TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 113

 C 113

“You are so mean!”

Dorian started steaming from his nose.

“How could you forget about me?!”

“Sorry, it was the perfect time to say goodbye. I just forgot about you.”

“Argh, was my presence that small…”

Dorian’s shoulders drooped.

“But you got a nice sword. Isn’t that enough?’

Raon pointed to the second sword hanging around Dorian’s waist. He’d managed to get one of Kuberad's swords before leaving the workshop.

“Well, that’s true. But…”

“By the way, the way we are both carrying multiple swords looks rather tasteless.”

Raon was currently equipping the Zieghart’s supplied sword, Kuberad’s sword, and the Blade of Requiem. Dorian also had two swords at his waist.

They could look like they were just trying to look cool on the outside.

Hmph, you did realize it. Weaklings usually like to hang around with a bunch of weapons. Back in Devildom, the King of Essence conquered a region with his bare fists…

Wrath was still spreading coldness around him, angry about Raon treating him like a parasite earlier. Since he was starting to go on another long-winded rant, Raon ignored him.

“Isn’t it fine? It looks cool since we look like we’re dual wielders. Huh?”


As they were about to leave through Cameloon’s main gate, they encountered a knight order wearing silver armor. With a lion emblem engraved in their chest, they were Owen’s knight order.

“Oh! We met here again.”

The blond man standing at the front of the knight order cheerfully waved his hand. He was Owen’s third prince, Greer de Owen.


Raon took the hand Greer had extended with a smile.

“I managed to get a nice sword, thanks to you. Thank you.”

“Thank you, too!”

Dorian twisted at the waist in order to show him the sword he just got.

“It looks like you managed to get some nice swords.”

The prince found it funny as he made a soft smile.

“Yes, I’m satisfied with the sword I got. I didn’t expect someone like him to be around here.”

“I know. He insisted on settling there even though I tried stopping him by pulling on his pants.”

He murmured that it was such a shame, looking at the sword hanging around Raon’s waist.

“By the way, it went according to my expectations.”


“He isn’t the type of person that would give someone a sword just because of my recommendation. He must’ve given you a sword because he took a liking to you. You know, blacksmiths are very prideful.”

Greer wriggled his fingers, telling him that he was really amazing and worthy of his acknowledgment. It looked like he was itching for a rematch.

“Where are you headed?”

“I’m going north for now.”

“Then how about accompanying us? We also need to head north for a day.”

He pointed at the knights behind him. Raon couldn’t recognize any of them except for Setun, who ended his match in a draw against Burren last time.


Since he didn’t need to make a detour, it didn’t really matter. Also, he’d received the Blade of Requiem thanks to Greer, so he wanted to tell him about its story.

“That’s great! Our travels won’t be boring!”

“Your highness.”

The red-haired knight that had been watching from behind stepped up next to Greer.

“We are in the middle of a mission. We shouldn’t recklessly gain new companions…”

“This guy is Raon. Raon Zieghart! There are only benefits to having him with us.”

“Hmm? Raon?”

The knights’ gazes changed upon hearing the name ‘Raon Zieghart’. They scanned his entire body like reptiles checking their prey.

Raon nonchalantly accepted their gazes. The knights were unable to discover his prowess with their current abilities. They would probably see him as being at the highest-level Sword User at best.

On the other hand, Raon had already analyzed their abilities. Greer was at the highest-level of Sword User, and the other knights were beginner to intermediate Experts.

He noticed disappointment in the knights’ eyes.

‘I knew it.’

The knights didn’t manage to discover his true prowess and were thinking he was worse than what they had heard.

They are judging from what they see, and can’t even hide their expressions. They are a disgrace of knights.

‘They’re still young. I’m sure they will change as they gain more experience.’

You aren’t just young. You’re a kid.

‘I’m a different case.’

Do you think you’re special? Special is a title belonging to existences like the King of Essence. I’m a noble and elegant absolute being that was born as one…


Apparently, he really needed to brag about himself in any situation. He couldn’t help but sigh upon hearing it.

“Let’s go. Can you tell me about how you got the sword from him? I kept thinking about it after sending you.”

Greer gestured for him to follow with his hand. Raon snickered and tapped Dorian’s shoulder.

“Let’s go.”


* * *

Only high nobles, royalty, and celebrities were allowed inside the VIP room on the fourth basement level of the black market.

Inside that room, a proud woman wearing a black dress was sitting under the dim light with her legs crossed.

She was the princess of Balkar, Jayna.

As she was tapping on the table in boredom, the door opened and a woman with narrow eyes and long purple hair flowing down to her waist entered.

“Sorry for the wait.”

“This much is nothing in order to meet Lady Orienne, the Black Cloud’s authority.”

Black Cloud was an intelligence organization branching across the continent. Their excellent intelligence capabilities had led to people saying that whatever they don’t know is unknown to the gods.

“I’m not the authority at all.”

The woman named Orienne narrowed her eyes further and shook her head. She stuck out her chin slightly and continued.

“I’ll tell you the information you’ve requested. Shall I tell you directly? Or do you prefer documents…”

“Please, tell me.”


The woman named Orienne nodded and straightened her shoulders.

“A member of the direct line named Raon Zieghart doesn’t exist in the world.”


Jayna reacted in surprise.

“In other words, no one in Zieghart’s direct line is named Raon.”

“B-but that doesn’t make any sense.”


“Are you sure the information is correct?”

She even forgot her formalities as a princess.

“It is correct.”

Orienne calmly blinked her eyes.

“Hmm… There’s not much information because Zieghart is an extremely closed group, but we at least know the names and faces of their direct line, upper collaterals, and vassal families. A member of the direct line by the name of Raon does not exist in Zieghart.”

“Th-that can’t be true! It doesn’t make any sense!”

Jayna slammed the table with her fist and stood up.

‘Was I possessed by a ghost?’

Raon’s dominant pressure was befitting Zieghart’s direct line, and he was also acquainted with Greer, Owen’s third prince.

‘What is going on?’

There was no way Greer had lied, since he’d been blabbering about Raon as Zieghart’s rising star, a sword genius and the future head of house even before she met Raon.

‘Then he must be a member of the direct line. He also said he was a direct line… Wait.’

Jayna swallowed.

‘No, he didn’t. Now that I think about it, neither of them mentioned that he was a member of the direct line!’

The circumstances had made her believe that, but none of them had actually said he was a member of the direct line. She was speechless and just laughed wryly.

‘Damn it! He was a collateral!’

That was the only way to explain the strange situation.


She was running out of breath, realizing she had bowed to a mere collateral and apologized. She wanted to catch him immediately and make him kneel.

Jayna ground her teeth and glared at Orienne as she stood in front of her.

That was the Black Cloud’s flaw. Their response was only limited to the question she asked, despite knowing that Raon was a collateral.

“I’ll ask one more thing.”

“That will add to the cost.”

“It’s okay.”

Orienne opened her hand, gesturing to her to ask.

“Information about the collateral named Raon in Zieghart.”

“He is fifteen years old. He is a collateral, just as you said, and is currently the representative of Zieghart’s fifth training ground’s trainees. He won the spar against Greer De Owen, Owen Kingdom’s third prince, and he has subjugated the Snow Tiger bandits that were about to join the South-North Union. And…”

She told her about a few more details, but nothing concerning Eden came from her mouth.


Jayna listened to the end with a red face before standing up. She took out a gold pouch from her chest and threw it on the table with a cold smile.

“You are really excellent with business.”

“Thank you.”

Orienne smiled, pretending that her sarcasm was a compliment.


Jayna left the room and slammed the door.


Her angry voice could be heard from afar.

“Zieghart’s collateral played Balkar’s princess for a fool… Isn’t that interesting?”

Orienne flicked her finger and the black shadow under the lighting wavered.

“Gather information about Raon Zieghart.”

Her red lips smoothly curved into a crescent moon.

“I think he is a real deal, one I haven’t seen for a long time.”


* * *


At the low hill about one day away from Cameloon.


Raon, Greer and Dorian were sitting in front of a bonfire that worked to melt the cold night wind.

Since the knights left to scout, Raon figured it was his opportunity and told Greer about the possessed blade.

Although he only said the first sentence, and Dorian blabbered the rest.

“I really couldn’t believe it even though I saw it with my own eyes. The red ghastly energy came out from the sword and started spreading like octopus tentacles…”

“Ohh, that’s amazing.”

“You should’ve seen it. Both the blacksmith and I fell back in surprise. I had only ever heard about possessed blades before.”


Raon shook his head. It was bullshit, since Dorian was just eating his snacks back then.

“And when the young master said, ‘Come with me!’, the sword resonated with a clang! It was like a scene from a painting!”


Greer exclaimed with shining eyes. He was seriously more suitable to knighthood or heroics than being a prince.

“That was an amazing experience. I’m jealous.”

Greer’s eyes shone as he looked at the Blade of Requiem hanging from Raon’s waist. However, he didn’t recklessly ask him to show it to him. He certainly knew his manners.

“But that’s also a sad story, since the White Blood Religion’s evil deeds are spreading throughout the continent.”


Raon nodded. A religious group had the characteristic of spreading quickly, and their believers existed almost everywhere.

“Actually, our mission is also related to the White Blood Religion.”

Greer tapped the sword with the lion emblem.

“Is it?”

“We are transporting something from the White Blood Religion’s branch to the kingdom. That’s why there are so many knights…”

“Wait a moment.”

Raon stopped Greer from talking and stood up. He could feel dozens of presences approaching from afar.

“Wh-what’s up?”

“Someone is coming this way.”

“A-aren’t they the knights?”

Dorian’s eyes trembled like a pendulum, already terrified from what he said.

“The number is different, and the knights are also coming back after noticing the presence. Your highness, prepare yourself.”


Greer immediately equipped his helmet and stood up, trusting him completely.

“Your highness!”

“We are in trouble! The White Blood Religion… hmm?”

The knights returned a moment later and saw Raon and the prince. Since they were already ready to fight, their eyes widened.

“Huh? Were you already aware of their surprise attack?”

“The swordsman Raon told me about it. Is the White Blood Religion coming?”

“Ah, yes.”

The knights looked at Raon with bamboozled faces. They were curious about how he had learned of it.

“There are at least fifty fanatics, five priests and one bishop!”


Listening to the dreary sound of the entire forest moving, Greer grabbed his sword.

“Everyone, prepare for battle!”

“Prepare for battle!”

With a war cry, the knights stood in front of the prince to protect him.

“I’m sorry about this. I wouldn’t have asked you to come along if I knew this would happen.”

Greer sighed, turning around to look at Raon and Dorian.

“I didn’t expect them to assault us within Cameloon and Owen’s influence.”

“It’s fine.”

Raon shook his head, and stood on the same line as the knights.

‘I guess they are targeting the object.’

The prince said he was transporting something from the While Blood Religion. Their target must’ve been that something.


Tsu tsu tsu.


Along with strange footsteps, the White Blood fanatics wearing jet black coats from head to toe exited the forest.

Some of them had one or two white lines on their black coats. They were the priests and a bishop. Raon could feel they possessed a higher prowess than the rest.

“Kuaah! Th-they’re really here!”

Dorian started screaming at the White Blood Religion’s appearance. His teeth were trembling, but he somehow managed to hold the line.


Raon exhaled lightly and grabbed the sword he’d recently acquired.

‘I didn’t expect to keep my promise this early.’

As he was about to draw the sword, thinking it was such a mysterious thing to happen—




The Blade of Requiem vibrated loudly enough to resonate throughout the entire hill.

‘Are you telling me to draw you?’

The vibration grew even more intense, as if in answer.

‘So it wants to take revenge with its own power…’

Raon nodded. He also had no intention of leaving his revenge against Derus Robert to someone else. He drew the Blade of Requiem, thinking they were like minded.




Ghastly, resentful energy was burning on the red blade, which looked like it was soaked in blood.

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