TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 154

 C 154

“What kind of bullshit is that?”

Urek pushed the vase aside and frowned. He couldn’t understand what Reff was talking about as he started blabbering about a king of destruction.

“That damn bastard is destroying everything in the training ground! Everything that he lays his hands on is destroyed!”

Reff clenched his fist and slammed the desk.

“Since his simple touch breaks down everything, king of destruction is the only way to describe him!”

“Please, calm down!”

Urek picked up the vase to embrace it, pushing Reff away.

“It’s not a big deal if all he did was destroy some of the objects in the training ground. Did you really have to come here to tell me when all he did was break some training swords and training outfits?”

“I wouldn’t be here if that’s all he did!”

Reff pounded his chest in frustration.

“That crazy bastard smashed three cassiterite cuffs and destroyed all eight sword dummies!”


Uren dropped the vase and brusquely stood up. He glared at him without even looking at the shattered vase.

“Wh-What did you just say? All eight sword dummies have been destroyed on top of three cassiterite cuffs?”

“Yes! All of them broke!”

“Why would they break, though? Don’t tell me you forgot to make him wear the cuffs.”

“N-No, he was wearing them. He just destroyed them all! I’m not sure if it was his strength or a technique. He is literally a king of destruction!”

“What the…?”

One pair of cassiterite handcuffs was worth a hundred gold, and a single sword dummy was worth over two hundred gold alone. Although the equipment was terribly expensive, they were solid enough to justify the cost. He couldn’t believe that such equipment was destroyed.

“So, 1,900 gold in total… Did we really lose 1,900 gold worth of equipment?”

Urek’s eyes lost focus like he’d smelled a rotten egg.

“Err, there’s actually more…”

“L-Let’s go. I can’t believe it until I witness it with my own eyes!”

He started walking towards the training ground with a trembling chin. Reff followed him, disconcerted.


As soon as Urek arrived at the training ground, his heart sank. The eight sword dummies that were placed on the right side were literally broken into pieces, and the cassiterite cuffs that usually shone blue were crushed like leaves on the platform.

The problem was that there was more than what Reff mentioned.

“Even the Sword Inspector is split apart!”

The Sword Inspector was a piece of training equipment that informed the user of any unbalanced aspects of their sword techniques with dripping water, and it was smashed like a twig. It was another super expensive tool, worth over five hundred gold.

“And why are they all lying on the ground?”

The Central Martial Palace swordsmen were lying on the ground like defeated soldiers. It looked like they were conscious because of their injuries.

“What happened here?”

“I-It was all Raon’s doing.”

“You didn’t say anything like that earlier!”

“But the manager ran out before I could even report it. Please allow me to say everything. During the training…”

Reff explained everything that had happened up to that point.


Urek’s face went pale. A general administrator had the role of ‘mistress of the house’ for an organization. Since he was in charge of managing both the money and personnel, all the money they lost and the casualties they had taken during the incident were his responsibility.

“Where is that bastard right now? Find him right now… Gasp!”

His clenched fist was trembling as he tried to find Raon. At that moment, the snapping sound of metal could be heard.

“Wh-What happened?”

When he looked at the source of sound, an attractive blonde man was bursting a green sphere like a balloon.

“Kuaah! That’s the balance ball that costs four hundred gold!”

The sphere was an extremely precious piece of training equipment that allowed the user to fix the balance of their body. Since it used a high ranking magician’s mana, it was difficult to obtain regardless of the price. However, it was completely shattered.

However, the crazy bastard seemed to have no intention of stopping.




Raon touched the large shield next to the balance ball. The shield fell apart like tender beef.

“Argh! That shield costs five hundred gold!”

The shield was a special product that could block aura blades and aura threats once it was imbued with aura. Although they had purchased it for the aura blade training, it was smashed by that monster’s hand.

Raon was moving on to his next victim. It looked like he had still not satisfied his destructive urges.

“Stop that bastard! Catch him already!”


* * *


While Raon was going on with his blatant destruction—which he called sightseeing in the training ground—a scream could be heard from behind him. Training Instructor Reff and a big, middle-aged man were standing there.

‘That is the general administrator, Urek.’

He saw him on the list of the members of the Central Martial Palace that Judiel had given him. He was the man in charge of Central Martial Palace’s finances, and he was running towards him alongside Reff.

“Wh-What is wrong with you, you bastard? Why are you destroying everything?”

Urek yelled at him, looking at the shield on the ground.

“Do you even realize how expensive this is? Huh? What you’ve destroyed today is worth over three thousand gold already!”

“I just tried touching things a little because they told me to look around the training grounds.”

“Who told you that?”

“The man behind you.”

Raon pointed his finger at Reff, who was standing behind Urek.


“I-I’m sorry, but I-I swear I told him to stop earlier.”

“Shut up!”

Urek looked like he wanted to kill him as he frowned, and Reff hung his head.

“Even if he asked you to look around, you inflicted a great financial loss to the Central Martial Palace. You have to pay the reparations…”

“Wait a moment.”

What Urek was saying was something Raon had already anticipated would come up. Raon nonchalantly raised his hand.

“I have a few questions before that. I heard that the Central Martial Palace represents Zieghart’s armed organizations. Is that true?”

“Of course! The Central Martial Palace is the strongest, with the Striding Steads and the Striding Lightning belonging to it.”

“And I’m guessing that you wouldn’t be using anything cheap as the strongest organization.”

“Of course! There’s nothing cheap in this training ground! Everything is of the highest quality.”

“Finally, do I look strong to you?”

“Strong? You don’t even have proper muscles. Why do you even think you would look strong?”

Since Urek was extremely angry at Raon, his words were obviously harsh.

“I see. Then you must’ve been scammed.”


“What do you mean?”

Urek and Reff’s eyes widened upon hearing that they had been scammed.

“The equipment certainly looks expensive, but none of it has any durability.”

With a bitter expression, Raon threw the transparent shield on the ground.

“I mean, the equipment used in one of Zieghart’s strongest armed organizations, the Central Martial Palace, wouldn’t be so cheap that a rookie swordsman like me could destroy it. Just as you said, I am weak because of my thin arms, and I couldn’t even use my aura.”

He raised his arm to show him the cassiterite cuffs he was wearing.

“Burren, you saw that I never took them off, right?”

“Huh? Ah, y-yes.”

Burren was called upon suddenly, but he replied honestly. His expression suggested that he thought the crazy bastard was going crazy again.

“You saw it, right? There’s no way I could destroy such solid equipment without even using aura. You got scammed. Since I showed you that you were scammed, you should be thankful to me instead.”



Urek and Reff’s jaws dropped. Since they didn’t expect that kind of answer at all, their eyes lost focus.

“W-Wait a moment! That’s not…”

“It was a bit unpleasant to be suspected like that, but that’s okay. I’ll overlook the matter since it’s my first day.”

Raon waved his hand for a bit and stepped away. Urek and Reff were standing blankly on the spot, like wooden dummies.

What bullshit is this? You just broke them all with sheer strength!

‘Yes, they will soon realize that I was bullshitting them.’

Raon snickered and nodded.

‘But because of their pride, they won’t tell me to reimburse them.’

Were you aiming for this all along?

‘Judiel told me about their personalities, after all.’

Raon had read a document that Judiel gave him beforehand, which detailed the executives’ personalities and tastes.

General Administrator Urek placed more importance on his pride than money. Since he had withdrawn while the other swordsmen were watching, he wouldn’t ask him to reimburse them again.

“Keuh, what are you doing right now? Clean up all that broken equipment!”

“Ah, yes!”

The bewildered swordsmen started to clean up, following Urek’s orders.


Raon sat in the stands and secretly smiled.

‘I think I broke at least half of them.’

Although there was still a lot of equipment remaining, he destroyed most of the expensive-looking ones, which should’ve cost them a lot. He could only smile, imagining the face Karoon would make later on.

“Was this your goal all along?”

Burren sat next to him and snickered.

“Did you come here to destroy the equipment?”

He wasn’t angry, despite having realized his plan. He was just frowning slightly.

“I didn’t come for that.”

“Which means you have another objective. I suppose you wouldn’t have come here just to break things.”

Burren nodded in acknowledgment.

“But I recommend you do it in moderation. It could get dangerous.”

“Are you worried about me?”

“O-Of course not! I’m just worried that you will end up destroying what I need to use!”

Burren waved his hand, his face turning red. It has been a long time since the last time Raon saw him like that.

“You aren’t stopping me completely, huh?”

“I know who picked this fight first, so I can’t really stop you. And you aren’t the type to listen to begin with.”

Burren lowered his eyebrows and licked his lips.

“But… Have you always been this strong?”

“It was because it was cheap equipment.”

“I see.”

Burren smiled faintly and stood up.

“I’m really going to have to work hard in order to catch up to you.”

After saying that, Burren went to the other swordsmen.

Are you sure that guy is the shitty-eyes that the King of Essence remembers?

Wrath narrowed his eyes in bewilderment.

Humans don’t usually change like that.

‘I know, right? I also think it’s mysterious.’

It was difficult to believe that he previously had that aggressive personality after seeing how easygoing he was now. He still got angry at Runaan and Martha sometimes, but it looked like he became a completely different person.

On the other hand, it seemed like his resolution to catch up to him was unchanged.

By the way, how much strength do you have right now?


Raon licked his lips, and opened the status window for the first time in a long time.


Status Window

Name: Raon Zieghart.

Title: ‘The One Who Bamboozled the King’.

State: Curse of Frost (Four Strands)

Trait: Wrath, Sloth, Ring of Fire (Five-Stars), Water Resistance (Five-Stars), Perception of the Snow Flower (Three-Stars), Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation (Four-Stars), Glacier (Four-Stars), Fire Resistance (Three-Stars), Bleeding Curse (One-Star), Backstab (Two-Star), Iron Will (Two-Star), Adaptation to Ghastly Energy (One-Star), Focus (One-Star).


Strength: 129

Agility: 125

Stamina: 124

Energy: 128

Perception: 144

Wrath: 25


‘That’s a lot.’

Raon automatically gasped upon seeing it. The stats obtained over a year by the system, training, and Sloth’s abilities combined into a huge amount, giving him a transcended body that surpassed the human limits.

‘This is why I could break everything.’

He usually didn’t harm anyone, as he controlled his power, but he could even smash steel at a hinge or joint by using his full strength.

‘I have 129 in strength.’

S-Say that again?


You are insane! When did that happen?

‘You gave me most of them. Why are you even asking?’

Half of the stats were the results of Wrath’s sloppy bets and his impulsive anger. His training and Sloth’s ability were also helpful, but Wrath’s doormat tendency was the biggest contributor.

You damn bastard! You are like a fly on a pineapple pizza, sucking away the King of Essence’s sweet abilities!

Wrath ground his teeth, bursting with anger and coldness.




The freezing cold and boiling anger penetrated into his mana circle like a sharp blade. Wrath even used the power of wrath engraved in Raon’s soul for an all-out attack.

You can’t use that aura right now! It will be the King of Essence’s victory this time!

‘I don’t think so.’

Because the Ring of Fire wasn’t aura.

Raon smiled faintly, resonating his rings of fire. The five rings spinning around his heart resonated to subdue the wrath engulfing his soul.




The frozen wall created by Glacier perfectly blocked Wrath’s coldness.

You damn parasite!

Wrath kept pouring his coldness and wrath, and continuously yelled for over ten minutes.

‘I’m telling you, you are only hurting yourself with that.’

Raon shook his head and pointed at the message that just appeared.


[You’ve withstood Wrath’s interruption.

Strength has increased by 1.]


‘Do you see this? It’s because you keep giving me points for free like this that my stats keep increasing!’

Daaaaamn it!

The giving Wrath’s wailing didn’t stop inside the Central Martial Palace.


* * *


“That damn bastard.”

Urek ground his teeth as he looked at Raon sitting in the stands. The sneaky bastard got him good, but his pride didn’t allow him to say anything because he agreed to his statement in front of the other swordsmen.

‘I’ll crush you, just you wait…’



As Urek was resolving himself for revenge, a baritone voice resounded in his ears. It was the voice he feared the most.

“S-Sir Karoon!”

The Central Martial Palace Master, Karoon Zieghart, was walking towards the training ground while being escorted by ten men.

“Why are you here…?”

“The head of house ordered me to support the Striding Steads and the Striding Lightning in their mission.”

“Oh, I-I see.”

Urek swallowed nervously, feeling his back getting drenched with sweat. He was worried that he came to see Raon, but fortunately that wasn’t the case.


Karoon smiled coldly, looking at Raon sitting there like a fool.

“Just like I told you before, gather the information in advance so that you can kill that arrogant guy whenever and wherever it’s necessary.”

“Sure thing!”

“I’ll be back in two weeks.”

He waved his hand, crossing the training ground to leave the Central Martial Palace.


Urek smoothed down his chest and breathed out a sigh of relief.

‘What a relief.’

He couldn’t miss his opportunity. He needed to humiliate Raon before Karoon’s return and gather information about his strength and weakness.

‘Then it’s obvious what I need to do.’

A spar.

A spar was the best method.


Urek gestured his hand at Urek, who was standing there blankly.

“Ah, yes!”

“Call Ganett!”

Ganett had a weak aura, but he was extremely talented in swordsmanship. Although Raon’s swordsmanship was also rumored to be excellent, he shouldn’t be able to overcome the difference in years.

Urek clenched his fist, with a cold smile.

“Today is the day I’ll witness your limit, Raon Zieghart.”


* * *


Raon simply warmed up his body instead of training at full strength during his free time.

What are you doing?

‘I’m stretching.’

Aren’t you going to train?

‘A spar is about to begin.’

A spar?

‘Yes. It’s obvious.’

Considering that Judiel had received an order to gather information as soon as he returned to the house, the Central Martial Palace wanted information about him.

Since they had no reason to miss the opportunity Raon had given them by coming to them on his own, they were going to ask for a spar in order to obtain information.

“Line up!”

While Raon was slowly running around the training ground, Reff walked up onto the platform and gathered everyone.

“There were some unfortunate incidents, but since they’ve all been resolved now, we will continue with the next part of your training.”

He took a glance at Raon while saying the words ‘unfortunate incidents’.

“The next training is sparring. You will only be allowed to use your swordsmanship and footwork while wearing the cassiterite cuffs, and the victor will be decided upon neutralizing your opponent.”


What Reff just said was exactly what he’d expected.

Hmph! The King of Essence also knew about it!

“Bevin and Arun. Step forward!”

Two swordsmen stepped up after Reff called them, then started fighting against each other. Since they were both excellent swordsmen at the intermediate Expert level, it was an eye-catching and interesting spar even though they weren’t using their aura.

After a fierce fight that was similar to a real battle, the swordsman named Bevin allowed a hit on his shoulder and the spar ended.

“Just like you saw, a spar in Central Martial Palace is similar to a real fight.”

Reff put an emphasis on the real fight part while looking at Raon specifically.

“Next up are Raon and Ganett. Step forward.”

Raon stood up and looked at the man named Ganett. He seemed around thirty years old and had a sturdy body. His aura didn’t seem to be that outstanding, but a refined sharpness could be felt from him.

Judging from his serious eyes as he looked at him, he seemed to be determined to win.

Raon smiled cheerfully and stepped into the arena.

‘It will be interesting.’


* * *


Ganett licked his lips while looking down on Raon.

‘So, I just need to beat up this arrogant guy, right?’

General Administrator Urek had ordered him to bully Raon to make him use all of his hidden techniques and abilities.

It wasn’t a difficult task, but he was taking it seriously because he was told that he would be moved to the Striding Steads during the next personal exchange if he managed to humiliate him by thoroughly beating him up. Also, he actually liked the task since he didn’t like his handsome face anyway.

‘Beating him up is a piece of cake if we aren’t using aura.’

He acknowledged Raon’s powerful body and aura, but he was confident that his swordsmanship was better than Raon’s. If he wasn’t allowed to use his aura, he could literally toy with him.

“As your senior, I’ll allow you to attack first.”

Ganett flicked his fingers.

“Are you serious?”

“Yes. Come at me before I change my mind.”

He would’ve never done that if Raon was allowed to use aura, but he was showing off because they were both wearing the cassiterite cuffs.


Just as he expected, Raon nodded and charged at him. He reached in front of him in an instant and slammed down his sword.

‘I knew it.’

Ganett snickered. There was nothing surprising about the trajectory and speed of Raon’s sword.

‘I’ll deflect it.’

He was trying to deflect Raon’s attack with style, by slightly twisting the sword he had raised.




The moment he clashed with Raon’s sword, a tremendous shock could be felt, as if his joints had been dislocated.

“Huh? Wh-What?”

Because the strength in Raon’s sword was too powerful, Ganett couldn’t deflect it and his wrist snapped.

“Th-This can’t be… Ah!”




Ganett yelped as his sword was pushed back, fiercely smacking into his forehead. His head gave a bursting sound—like a ball—from getting hit by his own training sword.


Raon was reflected in his hazy eyes, nonchalantly opening his mouth.

“Let’s proceed to the next match.”


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