TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 99

 C 99

“Change the content of the exam?”

Glenn heaved himself up from the backrest and raised his head.


Rimmer knelt and nodded. Unclouded light radiated from his eyes for the first time since the fight against the Blood Raving Demon.

“Is the current graduation exam the instructor’s recognition or a match between the trainees?”

“Yes, it is.”

The trainees had to either pass the examination course the instructor made for them or have one-on-one matches between them to gain the instructor’s acknowledgment in order to become a swordsman.

“Then what do you want it to be instead?”


Rimmer replied immediately.

“I want to send the trainees outside, without allowing them to use the Zieghart name.

“Send them outside?”

Glenn seemed interested as he leaned forward slightly.

“Yes. The fifth training ground’s children have passed the trial of pressure, and they’ve achieved victory in the match of pride against the Owen kingdom’s knight trainees. Neither of them was any different than a graduation exam.”

“You used various means to achieve that.”

“Indeed. However, some incidents were beyond my expectations. During the second mission, the trainees went through a fight of life and death and managed to pass a great hurdle.”

Rimmer smiled. It was by pure coincidence that he had arrived there late, but the children had managed to achieve great growth both physically and mentally thanks to that.

“I want this test to be an opportunity for the children to grow, rather than just a graduation ceremony. Even if it ends up slowing them down on their path to become swordsmen, I want to create a foundation for them to reach a higher level.”

“You are right. How they become swordsmen is more important than when.”

Glenn closed his eyes in agreement.

“I’m glad you understand. With the way they are currently, the children need a new trial rather than an existing one.”

Rimmer raised his long index finger.

“Surviving on their own without the house’s power, the instructor’s help, or the great Zieghart name will greatly help their growth.”

“You’ve changed.”

The corners of Glenn’s mouth raised slightly, seeing Rimmer’s confident gaze as he was knelt.


“You did say you would try raising the children, but you didn’t look that interested in it before. You also did your preparations half-heartedly.”

“Uh, hmm…”

Rimmer quickly avoided his eyes as his faults were found out.

“You started changing with the children after you met them. I don’t think you realize how different your current expression is from before you met them.”

“Uh, I’m embarrassed…”

“I also agree with him.”

Roenn nodded, a satisfied smile on his face.

“Sir Rimmer, your expression has become really great.”

“I realized sword wasn’t my only talent, as I was also really great at raising children.”

Rimmer scratched the side of his head, trying to hide his embarrassed expression.

“I’m soon going to make the next king after my lord with my own end. Which means I’ll be the king maker.”

“And is that going to be Raon?”

“We don’t know about that. It could be Burren, or Martha or Runaan could rise to that position.”

“I see.”

Glenn smiled visibly, which was a rare sight to behold. He was pleased with Rimmer’s newfound joy since he used to be the closest person to fight alongside him.

“Make a report on where you are going to send the children and how that will affect their growth. I’ll give you one week, so if you can’t do it, it will be canceled.”

“But of course.”

Rimmer confidently smiled and took out a folder from his chest.

“I brought it already.”




Raon climbed the North Grave Mountain instead of going to the annex building or the dormitory with the Ten Cloud Elixir. He was headed to the location the charcoal kiln used to be, the chilly colder now.

‘I feel comfortable here.’

Probably because it was the place where he had acquired the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation and the Coldness of Frost, he felt comfortable cultivating there and he could feel mana more easily.

He sat down in front of the charcoal kiln’s location, no trace of it remaining. He closed his eyes, listening to the refreshing sound of leaves and grass fluttering in the wind.

He spread his aura perception to check his surroundings, and no human nor animal could be found. Vulcan had found a really great location.


Raon rotated the Ring of Fire to gather the energy from his body before opening his eyes. It was perfect weather and time to start cultivating.




He opened the wooden box he received from Rimmer, a scent clear enough to numb his nose coming from it.

‘Fifty percent, huh.’

Ten Cloud Elixir is called a fifty percent elixir.

While around thirty percent of the energy could usually be absorbed from other elixirs, about fifty percent of Ten Cloud Elixir’s energy could be absorbed instead.

Thanks to its excellent absorption efficiency and the high purity of its energy, Ten Cloud Elixir was one of the best elixirs for a growing warrior.

So what? Its contents are still as tiny as a speck.

Wrath snorted, looking at the elixir.

‘Well, the quantity is small indeed.’

It couldn’t be great in every single aspect. Ten Cloud Elixir contained a small quantity of mana compared to the other elixirs.

However, the one Rimmer gave him made up for its drawback by using two Ten Leaf Grasses.

It had as much energy as an average medium level elixir, which would allow him to grow significantly after properly absorbing it.


Raon took the elixir with his fingers. Feeling a warmth that contrasted with the cold wind blowing on the mountain, he put the Ten Cloud Elixir in his mouth.

The elixir melted in his mouth as soon as it touched his tongue. He could feel a warm and pure energy around his navel, as if the mana of nature itself was inside his stomach.

As the Ten Cloud Elixir’s mana started boiling up, he used Ring of Fire to absorb its energy.




* * *

The Ten Cloud Elixir’s energy smoothly dashed through his mana circuit, as expected of an elixir that was unbiased against attributes.

The energy soared like a tidal wave and the ice from his mana circuit melted down, expelling the murky energy remaining from his previous combat.

‘It has a high density.’

The quantity of mana was still small, even with two Ten Leaf Grasses. However, the mana it contained was as pure as nature itself and was both warm and smooth at the same time.

It was a perfect elixir for his unstable body, where the heat from the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation and the Coldness of the Frost coexisted in his energy center.

Leading the heat and frost, one after another, Raon accumulated the Ten Cloud Elixir’s pure energy in his energy center.

The quantity of gathered energy was small, like building a sandcastle, but the mana was denser and purer than any other elixir.

Just like a lake of sages that was said to be made of dew, he felt the exhilaration of clear energy without a single spec of impurity running through his mana circuit as he became even more focused on the cultivation.

Raon opened his eyes, hearing the thin chirping sound of birds announcing that it was night in the North Grave Mountain.




His eyes shone like the kiln’s flame.

‘I got it all.’

Getting forty percent of the energy from an elixir was usually called a jackpot.

However, Raon had just managed to accumulate sixty percent of the Ten Cloud Elixir's energy in his energy center. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say it was a miracle.


Raon closed his eyes to check the state of the Ring of Fire and the Coldness of the Frost. When he opened his eyes again, messages appeared one after the other.


[A new ring of fire has been cultivated.]


[Ring of Fire has reached Five-Stars.]


[Body level has increased.]


[You can now move more efficiently.]


[Strength has increased greatly.]


[Agility has increased greatly.]


[Stamina has increased greatly.]


The pleasant trembling of increased physical abilities could be felt from the edge of his hand to his shoulder.


[Soul level has increased.]


[Willpower has increased greatly.]


[Perception has increased greatly.]


[Energy has increased greatly.]


A second set of messages appeared before he could fully enjoy his happiness.

A clear aura flowed through his widened energy center and mana circuit. It felt at least 1.5 times bigger than before thanks to the new ring that had formed.


Raon exhaled excitedly and stood up. He clenched his fist and gathered the aura from the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation.


His body and aura were reacting a lot faster than before. He still probably couldn’t defeat the Blood Raving Demon in his new state, but at least he wasn’t going to lose one-sidedly like before.

What’s this?

Wrath popped out from the bracelet despite having been silent while Raon was cultivating because he was afraid he would get his power stolen once again.

Why did your soul level increase again? What technique do you even have? What on earth is the Ring of Fire?

“I wonder?”

What kind of life did you have before the King of Essence arrived?

Wrath shook his head.

‘How could this happen…’

Soul level only increased upon defeating a powerful opponent, overcoming a crisis, or achieving certain deeds.

It was possible to increase it through training. However, it required many years, enough that can’t be simply described as time anymore.

Even in devildom, it had never been the case that a small child like him could increase his soul level through cultivation.

“Do you think I’ll tell you?”

Raon shook his hand, like he was chasing away a fly.




Wrath bit his molar.

‘It’s going to be even more difficult to devour him…’

Raon had been defending against his wrath and possession through his strong willpower, some unknown cultivation technique, and Water Resistance.

If his soul level increased, it would be as difficult to suppress him as before he accepted his wrath.

Keuh, curb your arrogance! No matter how much effort you make, no matter what you obtain, your body and soul will belong to the King of Essence in the end!

“Stop crying and just talk.”

I’m not crying! The King of Essence is Devildom’s…

“Okay, you are the monarch of wrath. I get it, I get it.”


Raon sneered and shook the dust off his clothes. As he was about to return to the annex building after tidying his outfit, he noticed the box on the ground.

He picked up the elixir box from the ground and flipped his hair back.


While someone was struggling to consume him, someone else was itching to help him.

It was obvious who he should take after among the two and how he should act.

Raon ignored Wrath, who was gritting his teeth, and climbed down the North Grave Mountain.




The next day, Burren went to the training ground with his heart filled with joy. He managed to absorb more than half of the Ten Cloud Elixir’s energy the day before because his cultivation went really well.

He felt like he had become a different person in a single day, his energy center completely full.

‘As I am right now…’

He probably still couldn’t win against Raon, but he might be able to put up a good fight. The thought of it was making him smile.

“Hmph, hmph.”

Burren straightened his spine and waited for Raon’s arrival. He wanted to see his astonished eyes.




He turned upon hearing the sound of the training ground’s door opening. Martha was there instead of Raon, who he had been waiting for.

‘She also managed to absorb a lot.’

The energy he could feel from her was as sturdy as a boulder, but sharp at the same time. It seemed she had also managed to absorb a significant amount of energy.

“Why are you staring at me? You are making my morning unpleasant.”


Burren turned his head since he didn’t want to slam his pleasant mood into the mud.

‘She has a bad personality, but her abilities are a real deal.’

The energy he could feel from Martha was different from the day before. It was less than his own, but she had also absorbed quite a lot of energy.




The sound of the door opening could be heard once again. There were two sets of footsteps, but it felt like only one person was walking in. He was sure that it was Raon and Runaan.

“Let’s see…”

Burren turned, his smile full of confidence. And then his expression shattered like a glass.

‘Wh-what is that guy…?’

The energy surrounding Raon was as natural as flowing water. Burren swallowed. Such slickness was only possible among the experts.

The amount of aura and its balance with his body. Everything was different from the day before.

If Burren’s change could be digitized as a five, then Raon’s change would’ve been a ten.

‘What a monster…’

Burren grit his teeth. He wanted to make him admire his change, but he was astonished instead. It was so absurd that he became speechless.


He frowned and glared at Raon, but he just tilted his head, silently asking why he was looking at him. He had already acknowledged his efforts and talent, but his carefree face still made him angry.

‘However, I’m never going to give up.’

No matter how fast Raon progressed, no matter how strong he became, he had no intention of stopping chasing after him.

Since a true swordsman of Zieghart, he imagined, would keep running until the end no matter how powerful his opponent was.


Rimmer’s voice could be heard from the front. He didn’t even notice his arrival because he was too focused on Raon.

“Everyone has changed.”

Rimmer looked around the trainees from the platform and smiled. He looked satisfied with the trainees’ growth.

“I think we can start it now with no problem.”


“What do you mean by start…?”

“Because these daily lives have to come to an end.”

He pointed his finger at the training ground.



“Wh-what do you mean…?”

The trainees’ trembled nervously upon hearing that it was going to end out of nowhere.

“You have to take the graduation test. I know you love me so much, but you can’t remain a trainee forever.”



“The graduation exam!”

The trainees’ expressions brightened once again upon hearing it was about the exam. Their eyes turned as bright as a sunflower looking at the sun, looking forward to becoming real swordsmen.

“It’s too early to celebrate.”

Rimmer clicked his tongue and wagged his finger. He gave a nasty smile, looking at the trainees.

“After all, the exam you are going to take will be completely different from the graduation exams of the past.”

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