Revenge of the Iron-Blooded Sword Hound (Novel) Chapter 6

C6: The Dogs of Baskerville (Part 3)

John Barrymore.

He is a butler who has been loyal to the Baskerville family for an astonishing four generations.

"Master, I will report on today's affairs."

Standing before Barrymore is a middle-aged man with a cold demeanor.

Sharp nose, thick beard, chillingly frozen eyes.

Hugo Le Baskerville, the pinnacle of the Baskerville family, a Sword Master, a symbol of justice, one of the Seven Pillars of the nation's salvation.

With an expressionless face, Hugo Le Baskerville looks at Barrymore.

"This is the first report. Regarding the bloody incident with the Morgue family in the Scarlet Thorn Mountain mine..."

The Morgue family, famous for their magic, is one of the seven noble families alongside the Baskerville family.

Recently, the Baskervilles have been involved in territorial disputes with the Morgue family. The valuable Ruby mine, subtly overlapping at the edge of each other's territories, has become a source of conflict.

Finally, Hugo speaks up.

"We will discuss that matter soon enough. The Morgues will come to us first."

Hugo's hand gesture continues.

Barrymore continues his report, cautiously observing Hugo's reactions.

Hugo mostly maintains an indifferent expression, showing little interest in the report.

Occasionally, he furrows his brow, expressing his annoyance.

Then, something happens.

Hugo shows a change in expression for the first time during the report.

"...So, the top scorer in the intermediate evaluation of the Sword Novice training is Vikir."

Upon hearing Barrymore's words, Hugo subtly strokes his chin.

Barrymore knows that it is a habit Hugo displays when he is satisfied.

Hugo remembering the names of the children within the family was a rare occurrence, so Barrymore's expression brightened as well.

Soon after, Hugo asked, "Butler, when is the practical examination for the children entering the Sword Novice training?"

"It's not far off. It starts in five days. Most of the Sword Novices have already left for external assignments to prepare."

"So the Sword Novice training grounds must be empty."

Barrymore's expression lifted slightly at his words.

"Also, the news I will report next is related to the Sword Novices, Master."

"What is it?"

"Well... There is both good news and bad news."

"Tell me the good news first."

Hugo showed interest, and Barrymore's voice gained more strength.

"There has been a phenomenon where two suns rise in the sky above the Sword Novice training grounds."

"Two suns?"

Hugo's eyes widened slightly upon hearing that.

The Baskerville family tends to believe in superstitions quite well.

"Is it an auspicious omen?"

"Well, since there are two suns, it wouldn't be otherwise, would it? There are also rumors that a small sun has been born among the shadows to assist the heirs."

"Hmm... Could it be someone playing with mana?"

"At that time, all skilled individuals capable of such pranks were away on external assignments to prepare for the heirs' practical examinations."

"Well, then it's not a bad omen. Another sun, you say."

Hugo nodded quietly.

Traditionally, the appearance of two suns, also known as the Rainbow Clouds, has been considered an auspicious sign.

"When the nacreous clouds appear, something good has always happened in the family. Who knows what might occur at the Sword Novice training grounds?"

As he spoke, Barrymore's expression darkened.

"Well... Something has indeed happened."

"Is that the bad news you mentioned? Tell me."

Upon Hugo's request, Barrymore reported with a grave expression.

"There has been a major conflict among the heirs."

Hugo's expression drastically changed upon hearing that.

"Big fight? How many died?"

"...No one died, but Highbro lost all his teeth, Middlebro's jawbone was shattered, and Lowbro's right index finger was severed. Of course, they have all received treatment and recovered their original health."

"So, it was a minor dispute among brothers. It's natural for brothers to fight and rough each other up."

Hugo leaned back in his chair, as if relieved, and handed over a report about the triplets.

"Since we are all close friends, there should be no reason for us to fight each other, right?"

"That's correct. There were conflicts with other brothers."

"Such foolishness. If they consider themselves weaker or stronger than a mere puppy, they should assess their opponents before attacking."

When Hugo swore, Barrymore corrected him.

"Well, those who made Highbro, Middlebro, and Lowbro like that are younger than them."

"What? Younger than a 9-and-a-half-year-old? Does that mean the entire 8-year-old class attacked them?"

"No, just one person."

Hugo's eyes widened once again at Barrymore's words.

And as he continued reading Barrymore's report, his expression darkened even further.

"The top scorer in the written exam, Vikir, was the perpetrator."

Vikir Van Baskerville. Eight years old this year.

He headed towards the family chamber, where the essence of the family resided, in response to the family's call.

As he opened the door and entered, he caught sight of the imposing figure of Hugo Le Baskerville.

"Have a seat."

Even though he didn't manifest an aura, the energy emanating from him was heavy.

Vikir moved cautiously, trying not to reveal the mana hidden within him.

"I'm confident in hiding my mana."

The uninhabited, who had gone through the confrontation with the demons and the long Age of Destruction, knew the significance of harnessing their energy.

This method of perfectly concealing mana was something that the uninitiated, who had not experienced the Age of Destruction, could not comprehend even if they were awakened.

It was not so much a matter of strength as it was a matter of skill.

However, even that had its limitations. If Vikir were to acquire even greater power here, it would inevitably catch Hugo's attention.

"I should find a way to protect myself soon."

Vikir sat down on the small chair in front of him, contemplating various thoughts in his mind.

Hugo spoke up.

"You've grown a lot since we last met."

Vikir was slightly surprised by his words.

Hugo's voice, which always seemed sharp as a blade, sounded unusually gentle today.

And the dialogue itself was intriguing.

"Why are these piglets always so small and frail, while the others grow big and strong like weeds?"

It was a phrase that Hugo often uttered when he found his childhood self.

Previously, as he watched livestock grow, he would send the gaze of a frustrated butcher who couldn't sell them quickly enough. But today, he had a strangely warm look in his eyes, as if he were expecting something.

"Hello, Master of the Family."

Vikir greeted him with an innocent childlike voice.

However, Hugo, addressed as the Master of the Family, didn't seem pleased with the title.

"Master of the Family? Well, I suppose I am the Master of the Family."

He pondered for a moment, then changed the subject.

"I heard you made the triplets of the 9-year-old advanced class into fools."

"If you're referring to those elder brothers, I believe they have received appropriate treatment afterward."

"I'm not talking about their physical condition."

Hugo furrowed his brow.

"Their minds, haven't they been shattered?"


"Since that day, I heard they eat separately, sleep separately, and don't even speak to each other properly. They were once outstanding individuals who could unleash their combined skills, but now their relationship is completely broken."

Is that all? Nowadays, all three of them wet themselves just by making eye contact with Hugo.

A dog that has lost its fighting spirit is useless in any era.

However, Vikir didn't voice such thoughts.

He only confidently expressed his conviction.

"Carrying three shoddy short swords all at once would be burdensome and useless, wouldn't it? It would be better to wield a masterfully crafted sword that an artisan has devoted himself to."

At Hugo's words, there was a hint of innocence in his eyes.

"...Well, that's true."

He stroked his chin and looked down at the 8-year-old kid in front of him.

If you're watching him, his lips naturally twitch.

"But don't you think it was wrong to beat up your brothers?"

Vikir responded with a puzzled expression to Hugo's words.

"Wrong? What did I do?"

"What do you mean? Didn't you leave your brothers in a terrible state?"

Vikir tilted his head in an utterly incomprehensible manner in response to Hugo's question.

"Why is that wrong? I'm stronger, aren't I?"


Vikir drove a wedge towards Hugo, who had a vacant expression.

"How can a strong person be wrong?"

The world considers the weak to be sinners.

Isn't that what Baskerville is all about?



Hugo le Baskerville's lips began to twitch.

It was as if he found the small, audacious fellow in front of him unbearably adorable.

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