Revenge of the Iron-Blooded Sword Hound (Novel) Chapter 3



Newborn baby Vikir, Vikir Van Baskerville. He was lying on the outskirts of a dimly lit communal nursery. With a body that couldn't even control itself properly, there wasn't much he could do. He simply sucked on the nurse's breast milk, pondering over the situations before regression. At 8 years old, he felt mana for the first time. It was a talent worthy of being called a genius in the world, but within the Baskerville family, he was just an ordinary member. At 15 years old, he accumulated mana at the level of Circle 1. He could faintly ignite an aura on his sword. At 20 years old, he began to be actively deployed in real combat. He mainly took on missions such as assassinations, espionage, and subjugating savages. At 25 years old, was it because he lived more fiercely than others? Vikir's swordsmanship reached a level that surpassed the ranks of the Baskerville family's veterans who hadn't reached their thirties yet. At 29 years old, the limit of how far an illegitimate child could grow was clear. The orthodox direct descendants, who seemed to fall behind for a moment, rapidly advanced, accumulating practical experience and soon disappearing far ahead, never to be seen again. At 30 years old, the gate leading to the demon world opened, and numerous demons began to invade. At 35 years old, he withstood the era of destruction with his bare body, accumulating countless practical experiences and killing more monsters than anyone else. At 39 years old, he emerged victorious from the war. It was a valuable victory for the Empire and the Human Alliance. At 40 years old, a lifetime of loyalty as a hunting dog. However, the Baskerville family did not reciprocate that loyalty. His return was met with mockery and false accusations of collusion with demons. And then, the executioner's blade. Abruptly— A renewed hatred for Hugo Baskerville overwhelms him. As Vikir cried out, the nurse was startled and took him away from her embrace. "Oh my, the young master occasionally behaves like this." She laid Vikir in the cradle and stood up from her seat. Her working hours were over, and now it was time for another nurse to take over. But... Swoosh- Instead of leaving through the door as usual, the nurse looked around and headed to the bed on the other side. "Come, young masters, have your milk." The nurse started feeding some of the children who had already been given milk separately. The Baskerville children were raised together in one room. To raise all the children fairly. But would any mother treat her own child the same as other children? Some mothers remembered the characteristics of their own children and would ask the nurse to feed their child a little longer. Of course, as Vikir, who didn't know who his mother was, it was difficult to expect such a favor, so he had to put aside all expectations. He would have to grow up quickly so that he could at least feed himself. ...And at that moment. Something unexpected happened. The nurse, who looked around, approached Vikir's cradle again. "Oh my, the madam. What on earth is she thinking, asking me to bring this to Vikir's cradle?" Madam? There aren't many beings in this family who deserve to be called "madam." And there is even less reason for such a being to ask Vikir to bring something to him. The nurse took out a fairly large box from her embrace, and even she herself didn't know what was inside. Clatter- The nurse placed the box in Vikir's cradle and tilted her head a few times. Then, with quick steps, she left the nursery. "...." Vikir quietly stared at the box next to him. Did he have any memories of something like this before his regression? None in particular. He struggled to lift his head and looked outside the cradle. Vikir's cradle was quite far from the other cradles. It didn't feel good. And ominous premonitions always come true. Creak... Rustle... Finally, something pushed its way out of the box. A gift for a newborn baby. A snake. Two snakes with triangular heads and thick bodies protruded from the box. Bloody mambar. Also known as "Chilbosa," a venomous snake said to die within seven steps if it bites you. Vikir was astonished, his mouth half-open. Who released this snake here? It seems that even the nurse left without knowing what she had undone. Vikir, who was momentarily perplexed, soon grasped the situation. "Come to think of it, there have been cases of babies dying unexpectedly in the nursery." The more exceptional and extraordinary the abilities of the children were from birth, the more likely they were to pass away prematurely. Until now, Vikir had considered it as a matter unrelated to himself, merely accidents, assassinations from enemies, or bad luck. But now, the situation was clearly not good. The dark influence targeting the nursery was undoubtedly emanating from within the family. Swoosh... Two bloody mambar snakes approached this way. Their venomous fangs gleamed, and their mouths seemed to be already drenched in blood. It was a situation where all the children inside the nursery could be annihilated. If that happens, it will undoubtedly lead to an unprecedented catastrophe for the Baskerville family. "...Well, that's not necessarily a bad thing." There is no attachment to the family. But if the beginning of the destruction happens to be him, then it becomes a problem. Vikir reached out his hand. Having survived the Age of Destruction, he had slain countless demons. Among the reptilian demons, he had encountered many in the form of snakes and was well aware of their weaknesses. Even a newborn baby's body would be sufficient. ...Snap! Vikir reached out with both hands and grabbed a venomous snake each. He caught them precisely around the neck, where the snake's fangs couldn't reach. The snakes, taken by surprise at the preemptive attack, struggled in confusion. They tried to raise their sharp scales to stab their opponent, but Vikir's body had already been strengthened by the protection of the River Styx, making it impossible. Their scales couldn't even leave a scratch, let alone inflict any harm. At the same time, Vikir manipulated the mana throughout his body. The mana channel, which had been empty since birth, was now considerably filled. It was the result of absorbing the waters of the River Styx to its limit. ...Crackle! His fists began to emit a sparkling light. It was a level that the infants in this nursery wouldn't reach for another eight years. And yet, Vikir accomplished it in less than eight months since his birth. Tssss... The bodies of the two venomous snakes stiffened. Becoming sluggish when encountering a superior predator is the law of the wild. The two venomous snakes, confronted with the scent of milk emanating from the infant before them, stiffened with their scales standing on end, overwhelmed by an indescribable fear. Finally, Vikir's mana-infused hands fiercely twisted the necks of the two snakes. ...Snap! While the skin and flesh remained intact, the bones supporting them snapped. The two venomous snakes each opened their mouths wide. Due to the pressure, their eyeballs popped out, and their tongues extended. The two snakes with broken necks trembled for a moment and then died, releasing their waste in the process.

From the tips of their exposed venomous fangs, droplets of poison were dripping.

The next day.

As soon as the nanny's scream echoed through the Baskerville family, all the knights in the household gathered in the communal nursery. In the hands of Vikir, who was smiling brightly, were the two venomous snakes with broken necks. Seeing that they were the infamous deadly poison "Bloody Mamba" from the "Enemy and Black" Mountains, the knights were truly astonished to the point of their eyeballs popping out. Although it was a snake without fangs and venom, the fact that such a creature was found in the nursery was a tremendous disaster. Within a few minutes, this news reached Hugo, who was in his natural form, and he immediately rushed to the nursery. All the nannies who had been on night duty were executed after intense interrogation, and strict surveillance was implemented in the nursery. The culprit who released the snakes was never found. But only one person. "..." An immature hunting dog who could only bark silently could see through the whole truth. Since birth, the legendary infant who conquered Swords Cradle in the shortest time, had the longest immersion in the River Styx, and, not satisfied with that, strangled the two snakes in the cradle. Vikir Van Baskerville. He remained quiet, lying in the cradle, waiting for the moment to repay the debt and the time for revenge. .... And eight years have passed since then.

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