TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 147

 C 147

Facing their gazes, Raon clenched his fist. Their clear, unwavering eyes told him that they were serious about following him.

‘I’m speechless.’

There was no way he could tell them, ‘Actually, I’m the one that scammed the demon king’ when faced with those eyes.

Why is that frivolous snout of yours tightly shut right now? Tell them the truth! That you bamboozled the demon king!

Wrath pounded on Raon’s shoulder, urging him to tell the truth.

He wasn’t wrong. Raon wanted to reveal the truth to a certain extent, because of how they were acting towards him.

“Actually, I…”

“I told you, you don’t need to say anything.”

When Raon slowly opened his mouth, Terian raised his hand.


“It’s well known that mentioning the contents of a trade with a demon makes the trade even more disadvantageous for you. You shouldn’t tell us anything, since we all know what happened.”

Terian smiled gently, telling him that he already understood everything.

Argh, I’m going insane. Why are you acting up when you don’t even know anything?

Wrath went to Terian and started pecking his head like a woodpecker.

There is no such thing as being at a disadvantage from mentioning the contents! And he is actually the one that benefited from the trade!

He kept thrashing his chest in frustration.

“No, what I’m trying to say is…”

“You don’t need to say anything.”

The captain of the Wolf Mercenary Corps, Beto, smiled. He had his fingers locked together, hands behind his head.

“We decided to stand behind you regardless of what happened that day. You don’t need to say anything.”

All of them must have a hole in their brains. I’m sure their reasoning abilities are all in the negative!

Wrath started foaming at the mouth. It looked like he was going to faint again.

“But you aren’t from Habun Castle, are you?”

Raon tilted his head slightly, looking at Beto. He was curious about why a mercenary corps captain, who was supposed to follow the money, was agreeing with them.

“Even the mercenaries know how valuable our lives are. That’s why we want to repay our debts properly.”

Beto stroked the Wolf nameplate, which had a wolf carved on it.

“It’s not just me. The mercenaries have also agreed. We can’t follow you everywhere, but we will risk our lives for you any time.”

The playful gleam disappeared from his eyes. Beto was also serious about wanting to support him.

“It’s not just the mercenaries. The swordsmen divisions, knight orders, and the soldiers—everyone agreed to stand behind you. That was the reason we announced your name.”

Milland looked around at the officers, one after the other, as he smiled.

‘So, that was why.’

Raon finally realized why people were looking at him differently on his way to the conference room. They were being more careful, since they’d all decided to follow him.

“I’m not such an amazing person. I’m not even from the direct line of Zieghart…”

“We are already aware of that fact. You aren’t a member of the direct line, but the strong blood of the Destructive King of the North is flowing through your veins.”

Milland shook his hand, telling him it didn’t matter. The expressions of the people standing next to him didn’t change either.

“Are you of the same mind?”

Raon looked at the Snow Strikers leader Edquill, who was standing on his right.

“Of course. I’ll follow you no matter what you do, no matter where you are.”

Edquill knelt to one knee and punched the ground.

“It was thanks to Sir Raon that I realized what’s more important than life. Please allow me to follow you!”

He wasn’t only saying that he wanted to support him or help him, but he was literally saying that he would follow him.

“Actually, he was the first one.”

Milland stepped up and grabbed Edquill’s shoulder.

“He said that he would follow you and asked me to expel him from Habun Castle.”

He lowered his eyebrows at the memory of that absurd statement.


Raon looked into Edquill’s eyes once again. He was even more serious than Milland and the other officers. He was for real.

Did he just say that annoying guy was the first one to say he wanted to follow you? Haah… I don’t even know anymore. Screw this.

Wrath started giggling, saying that he gave up. It looked like he had finally lost his mind.

“We also made sure the story about your trade with a demon wouldn’t spread. No one else will know, so don’t worry about it.”

Radin confidently knocked his chest. It looked like he used the scouts to stop the rumor from spreading.


Raon caught his breath and straightened his back. Everyone’s thoughts and feelings touched his heart—it felt fuzzy.

“Thank you.”

Since it came down to that, he had no other choice but to accept it. Raon bowed at the people that were looking at him with trust.

“I’m looking forward to your help.”

“Whether you desire to become Zieghart’s head of house, or want to live as an average swordsman, we still always stand behind you.”

Milland smiled broadly, which was uncommon of him.

“Then, can I make my first request of the commander?”

“Request? Of me?”

“There was one thing I’ve always wanted to request.”

“I’m listening.”

He nodded, gesturing that anything was fine.

“Can you spar with me in four months?”

Raon didn’t want to miss the last opportunity he could get in Habun Castle.

“That’s not a difficult request. But do you think four months will be enough?”

“Yes, that should…”

Crimson combative spirit was reflected in Raon’s eyes.

“…allow me to avoid a disgraceful defeat.”


* * *


Since one bowl of soup wasn’t enough to fill his stomach, Raon and Dorian headed to the Branch of Frost after leaving the conference room.

“Huh? Sir Raon!”

Once they opened the door and entered, Yua—who’d been cleaning the tables—came running at them.

“Are you okay now?”


He’d heard the same question countless times that day, but he couldn’t help smiling because it was Yua that said it.

“What a relief.”

Yua fluttered her twin tails, which looked like bunny ears, and sniffled.

“Yua kept visiting you to drop off some food and snacks. The soup you had earlier was also made by Yua.”

Dorian pat Yua’s head to praise her.

“I see.”

As he’d expected, Yua had made that delicious soup.

“There was no snack though.”

“Ahem, that’s because I was a bit hungry…”

Dorian awkwardly cleared his throat and turned his head away.


Raon snickered and sat at the table.

“Can I order right now?”

“Of course. Grandfather is up as well. Grandfather!”

Yua shouted towards the kitchen and the manager, whose complexion was much better now, came running out.

“You are here!”

He took the bandana off his head and bowed politely.

“I wasn’t in my right mind last time, and I couldn’t even thank you properly. Thank you for saving us.”

“Me, too. Thank you for saving me and grandfather.”

Yua copied the manager and bowed at a 90-degree angle.

“You don’t need to do all that.”

Raon shook his head and made the manager and Yua stand. It was just making him feel embarrassed, since he didn’t save them to get that kind of treatment.

“I heard that I managed to survive thanks to Sir Raon’s quick first aid. I don’t even know how to repay this favor…”

“Your healthy appearance is enough reward for me.”

Raon smiled gently and shook his head.

“Ah, this isn’t the time for this.”

The manager tapped his forehead and placed the menu on the table.

“Please order anything you want.”

“Grandfather said that it’s free for Sir Raon for the rest of his life!”

“Huh? Then, what about me?”

Dorian pointed at himself with his finger.

“Sir Dorian needs to pay, of course!”

Yua put her hands on her waist, raising her chin.

“Wow, are you discriminating right now? How many sales do you think I made for you?”


Dorian, Yua, and the manager burst into laughter.

Whatever is fine, so make the order already. The King of Essence wants the apple meat pie for now.

Wrath came out of the bracelet, rolling his eyes.

“Hmm, then…”

Raon ordered the apple meat pie that Wrath wanted, then a stew, a grilled duck, and a cheese pizza.

“Please wait a moment. We will bring you the best meal!”

Fifteen minutes later, food that was made more earnestly than ever filled the table. It had a great fragrance, but the quantity was also a lot more than usual.

They look particularly great today. Raise your weapon already.

Listening to the exploding sound of Wrath’s salivary glands, Raon picked up his spoon.

‘He is such a troublesome demon king.’


* * *

Since he hadn’t had a proper meal in a while, it seemed even more delicious. It wasn’t just Wrath—Raon was also smiling in satisfaction.

“Thank you for the meal.”

“Sir Raon.”

As Raon was about to return after paying, the manager raised his hand.

“You mentioned you had something to tell me about Yua. May I hear what that was?”


Raon was looking for an opportunity to tell him, so he was glad he asked.

“Do you already know who tried to kidnap Yua?”

“It was Eden, right? Although, I’m not sure why they did that…”

“The reason Eden is targeting Yua is simple.”

Raon continued, looking at Yua, who was standing next to the manager with trembling hands.

“It’s because they wanted her to wear the Siren’s mask.”

“Siren’s mask?”

“A Siren is a mermaid monster that is half human and half fish. It has the ability to charm people by singing and playing instruments.”

“Singing and playing instruments? No way!”

The manager’s eyes widened as he realized what he meant.

“Yua is talented with music, to a point where even I recognize it when I know nothing other than swinging a sword. Eden was targeting that talent and tried turning Yua into a Siren.”


The manager’s expression grew stiff as Raon continued.

“As long as Yua stays in Habun Castle, they will keep targeting her by using various methods. They are insane, after all.”

“I-I see.”

The manager slowly turned his head to look at Yua. It appeared that he had somewhat expected that to happen.

“Since Eden’s actions will get more and more violent in the future, they might put other people in danger on top of Yua next time. That’s why I wanted to suggest that you come with me when I return to my house.”

“That we’d go to Zieghart with you?”

“Yes, because we shouldn’t separate the two of you.”

Raon immediately nodded. Since Zieghart was antagonizing the Five Demons, they would certainly accept them if he explained the circumstances to them.

“Hmm… Sir Raon.”

The manager looked at him while softly pressing on the counter.

“This question might sound weird, but may I ask why you are being so kind to us?”


Raon’s eyes returned to the past upon hearing the manager’s question.

He’d lived as an assassin, a hunting dog for his entire life after getting kidnapped in the childhood that he couldn’t even remember properly.

Infiltration, murder, invasion, theft, manipulation of information, and more. He didn’t want to do any of them, yet he kept completing Derus’ orders as they resonated in his head.

If Yua were to wear the Siren’s mask, her life would become even more brutal than his previous life had been. It was a given that she would shed blood every day with her own hands, for the rest of her life.

Because he’d personally experienced that hell, he didn’t want a normal kid that liked to sing and cook to shed other people’s blood.

That was all there was to it.

“Because I have to do it.”

Raon gave a slightly awkward smile, hiding his feelings.

“I see.”

It looked like the manager liked that answer, smiling gently as he looked at Yua.

“Erm, Sir Raon!”

Yua raised her hand to ask a question.


“Can I become stronger like Sir Raon? Will I be able to protect Grandfather and beat up the bad guys?”


Since it was a completely unexpected situation, Rano’s eyes widened.

‘I was mistaken…’

He was only thinking about bringing Yua with him to protect her, but she actually wanted to get stronger herself.

It looked like she wanted to forget the terrifying scene of her family being devoured by a monster, to move on.

That girl’s talent is the real deal. Even though it’s different from swordsmanship, releasing that talent would make her stronger.

Wrath was right. She had the talent, and she desired to fight. It was only right for him to show her the path, just like Rimmer did for him.

“Of course! I also used to be a coward before coming to Zieghart!”

Dorian interrupted before Raon responded.

“But you are still a coward.”

Raon snickered, putting his hand on Dorian’s shoulder.

“I-I’m not a coward! I just have a slight hand tremor!”

He is the most cowardliest of the cowards.

Wrath clicked his tongue.

“Do you want to protect yourself and your grandfather with your own power?”

Raon leaned forward to meet Yua’s gaze.


“You should be able to if you desire it.”

“I’ll go then!”

Yua gave a refreshing smile and clenched her fist.

“Since she wants to go, I can’t stop her. I think I can trust anything Sir Raon says. Please take care of her in the future.”

“You don’t need to do this.”

The manager was trying to kneel and bow, and Raon stopped him in a haste.

“But if you are sending Yua…”

“I’m not going.”



Yua ran up to him and grabbed his sleeve.

“Wh-What are you talking about? We have to go together!”

“I’ve lived here for my entire life. I’m not going anywhere.”

“The same goes for me!”

“If I were to leave, that would be the end of this pub. I don’t even have a long life in front of me. I just want you to live on happily.”

The manager smiled faintly. It looked like he already made up his mind.

“Then I’m not going either!”

“Why would you not? You keep complaining every day that it’s cold and narrow.”

“Regardless of how great it is, I’m not going if it’s not with my grandfather!”

Their voices got louder as they grabbed onto each other’s clothes.

“Let’s go.”

Leaving the arguing people behind, Raon left the pub.

“Can we leave them like that?”


He nodded, taking a glance at the Branch of Frost, where loud voices were still coming from.

“It’s up to them to decide.”


* * *


Slightly past the dinner time, Raon returned to the scout’s quarters and changed. It was the opposite from his usual routine, where he trained until it was late at night.

You’ve finally gone insane.

Wrath poked his head out of the bracelet, snickering.

‘That’s not the case.’

Raon laid on the bed and shook his head.


‘I need to check how effective Sloth, which increases the stats just from sleeping, is.’

Sloth, which he had obtained from the monarch of the same name, was an ability that would make him stronger while he slept.

‘I need to know how many stats I get before planning for the fight against the commander in four months.’

A fight against a Master level warrior was a golden opportunity for him. He had no intention of wasting it like an idiot.

He needed to confront him in his best condition and state, so he first needed to properly test the ability he’d obtained.

‘Let’s see how much stronger I get by sleeping.’

Raon smiled in excitement and covered himself with a blanket.


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