TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 185

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After the explosion created a huge crater at the midpoint of the mountain, Rimmer and the tenth apostle stepped back, glaring at each other.

“Your might is completely different from the rumors that claim you are disabled.”

The tenth apostle narrowed his eyes, slamming his white spear into the ground. His eagle-sharp eyes were glowing fiercer than before.

“Rumors are always frivolous.”

Rimmer smiled, twirling his sword before supporting it on his shoulder.

“If the entire continent knows a rumor, it can’t be wrong. Did you overcome it with a different method than martial arts?”

“I wonder.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

An intense murderous intent crawled out from the tenth apostle’s emotionless eyes.

“I have advanced, while you were stagnating in order to overcome your injury.”

He raised his spear once again. The white astral energy that burst from the spear’s blade distorted the atmosphere.

“Yes. Everyone must’ve been advancing. However, recovering isn’t the only thing I’ve been doing, either.”

Rimmer smiled faintly while raising his sword. He controlled his breath so that he could open the Sword Field Creation at any moment.

“Then I didn’t need to control my power from the start.”

The tenth apostle swirled the spear in the air before stomping the ground. Contrary to the collapsing ground, the enormous energy wave burst into the sky. The astral energy became concentrated, as if it were evolving to the next level, and created a huge spark.

“This is a bit unexpected…”

Rimmer frowned slightly, looking at the tenth apostle’s astral energy burning on the blade of his spear.

“My first mission might be my last one.”

“Do your best at enduring it, so that you won’t die in a single strike.”

The tenth apostle aimed his spear at him, and a frightening amount of energy flew out from the blade. It was the White Blood Religion’s characteristic space domination.

“Tsk. I don’t exactly like such laborious fights, though.”

Rimmer clicked his tongue. With his blade pointed upward, he aimed at the ground with his fingers. He was preparing to activate the Sword Field Creation right from the beginning of the battle.


As the entire mountain was collapsing from the wave of aura emerging from the two people…


A powerful aura blasted from the mansion, which was now powder, and someone’s vitality has been reduced to less than half.


Without saying anything, Rimmer and the tenth apostle transferred the power they were about to use to clash with each other to their footworks, dashing towards the mansion like rays of light.


* * *



The blade of Frost Pond blended with the ghastly energy of Blade of Requiem and pierced through the bloody energy of the seventh apostle, creating a deep wound in his chest.

“This is nothing!”

He tried swinging his saw sword as if it weren’t a big deal, but that was a mistake—the second blade of Frost Pond was even sharper.


Just like the waterfall bouncing back up upon reaching the pond, the blade of frost followed the silver trajectory to pierce through the right side of the seventh apostle's chest.


Raon clicked his tongue. He was aiming for his heart, but the right side of his chest was pierced instead. The seventh apostle reacted in that short instant, managing to avoid his heart being pierced. It seemed that he didn’t reach Master by playing hopscotch.


The seventh apostle stepped back, faltering. Although his heart was safe, having his chest completely ripped apart must’ve been a serious injury, as gray blood gushed from his mouth and the astral energy in his saw sword gradually lost its light.


The regeneration ability of the White Spirit Aura was healing his body, but it seemed to be a struggle because of the huge wound.


Raon kicked the ground, leaping forward. His body was also in a worse state from using the Flame Dragon Art and Frost Pond despite having been internally injured, but he needed to finish him right away—he wasn’t going to get another opportunity.


He used Flame Spirit of the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation with Heavenly Drive. The flaming crimson flower petals spread out through the wind towards the seventh apostle’s vitals.


With a shout that sounded like a scream, the seventh apostle exploded the bloody energy in his saw sword. It spread out in a circular shape to clash against the Flame Spirit and created multiple explosions.

‘Everything’s over if I withdraw.’

Raon endured the fierce explosion with his body, stabbing his opponent with the Blade of Requiem, held in reverse grip. The crimson blade pierced through the bloody energy, slamming into the seventh apostle’s shoulder.


The liquid gushing from his shoulder looked like something between blood and rusty water.


The seventh apostle couldn’t pull himself together, flailing his saw sword in all directions. Since the astral energy wasn’t completely gone, the floundering attack was still dangerous.

‘I shouldn’t get hit at all.’

If he accidentally bumped into it or got hit, he wouldn’t be able to continue his attacks. He needed to keep stabbing the seventh apostle while avoiding his attacks.

Raon used the Ring of Fire to analyze the blades thrashing in random directions, before using Revolving Sky with Heavenly Drive and the Star Connecting Sword with the Blade of Requiem.


A wheel of flame consisting of the smooth curves of a crescent moon deflected the seventh apostle’s saw sword.


The moment the saw sword hit the ground, Raon thrust the Blade of Requiem with his left hand. The prevalent flow of the Star Connecting Sword and the ferocity of ghastly energy mingled with each other, making the crimson blade dance fiercely.


Blood scattered from the seventh apostle’s shoulder, chest, wrist, and thigh as the Blade of Requiem brushed past.

“Kuaah! Get away from me!”

The seventh apostle thrust his saw sword. Although it contained a mind-boggling amount of energy, the trajectory was too simple. He had lost his composure.


Raon held his breath, then moved his body. Ignoring the saw sword cutting his waist, he slashed with Heavenly Drive and the Blade of Requiem, one after the other.


The moment the two blades were about to reach the seventh apostle, the concentrated bloody energy in his chest exploded with a white flame.


The mansion’s foundation finally collapsed, and Raon fell to the underground corridor where the villagers used to be caged—as did the seventh apostle.

“Huff! Huff…”

Raon glared in front of him, breathing heavily. The seventh apostle could be seen over the fiercely rising smoke.

His hair was disheveled, his body was covered with blood, and his eyes had lost focus. Judging from the way he was holding his saw sword downward, he didn’t seem to have any strength left to raise his sword. The end was near.

‘I’ll finish…!’


The moment he fixed his grip to walk towards him, the deadly sensation that he used to feel when he was an assassin could be felt as he heard Wrath’s warning.


He didn’t even have time to look back.

‘I need to give up on an arm.’

He twisted his body, resolving himself to give away an arm for the price of retaining his life, when the cheerful sound of wind could be heard.



* * *


A powerful shockwave exploded from right behind him at the clash of tremendous energies. As he was sent flying by the shockwave, someone’s hand grabbed his clothes to stop him.


Raon looked around and frowned.

“Why are you always late?”

“It’s cool when the protagonist is late.”

Rimmer grinned, releasing his grip. The one that attacked him from behind wasn’t there anymore. The moment he clashed against Rimmer, he used that force to instead end up landing right next to the seventh apostle.

“Tenth apostle…”

Raon furrowed his brows, looking at the tenth apostle as he supported the seventh apostle.

“Can’t you even kill an enemy despite being the protagonist?”

“He has surpassed another wall in the last twenty years. He got a bit too strong. Moreover, I didn’t have time to stop him because he ran here right after that young guy was defeated by you.”

Rimmer shrugged, pointing at the seventh apostle.

“But looking at the way you almost killed the seventh apostle, I have no excuse.”

His eyes were clearly reflecting his surprise. He apparently just wanted Raon to hold out against him, and never imagined him actually defeating the seventh apostle.

“Kuuh, s-senior…”

“I can’t believe what I’m witnessing right now is reality.”

The tenth apostle frowned, looking at the seventh apostle, whose entire body trembled in pain. The fact that a Master had lost against an Expert was surprising, even for him—someone that had a seemingly unbreakable composure.

“Did you do this?”

The tenth apostle’s agitated gaze was directed at Raon.

“What if I did?”

He nonchalantly nodded, facing the tenth apostle’s terrifying energy wave.

“Even though you are at the highest rank, an Expert managed to defeat a Master. This can be called a history in the making.”

“I-I didn’t lose! I was just careless and made a mistake…”

“Mistake? Avoiding mistakes is part of your skill.”

“I-I can k-kill him for sure if I fight him again! It’s true!”

“Stop your legs from trembling before you speak. You would’ve been dead already if it weren’t for me.”

Dissatisfied by the situation, the tenth apostle’s voice was ice cold.

“Let’s leave this as our defeat for today.”

The tenth apostle stood up, carrying the seventh apostle on his shoulder.

“N-No! That bastard! I-I won’t leave unless I kill that bastard!”

“Shut your mouth.”


The seventh apostle kept shouting, despite being unable to stand by himself.

“Wh-Where are you trying to go? You son of a bitch!”

Martha stood up, coughing up blood.

“You can’t leave. I’ll kill you both right here, you and that narrow-eyed son of a bitch!”

She managed to stand straight, despite her trembling limbs.

“She’s right. Who said you are allowed to leave?”

Raon pointed his sword at the tenth apostle. His body was exhausted, his aura was running out, and the internal injury was making him nauseous—but the tip of his blade was unwavering.

“It looks like the man behind you thinks differently.”

Raon turned to look back. Just as the tenth apostle said, Rimmer’s sword was pointing downward, showing that he had no intention to fight.

“Well, it’s possible to keep fighting. We should be able to kill those two as well. However…”

Rimmer licked his lips, pointing at the Light Wind members on the floor above, and the hostages that hadn’t managed to run away yet.

“Including you and me, every Light Wind member here is going to die. We have many to protect here.”

He was calm, as if he were speaking of someone else’s business.

“What is your decision?”

Rimmer asked, looking at Raon and Martha one after the other. He seemed to be saying that he would fight if they wanted.


Because he said that everyone’s lives were at risk, Martha bit her lip, unable to insist.

He’s right.

Wrath, who had been silent, popped out from the bracelet.

The guy in front of you has surpassed the level that people call Master. Shitty-ears might manage to kill him by opening the field like last time—and risking his life in the process—but you, the beef girl, and shitty eyes are all going to die.


You should’ve realized it already. This isn’t like you.

‘Because what they are doing makes me angry.’

Wrath was right. He would’ve normally withdrawn at this point. The reason he was persisting, despite feeling the tenth apostle’s power, was because of the double facade those damn bastards were showing.

“Despite all you’ve done, do you still cherish your fellow students?”


The tenth apostle lowered his brows, asking what he meant.

“You must know what this place is made for, right? It’s a cage where your underlings kidnapped peaceful people, locking them up like beasts.”

Raon pointed at the cages, where the iron bars had shattered during the collapse.

“I asked if you still consider your fellow students dear, despite destroying the villages of peaceful people living with their families—dragging them away to drink their blood and devour their flesh.”

Raon grasped the Blade of Requiem—which was vibrating like crazy—tightly, spreading his murderous intent.

“I asked you whether you still hold your family dear, despite having forgotten the names of villages that you’ve destroyed, and the names of tribes that you covered in blood!”

He would’ve let them go without saying such a thing in his previous life. He would’ve breathed out a sigh of relief, glad that he managed to survive.

However, in his life as Raon Zieghart, he had learned about the preciousness of the family and the place he could feel comfortable. Because he became aware of that life, he couldn’t suppress the nauseous fever inside him.


The tenth apostle didn’t say anything. However, his eyes glowed more fiercely in irritation.

“Trash should be honored to become our food! We are bringing them salvation from their worthless lives!”

The seventh apostle ground his teeth, glaring at Raon.

“Then you are also trash, and worthless because you lost to me. You lost despite being stronger than me. If I were you, I would have bitten my own tongue and killed myself on the spot!”

“Y-You got lucky! If we were to fight again, you wouldn’t even be able to take a hit from me!”

“The loser should shut up.”

Raon ignored the seventh apostle, going to Martha and grabbing her shoulder while looking at the tenth apostle.

“Tenth apostle. The survivor of a village that you don’t even remember is going to kill you. I’m going to make that happen. This is my declaration.”


Martha looked back with her eyes round open. Her shoulders were trembling in confusion.


The tenth apostle laughed. It sounded like both a mockery, and his way of accepting the challenge at the same time.

“Y-You will die in my hands before that happens! I’ll find you and kill you as soon as I’m healed!”

The seventh apostle raised his trembling finger.

“It’s impossible for you.”


“I’ll have become a Master before our next encounter. You won’t even hold a candle against me when we are both Masters, not when you’ve already lost to me while I’m an Expert. You’d better run away as soon as you see me.”

“You arrogant bastard…”

The seventh apostle’s face turned red in anger and embarrassment.

“Do you believe it’s that easy to become a Master? The wall can’t be surpassed so easily!”

“Even someone like you has surpassed it. There’s no way I wouldn't be able to do it.”

“Y-You bastard! Senior! Please release me! I won’t leave before I kill him!”

Hearing Raon’s confident answer, the seventh apostle glared at him in bewilderment.

“You will never… Ack!”

As the seventh apostle was about to curse, the tenth apostle hit his neck to knock him unconscious.

“You’ve got a wild mouth. What is your name?”

“I am Raon Zieghart.”

“Raon Zieghart and the survivor of an unknown village, I’ll gladly look forward to meeting you again.”

The tenth apostle carried the seventh apostle on his shoulder as he left.

“Stop boasting! You murderous bastard! My mother! Kuh…”

He took a glance at Martha, who cursed at him, and disappeared in an instant.


The moment the tenth apostle was gone, Martha knelt on the floor and collapsed. It looked like she’d been maintaining her strength with her wrath, even though she should've fainted a long time ago.

“You did a great job.”

Rimmer walked up to him with a smile.

“I only managed to last thanks to you supporting me from behind.”

Raon shook his head. He only managed to face and talk to the tenth apostle because Rimmer gave him the strength. Despite usually looking useless, Rimmer was helpful at times like that.

“I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about your victory against the seventh apostle.”

“That’s something I obviously had to do.”

“‘Obviously had to do’, huh? You must be the only one that can talk about a Master like that.”

Rimmer exclaimed in bewilderment.

“You should rest, too.”

“Yes, I think so.”

Raon coughed out the blood that he had been suppressing in his throat. The internal injury he had taken each time he clashed against the astral energy had become so serious that he couldn’t endure it any longer. Even willpower couldn’t help him any further.

“I’ll leave it to you, then.”

Raon closed his eyes, feeling the vibration of the Blade of Requiem as it absorbed the bloody energy from the seventh apostle and the archbishop, as well as the sensation of multiple messages appearing. The whole world turned white.


* * *


Rimmer caught Raon as he collapsed, using his aura to settle his internal injuries while exhaling slowly.

‘I’m not sure how I should take this.’

Since he’d been watching Raon, he was well aware of his might and expected that he could somewhat hold out against the seventh apostle.

That was why he was trying to analyze the tenth apostle’s power to decide whether he should end the fight in a draw or kill him even if he were to be crippled. However, Raon defeated the seventh apostle and concluded the situation, rendering his choice unnecessary.

‘He surprises me every time.’

Since he didn’t expect such an outcome, he was more confused than surprised.

‘An Expert that defeated a Master…’

Such an occurrence in a one-on-one fight had never happened before. Raon had pretty much changed a fixed rule of the world.

‘What I told Morell really came true.’

He laughed bitterly. He bragged to Morell that Raon would rewrite the continent’s history, and that really ended up happening.

‘And that was really admirable.’

The way Raon declared that he would have Martha kill the tenth apostle, who was at a Grandmaster’s level, was both shocking and thrilling at the same time.

‘My decision was correct.’

He could confirm once again that he was right in choosing Raon as the king that would open the new era.

“My remaining life is for you.”

Rimmer smiled as he carried unconscious Raon and Martha.

“He really defeated an apostle. This is going to turn the whole continent upside down, whether they believe it or not.”


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