TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 208

 C 208

Raon narrowed his eyes while looking at Syria Sullion.

'It looks like he is still a psychopath.'

Just like last time, his eyes weren't moving even though his mouth was smiling. Other people would call it a brilliant smile, but he could only see it as a grotesque face, since he was aware of his true nature.

The timing isn't good.


He only managed to notice Syria's approach after the gate opened because he didn't have his aura perception expanded. Though, it was also because his presence was completely concealed.


He could hear Runaan's groan from behind him. She managed to overcome her fear of blood, but it seemed it was still difficult for her to face Syria, who was the source of that trauma.

“What brings you here?”

He took a step forward in order to hide Runaan from Syria's gaze.

“I was passing by Dembell City because of a mission, and I heard Zieghart's swordsmen had entered House Yonaan. I came here just in case, since they said there was a beautiful silver-haired girl among the swordsmen.”

Syria smiled, throwing a glance at Runaan over Raon's shoulder.

“Just in case?”

Raon tilted his chin and snickered.

“It looks like you were certain she would be here, though.”

Syria was carrying a bead ice cream box in his left hand. If he really hadn’t been sure, he wouldn't have been carrying that.

“Just like before, you still don't believe what people say.”

“I do believe what 'people' say.”

‘But you are a monster, not a person.’

Since Syria was famous for traveling throughout the continent to accomplish missions and practice his swordsmanship, his visit could truly be a coincidence.

However, considering his expression and the atmosphere around him, he could ascertain that he'd been keeping track of Runaan's movements.

“Runaan. Are you not even going to greet me when you are seeing your big brother for the first time in such a long time?”

Syria raised the ice cream box he was holding.

“I even brought the bead ice cream you like.”


Runaan didn't raise her head even after he mentioned the ice cream.

And that condition of hers was the better version, since she previously couldn't even show her fear in front of him.

“Hmm, are you sick? I need to examine you.”

“Please stop. This is Yonaan's domain.”

As Syria was about to enter, the warriors of House Yonaan stopped him.

“Reveal your identity, and the objective of your visit…”

“Ah, my name is Syria Sullion. I'm that girl's big brother. Can I enter for a moment? My sister looks like she's not doing too well.”

Syria pointed at Runaan behind Raon.

“S-Syria Sullion?”

“The Azure Sword of Twelve Stars of the Continent!”

The warriors from House Yonaan, who were guarding the door, hurriedly made a path for him upon learning Syria's identity. Since he was a famous person with a kind appearance, they had to let him enter once he mentioned his sister being there.

“Your big brother's going to check your conditio…”

“Please step back.”

Raon extended his right hand to stop Syria's approach.

“What are you trying right now?”

Syria lowered his eyebrows while maintaining his smile. The gentle energy emanating from him sharpened like a fierce blade. The energy wave felt like sharp needles were piercing Raon skin.

“Jokes shouldn't be taken too far, Raon Zieghart.”

He rolled up the corners of his mouth, then took another step forward.

“Who do you think you are to stop me?”

“I'm stopping you because Runaan doesn't want it.”

“Runaan didn't say anything, though?”

“I can tell without her saying anything.”

“You must be delusional. I'm Runaan's big brother, and you are just a stranger. You have no right to stop me.”

Syria shook his hand, gesturing to him to step back. An enormous wave of aura emerged from him and started to push him away.

'What a frightening amount of power…'

The Twelve Stars of the Continent were the strongest among the young warriors, and he didn't have that title for no reason. The energy wave pressing upon him was on a different level from the seventh apostle and Garon. However, he couldn't afford to withdraw.


Raon overcame Syria's pressure, straightening his back. His tall stature didn’t lose to Syria’s anymore as he met his eyes.

“I have more than enough right.”

“What do you mean?”

“I'm Runaan's direct superior, and we are currently on a mission. Even if you are her family, you cannot meet her without my permission.”


He mentioned his position as the vice-squad leader of Light Wind, and Syria stopped smiling. He apparently didn't expect that argument.

“Since it looks like your business is done now, please leave.”

Rano shook his hand in the exact same way Syria did. The energy wave emanating from him pushed Syria back in return, fluttering his clothes and hair like crazy.

“I heard Raon Zieghart's mouth was more dangerous than his sword, and it was true.”

Syria twisted his lips to create a smile.

“You've grown so much in only a few years. I'm almost surprised.”

His eyes turned black, as if they were staring into darkness. The pressure flowing from his elongated pupils was scary enough to make hair stand on end.

“However, your arrogance has grown just as much. It's become far worse than before.”

Despite stating that he'd gotten more arrogant, his voice didn't sound angry or irritated. It felt like his dry voice, devoid of all emotion, was crushing his heart.


Raon frowned while looking at the warriors from House Yonaan tilting their heads from behind Syria.

'He's gotten stronger as well.'

That scary pressure was only targeting him. Befitting his reputation as the Azure Sword, Syria Sullion also became a lot stronger than before.

“You are right. It can't be helped if you are on a mission, but…”

Syria pointed at Runaan, who was wearing casual clothes.

“It doesn't look like you are on a mission right now.”

“The fact that she's not wearing a uniform doesn't change the fact that we are on a mission.”

“What mission is it?”

“I have no reason to answer that question.”

Syria's pressure became bigger and bigger, but Raon didn't withdraw. He pressed the land with his feet while resonating the Ring of Fire.

“I really haven't seen Runaan for a long time. I want to check whether my sister is healthy and uninjured, no matter what.”

“I said this already, but you can't.”

“Isn't it strange to stop a big brother who is worried about his little sister to this extent? There must be a problem here.”

“Worried, huh…?”

Raon smiled coldly. Syria's pupils stretched as he said he wanted to meet his sister. Worry wasn't the emotion inside them—it was desire. Raon had goosebumps from looking into those greedy eyes that saw her as his possession.

“Even if you are her superior, I need to confirm her safety as her big brother.”

Syria gathered his aura. He apparently decided to force his way through because he realized he couldn't win the argument.

“You are revealing your true nature.”

Raon put his hand on Heavenly Drive's hilt. He rotated the Ring of Fire and controlled the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation so that he could draw his sword at any moment.


Syria also looked like he had no intention of withdrawing as he raised his chin, touching the grip of the greatsword on his back. The light was gone from his eyes. He was the same emotionless monster that he'd seen before.

You can't win in your current state.

Wrath popped out from the bracelet and frowned.

Give your body to the King of Essence. The pervert who is trying to hurt the King of Essence's maid shall be frozen whole.

He was apparently feeling bad about Runaan, who he cherished, since he kept shaking his sleeve to urge him to give him Raon’s body.

'Silence. I need to focus.'

Raon ignored Wrath and caught his breath.

'I know I'll lose.'

Syria was already a fully-fledged Master when he met him last time. Since he must've climbed at least another level during the last few years, it was pretty much impossible for him to win.

That's why I'm asking you to withdraw!

'You sometimes have to fight even if you know you will lose.'

Since Runaan was behind him, he couldn't step away. He needed to show her that Syria could be overcome, since she was still trembling from the trauma.

“Are you still stopping me? You must've done something to my sister.”

Syria was still minding other people's gazes in that situation. He really was a crazy bastard.

“Considering the fact that you are still trying to approach your sister when she doesn't want it, I'm sure you must've done something to her. For example, you might have threatened her with something? Like blood, perhaps?”

“Raon Zieghart…”

Raon attacked back, and Syria's face became even colder. He grasped the hilt, nothing but murderous intent in his eyes.


As Raon and Syria were about to draw their swords, an even more overwhelming energy wave exploded up from next to them.

“Stop right there.”

* * *

Sheryl was approaching them with eyes as cold as the northern wind.

“How dare you show off your strength here?”

She glared at Raon and Syria's pathetic behavior with a frown.

“Heavenly Blade division leader. Long time, no see.”

Syria instantly suppressed his energy wave and smiled.

“I didn't notice because you were too silent.”

“I don't think so.”

Sheryl snorted at Syria’s words.

“What's the matter? What even happened to start a fight in someone else's house?”

“It's not a big deal. I just wanted to see my sister, but the Light Wind's vice-squad leader was stopping me.”

“I simply declined the request because we are currently on a mission.”

Raon explained to Sheryl what happened.

“Hmm, I guess both sides make sense, at least.”

Sheryl looked at Raon and Syria one after the other before she nodded. She should've sent Syria back in that situation, but she was incapable of reading the atmosphere.

“If you are both unwilling to withdraw, then you should have a sword duel.”

She nodded, then raised a finger.

“Sword duel?”

Both Raon and Syria's eyes widened in surprise.

“Since we are at someone else's house, let's make it a small sword duel that ends in a single strike.”

“Single strike means…”

“The winner will be decided in a single strike.”

Sheryl tapped her scabbard while smiling faintly.

“If you win, you will get some time to talk with Runaan, and you will withdraw if Raon wins. How about it?”

“That sounds good.”

“However, since you are on different levels, you are forbidden from using astral energy.”

“I accept.”

Syria nodded in satisfaction.

“Heavenly Blade leader, I…”

[Do it.]

As Raon was about to tell her he didn't want to make a bet with the frightened Runaan on the line, Sheryl's aura message could be heard.

[Syria is one of the most talented swordsmen in the entire continent. Even though the match will end in a single strike, it will be extremely helpful for your growth. Show me what you can do with all the lessons I gave you so far, and all the training you did every night.]

Raon's lips parted upon hearing that.

'Did she do all that for me in this situation?'

When his mouth was opening in surprise, she continued.

[Don't worry about Runaan. I'll never give her to him, even if you lose.]

Sheryl's eyes sparkled as she took a glance at her. She wasn't actually unable to read the atmosphere, she just created that situation while having noticed everything.

“I'll do it.”

Raon nodded, then turned to look back at Runaan.



Runaan raised her head for the first time.

“Watch what I do.”

Raon spoke, before stepping forward.

What a showoff…

'Shut up.'

Because he said all that, he couldn't lose anymore. He needed to show Runaan that Syria wasn't an unbreakable wall.

“A single strike match. How interesting.”

Syria unsheathed the greatsword from his back with a smile. The energy emanating from the jet-black blade was so powerful that it felt suffocating.


Raon caught his breath and raised Heavenly Drive. Pure energy was storming above the white blade, contrasting with the greatsword's color.




At Sheryl's signal, Raon lowered his posture and pulled his sword back. He took the Flame Dragon Art's posture, and a small light sparkled from Syria's eyes.

'I knew he would know this technique.'

Considering Syria's personality, he must've investigated Raon while he was checking on Runaan. It was plain obvious that he would know about the Flame Dragon Art he had used to defeat Garon.


Syria very slightly turned his ankle and pulled his greatsword a bit more to the side.

'Quick sword.'

He must've been planning to deflect the Flame Dragon Art before it could gain momentum by adding speed into the greatsword's power.


As soon as Sheryl finished speaking, Syria's greatsword pounced at him. The jet-black blade pierced into the space and a tremendous amount of energy exploded.

'Just as I expected.'

He could ascertain that Syria was trying to interrupt the Flame Dragon Art with power and speed before it could show its true abilities.

However, Syria's strike was overflowing with wisdom, despite being a simple slash. It almost looked like it was an extremely polished strike. Taking it on with a sloppy strike would break Heavenly Drive and give him a fatal injury.

'There's no reason to use a weapon he has already analyzed.'

Raon poured all his energy into Heavenly Drive as he thrusted it. A powerful flame was engulfing the blade, but the shape wasn't that of fierce dragon—it was a heavy mountain instead.

'Heavy sword.'

It was the heavy sword he got the hint of from Garon, then later understood through Sheryl's lessons.


Heavenly Drive was imbued with the principles that he'd mixed on his own and created a thick line.

The glimmering crimson light on the blade turned into a heavy tidal wave and flooded the atmosphere.


Raon's heavy blade advanced while dominating the sky, clashing against Syria's greatsword.


With an earth-shattering sound, a tremendous shockwave stormed through the surrounding area.


Syria's greatsword was still emanating a huge amount of power without being pushed back by the shockwave, but its sword resonance sounded like it was screaming once it was blocked by Heavenly Drive, which was advancing while burning up the aura.

“H-How is this…?!”

Astonishment was reflected in Syria's dim pupils. His reaction revealed that he never thought his sword would be stopped.


Raon narrowed his eyes while maintaining the heaviness in Heavenly Drive's blade.

'This was the correct answer.'

Using a new heavy sword against Syria, who knew about the Flame Dragon Art, was a game-changer. Not losing the bet was a great achievement, but his understanding of the heavy sword became incomparable to before thanks to that single clash.


Sheryl silently groaned while watching the greatsword and Heavenly Drive's competition.

'A draw?'

She was planning to make Syria withdraw by mentioning their ages and experience after Raon showed some skill. She didn't even imagine he would manage to end the match in a draw.

'Even though Syria didn't use astral energy, he's still one of the Twelve Stars of the Continent…'

Although he fought with a disadvantage, it was ridiculous that he managed to achieve equality in a single strike match. Sheryl couldn't even keep her face straight.


She came back to her senses upon hearing the sword resonance coming from the clash and snapped her fingers.

“The match is over.”

She shot her aura to separate them.

“Since your attack was stopped midway, it's a draw.”

“N-No! This is…”

“There is no reason to say ‘no’. This match was about a single strike. Since you've been stopped, it is a draw.”


Syria looked completely irritated for the first time as he bit his lip.

“No one came out victorious, but it's obvious that Raon lacks experience and ability. This match is Raon's victory.”

Sheryl shook her hand while stating the line she had prepared.


Syria glared at Raon fiercely without responding. The emotion in his gaze was crystal clear.

“Syria, step back. You lost.”

“Heavenly Division leader…”

“If you have complaints, I'll be your opponent.”

Sheryl crossed her arms and blocked Syria's path. She was small, but the energy wave emanating from her overwhelmed Syria and soared to reach the end of the sky.

“…Alright. I have no choice since I cannot 'currently' win against you, Raon. I lost. Your sword was amazing.”

Syria really was an outstanding guy. He managed to regain his composure and smiled despite what happened.

“Runaan, I'll return later since it looks like you aren't doing too well today. You should share this with your companions.”

He smiled gently and extended the hand holding the ice cream box. It could be called amazing that he was still pretending to be a kind older brother.

“She doesn't need th…”

“I'll tell him.”

As Raon was about to refuse, Runaan stepped forward.



* * *


Runaan watched the entire situation from behind Raon's back.

She wanted to tell Syria to leave herself, but she couldn't move her body because she remembered Syria's voice telling her that he would kill everyone.

Even though it was her business, she entrusted everything to Raon and hoped that Syria would disappear while covering her ears.

When all sound became an unrecognizable ringing in her ears, Raon turned around and opened his mouth.

“Watch me properly.”

Although she had covered her ears, she could hear him perfectly. She raised her head for the first time.


The tremendous energy exploding from Syria's greatsword looked like the sky itself. Runaan screamed upon seeing the strike that could split apart everything in the world.


However, Raon didn't withdraw and slowly thrust his sword. The flame on his blade was extended like a wall, encroaching on the space.


Although Syria's greatsword looked like it could even split the ocean apart, it couldn't overcome Heavenly Drive's thin blade and let out a strange groan once it was stopped in the middle.


Runaan exclaimed with trembling lips.

'He blocked it…'

Syria was a matchless existence in her head, someone that no one was able to stop.

Once his sword was stopped by Raon, the jet-black rain clouds filling her head fell with red rain.

'He wasn't unstoppable.'

Syria wasn't invincible. His voice, which used to resound in her head, and his presence that used to cover the entire sky, started to decrease little by little.


She felt refreshed, as if she had been freed from the shackles binding her hands and feet.


Released from her shackles, Runaan turned around and smiled faintly while looking at Raon's eyes, which widened in surprise.

If Syria taught her death for the first time, Raon taught her about unbreakable will for the first time. He taught her that Syria could be overcome.

He would be more than a lifelong benefactor.

“Thank you.”

She expressed her gratitude, then took a step towards Syria, looking straight at him.

'I'm scared.'

She was still scared. She wanted to avert her eyes. However, she was able to face him because of Raon's warm energy behind her.

“I-I don't have anything to talk about with you, big brother.”

Runaan raised her head while biting her lip. A small amount of confidence was sprouting in her purple eyes, surrounded by sunlight.

“Don't come to me until I visit you.”

Her voice was trembling, but she told Syria what she wanted to say for the first time.


The mask covering Syria's face shattered into pieces for the first time.

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