friendly match.

At that time, Camus presented the logic of "Since it's a ruby that can't be mined in Baskerville, why not take the money and transfer the mining rights?" and it was also Morg's demand.

If that's the case, Baskerville also has no choice but to give a realistic answer.

Looking at Hugo with a hint of anticipation, Vikir replied.

"I think it's better to give it away."

Hugo's eyes widened slightly at those words.

"Give away the mining rights of the Ruby Mine?"


"What's the reason?"

When Hugo asked again, Vikir answered without hesitation.

"The Red Thorn Mountain, where the ruby vein flows, is the downstream of the Red and Black Mountain Ranges. If you go a little higher, you'll encounter powerful demons and barbarians. I know this because I went out of the boundary during the recent field assessment and ventured into the restricted area."

Vikir recalled the arrow marks on Cerberus' flank as he spoke.

Meanwhile, Hugo's expression was gradually brightening upon hearing those words.

"Hmm. So?"

"And Baskerville considers pioneering such remote areas as a terrestrial mission to expand its borders. If we can make good use of Morg, we may be able to minimize the damage to Baskerville's pioneering efforts."

Hugo's gaze turned blue at those words.

"Hehehe. That's a brilliant answer."

He understood Vikir's intention well.

If they give up the ruby mining rights, Morg will deploy a considerable number of forces to the downstream of the Red and Black Mountain Ranges.

In that case, Baskerville can encircle the neighboring areas and drive out the demons and barbarians living there towards Morg's side.

After all, when occupying the territory of demons or barbarians, it is necessary to dry up their seeds and prevent the natives from seeking revenge.

"Cutting pillars and digging roots."

Killing all the demons and savages on that land, as well as pursuing and killing those who flee, is essential to completely take possession of the land.

"Rolling the earth back and starting anew."

That way, the ones who left cannot strengthen themselves and return for revenge.

However, completely sweeping away fleeing prey is a long and arduous task.

Therefore, Hugo planned to drive away the fleeing demons and savages to the ruby mine where Morg is located while developing the land.

"Hahaha, the ruby will be even redder with Morg's blood. Lespane's child, you will regret entering our territory."

Hugo was greatly satisfied with Vikir's response.

Morg gains the ruby, and Baskerville gains the territory. Ultimately, it was a warm (?) ending to the meeting.

"You did very well. It was a plan that perfectly aligned with my intentions."

Hugo said while patting Vikir's head.

Vikir thought to himself.

"Well, of course. It was a plan that originated from your head in the first place."

Before the reunion, Vikir had taken on the role of a hunting dog, driving demons and savages toward the side where the Morgs were located, so he knew well.

But now, he just had to lower his gaze and politely respond.

"Still, I believe we should carefully monitor the movements of the Morgs who have entered our territory, just in case."

"You don't need to worry about that. We have been steadily increasing the number of dispatched hunting dogs in that direction for a long time."

Hugo's response was unexpected. It was surprising that he went so far as to tell Vikir about the plan, not because the plan itself was astonishing.

Vikir was taken aback when he saw the softened gaze in Hugo's eyes, like tanned leather.

Just at that moment when they were about to enter the main hall.


A voice calling Hugo came from behind.

When he turned his head, Adolf, a Morg, stood there.

And next to him was Camus, whose eyes were still bloodshot.

The posture of tightly gripping the edge of the cloak while averting his gaze felt strangely unfamiliar.

Hugo opened his eyes narrowly and spoke.

"Morg, acting family boss. What is the matter? Is there still some business left?"

"There is one important matter remaining that I need to discuss."

"Let's go inside and talk about it then."

Hugo opened the door and entered the family boss's room.

Adolf followed behind and sat on the sofa.


Camus still remained silent, not saying a word.

But before entering, she glanced at Vikir for a moment, then quickly averted her gaze, brushing past him.

She still had the traces of the bloody bandages that Vikir had wrapped around her body after the duel.

Adolf spoke to Hugo.

"In fact, Morg has also been pondering over the issue of the Ruby Mine in a friendly manner. The lease for the territory is just one of many matters."

"So what? What is the price I have to pay for opening the territory?"

"What about a marriage alliance?"

Hugo's eyebrows slightly furrowed at Adolf's unexpected words.

However, he did not show any signs of disapproval.

Leaning forward, Hugo asked.

"A marriage alliance?"

"Yes. How about joining the eldest daughter from Morg's side with the eldest son from our side?"

Since receiving money and opening the territory to another family might not be seen in a positive light, the idea was to create a favorable picture by establishing a marital relationship.

However, a marriage alliance between Morg and Baskerville, known for their long-standing rivalry, was truly awkward and absurd.

Hugo couldn't help but burst into laughter at this unheard-of suggestion.

"Alright. Who would be connected to whom?"

"How about the eldest daughter from this side and the eldest son from that side?"

Adolf turned his head and looked at Camus.

At that moment, Camus, who was standing beside him, jolted and raised her head.

An unexpected proposal.

"She's my niece, but she is truly an exceptional child. If it's about beauty, intelligence, or strength, there's nothing lacking. I think she would make a good partner as the future leader of Baskerville, known as the little sun of our family."

But Hugo didn't care about such things.

"Hmm. My eldest son is twenty this year. I didn't realize there was such a big age difference."

"Eight and twenty. Only a seventeen-year age difference, isn't it? That's something we can overcome."

"Adolf, the family boss, was forty this year, right? Then he could meet someone who's seventy-six."


Adolf suddenly fell silent.

Hugo clapped his hands.

"And, my eldest son already has a prospective partner."

"R-Really? When...?"

"It's an arranged marriage. You wouldn't know."

Adolf's expression showed signs of a headache in response to Hugo's answer.

At that moment, Camus, who had been quiet, suddenly looked up and shouted.

"I refuse to marry someone weaker than me, Mother!"

His tone was quite bold.

Adolf and Hugo's gazes turned toward Camus.

Come to think of it, they hadn't asked the opinion of the child who would be the subject of the marriage.

Adolf gently stroked Camus's head, wearing a gentle smile.

"Hey, if you say you won't marry someone weaker than your mother, you'll probably end up being an old maid for most of your life. Or you'll have to meet a man with a significant age difference."

"I'm considering possibilities. And I don't like a significant age difference. I prefer someone younger or the same age. I saw many peers at the training grounds earlier!"

Upon hearing Camus's words, Adolf shrugged his shoulders as if he had nothing to say.

Then, Hugo looked at Camus with a hint of annoyance.

"Kid, this isn't a buffet."

"I know. I'm not interested in picking just anything to eat."

After finishing his words, Camus raised his head and looked at a certain direction.

There, Vikir stood plumply.

As Hugo noticed the direction of Camus's gaze, he stroked his chin with his hand.

"No, this guy can't be it!"

Adolf jumped up and covered Camus's eyes.

"You don't have Le's surname, but Van's, right? No matter how much you act like a dragon in a pond, in the end, you're still from the same pond!"

Adolf whispered in Camus's ear, but Hugo, who had risen to the ranks of the superhumans, couldn't help but overhear the whisper.

"Hmm. It's a valid point, but it's strangely annoying."

Hugo also muttered quietly to himself.

After a while, he turned to Vikir standing next to him and asked.

"Well, after all, marriage is about one's own thoughts being the most important. Son, what do you think?"

To that, Vikir answered without hesitation.

"If you order me to, I will follow."

It was a response that showed loyalty.

Hugo smiled proudly, and Adolf's expression contorted with astonishment.

To say that he would do it if ordered, as if marriage were some kind of chore.

And to top it off, he was showing such rude behavior toward Morga's illegitimate daughter!

Furthermore, Hugo was openly scratching at Adolf's wounds.

"In Baskerville, direct or collateral lineage doesn't matter. In Le's lineage, inferior ones come out, and in Van's lineage, superior ones come out."

"...Would the family boss say such things? About this friend?"

Adolf looked down at Vikir with a smile on his face.

But that smile was frozen cold.

"I didn't get a good look at the training grounds earlier, but should I take a closer look?"

Vikir could finally look straight at Adolf, who was right in front of him.

A Circle 6 master. A powerful individual who is at the top ranks even in the prestigious magical family, Morga.

A master of magic who specializes in handling various diplomatic and political issues as a member of the Council of Fate.

"And known as a stubborn idiot nephew."

While Vikir was alone, reminiscing about the data of his previous self.

Adolf approached closely and whispered in Vikir's ear.

"Kid, to be honest, I didn't ask you to listen... but you shouldn't become our Camus's husband. The suggestion of the marriage was merely the family's opinion. Personally, this gentleman here didn't even catch the attention of the Baskerville gang leader."

He spoke with a subtle intensity.

Perhaps it was a characteristic of politicians, but compared to the blow he dealt to Hugo, who had been radiating with confidence just a while ago, this person's stubbornness was quite severe.



Vikir, facing Adolf's intensity head-on, remained expressionless and stood silently.

Instead, Adolf's brows furrowed.

"Why aren't you responding? Are you listening, sir?"

Then, Vikir finally spoke.

"You said it wasn't a request for me to listen, so I haven't heard anything since then."

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