TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 156

 C 156

“Your ability is good enough to boast about.”

Holline narrowed his eyes and lowered his posture. It was the same posture as the wolf-like leap that he performed earlier. Although it was the same form, the pressure was on a different level.

“However, it’s not good enough against me!”

His blade appeared at the same time as his declaration. The shaking tip multiplied into six. It was the principle of illusion and variable swords, imbued with aura. Despite his surprised mind, his sword didn’t show any weakness at all.




Raon rotated his rings of fire. With his slowed vision, the number of variations of the blade’s tip was reduced to three. The targets were his neck, the left side of his chest, and his ribs.

Which would he target?

That wasn’t the question to be asked, since all three of them were being targeted.

After he removed the two illusions, the icy blades were targeting three locations at the same time.




Pointing his blade at the ground, he hacked into the air, like a stroke of a brush. The flame engulfing the blade drew a half circle and erased the three stabs aimed at him.


As if Holline already knew that would happen, he twisted his body midair for a second attack. A strike as brutal as the determination in his face fell towards Raon like a shooting star.




The attack slid through the air like a living creature, aimed at his heart and head. Although he wouldn’t be able to wake up until the end of the internship if it hit him, he leaped into the powerful blow instead.

‘Because this way is safer.’

Holline’s aura was ice, and he used a flashy variable sword. The more distance Raon gained from him, the more space he would be able to dominate. That was why it was better to advance.




Raon blasted the Cloudy Fang Strike of the Fangs of Insanity, the two snakes coiling with each other.




The close-quarters clash created a violent explosion. With a fierce shockwave and thunderous noise that shook the ground, the swordsmen next to the arena were knocked back.

Raon and Holline used that shockwave to their advantage, gaining some distance and regaining their postures.

“Are you really seventeen years old? It’s unbelievable that your swordsmanship doesn’t lose to me!”

Holline shook his head at the absurdity of the situation.

“But I still won’t lose. Here I come!”

He approached like he was sliding on ice, slashing horizontally. The blade drew a straight line, only to become multiple ice needles that thrust towards his vitals. The number kept increasing with his ever-changing attack, spreading wide like a tidal wave.

Raon used Glacier to open the ocean of perception. Among the splashing tidal waves that he could see, there was only a single moving blade among them.


He followed his senses and slashed. The sharp teeth, imbued with the Fangs of Insanity’s principles, soared like lightning.




Along with a bone-shattering sound, Holline was violently pushed back from the air, falling on his hands.


“I have pretty good senses.”

“Senses? How is such a thing possible with senses? Unbelievable!”

Holline kicked the ground while glaring at him. It seemed he was using his full strength, as the icy aura gradually expanded and the silver frost spread out into their surroundings.

He kicked the ground, surrounded by that powerful aura. The aura streamed out like yarn as the space was overrun by over ten ever-changing blades.

‘I’ve already finished predicting them.’

Determination filled Raon’s eyes. He finished observing Holline’s variable sword and illusion sword. The technique he was using now was more complicated, but its origin was the same.




He hacked diagonally with the roaring sword in his hand and advanced. It looked like the space was severed as his flaming blade bent itself, completely burning up Holline’s attacks.

“No way…”

The hand holding Holline’s sword was trembling.

“You even know how to use a variable sword?”

He couldn’t begin to imagine that he had actually copied his swordsmanship on the spot and misunderstood—he assumed that he had learned variable swords before.

“The word genius isn’t enough for you.”

Holline swallowed nervously, as if he was facing a monster instead of a human being.

“Being rewarded with gold when I need to defeat such a monster isn’t a fair trade. However, a man has to see his word to the bitter end once he makes an agreement!”

His appearance grew blurry, and he disappeared. Right side. He pierced into Raon’s right in an instant and thrust his sword. A rain of aura streamed from the blade, gleaming with a blue light.

‘This is my chance.’

The chance to increase the variable sword and illusion sword’s proficiency.

The Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation’s swordsmanship usually created a flower petal when used. Raon had a feeling that he could get closer to perfection by applying the variable sword and illusion sword he learned from fighting against Holline.

“Not yet!”

Holline’s eyes shone as he poured countless blades of great variety towards his vitals. The stream of auras that were encircling him like a bird cage suddenly gathered into a single point and moved towards his heart.

‘What a variation…’

Raon only thought of spreading them out for variation, never expecting him to gather them into a single point. It was another lesson learned.




Raon used the Revolving Sky of the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation, recording Holline’s technique in his eyes with the Ring of Fire. The cogwheel of flame ripped through the space to clash against the concentrated aura.




The powerful explosion created from the collision between fire and ice turned the surface upside down and shook the entire training ground.




Holline pierced into that storming aura and slashed powerfully. The blow wasn’t just powerful as it struck like lightning. It was an advanced technique that contained a tremendous amount of illusion and variety.

Raon couldn’t match up to him yet in terms of variety. Raon adjusted his grip and slashed vertically, aiming upwards. The soaring strike looked dynamic enough to sever the world, shattering Holline’s attack.


Blood was flowing from Holline’s mouth at the shock, but he didn’t withdraw. Instead, he dashed ahead and swung his sword.




Raon stomped the ground to avoid being pushed back, exploding his Fangs of Insanity.


Bam! Baam!


The exploding sound that resonated throughout the training ground was on a different level from when they fought without using their auras, and their fighting spirit was shattering the earth.

Raon and Holline clashed countless times at the center of the destroyed arena. Although coldness and heat poured from their hands, neither of them withdrew.



They were both smiling faintly, even though their clothes and skin were ripped apart.

“Since we are both exhausted, we shall see the end of it.”

Holline brandished his sword upwards. He gathered all of his remaining aura, raising his blade to pierce the sky. His blade trembled like a flexible sword and emanated a tremendous amount of energy.


Raon pulled his sword backward and extended his left hand to the front. It wasn’t the Flame Dragon Art that forced Milland to use astral energy. He was using something other than his strongest technique in order to advance one step further.




Holline’s blade flashed with a silver light. The icy energy surrounding the blade spread out like a haze, becoming a huge whip that was split into nine streams. Each stream was powerful enough to shatter the blade and crush flesh and bone.




Raon exploded the concentrated flame towards the nine streams, which were falling towards him like lightning. The flower blossom made of blazing fire danced on his blade, turning into a full bloom of spring.

Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation, Ten Flames.

Flame Spirit.

A new color that was different from the swordsmanship that he’d accumulated so far enveloped Raon’s sword. The flower petals, which used to be low in concentration as they spread out, began to multiply—as if they were reflected in a mirror.




The storm of flower petals easily destroyed the streams of the whip and kept advancing towards his enemy.

The flames amplified themselves as they devoured the icy aura, covering the sky and severing Holline’s blade.




As if they were sitting under a cherry blossom tree in the late spring, the world was filled with flaming flower petals.


Holline blankly watched the withering leaves of flame before kneeling on the ground.

“I-I lost.”

He admitted his defeat with a smile, then collapsed.

“...Thank you for the fight.”

Raon bowed at the collapsed Holline. Even though he was a bit arrogant, he was skilled enough to justify that, and he fought fair and square before admitting his defeat. Even though he was from the Central Martial Palace, the man was worthy of his respect.


He looked at his left hand, which felt slightly painful. It was slightly frozen from Holline’s ice. It wasn’t really painful, thanks to Water Resistance, but the fact that he managed to freeze him was praiseworthy enough.

‘Hmm… Can I actually use this to…?’

Raon stopped as he was about to melt it with the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation. He felt like he could use the situation, so he turned around and hurriedly melded his hand with fire. In addition, he even groaned slightly from time to time, pretending to be in pain.


“A-Am I dreaming right now?”

“What is this power?”

Raon shook his thawed hand and raised his head, and the swordsmen that had been pushed back by the storming aura were pretty much zoning out as they stared at him.

“D-Did Holline really lose? How is that even possible?”

Training Instructor Reff’s hands were trembling, his face pale.

On the other hand, Urek’s eyes were narrowed as he looked at Raon’s left hand.

Raon realized that it went according to his plan upon noticing his gaze.

As he was turning his wrist and suppressing his laughter, a message appeared in front of him.


[You’ve achieved victory against a decent opponent.

You’ve developed your martial art by using the opponent’s techniques.

You’ve achieved victory against your strongest opponent so far.

All stats have increased by 3.]



Wrath’s jaw dropped upon reading the message. He was astonished by the fact that all of Raon’s stats had increased by three whole points without a bet.

H-How did the stats increase from defeating a mere highest-rank Expert? How does this make any sense?

‘It says that he was the strongest opponent I’ve faced so far.’

Raon encountered many people stronger than Holline so far, but he was the strongest among those that he had managed to defeat.

Damn it! What a damned stupid system!

Wrath kicked the message, saying that the system didn’t know moderation despite the fact that he was the one that made it.

‘This is why I don’t even need to hide my power.’

Although the Central Martial Palace had to believe that they managed to grasp his strength, that was only his previous strength. It was pointless, as he would get even stronger the next day.

Raon grinned and tapped his scabbard.

“Is anyone coming up next?”


* * *


Burren watched Raon’s spar from the beginning to the end without missing a single detail, drawing a conclusion.

‘He is a real monster.’

He did notice that Raon had gotten even stronger when he returned, as it was even more difficult to feel his pressure, but he never expected him to be able to defeat Holline—who was one of the Striding Lightning’s vice-squad leaders.

‘What has he even been doing?’

He believed that he had grown more than anyone else from the countless hardships he had encountered in the Levine desert, but that was his mistake.

However, he didn’t feel any jealousy or envy towards him.

‘It’s because I know what kind of person he is.’

It wasn’t by sheer luck or some elixir that Raon got stronger. He was the type of person to train from morning to night without stopping in order to get stronger.

Burren had come to that realization after seeing him visiting the training ground the day after his return from Habun Castle. Raon Zieghart deserved to get stronger.

‘By the way, I feel like I saw his last technique somewhere before…’

He’d witnessed that finishing technique with the fluttering flower petals before. He had already thought back then that it was beautiful and powerful at the same time, but it’d become even more dangerous and more beautiful.

‘He actually improved it by himself…’

He seriously didn’t know his limits.

‘I still won’t give up.’

Raon was Raon, and Burren was Burren. He would be able to catch up to him one day, as long as he kept walking his own road without being concerned with him. He had promised his second benefactor in Levine desert that he would live a life that he wouldn’t be ashamed of.

“You were awesome!”

Burren was the one that sincerely applauded Raon.


* * *


The night seeped into the general administrator’s room in the Central Martial Palace. The vases that were boasting their vitality next to the window lowered their leaves in the darkness.


General Administrator Urek blankly caressed a leaf with the back of his hand.

“Erm, General Administrator?”

Training Instructor Reff sighed from behind him and wrinkled his nose.

“Wh-What shall we do now? I didn’t expect Raon to win against even Holline…”

Reff sighed, murmuring that he didn’t even know what to do anymore.

“You don’t need to do anything else.”

Urek turned around and shrugged his shoulders.


“We found out that Raon has monstrous strength, and that he was powerful enough to win against Holline by using his aura. Since we found out that he is at the highest rank of Expert, we gathered enough information about him, just as the palace master ordered. Moreover…”

His eyes wavered like the night shadow.

“We found his weakness.”

“Are you talking about his frozen hand after taking Holline’s ice?”

“Yes. He tried to hide it, but his hand was frozen in the end, and he turned away to hide his expression. It looks like the Curse of Frost he had in his childhood still remains.”

Urek’s mouth curved into a smile as he continued caressing the vase on his desk.

`We have all the information we need.’

Since they learned about Raon’s strength and weakness in a single day, Karoon would acknowledge their deeds.

“Then, what shall we do with the training? It’s not like I can personally spar with him…”

“You remember that the palace master ordered us to not do anything that would benefit him, right?”

“Of course. Shall we force him to do something that would destroy his body…?”

“You idiot! People’s gazes are currently focused on us. What do you think they will think of us if we do something like that?”

Urek frowned, repeating the criticism he had taken from Karoon.

“P-Please excuse me!”

“You know there’s a traditional training of the Central Martial Palace that makes people worse instead of helping them by being extremely boring with nothing positive gained from it.”

“Ah! You must be talking about cave meditation!”

Reff clapped his hands as he remembered.

“Indeed. No one is going to blame us, since it's a training method passed down from ancient times. You really are amazing to have such an idea!”

“Lock him up in a cave for like two weeks.”

Along with a low-pitched laugh, Urek raised two of his fingers.

“Make that arrogant bastard waste some time.”


* * *


One Week After the Start of Internships

A lot had happened on the first day, but nothing special happened after that.

Since not only the swordsmen but also the instructors and the general administrator meddled with him, he could keep training as he wished. Though, they did keep shouting at him to stop whenever he broke the equipment.

Since he apparently destroyed almost 6000 gold worth of equipment, it seemed he managed to reach twice the initial goal. Raon felt somewhat proud of himself.

As he was wondering about what to break that day, the training instructor called for him and Burren.

“We are going to start a special training today.”

Training Instructor Reff’s expression was more dignified than ever as he raised his chin.

“Special training?”

“It’s a traditional training method of the Central Martial Palace. Take this bag and follow me.”

He gave Raon and Burren bags the size of a human head, then left the training ground and entered the inner area of the Central Martial Palace.

After walking for a while, he stopped in front of the North Grave Mountain, outside the Central Martial Palace. The mountain was surrounded by high walls, and there were ten caves at the center.



Reff turned around and nodded.

“This is the cave where the first master of the Central Martial Palace achieved great success with meditation. He kept meditating for four weeks, not even sleeping.”

He started blabbering about how the first master of the Central Martial Palace helped the first head of house achieve great deeds.

“Since the meditation is a formality that any warrior of the Central Martial Palace has to go through, you should be proud to do it.”

He continued, pointing at the cave with his finger.

“You have to spend two weeks in this cave. You will be able to progress a lot if you sharpen your mind while decreasing your sleep to the bare minimum.”

“But we aren’t the official warriors yet. We’re just interns for now. Rather than meditation, we need more experience…”

Burren tilted his head and raised his hand.

“I told you last week, didn’t I? That you are considered warriors of the Central Martial Palace. Since this is an important opportunity that will help you, prepare yourselves.”

“Haa, alright.”

Burren sighed slightly upon realizing that he couldn’t talk sense to him and looked at Raon.

“What he said isn’t completely a lie. This is indeed the place where the first master trained, and he did achieve great success. It’s also true that the swordsmen go through this training.”

Burren frowned and looked around the cave.

“However, you don’t really do anything for two weeks. Since this training doesn’t really have any effect, it only lasts ten days at most, but it looks like they really dislike you if we have to do it for two weeks.”

“It’s pretty good.”

Raon smiled as he looked at the cave.

“P-Pretty good?”

Burren’s eyes widened, as he didn’t expect him to say that.

“It looks interesting.”

Raon had been waiting for something like that.

Although it would’ve been nothing but suffering for others, it was a great opportunity for Raon to raise his stats, since he had the Ring of Fire and the system.

Moreover, he might be able to obtain something that the first master left behind. It seemed much more preferable than meaninglessly destroying stuff in the training grounds.

“Ahem! There is water inside. The bag contains bread, so eat one per day.”


“Go on, then.”

What did you just say?

As Raon nodded and was about to enter the first cave, Wrath sprouted like a bud even though he’d been silently sleeping.

One bread a day? Are you telling me to survive with just that?

‘It’s like abstinence. It’s necessary to get stronger.’

Shut up! Why would the transcended King of Essence need such a thing as abstinence?

Wrath violently shook his hand, saying that it was nonsense.

There’s a saying that a demon that dies after eating has color and charm! How am I supposed to endure a day with nothing but a single piece of bread? I won’t even have time to savor the taste!

‘Ah. I’m sorry to inform you of this, but this is. Nadine bread. It merely fills the stomach and tastes bad. It tastes exactly like chewing rubber.’

Raon scratched his chin. It was his staple food when he used to be an assassin. He liked it since it was excellent at filling the stomach.

Wh-What the…?

Although Raon liked how convenient it was, it seemed to be the worst food for Wrath, as he cared about the taste. His hair was boiling like a volcano nearing its eruption.

Are you telling me to endure two weeks with unsavory bread? What kind of bullshit is that!

Anger and coldness burst from Wrath to engulf Raon, then spread throughout the cave.

I’d rather kill you right now! I’ll take over your body and run awa…


[You’ve been interrupted by ‘Wrath’.]

Agility has increased by 1.]



‘Huh? The stat just increased.’

Raon gasped at the message. It looked like the experience points were almost full, as the increase happened as soon as he was affected by Wrath’s coldness and anger.

‘This is a good start.’

Raon whistled and went deep inside the cave, and…

‘I can smell doormat from the cave.’

What shiiiitty life is this?

Wrath was acting the same way as always.


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