TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 183

 C 183

“E-Erm, vice-squad leader.”

Dorian came up next to him, glancing at the room Princess Jayna was in.

“Isn’t there going to be a war if that bitch—I mean, that princess speaks about what happened here after she returns to Balkar Kingdom?”

He frowned while looking at the contract in Raon’s hand, worried about the consequences.

“She will never do that.”

Raon shook his head, shaking the contract to make it flutter.

“What? Why? After all that happened?”

“You know that she is a very prideful woman, right?”

“Of course I do. She was tenacious enough to follow and bother us at the gambling house, just because we didn’t sell her something.”

Dorian rubbed his belly pocket, saying that he was even more worried because of that.

“That’s why.”

Raon chuckled, then continued.

“Do you think someone with that much pride would tell people that she signed a one-sided contract with a collateral of Zieghart, just to survive?”


“I’m sure she’s slapping Inield’s cheeks by now to confirm whether he heard it or not. If you are curious, he was unconscious.”

To prove him right, the sound of a cheek being slapped could be heard from the room.


Dorian looked up to Raon in bewilderment.

“Then, how are you going to use that contract?”

“This? It’s best to not make use of it.”

Raon carefully folded the contract.

“What? Why? Isn’t this an opportunity to unilaterally benefit from her?”

“This is the leash that’s attached to the princess’s neck, so that she can’t act rashly towards us in the future. She is going to avoid me from now on because she’s scared of the requests I could make.”


“That’s why I wrote three requests. I can make two orders and leave the last one forever.”


Dorian’s jaw dropped, as he had never considered something like that. He seemed slightly terrified.

H-Hungry demon. You are a hungry demon…

Wrath was shaking all over, his blue eyes distorted.

You have the appearance of a human, but you are no different from the hungry demons of Devildom! No! You are even worse! Their insatiable hunger isn’t only limited to hunger for you!

‘What are you talking about now?’

Are you trying to turn everyone in the world into your slaves like this? If it weren’t for the natural qualities and wisdom of the king, the King of Essence would’ve turned into your slave as well. What a terrible guy…

“Erm, uhm…’

The King of Essence is the monarch of Devildom. He will never submit to anyone, so don’t try anything with him.

Wrath shook his hand, telling him to not even think about holding him by a leash.

What are you even saying? You are my first doormat.

Raon wanted to say that, but he stopped himself, as that would be killing the goose that laid the golden egg.

“How did you even come up with that?”

Dorian gasped as he looked at the contract.

‘I can’t believe he is the same age as me.’

Whenever Raon made a decision or took action, it always resulted in the best possible outcome. His action patterns and strategy now felt more surprising than his might. He had a new side of him each time a layer was peeled away, just like an onion.

“You are more mysterious than me.”

Raon chuckled, looking at Dorian’s belly pocket. There was nothing more mysterious than a pocket that had everything he ordered, despite him saying that he didn’t have much.

“Me? I’m the definition of ordinary.”

“I guess there isn’t anyone that is ordinary in the world anymore.”

“It’s true. I’m the most ordinary person in the world.”

“But an ordinary person doesn’t carry around a club, a log, or a boulder.”

“I told you that they are necessities. You can’t deny that they were useful, right?”

“Hmm, that’s true.”

He was right. The log, boulder, and the club were all useful at some point. He was a peculiar and funny guy, all the same.

‘They are finally here.’

He quietly turned his head, hearing footsteps from behind them. Jayna and Inield were faltering as they came out of the room at the end of the corridor.

“Erm, by the way…”

When Raon judged that they could manage by themselves, and was about to go upstairs, Dorian tilted his head.


“How did you shake the ceiling and walls earlier?”

“It’s simple.”

Raon placed his right foot on the ground, then started shaking it while using aura. The vibration transferred to the walls and ceiling, making the entire corridor tremble as if it were going to collapse.

“L-Leg shaking?”

“It’s simple, right?”

He grinned, then went upstairs.


Dorian resolved himself, looking at the walls and ceiling as they stopped trembling.

He would rather die than become Raon’s enemy.

‘He’s such a scary person…’


* * *


As soon as Raon reached upstairs, a powerful voice could be heard.

“Regain your postures, right line! They are coming back!”

He followed the voice, and Burren and the third team’s members were perfectly stopping the attacks from the White Blood fanatics by maintaining a small Light Wind formation.

“Die in the name of the blood god!”

The White blood fanatics didn’t simply die upon death—they exploded with Blood Smoke, which was one of the blood spells in their sorcery. The foggy smoke was infused with bloody energy, assaulting Burren and the third team.

“It’s blood smoke! Hold your breath and retreat five steps! Get into the Lengthening posture for the left line, and Purifying posture for the right line!”

Burren remained calm despite the blood smoke spreading. He gave proper instructions to the team, slashing the White Blood fanatic running at him without hesitation.

“Show the blood demons the power of Zieghart!”


“Kill the evil demons!”

Thanks to Burren’s appropriate orders, the third team members courageously defeated the White Blood fanatics. A few injured people could be seen, but the injuries weren’t serious. It looked like they would win the battle without much difficulty.

‘I expected no less.’

Raon smiled in satisfaction as he watched Burren focus on the battle. Burren was the one that could be entrusted with the Light Wind in his absence. His stability had certainly returned with his comeback.

“Aren’t you going to help them?”

Dorian pointed at the third team that was still fighting against the White Religion fanatics.

“They will never grow if I help them with everything.”

Actual battles were the best opportunity for warriors to grow. It would’ve been a different story if their lives were in danger, but joining them in a battle like that wasn’t helping them, as it would kill their potential instead.

“Let’s go to the lobby.”

Since he had checked on Burren and the third team, next up was the first team that attacked from the front. Since there were more White Blood fanatics at the front than the back, they might have been having a more difficult battle.

‘And I’m concerned about Martha.’

The beef girl’s eyes were certainly strange.

‘Yes. She has a grudge.’

Thinking about the frightening eyes that he saw from Martha before the attack, he went to the lobby.


When the sunlight coming from the hole in the ceiling—created by the explosion of Flame Spirit—brushed past his face, a cutting sound of flesh could be heard from the lobby.

It was Martha. It was the sound of her sword tearing a White Blood fanatic into half.

“Next, where’s the next one…”

Martha’s black hair and white skin were covered in murky blood, and an even more extreme murderous intent was emerging from her eyes.


Unable to face that demonic gaze, Dorian stepped back while covering his mouth.

‘It’s much more serious than I thought…’

Raon narrowed his eyes. Even though the murderous intent wasn’t directed at him, he felt like goosebumps were appearing on the back of his hand. She seemed to have an extremely serious grudge.


Martha howled like a beast, dashing into the group of White Blood fanatics. She exploded her aura like a rearing horse to storm through the surroundings.

“Damn it! Help the team leader!”

“We are giving up on maintaining the formation! Attack their exterior while they are focused on the team leader!”

Since their team leader Martha was rampaging like a raging tiger, the first team defeated the panicking White Blood fanatics one by one instead of maintaining the Light Wind formation.

Thanks to Martha’s madness, the first team managed to defeat more fanatics than the third team in a shorter time, despite not using the Light Wind formation.

Hmm, the King of Essence made a mistake.

Wrath licked his lips.

The King of Essence should’ve gone to the beef girl. That’s a nice wrath.


Raon nodded. An extreme wrath was imbued in Martha’s sword. She was sinking into the sea of blood, viewing her enemies as insects rather than human beings.

The White Blood fanatics dying to her sword numbered over twenty. Even though her side had been cut, and her thigh was stabbed, she continued her aggression as if she didn’t feel anything and kept beheading the White Blood fanatics.

“Follow the team leader! Assist her until the end!”

“Never withdraw, keep fighting!”

The first team was more focused on following Martha than fighting. It looked like they had gotten attached to her at some point, as they were coordinating the fight while assisting her in a way that allowed them to avoid her getting hurt as much as possible.

“I-It looks impossible to stop her, right?”


Raon nodded. If he tried to stop her, that murderous blade might have been directed at him instead.

‘But I can’t just overlook this.’

Raon decided to scold her a lot after the battle. Though, he wasn’t sure that was enough to teach her a lesson.


* * *


“Is this where you ended up after running away?”

Rimmer twirled his sword, looking at Darigon after he drove him into a dead-end.

“Argh! Dolvirte…”

When he gathered his hands and quickly started chanting a spell, Rimmer’s wrist curved softly.


The green energy from his blade spread out like a rainbow, destroying every wall surrounding Darigon.


Darigon’s face went pale as he witnessed the walls getting smashed.

“A sorcery that moves along walls. That’s an interesting ability.”

Rimmer smiled, observing the collapsed walls.

“That’s how you managed to take people without being noticed by anyone. But look, it’s meaningless without any walls.”

“Sh-Shut up!”

“Even my head of house hasn’t managed to shut my mouth. Do you think you can do it?”

“You bastaaard!”

The moment Darigon tried to use a new spell after gathering his hands, Rimmer’s eyes sparked.


Unable to complete his spell, Darigon’s shoulders trembled. A frightening pain could be felt from his wrist. Rimmer’s sword had moved without his notice and severed his wrist.


Darigon grabbed his severed wrist, stepping back.

“If you aren’t at an apostle’s level, it’s easy to stop your spells. I can either shut your mouth or cut off your hand.”

Rimmer smiled, stepping on Darigon’s blood as it soaked into the ground.

“He is so good, even though I didn’t teach him. His genius nature really is taking after me.”


Darigon tried to chant a spell with one hand, but Rimmer didn’t overlook him. The moment his wrist moved again, Darigon’s left hand also fell on the ground.


Darigon’s eyes trembled as he watched a serious amount of blood gush from his hands.

“It’s just your hands. Why so serious?”

A frightening glow appeared in Rimmer’s eyes as he walked up to him.

“You make a hole into a living human’s neck to suck their blood. This is mere child’s play compared to that.”


Darigon swallowed nervously.

‘I heard he was injured, though…’

Although the rumors said that his energy center and mana circuit were broken, he didn’t seem to have weakened at all. The madness in his eyes and his lighthearted manner of speech… The crazy elf called the Sword of Light hadn’t changed at all.

“Well, then.”

Rimmer moved his sword into a reverse grip, stabbing his thigh. Since he was using the wind aura, blood gushed out from his thigh like a fountain.


“Are the people underground everyone you’ve kidnapped?”


“Where were you planning on sending them?”


Darigon remained silent once again.

“That’s right. That’s a White Blood fanatic for you. It would’ve been disappointing if you had answered right away.”

Rimmer grinned, using his wind aura again. The blade piercing his thigh vibrated, and Darigon started drooling as his entire body trembled.


“Don’t count on the woman named Seline. My student went to her. She is definitely not going to survive.”

“Huff, huff…”

Darigon grit his teeth, breathing heavily as he tried to endure the pain.

“I’m not counting on that damn woman.”

“Oh, you must’ve realized that this place was discovered because of her.”

“There is no way I wouldn’t notice, since I’m not an insect.”

“Then what are you counting on to maintain that gaze?”

Rimmer frowned, looking at Darigon’s eyes, which still retained hope. Raon already took care of Seline underground, and Martha was slaughtering overground. Since everything was already over, he couldn’t understand why Darigon still had hope.

“You should’ve arrived earlier.”


“Kuhuhuh. There are two people coming today.”

Darigon’s mouth stretched to the sides into a smile, despite coughing out blood.

“Since they have arrived, you won’t be able to survive!”

The moment he finished saying that, a tremendous energy burst from the first floor for an instant.


* * *


Martha kept swinging her sword, not even realizing that she had a long wound on her shoulder, waist, and thigh.

She couldn’t feel anything insignificant like pain.


Kill all of the White Blood Religion.

That was the only thought filling her head. There was no room for other emotions or will.

The evil demons were in front of her eyes. The order telling her to kill all those white evil demons that assaulted the village after breaking through the walls twelve years ago was fastened around her soul like a shackle.

Following the voice resounding in her head, she slashed, slashed, and slashed again.

She rushed in, whether there were five or ten enemies, and kept swinging her sword. She just kept swinging, as if she forgot about swordsmanship.

She didn’t care whether her face or her hair was cut—she just kept swinging her sword endlessly towards the white coats.

She was fully aware that she shouldn’t be fighting like that. She knew that she should’ve been taking care of the others as the team leader. However, she couldn’t come back to her senses after she saw the White Blood Religion.

As if it were an instinct she was born with, she beheaded the White Blood fanatics until she was covered entirely by their murky blood.

When she felt like she was brimming with strength as the fight continued, the murky blood of White Blood fanatics covering the lobby’s floor moved on their own to draw a strange pattern.


A white light came from the center of the pattern, and a tremendous energy burst out, sending chills down her spine.


Martha opened her mouth for the first time since the start of the battle.


She grit her teeth, noticing the ten spheres engraved on the left side of the chest of the white coat.

She slowly raised her head. A middle-aged man raised his chin, his long black hair swept back, and eyes as sharp as an eagle’s.

‘It’s him. It’s that bastard!’

The devil that burned up the village, drank the blood of the guards, and kidnapped her mother and the other people. He was the White Blood cult leader’s student, the tenth apostle.

“Is this an invasion of Zieghart’s young ones?”

His indifferent voice was just like before.

The tenth apostle slowly raised his hand. A diagonal scar could be seen on his hand. It was the hand that turned countless people into bloodbath, the hand that took away her mother and people, and the blood that turned the village into ash.

It was the devil’s blood that she wouldn’t be able to forget even after her death.


The concentrated bloody energy was boiling in the tenth apostle’s hand, as if it were about to explode.


The Light Wind members that followed her were frightened by the tremendous energy in the tenth apostle’s hand, unable to move—as if their feet were tied.

“You son of a bitch!”

Martha overcame the instinctive fear with her wrath, rushing forward. She wasn’t trying to save the team members.

Definitely not.

In order to kill the tenth apostle, in order to disturb his job, she swung her sword.


The moment she collided with the tremendous energy coming from the tenth apostle’s hand, her wrist snapped as if it would break, and blood gushed from her mouth. If it weren’t for the Azure Cloud that her father had given her, she would’ve instantly lost her life.


Although not even a second had passed, she felt like her whole body was being smashed. She wanted to hold out, but it was impossible. The difference in power between them was as wide as the gap between heaven and earth.

‘Again. It’s happening again…’

In order to take revenge against that devil, in order to see that no one else would die by that devil’s hand, she kept training with her life on the line—but the difference in power wasn’t reduced at all. All she ended up doing was throwing away the life that her mother had saved for her.


Strength left her hand. She wanted to tell her team members to run away at least, but she couldn’t even do that.


“I’m seeing you in a new light. It was a good choice, Martha.”

The moment Azure Cloud was leaving her hand, Raon’s low voice could be heard in her ears.

“But you can’t do it by yourself.”

The indifferent but slightly warm voice touched her heart, and her vision was dyed with a crimson flame.


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