Revenge of the Iron-Blooded Sword Hound (Novel) Chapter 21

C21: Morgue Camille (2)

Morgue's bombshell statement exploded.

"Is the man who stole our Ruby mine the thief, sir?"

The audacious question from the 8-year-old girl froze the atmosphere in an instant.

First, the representatives of both families stiffened on the spot.



Even Adolf, the most composed person in the world, seemed taken aback and could only mutter incoherently.

Hugo, too, maintained a somewhat vacant expression and remained silent.

"What did I just hear?" His poker face couldn't hide the thought that crossed his mind.

Inside the Baskerville family's main room, the silence became as if nothing living existed.

And that silence was broken once again by Camus.

"Give it back, the Ruby mine."

Camus walked briskly and extended a white palm before him.

Meanwhile, Hugo, who faced his determined gaze, still wore a vacant expression.

Not only had he never heard such words in a confrontation before, but the fact that his opponent was an 8-year-old child made it even more surreal.

At that moment, Adolf was the first to regain his composure.

"This, this brat! What insolence!"

"Just like my father said. This gentleman stole our Ruby mine."

"This, this, this brat, when did I!?"

"Before getting off the carriage. It's because the number of research rubies allocated to me has decreased starting this month, all because of that unlucky mustacheless thief."

"This, this, this, this brat, wh-when did I!?"

"If you ask when, it was about an hour and forty-two minutes ago? I'm pretty sure I heard it..."

Camus looked slightly gloomy.

At this point, Adolf felt a cold sweat running down his back.

Even without turning his gaze, he could tell. The temperature in the room had dropped a few degrees more.

"...Hmmm. Unlucky mustacheless man, and a thief?"

A cold voice flowed from the front.

Hugo narrowed his eyes and looked in this direction.

Adolf took out a handkerchief, covered his mouth, and coughed emptily.

"Ahem. It seems there is some misunderstanding. I will explain it well later."

"A puppy wouldn't understand anything. There's no need for Morgue's family education issue to be explained to me."

Hugo spat out sharp words, but he already seemed quite annoyed.

Adolf silently cursed in his mind and glanced at Camus.

"Camus. What insolence towards the elders of the neighboring family."

"But my father said..."

"No matter how much the representatives around us spoke ill, it shouldn't be taken literally when conveying it. Rumors can be exaggerated... well, there are also diminished ones."

Adolf and Camus engaged in a conversation, facing each other.

Suddenly, Hugo began to grow irritated by the whole situation.

By the way, Butler Barrymore's report came to mind recently.

"The first report. Regarding the bloody incident with the 'Morgue' family at the Red Thorn Mountain Ruby Mine..."

"We will have an opportunity to discuss that matter soon. Morgue's side will come to us first."

The Ruby Mine issue had been a longstanding dispute.

Within the boundary known as the "Joint Security Zone," which marked the border between Baskerville and Morgue, there existed a mine where high-quality rubies poured out abundantly.

The problem was that the entrance to the mining site was located on Morgue's surface territory, while the underground vein flowed beneath Baskerville's domain.

Due to the angle at which the vein flowed, the only route accessible for mining from the surface was through the mining site located within Morgue's territory.

However, following the vein inevitably meant digging deep into Baskerville's territory.

<Camus's imagined map of the mine>

Because of this, Morgue had tried various methods.

The most attempted method was secretly digging tunnels to mine the rubies.

However, Baskerville's hunting dogs, with their keen sense of smell, would often sense the signs and attack Morgue's mining site.

During these incidents, there were several bloody clashes, but since nothing was officially reported, the relationship between the two families seemed amicable on the surface.

Although inwardly, tensions were brewing.

So, the true purpose of Morgue's Adolf's visit today, under the guise of discussing the friendly exchange event, was to talk about the ruby mine and the bloody conflict.

Hugo, in his own way, had also prepared for it...

"Give back my rubies! I can't conduct my research because I don't have enough rubies!"

He never expected an 8-year-old girl to come and cause a commotion like this.

In response to Camus's demand, Hugo rubbed his forehead with his hand.

"Behold, Acting Family Boss Adolf. What kind of situation is this for an official visit?"

"Ahem. Um. I apologize, Family Boss. However, well, the child's words may not be entirely incorrect, albeit rough."


"I mean, isn't it the right thing to say? Even though it's a rough statement coming from a child."

Hugo and Adolf's gazes met.



Hugo tried to exert his superhuman aura characteristic of a Sword Master to pressurize the surroundings, but... his concentration was disrupted by Camus, who had approached right in front of him.

Even though he tried to slowly release his momentum to make Camus retreat.

"What are you doing against a child now? Are you persecuting an 8-year-old girl, Imperial Sword Star?"

Adolf's jab came right away.

Adolf, wrapped in a cloak, and Hugo, with a strained expression.

Engaging in a verbal dispute with an 8-year-old child was beneath an adult's dignity, and leaving it alone meant that the author, Adolf, kept trying to politically exploit the child's innocence.

For Hugo, it was an extremely annoying situation.

Should he finally bring up the long-ignored issue of the Ruby Mine?

Responding to the negotiations itself was an affront to Basquerville's pride, but for Morg, it was a profitable business.

Since rubies were widely used as a primary material for magical experiments, they were essential to Morg but not necessarily vital to Basquerville.

As a closed-off individual with a dislike for interacting with other families, Hugo simply wanted to ignore the Ruby Vein.

He already had enough headaches training hunting dogs and expanding territories against enemies and the Black Mountains, and he had no interest in playing with sorcerers and tricksters who used red stones for women's accessories.

"Please return our Ruby Mine. Without the rubies that come out of there, it's difficult for me to continue my studies."

"Oh, Camus. When adults are talking, stop interrupting! Oh my, oh my."

I'm starting to think that I can't even listen to the conversation between the girl named Camus and the author, Adolf.

"No matter how you look at it, this seems like a political performance..."

But since the other party is a child, I can't say anything and can only simmer with frustration internally.

Even if I'm the family boss of the Basquervilles, whether I'm a high-ranking individual or not.

...Right at that moment.

There was a voice that made Hugo's ears perk up.

"Are they not teaching you not to covet others' belongings in Morga?"

A voice as innocent and lively as Camus, who is 8 years old.

It was the appearance of 8-year-old Vikir.

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