TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 213

 C 213

“Heavenly Blade leader.”

Burren came up to Sheryl with his eyebrows slightly lowered.

“Raon is very late in returning. Shouldn't we look for him?”

“He's quite late indeed.”

Martha also nodded, taking her back off the tree.

“Are you worried about him?”

Sheryl looked back at Burren and Martha with peaceful eyes.

“I-I'm not worried! I'm definitely not worried about him!”

Martha quickly shook her head, saying that it was nonsense.

“She's right. It's just because our departure is being delayed…”

Burren lowered his eyes and scratched his head.

“I see.”

Sheryl smiled slightly while watching them violently shake their hands.


Runaan was blankly looking up to the sky, following Raon's order to stay near the carriage.

“Are you not worried, Lady Runaan?”

Encia poked her head out of the carriage's window and called out to Runaan.


“Because Sir Raon went away on his own and hasn't returned yet.”

Since she was also aware of the situation, her hand was trembling in worry.

“You don't need to worry about him.”

Runaan calmly shook her head.

“Raon won't lose.”

Her peaceful expression and short answer revealed how much she trusted Raon.

“I heard that the Light Wind wasn't created that long ago. It's marvelous how much they trust each other.”

Encia smiled while looking at the Light Wind members.

“That's only natural, since we've been together for almost six years now, including our trainee period.”

“Ah! So, were you together as trainees and joined the same squad altogether?”

“Indeed. But he's slightly late toda… Ah! Vice squad leader!”

As Dorian was looking around, Raon was coming out from the forest road on the right side. He was carrying someone on his shoulder that Dorian didn't recognize.


“Why are you so late?”

“I was worried for nothing.”

Runaan came running at him, Martha frowned, and Burren smiled faintly.

“He was a bit far away.”

Raon smiled in the face of the three different reactions, then went to Sheryl.

“Have you finished?”

Sheryl narrowed her eyes while looking at Temas' corpse.

“Yes, but there might be a little problem.”

Raon put down Temas' corpse.

“A problem…”

Sheryl remained calm despite noticing that the corpse was Temas. She must've realized he was the perpetrator the moment the formation concealing his presence was shattered.


“That's the doctor from before!”

“S-Sir Temas?”

“Huuh? That doctor attacked us? But why?”

“That's crazy…”

Everyone, from the Heavenly Blade to the Light Wind, were shocked to see Temas' corpse and their jaws dropped.


Encia's lips were trembling as she grasped her own wrist, the one that Temas had held to feel her pulse.

“Do you have any proof that he was the one who ordered the attack?”

“I have this Flute of Inscription for now. What happened over there…”

Raon explained the Flute of Inscription to her, then told her about Temas using the poison art, and that his heart had suddenly stopped as he was interrogating him.

“It's a rage worm.”

Sheryl frowned while looking at Temas' corpse, noting the way the veins had popped.

“It looks like someone is behind Temas’ actions.”

She immediately recognized the rage worm, and even realized that someone was behind his actions. Her knowledge was really surprising.

“Did he not tell you who it was?”

“No, he didn't.”

Raon shook his head.

'Now isn't the time.'

As long as he didn't have definite proof that Derus Robert was involved, it wasn't a good idea to mention his name.

After all, there wasn't enough pretext, which meant many innocent people could end up dying if a war broke out between House Zieghart and House Robert.

'And he's mine.'

He didn't want Derus to have an easy death. He was planning to show him despair by destroying his precious forces one by one, before cutting his head off at the very last moment.

“I see.”

Sheryl nodded, as if she had expected that answer.



“I'll disclose it as if I was the one who resolved this incident.”

She created scars on Temas's body with her sword before he could stop her.

“D-Division leader?”

“Why would you do that…?”

People's eyes widened as she declared she would take all of the fame from solving the case.

“N-No way, are you trying to take all the fame… Hupp!”

Raon covered Krein's mouth as he started saying stupid things, then looked at Sheryl.

“Can you explain the reason?”

“Temas is a doctor, renowned throughout the continent for his good deeds. Even though we have the Blood Poison, the hole in his teeth, and the Flute of Inscription as proof, some people still won't believe it and will even try to attack you.”

Sheryl continued as nonchalantly as usual.

“Which means, the fame you get from killing him isn't the good sort. Moreover, the ringleader behind Temas is most likely going to take revenge against you and the Light Wind. It's better to disclose this matter as my own doing.”

'I knew she was trying to protect us.'

Sheryl said that she would take the achievement for the matter in order to protect Raon and the Light Wind from the ringleader behind Temas.

'She's a nice person.'

Despite her cold-hearted and strict appearance, she had a warm heart that could make many considerations for others.

“Thank you for your consideration, but that won't do.”

Raon slowly shook his head.

'I don't want other people to be harmed because of me.'

If that was how the information spread, Derus might start targeting the Heavenly Blade leader. He couldn't accept his revenge causing problems for others.


“Since we don't know who is behind Temas, I can't shift the matter’s responsibility to the Heavenly Blade leader. I'm the one who humiliated Temas and brought Lady Encia with us, so I'll…”

In the middle of his speech, Sheryl's right hand approached him. With her thumb holding her middle finger back, she flicked his forehead.


Raon unconsciously groaned from the sudden pain.

“Arrogant kid, who are you worrying about when you aren't even wet behind your ears?”

Sheryl furrowed her brows.

“I'm the person responsible for this mission. I'm the one who decides on the results and the process.”


“I'm sure I ordered you to do as you wish, and you followed my order. Since I'm the one who created this result, I'm going to take responsibility for it.”

“Heavenly Blade leader…”

“And who do you think I am?”

A fearsome amount of energy was emanating from her entire body, making him shudder.

“I'm the first sword protecting the head of house. As long as it's not him, it doesn't matter who my opponent is, even if it is the head of one of the Six Kings or Five Demons.”

Sheryl mentioned the head of one of the Six Kings or the Five Demons as if she knew something about the ringleader before turning around. She went around to spread her aura throughout the entire forest, just like she did to Temas.


“As expected of our division leader!”

“Of course our division leader wouldn't care about fame like that!”

“I fell in love again with your confident demeanor!”

The Heavenly Blade swordsmen smiled, since they knew she’d say that.

“Wow. That is how you take responsibility.”

“She's different. She's completely different.”

“If it was him, he would've shifted the responsibility to Raon by all means…”

The Light Wind swordsmen licked their lips while thinking about the red-haired elf, who was on the opposite side of the spectrum from Sheryl.


Raon exhaled faintly, while looking at Sheryl's back.

'It looks like I need to create an opportunity.'

He felt the necessity to create an opportunity to disclose to Sheryl the fact that Derus was the perpetrator behind it. Though, he figured she still wouldn't change her mind.

'Anyway, I managed to buy some time.'

Thanks to Sheryl, it looked like he could significantly delay the time until Derus learned his name. He should've been able to shatter his plans one by one during that time frame.

“Thank you.”

Raon bowed at Sheryl, who was creating traces of battle in different parts of the forest.

“Vice squad leader!”

When he raised his head, Dorian was running at him with his face turned red.

“I've witnessed the god of supplies today! Please teach me!”


“The way you completely prevented the situation by utilizing artifacts according to the situation was extremely impressive! I'll serve you as my master!”

He went flat on his belly. His eyes were almost shining, impressed by the way he’d perfectly stopped the enemy attack by using appropriate tools.

“That was just a coincidence.”

He managed to do all that thanks to his memories of previous life. It wasn't his supplying abilities in action.

“Vice squad leader is pretty much the god of supplies. You must've been testing me so far! Please teach me!”

Dorian violently shook his head in denial and shouted to ask for lessons.

“Sir Raon!”

Encia came down from the carriage and came up to him with her eyes in a daze.

“You are handsome, but also strong, and you are handsome but also perfectly prepared, and you are handsome but also smart. And you are so damn handsome!”

Her eyes were sparkling like jewels.

“Raon, handsome. Well prepared, and rich!”

Runaan raised her fist while sticking next to Dorian. It felt less embarrassing than others because her eyes were blank, unlike the others.


Raon frowned, stepping back from the three people's gazes.

'My followers are increasing…'


* * *


Raon recorded the assassins and the forest with an artifact that could save a scene as an image before heading to Retran.

Since there could be another attack, they kept moving without rest, and managed to reach the end of Krun Forest the next evening.

“We've finally arrived.”

“Aww, we can finally rest.”

Dorian smiled while looking at the round forest road, which led outside. Krein also nodded as he saw the exit, where the bright light was coming from.

“Our mission isn't over until we treat Lady Encia and return. Stay alert.”

Burren narrowed his eyes as he looked back at those two.

“Did you not hear that they are at war here? You will lose your head if you don't pay attention.”

Martha also frowned while tapping Dorian and Krein's shoulders.

“I-I'm sorry.”

“You don't need to worry so much.”

Ekan, who was at the lead, looked back with a smile.

“The longer a war lasts, the less serious it becomes. They are just facing each other to keep their pride, so we should be able to treat her without probl… huh?”

Although he was maintaining his smile, he stiffened like a marionette that lost its string the moment he left the forest.

“What is…?”

Raon also followed Ekan out and stopped. Although it was evening, the area was so bright, it was as if the sun had risen once again.


It wasn't because of the moonlight. The effect was caused by the fire engulfing Retran.

“We have a problem.”

Sheryl frowned while looking at Retran engulfed in flames.

“The Light Wind will come with me, and the Heavenly Blade will bring the carriage.”


She ran out before even hearing Ekan's answer.

“Let's go!”


Raon also chased after Sheryl after gesturing at the Light Wind to follow them with his hand.

'What is happening here…?'

Unless the two houses sharing Retran went crazy, there was no way they would fight at that scale. There must've been another incident besides the war.


Raon followed Sheryl and jumped over Retran's castle gate to stand on the castle walls. The flames were on the outskirts, and the city was filled with corpses and blood.


He looked to the left, where the clashing sound of swords was coming from.

Mysterious men wearing green and red hoods were swinging their swords and axes at the combatants and civilians alike.


“Green Demon and Red Demon!”

Burren and Martha's surprised voices could be heard from behind them. Since they had already fought them before in Cebu village, everyone in Light Wind recognized Eden's demons in an instant.

And there were more than red and green demons. Their officers, wearing monster armor, could also be found in various locations.

“Since we don't have any time to waste, I'll give you my order immediately. Slay every single red and green demon in the city. We don't even need to interrogate anyone, save as many people as possible!”

Right after giving them the order, Sheryl ran through the central avenue. She was apparently targeting Eden's officers, who were slaughtering the warriors from the center of the city.

“Kill the red and green demons in accordance with the Heavenly Blade leader's order before gathering at the center of the city.”


Raon gave them an additional order before jumping down from the castle wall. He ran towards the left, where he could feel the largest amount of red and green demons' energies.

'Terrible bastards…'

The blood flowing down from the hill wasn’t even dry yet, and the corpses that still retained their body heat were lying around with their eyes wide open.

The red and green demons kept swinging their swords and axes against the civilians while screaming like monsters, not realizing that Raon was there.


Raon stomped the ground hard enough for the land to explode, stopping everyone.

The green and red demons turned around, holding their blood-covered weapons.


“Why is Zieghart here?”

Raon used the Supreme Harmony Steps without responding. He advanced over the folding ground, swinging Heavenly Drive. The silver blade brushed past the green and red demons without any hesitation at all.


Before they could react, Raon turned to the right, unleashing the second strike. The flame filling the blade split apart into a spiral and slashed all of the remaining green and red demons.

Thud! Thud!

In the blink of an eye, the ten heads of the red and green demons were rolling on the ground.



The people who were saved from almost dying to the green demons sank to the ground while exhaling violently.

“Wh-Who are you…?”

“I'm from Zieghart. Go to the center of the city. That's how you can live.”

He didn't have time to explain. He needed to slay the slaughtering Eden's demons as fast as possible.


He opened Glacier's perception. He moved following the murderous intent, slaying all of the demons that were slaughtering people.

'Those crazy bastards…'

Although he had only recently arrived in the city, he already had slain over thirty green and red demons. The Eden bastards were apparently trying to erase the entire city.

'Is that the last one?'

Raon ran to the building with a smoothly curved appearance.


It was a temple worshiping the goddess of fertility, but the entrance was already destroyed, and an urgent scream could be heard from inside.


Once he entered, an Eden demon wearing orc fighter armor was swinging his deadly blade towards swordsmen wearing brown uniforms.

Corpses were piled up to the sides, and people who seemed to be civilians were trembling with their eyes closed behind the swordsmen.

'Green War Demon? No, that's different.'

He was stronger than the one he killed in Cebu Village and was different in nature. It looked like both the magic stone and the person inside were different.

“Who are you?”

The Green War Demon interrupted his swing and turned around.

“I don't like getting my meal interrupt—Kuh!”

Raon didn't give him the chance to speak. He used the Supreme Harmony's second step to leap inside in an instant.


The blue blade was reflecting the moonlight, spreading between the bars of the broken window as it slashed diagonally.


The Green War Demon crumbled to the ground while grasping his neck, where blood was gushing out.

Even a snail can advance.

Wrath narrowed his eyes while looking at the Green War Demon's corpse.

That strange armor… Isn't that energy the same as the one you fought four years ago? You barely managed to win back then, but you can now slay him in a single strike.

'That’s because a long time has passed since then.'

Since a lot of time had passed, and he made much effort and use out of the doormat, that difference was a natural result.


“H-He's slain the Green War Demon in a single strike…”

“Who are you…?”

The swordsmen in brown uniform widened their eyes, more surprised by the fact that the Green War Demon had perished in a single strike than their survival.

“Are you okay?”

Raon lowered his sword and went towards the survivors.

“Th-Thank you!”

“Thank you very much!”

They finally came to their senses, bowing at him while crying.

“What even happened here?”

Raon went to the swordsman who was in a position to protect everyone. Since he'd managed to take care of most of Eden's demons outside, it was time to listen to their story.


“Now that I think about it, where did the Saint go? The situation wouldn't have gotten so bad if he were around.”

The Ragged Saint Federick was also a warrior at Master level. His might was significantly outshone by his medicine, but his prowess definitely couldn't be called weak.

“I-I'll explain it.”

A priestess who seemed to be in her early twenties raised her hand.

“You are…”

“I'm the priestess Rosy, who assisted the Saint during his stay.”

Rosy sighed and stood in front of Raon. Her legs were still trembling in fear.

“The assassins suddenly appeared when we were treating the patients from both houses around noon, along with the Saint.”


Raon narrowed his eyes. Temas apparently also targeted Federick on top of himself.

“Since the houses Basin and Trian had received a lot of help from the Saint, they paused the war for the time being and worked together to fend off the assassins. The atmosphere between them didn't look too bad, as they were wielding their swords against a common enemy.”

That was to be expected, since the Houses Basin and Trian must've been willing to finish the dragging war.

“That's why they decided to prolong the temporary armistice and promised to have a meal together, but the city's outskirts were suddenly set ablaze.”

Raon frowned when she mentioned the fire. He could guess the overall situation.

“The warriors from the two houses scattered around to extinguish the fire, and Eden's demons used that opportunity to attack. Many demons from Eden have been killed, but the damage was even worse for the houses' swordsmen, who were scattered around.”

Rosy couldn't stop herself from biting her lips.

“Did the Saint not do anything?”

“Naturally, he moved in order to save people. However, he shouldn't have done that.”

“What do you mean…?”

He couldn't understand what she was telling him.

“Because the Saint was Eden's target.”


“As soon as the Saint made his move, Eden deployed four demons at Master level, as if they'd been waiting for him. Two of them slaughtered people from the center of the city to attract attention, and two others attacked the Saint. The situation made it obvious that the Saint was their objective.”

Rosy sighed deeply.

“Realizing that he was Eden's objective, he left Retran with Yulius. That's why we've managed to survive so far.”


“He's the reason the war broke out between the two houses in the city.”

Raon understood who that was. He must've been the boy with genius talents that was the cause of the war.

“No way, is Eden…”

“Yes, they were targeting both the Saint and the boy.”

“Why are they targeting the Saint?”

Raon narrowed his eyes. Since Eden always looked for people to wear their armor, it was understandable that they would target the boy—but he couldn't think of any reason they would go so far for Federick.

“It's because of the flower that the Saint possesses.”

“What flower can that be…?”



“It's a treasure that is supposed to be capable of saving ten thousand people if you make a medicine out of it, and capable of killing a hundred thousand people if you make a poison out of it.”

Rosy's trembling hand was grasping her chest.

“Eden is targeting the boy and the Saint's lives, and also the Raysin.”


* * *


Raon sent Rosy and others to a safe place before heading to the center, where Sheryl was headed.

The Eden officers that used to be there had all lost their heads, and the Light Wind and the carriage were also there.

“I'll explain it in simple terms. Eden is currently targeting the Saint's life and the boy. The Saint left the city with the boy in order to avoid its destruction, and they must be still chasing after him.”

She apparently also heard their story, since she already knew that the Saint brought Yulius with him. However, she didn't know about the Raysin yet.

“There's one more reason.”

Raon raised his hand.

“Eden is targeting the Raysin that the Saint possesses.”


The swordsman's faces became even more distorted as they recognized the name.

“Are they even targeting Raysin on top of the boy and the Saint? That's too much greed for demons.”

Sheryl laughed coldly and clenched her fist.

“Ekan, Raon. You shall protect Lady Encia and Retran's civilians alongside the swordsmen.”



Ekan immediately responded, but Raon silently walked up to Sheryl.

“Please bring me with you.”

“This is not a game.”

Sheryl shook her head while frowning her face.

“From what I heard here, there are at least four demons at Master level, and there should be even more actually chasing after the Saint. It's not something you can handle.”

“He saved my life.”

Raon took another step forward.

“If I don't repay that favor, I'd be no different from a beast.”


“Please give me a chance.”

Sheryl's eyes wavered slightly in the face of Raon's polite attitude.


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