TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 166

 C 166

At daybreak, Raon packed light and left the annex building. He headed towards the fifth training ground like always, since the Light Wind could use the same training ground they used during their trainee period. It was all because of Glenn’s consideration of the trainees.

Ahem. You are still moving so early in the morning.

Wrath yawned hard to exhale coldness, even colder than the air at daybreak.

I don’t mind you training, but can’t you take breakfast at least?

‘I can eat at the training ground.’

But the food isn’t delicious over there. The annex building has the most delicious and fresh food.

He wasn’t wrong about that. The annex building had delicious new meals every day, thanks to improving Yua and Helen’s cooking skills, but the fifth training ground’s typical meal wasn’t exactly delicious. That was because they reduced the saltiness, sweetness, and spiciness of the food for the sake of training.

‘This is better for training.’

Filling the stomach was all he asked for when it came to food while he trained, since delicacies could be left for other times. He had to quickly get stronger to decrease the list of things he needed to do, so he didn’t have time to savor the taste of food.

How pathetic.

Wrath clicked his tongue and tilted his chin.

You don’t know anything about recreation. You are nothing but an idiot for training, one that is clueless about romance.

‘Since I’m clueless about romance, I’m fine with eating nothing but Nadine bread from now on.’

N-Nadine bread?

His eyes widened in agitation. The tasteless Nadine bread, with its smooth texture that was only good for filling the stomach, was pretty much Wrath’s natural enemy.

A-Are you trying to threaten the King of Essence right now?

‘I’m not threatening you. I’m just doing what feels comfortable for me, since I can’t feel romance.’

How a mere human dares to threaten the monarch of Devildom!

A frightening amount of coldness filled Raon’s body. The emotion of wrath that Wrath had given him before ripped through the emotional rift to burn his soul from various locations.




The coldness and wrath became even stronger than before, stopping his steps. His limbs trembled from the tremendous amount of energy crushing the wall and assaulting him.

The King of Essence grows stronger, just like you do. You’ll learn your lesson if you act up…

‘You’re wrong about that one.’

Raon clenched his fist to stop his hand from trembling.


‘I grew up more than you did.’

He resonated his Ring of Fire. The clear resonance between the six rings of fire crushed the wrath, and the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation and Glacier ripped apart the coldness dashing through his mana circuit.

Keuh! Not yet! This is not the true power of the King of Essence!

Wrath didn’t give up, intensifying his coldness and wrath. Believing in the 25 points of wrath engraved in Raon’s soul, he dropped the coldness on him like rain.




It was definitely not easy to endure 25 points of wrath, but he used the Ring of Fire that had leveled up even more to suppress the spiteful energy. He started walking again.

Upon reaching the training ground while fighting against Wrath, messages appeared in front of his eyes.


[You’ve withstood Wrath’s interruption.]


[Stamina has increased by 1.]


As soon as the messages appeared, Wrath screamed and fell apart.

Daaamn it!

He kept flailing in the air, unable to acknowledge his defeat.

‘I like stamina.’

Raon closed the message and nodded. He smiled unconsciously at getting free stats from Wrath for the first time in a while.

‘Since I won, I’m only going to eat one Nadine bread per meal from now on.’

W-Wait! Wait a moment!

He flew like the wind and sat on his shoulder.

I-It was the King of Essence’s mistake! You should starve instead! Anything but that bread! Food that’s only good for filling the stomach is pretty much a sin!

Wrath’s body convulsed violently.

‘You’d better behave, since I’ll keep eating Nadine bread for a month if you act up again.’

Keuh. The King of Essence wouldn’t have lost to your evil plots if he wasn’t a gourmet. Having a noble soul is a sin…

‘You should call yourself glutton instead of gourmet.’

Raon corrected him, then opened the training ground’s door.


He thought that no one would be there, but the trainees—or, rather, the Light Wind swordsmen—were already gathered.

“Young master!”

Dorian, who was eating snacks from his belly pocket, ran up to him with a smile.

“You are late.”

“I think it’s you all that arrived early, though?”

The fifth training ground usually didn’t have anyone there at that hour.

“Raon, you are late.”

Even Runaan, who slept a lot in the morning, was already there. She walked up to him while rubbing her eyes, then grabbed his sleeve.


Raon looked aside at the sound of familiar snorting, spotting Martha as she was leaning against a tree. Every single member of the Light Wind was already in the training ground, making up to thirty-three people when you included himself and Martha.

“Why is everyone here so early?”

“Because we are having the inauguration ceremony today!”

“I was too excited to sleep, since the legend of Light Wind was going to start today!”

“Aww, I finally became a real swordsman.”

The Light Wind members clenched their fists and smiled in anticipation for the future.


Raon licked his lips, meeting the excited gazes of the members.

‘You will be disappointed if you expect too much.’

He was sure of it after seeing Rimmer the day before. Rimmer hadn’t changed at all. The kids were probably thinking that Rimmer must’ve changed since he had become a squad leader, but that was a huge mistake.

“You should do some personal training until the squad leader arrives, then.”



The Light Wind members smiled brightly and spread throughout the training ground to begin training. The chattering that could be heard occasionally was filled with anticipation for the future missions and achievements.



After seeing Runaan yawn and Martha look sharply at the sky, Raon went to an empty spot.

‘I shall begin as well.’

He drew his training sword and used the Star Connecting Sword. The trajectory was already as familiar as breathing, but its power surpassed that of an advanced swordsmanship thanks to the Ring of Fire and the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation leveling up.




The Star Connecting Sword that rushed like a glorious river grew fierce. Despite having the same continuous flow, its power and speed were incomparable to before.




The aura wave spreading from the blunt training blade resonated throughout the fifth training ground.


“I-Is that really the Star Connecting Sword?”

“I learned the same technique, but why is there such a difference?”

“Th-That’s crazy. That’s pretty much the highest rank in swordsmanship.”

“People said the swordsmanship’s rank depends on the user. Is talent what matters in the end…?”

The swordsmen admired Raon’s Star Connecting Sword, which was affecting the entire training ground. Although they could use those techniques with their eyes closed, its overwhelming wave looked like an absolute technique that they’d never seen before when Raon was the one that used it.

“You are talking like idiots again.”

Martha narrowed her eyes, looking at Raon’s energy as it soared into the sky.

“While you guys pursued a more advanced swordsmanship, he just kept training that Star Connecting Sword. It’s more like the difference in the amount of training than the difference in talent.”

She murmured ‘I also used to be an idiot’ to herself in the end, then drew her training sword.


Runaan’s purple eyes were shining, trying to catch every single move of Raon’s blade.

“Hmm, you haven’t changed.”

Dorian nodded, eating snacks instead of training.

The swordsmen were waiting for the squad leader Rimmer, while spending time on their own way, but he didn’t appear at the appointed time.

“Ahaha! S-Since it’s the first day…”

“I know, right? There’s no way he’d be too late after such a nice speech.”

“Let’s believe that the squad leader changed.”

The swordsmen said that and waited for another hour, but Rimmer couldn’t be found anywhere in the training ground.

“H-He’s coming soon, right? Probably?”

“That bastard—I mean, elf—is going to come if he has a conscience!”

“I’m sure he has changed after luring us in with such nice words.”

As the swordsmen were suppressing their anger and grinding their teeth, the training ground doors creaked open.

“He’s here!”

“Squad leader!”

“You are too lat… Huh?”

They stopped running towards him midway, their jaws dropping.

The red-haired elf that had looked so glamorous just a day ago now looked completely dry, as if he had grown at least 100 years older.

“Wh-What even happened to you…?”

“Squad leader! Are you alright?”

“Gasp! Squad leader!”

The swordsmen’s lips trembled as they supported the faltering Rimmer.


Rimmer’s spiritless eyes were spacing out, his arms flailing like reeds.


* * *


Raon clicked his tongue at the sight of him.

‘He lost everything.’

It was obvious what had happened just from looking at his expression. He must’ve gone to the casino to increase the money he had left, just to end up losing everything. That was the only way to explain how he had become so completely broken.

‘It’s a relief that I took it away from him yesterday.’

If he hadn’t taken the other half, the money that should’ve belonged to him would’ve turned into nothing. That would’ve been truly terrible.

‘Now I’m wondering who is in that casino.’

Although Rimmer couldn’t hide his expression, he had sharp eyes, and he had a sly and sneaky personality. He was curious about who was winning against him every single time.


Rimmer went to the center of the platform and sighed deeply.

“Th-The Light Wind’s inauguration ceremony is s-starting. Our objective is my money. The honor that no one has achieved before and my money. From now on, you will get achievements and my money…”

A strange word kept intruding into the inauguration speech, which should’ve been dignified and magnificent. Judging from Rimmer’s expression, he was unconsciously saying it.

“Is the objective his money?”

“Honor and his money?”

“Achievement and his money?”

“That guy, no way…”

The Light Wind members finally realized what was going on and their faces stiffened.

“Damn it… Why did I join this?”

Martha bit her lip and glared at Rimmer.


Runaan just yawned indifferently and blinked her eyes.

“…That’s how the Light Wind is going to run.”

It looked like Rimmer finally managed to snap out of it, since he wasn’t saying ‘my money’ anymore. However, his face turned even more pale than before.

“So… Since we have thirty-three members in total, we will split into three groups. The first team’s leader is Martha Zieghart, and the second team’s leader is Runaan Sullion. I’ll leave the third team’s leader spot empty for now, and Raon Zieghart will command the members as the vice-squad leader. You shall treat him with respect in official events from now on.”



“I’ll assign the teams now. The first team will be Setrai, Yanden…”

Rimmer sounded like he was dying as he called the names of every single member.

“Who is going to fill the vacant third team leader spot?”

“It’s reserved for the foolish guy that is going to join soon.”

Since everyone knew who he was talking about, they just nodded.

“I'll tell you about your first mission with the Light Wind. From today onward, you shall…”

Rimmer licked his lips and examined the swordsmen below the platform. They were waiting for him to continue, swallowing hard.




“Are we really resting when the squad has just been created? What do you mean?”

Because what Rimmer told them wasn’t to rest for the time being, but just to flat out rest, the eyes of the swordsmen widened as they jumped at him.

“What else would it mean? It means that you will rest.”

Rimmer shook his head with cloudy eyes that had lost half of his soul. He still couldn’t get over the shock of losing all his money.


Raon narrowed his eyes at the sight of him.

‘It’s rather inconvenient to not have him here.’

Things were getting annoying because Burren, who should’ve been grabbing Rimmer by his collar, wasn't there anymore. It was surprising how he came to miss Burren.

That’s how the world works. You don’t know how precious someone is until they’re gone.


Since it was unbelievable that Wrath had just said that, Raon’s eyes widened as he stared at the bracelet.

Actually, not having those shitty eyes around isn’t exactly a big deal, but the world is pretty much drowning in sorrow because the great King of Essence has disappeared. The world might even end soon enough…

Raon thought he was saying something nice for once, but he was just bragging about himself.

However, Wrath said ‘world’ this time, instead of Devildom. It looked like something happened to the demon kings of Devildom—taking into account what happened with Sloth, as well.

“I don’t even know anymore. Do whatever you want.”

Rimmer laid down on the platform and exposed his belly.


“You damn elf…”

“Why did I even do that?!”

Their clenched fists were trembling as they looked at Rimmer’s blank eyes.


Raon sighed and walked up to Rimmer.

“By rest, you mean that we are going to have a mission soon enough, so we should prepare ourselves, right?

“Yes, right. That’s what I meant. I knew the vice-leader would understand me.”

Rimmer nodded blankly.

“I’ll translate the squad leader’s statement. Rest doesn’t mean that you should just rest. He’s telling you to prepare yourselves for the upcoming mission. We should decide on the signal to use between us, as well as readjust our strategies and tactics, such as sword formations.”

The swordsmen took a step back at hearing Raon’s voice.

“But what’s wrong with the squad leader?”

“Is he sick or something?”

“The squad leader lost money yesterday at the casino…”

“Hey! Stop!”

As Raon started to tell them the truth, Rimmer grabbed his shoulder. His face was still pale, but his hand was still powerful.

“S-Strange rumors can spread if you misspeak, so please be more careful about it…”

“I see.”

Raon nodded, then looked at the swordsmen once again.

“The squad leader lost his ‘entire fortune’ at the casino yesterday, which is why he is in a bad condition today. I’ll take command for now. We will start with the basic signals. Change yourselves into your training outfits, then come back here.”


“I knew it…”

“I guess he’s been mild recently.”


The swordsmen threw scornful glances at Rimmer, who was hiding behind Raon, before heading to the changing room.

“Squad leader.”

Raon turned around and bowed slightly at Rimmer.

“In order to avoid strange rumors from spreading by misspeaking, I spoke honestly about the entire truth.”


His jaw dropped to the ground in amazement.

“B-But how did you find out about the fact that I lost everything in the casino yesterday? You left before me, right?”

“A dung fly wouldn’t just pass by dung. It’s obvious.”

“Who are you calling a dung fly?”

Rimmer’s shoulders trembled furiously. Dung fly was the exact same thing that Glenn had called him last time.

‘Y-You damn inhuman grandfather and grandson, you are forming a duo!’


* * *


There was a separate building to the west of the Central Martial Palace. Although it had been dusty for a long time because no one had been around to manage it, people were visiting it for once.

“It’s been a really long time since we’ve been here.”

The butler, Tias—who had been raising Burren instead of Karoon since he was a child—smiled gently while cleaning the fireplace.


Burren didn’t say anything, just staring at the pillar to his right. There was a child’s graffiti under the pillar. It was a drawing of a man, a woman, and a small boy holding hands with each other.

“That drawing…”

Tias narrowed his eyes. It was the graffiti Burren had made in his childhood, and it was the ideal family that he had imagined in the past.

Burren caressed the graffiti, his eyes completely different from those of the smiling boy in the drawing.

The pigment’s particles, smeared with dust, bitterly fell from the graffiti. The boy inside the drawing disappeared at some point, and the man and woman—who weren’t holding hands anymore—were the only ones remaining.


Burren raised his head. His green eyes, which usually looked as warm as the wind, had turned as gloomy as ash.

“I want to be alone. You should return and rest.”

He spoke, then entered the completely dark room without even cleaning or lighting the room.

“Young master…”

Tias bit his lip. He’d been watching over him since childhood, but it was his first time witnessing such emptiness in his eyes. He looked like he had lost his goal in life.

‘It’s even worse than when he lost to the young master Raon back then.’

He became even more passionate back then, as he said that he would take revenge, but now his eyes looked completely dead—like burned-out firewood.

‘There are nineteen days remaining.’

A novice swordsman that wasn’t chosen during the Selection Ceremony had twenty days to decide on their affiliation after the ceremony.

‘We don’t have much time.’

He wanted Burren to overcome his current emotions by himself, but that might prove difficult, since being acknowledged by Karoon was his primary goal in life.

‘I have to ask for help if he can’t overcome it by himself.’

He was unable to make Burren stand. There was only one person that had the ability to do that.

‘Even if it takes my life…’

Tias made his decision and kept cleaning up the separate building.


* * *


One week had passed since the Selection Ceremony.

Raon had renovated the hand signal system between the swordsmen and adjusted the sword formation’s stability for thirty-three people to fight together in the meantime.

Since the swordsmen also realized that the time for the real mission was approaching, they added fresh fuel to the group training and personal training.




As Raon and the swordsmen were taking a rest after daybreak training, the training ground’s door burst open. It was Rimmer’s doing. Not only had he arrived on time, but he was also wearing a stylish black and red uniform as he walked up onto the platform.

“It’s nice and boring, since the guy that keeps picking a fight with me every single time isn’t here anymore.”

Rimmer licked his lips, looking at the door that was shaking so hard it looked like it would break. Since the Light Wind members were aware of who he was talking about, their expressions turned slightly grim.

“Well, I’m not here to talk about that.”

With his signature hand clap, he gathered the swordsmen’s attention.

“Since the hand signals and sword formations are pretty much complete, you shall start making personal preparations.”

“Personal preparations?”

“We are training every day, though.”

“That’s not what I mean.”

Rimmer shook his head intensely.

“What I mean is that you should get your personal equipment as Zieghart’s swordsmen, rather than using low-quality supplies. You should start using your personal swords and uniforms.”

He smoothed down the Zieghart uniform that he was wearing.

“First of all, the uniform is custom made. You should personally visit the Dazzling Radiance Squad to place your order. The first order is free, so include as many options as you can.”

Rimmer tapped on the second sword around his waist. It was the noted sword he used to slay the Blood Raving Demon, rather than the supply sword that he usually used.

“Same goes for your swords. If you have a sword that you were gifted or inherited, but you couldn’t use so far, you can use that one. Otherwise, you can make a new one. Use your own means to prepare it during the remaining waiting period.”


The Light Wind members’ majestic response echoed throughout the training ground.

“I can finally use my Dark Phoenix.”

“Haa, I’m so excited that I can fight with the Cloudy Blade of Brilliance.”

“My main weapon, Super Genocider, wants to taste blood…”

Apparently, most of the swordsmen already had a weapon in mind, since they were grinning while calling their swords by stupid names.


“Come this way, vice-squad leader.”

As Raon was pondering about how to make his uniform, Rimmer gestured at him with his hand.

“Someone has contacted you.”

“Who would that…?”

“That old man asked me to bring you to him.”

One person came to Raon’s mind after Rimmer mentioned an old man. That stubborn old man Vulcan, who was staying next to the extremely hot kiln while he learned the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation. Raon remembered the sublime eyes of the man that had reached the peak of blacksmithing.

“Are you talking about Sir Vulcan?”

“Yes, that old man.”

Rimmer smiled gently and nodded.

“He said it was time to keep his promise.”


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