TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 210

 C 210

North Grave Mountain


Rimmer was licking his lips while leaning his back against a long boulder that looked like a leaf laid on the ground horizontally.

“My lord.”

He raised his head to look at the top of the boulder.

“Why did you entrust Raon to that inflexible woman?”


Glenn didn't respond, instead he just stared at the annex building, where faint light was emerging from the darkness.

“What are you going to do if Raon learns to be as strict as Sheryl?”

Rimmer's hand was trembling, terrified by that possibility.

“He's already meticulous as he is right now, and if he takes after Sheryl on top of that… Aww! I don't even want to think about it!”

He shook his head, telling him that shouldn't be allowed to happen.

“That boy was trying to create his own swordsmanship.”

Glenn opened his mouth, slowly looking up.

“Yes. He's currently researching the heavy sword.”

Rimmer nodded, thinking about the way Raon was practicing the heavy sword.

“The Heavenly Blade leader has trained all different sword's properties to the extreme. She's the most helpful person for him right now.”

Glenn nonchalantly explained the reason he entrusted Raon to Sheryl.

“So, you were taking care of Raon once again. You are really a grandson's grandfather, since you even moved the Heavenly Blade in order to teach him.”


“If you like Raon so much, and want to take care of him, you should just say it! Or you should at least personally take care of him! It feels so frustrating to watch!”

Rimmer slammed his chest.

“Head of House, you might end up dying without even telling him your feelings a single time! You know, people at our age can die at any time…”

“I guess you get sores in your mouth if you don’t get beaten at least once a month.”


Crimson sparks appeared in Glenn's hand, and Rimmer shut his mouth tightly.

However, it looked like he couldn't bear the silence, since he opened his mouth again in less than ten seconds.

“It's okay that you did it for Raon's sake, but you made a mistake this time.”


“There's no way that inflexible woman would teach him swordsmanship.”

Rimmer frowned intensely.

“She will teach him properly once she starts, but I don't think that's going to happen.”

Sheryl was the strictest person in Zieghart. There was no way she would easily decide to teach Raon.

“Raon is amazing in many ways, but he's going to need at least ten missions with her in order to open her mind.”

Rimmer swayed his arms in circles.

“It's better to open the library and show him various books on swordsmanship than to wait for that to happen.”

Although he acknowledged Raon's abilities, he couldn't imagine Raon overcoming Sheryl's strictness.

“What do you think will happen if Sheryl teaches swordsmanship to Raon?”

“Hmm, it will be extremely helpful for him if she does teach him.”

Rimmer continued while scratching his chin.

“She does teach properly, since she is such a strict person. I'm sure that will allow him to grow a lot.”

If Sheryl decided to teach him, she would keep teaching him until he realized the true meaning. In that case, his proficiency was bound to reach a different level by the time he returned.

“Then there's nothing to worry about.”

Glenn took out an opened letter from his inner pocket.

“Because the Heavenly Blade leader is currently teaching not only Raon, but also the other children.”


Rimmer's jaw dropped.

“N-No way! How did that even happen?”

“She was tricked by Raon.”

“T-Tricked? That Sheryl was?”



Rimmer's lips were trembling. He never imagined that Sheryl could be tricked by Raon's plans, despite her meticulous personality. He really was an amazing guy.

“She said she would properly teach Raon the heavy sword.”


“He's going to grow up a lot by the time he returns.”

Glenn smiled faintly, enjoying Rimmer's surprised reaction.

“I'm looking forward to it a little.”


* * *


Raon narrowed his eyes while looking at Sheryl, who stopped in front of him.

“Did you run away again because you didn't want to cook?”

“Wh-What are you saying right now?”

Sheryl was quickly blinking her eyes in panic.

“You also ran away when we were coming to House Yonaan because you messed up the cooking multiple times…”

It was mysterious that cooking was the one thing Sheryl was bad at, even though she was good at everything else. It was truly a mystery that her food tasted like mud, when mud wasn't even one of the ingredients.

That was terrible…

Wrath sighed. Even the demon king of voracity surrendered to Sheryl's food, labeling it not made for humans.

“That did happen back then, but that's not the case this time!”

She violently shook her head, telling him that he was mistaken.

“Then why did you suddenly decide to come here?”

“Haa, I told you I would teach you the heavy sword…”

Sheryl's voice was weak, probably because she realized the situation was already unfolding differently from what she wanted.

“I properly see it through once I start something. I didn't finish my lesson about the heavy sword.”

She narrowed her eyes while pointing at Heavenly Drive.

“There's a huge weakness in your heavy sword right now. I came here to teach you about that, not because of the food. It's true!”

“Ah, okay…”

Raon awkwardly nodded. Judging from the way she emphasized it, the cooking must've been part of the reason.

“I have a question before I teach you the heavy sword.”

“Please go ahead.”

“Why are you trying to create a new swordsmanship instead of learning an existing one?”

Sheryl was apparently aware that he was trying to create a new swordsmanship through the principles of the heavy sword.

“Can you answer?”

“I can, since it's not a big deal.”

Raon nodded nonchalantly.

“I kept training the Star Connecting Sword, even after I learned advanced swordsmanship. I was just trying to warm up and remind myself of the basics, but the swordsmanship started to transform to match my tendencies at some point.”


“The Star Connecting Sword is originally more focused on defense than offense, but the one I've been using is more focused on offense. The swordsmanship has evolved to match my personality and aura.”

He was enlightened after he reached the highest level of Expert and created Frost Pond. He was capable of changing a swordsmanship's flow itself once he learned it to the extreme.

“However, it was still lacking compared to the swordsmanship I had created myself, despite all the changes. Just as custom clothes feel more comfortable than ready-made clothes, the swordsmanship I created myself was more powerful and reactive, with more possibilities for progress.”

“I see. It should suit you better than any other swordsmanship, since you can use it the way you want to. However, it's an extremely difficult path.”

Sheryl nonchalantly looked at Heavenly Drive.

“Creating a new swordsmanship is a matter of enlightenment. The door might not open, even if you learn countless swordsmanship styles and increase their proficiencies.”

“I don't mind it.”


“Even if I don't manage to create a new swordsmanship, I'm already enjoying training and getting stronger.”

Raon smiled. He wasn't lying. Just like he told Wrath, the joy of progressing and getting better was bringing him more happiness than any other emotion.

“I see. So that was why.”

Sheryl nodded with a faint smile on her face.

'He really isn’t an ordinary guy.'

His response was brimming with wisdom. She was wondering how he got the temperament of a young founder, and it was because his willpower and his soul level were completely different from ordinary people.

'That's pretty good.'

His confident and lenient answer was pretty good, but the fact that he practiced the basic swordsmanship Star Connecting Sword to the extreme was even better.

“Did that answer your question?”

Raon slightly lowered his chin while looking at Sheryl as she indulged in her thoughts.

“Yes, it did.”

Although he didn't say anything special, Sheryl seemed satisfied, since a graceful smile had appeared around her mouth.

“Since I heard your answer, it should be my turn now.”

Sheryl took her sword from behind her back along with its scabbard.

“We will do it the same way as your match against Syria. You shall strike me with the best heavy sword you can currently use. I'll match my heavy sword to your strength and proficiency in response.”


She was planning to teach him by clashing against him, and Raon preferred that method compared to theory lessons since it felt easier for him.

“Come at me.”

Sheryl turned her palm face up, bending four fingers towards herself in a ‘come at me’ gesture.


Raon raised Heavenly Drive to head's level, gathering the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation to the extreme. He exploded the energy of the raging fire dashing through his mana circuit at Sheryl.


He swung Heavenly Drive down in one fell swoop, incorporating heaviness. His image was a mountain. The blade was engulfed by the weight of the North Grave Mountain, which surrounded the entirety of Zieghart.

“Is that all?”

Sheryl swung her scabbard upward with cold light reflected in her eyes.


The huge power exploding out of it looked like a sudden tidal wave emerging from a peaceful ocean, and that power clashed against Heavenly Drive.


The terrifying shockwave emerging from the clash between Heavenly Drive and Sheryl's scabbard created fissures on the land in the shape of a spiderweb.


Raon grit his teeth, while looking at Sheryl's scabbard, which was emanating a fearsome amount of power.

'I'm getting pushed back!'

Although he was definitely using a similar amount of aura and heaviness as her, he was being pushed back one-sidedly, as if he were trying to block steel with a tree branch.


Unable to overcome the tremendous weight in Sheryl's scabbard, he had to take five whole steps back.


He couldn't understand. Just like she promised, Sheryl was only using the same amount of aura and heavy sword principles as him, but he got pushed back way too easily, as if he were a kid competing against an adult.

'Moreover, I had the upper hand.'

In a clash between a downward swing and an upward swing of a heavy sword, the downward swing obviously had the advantage. He couldn't understand how he was still pushed back despite that fact.

“Can I try it again?”

“Of course.”

Sheryl nodded, lowering her scabbard. She was telling him to swing down once again.


Raon resonated the Ring of Fire and swirled the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation. He maximized his focus as if he were in a fight of life and death, then kicked the ground.


The crimson flame created on Heavenly Drive's blade harmonized with the heaviness to generate a tremendous amount of pressure. The heaviness that used to stay on the blade now engulfed the space as it rushed towards Sheryl.

'I need to properly watch it.'

While attacking with everything he had, Raon focused entirely on Sheryl's sword.


The gray aura spreading like heat haze on the scabbard dominated the space a lot faster than him and soared.

'The sword wasn't the only one!'

The heaviness of her strike didn't simply come from the blade. Even the strands of aura spreading on the scabbard incorporated the principles of heavy sword.


Heavenly Drive and the scabbard clashed once again, and Raon was bounced back like a rubber ball. He knelt on the ground.

“I-I finally understood.”

Raon raised himself while exhaling roughly.

“How to incorporate heaviness.”


“I've only been incorporating heaviness in the blade. I dominated the space with the heaviness on the blade, just like a fish following the flow of water. However, the Heavenly Blade leader's strike was different.”

He pointed at her scabbard, then continued.

“The heaviness wasn't only on the blade, but also in the strands of aura spreading around the blade. That's why it could dominate the space faster and wider, resulting in my loss.”

That was the reason he was pushed back despite using the same aura and principles of the heavy sword. She had incorporated heaviness into the aura spreading from the blade on top of the blade itself.


Sheryl nodded with a smile.

“The heaviness only remained on your blade. Even though it's still powerful, thanks to your aura and your physical strength, it can only swallow a narrow amount of space.”

“You are right.”

“However, if you incorporate aura on the spreading aura on top of the blade, the power, speed, and range will be doubled. And…”

She raised her scabbard for the first time. The gray energy gathered and merged on top of the scabbard, forming perfectly materialized astral energy.


Although she was just standing still, an outrageous amount of pressure spread out from her. Raon felt like his entire body was being crushed despite using the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation, as if the heavy sword she'd shown during her previous lesson was mere child's play.


It wasn't just him. The entire open space was getting crushed. The whole space was pretty much in the palm of her hand.

“Using astral energy and the true heavy sword creates this result. The only people who can fight in this domain are warriors who have reached the same level as me.”


“Don't be too focused on the blade, practice incorporating the sword's properties in your aura and the space. Just like I mentioned before, the mental image is the hint.”

Sheryl removed the astral energy, then put her scabbard behind her back.

“Your swordsmanship should be able to advance to the next dimension once you achieve that. And that's…”

She stopped speaking for a moment, then looked up to the sky.

“One of the ways to achieve Sword Field Creation.”

“Sword Field Creation…”

He unconsciously swallowed at the mention of Sword Field Creation.

“I thought it would take a long time, but it finished so quickly. It's not fun to teach you.”

Sheryl chuckled, then turned around. She went towards camp as if she had nothing left to do with him.

“Thank you.”

Raon bowed at Sheryl's back as she left.

'She's different from what I thought.'

When he saw Sheryl for the first time, he thought she was just a strict swordswoman like the rumors said, but he could see different sides of her from traveling with her. She was a much more warmhearted and considerate person than he’d thought.

“Since I've learned it, I need some practice now.”

You should be able to do some sloppy technique like that without even practicing. Let's go eat instead.

'I need to practice because I'm not a demon king.'

What are you talking about? Your mindset is already that of a fully-fledged demon king! Even the King of Essence needs to take after you in some respects!

Wrath's eyes turned round. It looked like he was serious about that.

“Is that a compliment or an insult…?”

Raon sighed, then incorporated Heavenly Drive's blade with the principles of heaviness.

'Not only the blade, but also the aura…'

He incorporated the heavy sword's principles in the flames spreading from the blade like a heat haze. However, the flames scattered into the air before they could contain the weight, making it difficult to properly strengthen them.

'This is not easy.'

There was a reason Sheryl called it a true heavy sword. It was extremely difficult to incorporate the heavy sword's principles in the scattering aura.

'This is going to be interesting.'

He unconsciously smiled. It was certainly going to be difficult, but he could only smile in anticipation for how his heavy sword would become once he managed to achieve that.


Sword Field Creation.

He'd been avoiding thinking about it on purpose because he was still too far away from it, but he remembered that name thanks to Sheryl.

“I might be able to achieve that…”

He swung his sword, filling the silver-white blade with the principles of the heavy sword.


Unlike before, the aura on the right side contained heaviness, bursting the ground on the right side and charring it in black.

“I'll reach it.”

Raon smiled, then raised Heavenly Drive above his head once again.

Wherever it is.


* * *

Once Raon returned from his training, the tents were already completed and the meal was ready, the entire camp filled with a mouthwatering fragrance.

That's a nice fragrance. Duck seems to be today's meat. Roasted duck with butter is bound to be delicious.

Listening to Wrath's mumbling as he guessed the food from nothing but the scent, he went to Encia's carriage.

A small bonfire was ignited in front of the carriage, and Encia, Runaan, Dorian, and Krein were sitting around it in a circle.

“Erm, Lady Encia?”

Dorian threw firewood into the bonfire, then waved his hand at Encia.

“I heard you had an excellent eye for beauty. Is that true?”

“It's not that great. I'm just slightly better than others in that aspect.”

Encia smiled lightly, telling him it wasn't a big deal.

“Then can you check me as well? How is my face?”

Dorian raised his finger and pointed at his face.


Encia narrowed his eyes and examined Dorian's face from different angles before nodding.

“You look cute.”

“R-Rather than cute, how about being handsome…”

“You look kind.”

She comforted Dorian by describing him with words that were used when she couldn't find anything to compliment.

“No, instead of kind, there's that other word! The thing you tell the vice-squad leader all the time!”

“Those clothes look good on you.”

She smiled, never calling him handsome. She was apparently the type of person who couldn't lie.

“Can you check me as well?”

Krein swept up his bangs, which were covering his left eye, to the side and stood in front of Encia. Judging from the way he lowered his voice, he apparently wanted to be called handsome at all costs.

“I don't really lose in terms of appearance… “

“You look cool.”

“No, but I'm asking whether I'm handsome or not…”

“You look nice.”

Once again, Encia just smiled without telling Krein what he wanted.

“Then, how about Sir Raon's face…?”

“That goes without saying! He's so damn handsome!”

Encia raised her voice while looking at Raon, who was spectating from behind, as if she'd been waiting for that opportunity.

“His hair, skin, nose… Everything's crazy…”

“No, but lots of people told me I'm handsome…”

“He's matchless!”

She got angry at him instead, as if she were scolding him about asking that useless question.



Krein called out to Dorian, and Dorian slowly nodded as he stood up.

“Let's die.”


They nodded, groaning in sadness with their eyes closed.

“Why would you do that when appearance isn't even that important…?”

Raon clicked his tongue while looking at them.


“That’s going too far!”

Dorian and Krein ran into the forest while wiping around their eyes with their sleeves.

You should really be a demon king instead.


* * *


The journey was smooth.

The road was well paved, there were no monsters nor bandits, and since Encia was holding out pretty well, it looked like they would be able to arrive at Retran faster than they'd estimated.

“We will be at Retran once we cross this forest. Brace yourselves, since we are going to move without resting!”

Sheryl pointed at Krun Forest, which was filled with broad-leaved trees and grasses as dense as an animal's fur. Since going around would take them an extra three days, crossing the forest was the fastest route to Retran.


Once she confirmed everyone was ready, she took the lead and entered Krun Forest.


Raon and the swordsmen repeated after her and followed her. Raon advanced through the forest road while focusing on his aura perception, but he couldn't feel anything yet.

'Are they still not coming?'

He was looking forward to the Robert bastards, since Krun Forest was the best place for them to attack, yet he could only sense animals and monsters.

'I'm sure they won't miss this opportunity though, considering their personalities.'

“Vice-squad leader.”

While he was trying to predict Temas's thoughts, Dorian came up next to him.

“I heard the war in Retran has been going on for multiple months. What are they even fighting for?”

He asked while scratching his cheek. It looked like he finally got curious about it. The other swordsmen also seemed interested, since they secretly looked at them.

“What are you even expecting? Wars don't break out because of important reasons.”

“What? What else?”

“The reason is usually trivial. And the same goes for Retran.”

Raon continued while looking at the swordsmen, including Dorian.

“The houses currently fighting in Retran are Basin and Trian, and the reason why they are fighting…”

“Wh-What is the reason?”

“It's because of one child.”



He was sure, since he heard it from Judiel, and confirmed it in Dembell City. There was only one reason for Retran's war, and it was because the two sides wanted to take a young boy with genius talents.

“H-How is that even possible? How can a war even break out just because of one single boy…?”

“The boy was the trigger, but you know how the two houses are sharing Retran between them. He triggered a battle of pride, which aggravated into a war.”

“Then what happened to that boy?”

“I don't think they are even interested in him anymore. They are just fighting for their pride.”

A conflict like that was extremely common in the continent. It was the same in his previous life, where people often fought because of a small portion of land or some item that wasn't even amazing.

“The Saint must be going through lots of trouble.”


Raon started nodding, then narrowed his eyes in the middle.


Once they entered an area where the leaves from the wide-leaved trees became a bit darker, the atmosphere became cooler, and he could feel extremely small presences.

'They are here after all.'

He was worried they might have given up because they didn't show any signs of movement, but that wasn't the case. Temas didn't betray his expectations—he went there before them to install formations and have assassins waiting for them.

Sheryl and Ekan's eyes were serious. Apparently, they were already aware of their presences, but were planning to use the situation to teach the Light Wind.


The moment Encia's carriage passed next to an oak tree with a huge hole, the presences covering the entire forest moved at once.

“Enemies are here!”

“Prepare for battle!”

As soon as Sheryl and Ekan gave the order, the Heavenly Blade spread out in four directions and created a defensive formation.

“Light Wind, create the small sword formation and stay behind the carriage!”


Burren understood the situation, taking the swordsmen behind the carriage to create a sword formation.

“No one's going to die if you move according to orders!”

Raon encouraged the nervous Light Wind members, then turned his head.


Looking at the twisted forest as if it had been engulfed by a storm, which was the result of the formation, Raon calmly smiled.

“Did you wait for a long time?”

‘Just like you've been waiting for me, I've also been waiting for you.’


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