TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 111

 C 111


Dorian was watching Raon’s training from the top of a tree.


He initially wanted to stand guard to stop people from disturbing him, but he’d already forgotten that purpose and was just admiring him.

‘Did he get even stronger?’

The sharp blade slashing through the air and the clean footwork pressing against the ground. The natural combination of the two showed that Raon’s prowess had increased one stop further since they had left the training ground.

‘How does this make sense?’

All Raon did was gamble to his heart’s content, eating a lot of mint chocolate and stealing carelessly from others.

Worries and nervousness had all been his job, yet Raon was the one whose swordsmanship had increased.

‘Huh? Is he even using aura?’

It seemed Raon was getting serious as he gathered his aura. His energy was clearly shining red, just like sunlight.


Unable to repress his excitement, Dorian took his favorite round chips out of his belly pocket and took a bite.




Raon stomped on the ground to perform the Star Connecting Sword. Dorian already knew about those techniques, but they were all too powerful for him to block.




All of the sudden, the red blade’s trajectory changed fiercely. It was the Fangs of Insanity, the terrible swordsmanship that had ripped apart the minds and bodies of the fifth training ground’s trainees.




The sword’s rotation changed once again. A crimson flower blossomed on the blade, flower petals fluttering like an autumn landscape. The storm of flame dominating the space made the hair on his neck stand on end.

‘I can’t block that.’

He’d been working hard to follow Raon, but he couldn’t imagine himself blocking that flower petal. He was certain that Raon was getting stronger, even at that very moment.


Dorian breathed out and shook his head.

‘I want to ask him for help.’

If he came to his house to lend him his strength, he probably could achieve ‘that’.


He was hesitant to talk to him about it. No, he actually couldn’t. After all, he didn’t decide to follow him for that purpose.

‘I was just interested at first.’

He was confident despite the collaterals and the members of the direct line making fun of him, and the word ‘give up’ didn’t exist in his vocabulary. He had approached him because he was interested in that aspect of him.

As he closely observed him, he realized Raon was the real deal.

With his achievements and the boldness that no one had expected of him, he gained the acknowledgment of everyone—including direct line, collateral, vassal family, and recommended children.

They were now separated, but every single one of the forty-two trainees in the fifth training ground followed him wholeheartedly.

‘He is really amazing.’

When Dorian put the second round chip in his mouth, Raon turned around.

“Are you just going to keep spectating?”

“Huh? You knew I was here?”

“You’ve been eating snacks right there. Did you think I wouldn’t notice?”

Raon smiled wryly, looking at the round chip he was eating.


Dorian put the rest of the round chip in his mouth and ran to the open area.

“You should do it too.”


“It’s been a long time since you swung your sword, so I’m telling you to exercise a little.”

“Ah, I’m alri…”

“Do it.”


Dorian nodded, drawing his sword. He performed the Star Connecting Sword just like Raon did.

“Stretch your forearm a little more, bend your knee. Breathe about 25% slower.”


He fixed his posture according to Raon’s advice.




The wind rising from the sword was different.

‘I’ll be fine anywhere as long as I’m with him.’

He confirmed his conviction, the conviction that he could pass any trial as long as he was with Raon.

‘Ah, except for Habun castle.’

Honestly, that was a bit scary.

Actually, a lot…


* * *

Raon finished his breakfast and went towards the artisan street, which was located in the very east. It was early in the morning, yet the heat from the blacksmiths was already spreading throughout the street.

‘This reminds me of that time.’

The heat strong enough to make him sweat reminded him of the times he cultivated at Vulcan’s charcoal kiln.

‘Those were hard days.’

He almost died because of the ice filling up from inside and the heat from the outside.

Tsk, the King of Essence suffered even more. The heat seriously makes me gnash my teeth.

Wrath kept blowing his breath, trying to push away the heat.


He looked around the workshops with various weapons displayed, including swords, sabers, spears, and more.

‘Those are pretty good.’

The swords were a pretty good balance between sturdiness, sharpness, and balance. They were the results of a competent blacksmith's passion and sweat.

Pretty good? Are your eyes just peep holes? They can’t even be used to trim the King of Essence's fingernails. They can’t even be called weapons.

‘Are your fingernails made of diamonds or something?’

Raon snickered, and went to the next blacksmith. He said they were pretty good, but he didn’t say he was going to buy them. It was a fact that they weren’t too bad, but the sword he was currently holding was actually better, so they weren’t what he was looking for.

“Young master.”

Dorian, who returned after looking around the entire street, tilted his head while eating his snack.

“I couldn’t find the workshop the prince mentioned.”

“It wouldn’t be around here.”

Greer had told him the day before that it was a place without a signboard between the alleys, not on the central street.

‘Is it that way?’

There was a narrow alley that one person could barely pass through on the right side. Considering the heat that was coming from that way, it must’ve been the workshop Greer had mentioned.


Clang! Clang!


They entered the alley and a mountain-breaking hammering sound could be heard. The heat was also more intense.

‘I came the right way.’

The hammering sound of steel already told him that it was on a different level from the other blacksmiths on the outer street.

He looked at the weapons displayed in front of the blacksmiths. It seemed they weren’t for sale since they were scattered around in a mess, completely disorganized.

He tried holding the sword in front of him.

‘This is…’

It wasn’t flashy or sophisticated. And yet, the blade was perfectly balanced and sturdy. The heaviness also felt like it would be able to endure any battle.

Hmm, this is more acceptable. Even though they would still break while trimming the King of Essence’s toenails.

 He ignored Wrath’s trash talk and looked at the other swords. From the swords to the sabers, the spears to the daggers, everything was way better than the other place.


Clang! Clang! Clang!


He looked inside the blacksmith. A white-haired old man was hammering on the steel, puffing up his muscles like a pot. He didn’t stop his work despite having noticed the clients.

‘Are all blacksmiths like that?’

Vulcan, who he met at the charcoal kiln, was exactly the same. It looked like competent blacksmiths didn’t care about the people around them.

‘Anyway, those are some good weapons for sure.’

The swords in that place were way better than the ones outside. It looked like he came to the right place.

“Excuse me?”

Dorian couldn’t stand the boredom and called out to the blacksmith.

“You have clients.”


Before he could stop him, the periodic hammering sound had stopped.


The blacksmith, who’d been leaning forward, stood up. He was tall enough to almost reach the ceiling, and his muscles were as bulky as an orc’s.

“I’m not accepting customers.”

He turned around to glare at them with brown eyes. Now that he looked at him, he looked more like an ogre than an orc.


Dorian made a monkey sound and started trembling upon meeting the old blacksmith’s eyes.


He shook his huge hand, expressing his disinterest in money and clients.

“Someone recommended that we come here.”


The old blacksmith finally looked at Raon.

“Sir Greer recommended this place as a nice blacksmith.”

“Greer? Greer… No way, do you mean the third prince?”


“That sword-crazy guy recommended this place?  There’s no way he would… huh?”

The old blacksmith tilted his head after looking around Raon’s body and arm.

“Wh-what are you?”


“How old are you?”

“I’m fifteen.”

“You are even younger than Greer!”

The old man’s eyes widened, as if they were about to pop out.

“How do you have such an aura blade at fifteen! What the hell are you?”

“What are you talking about…”

“I can see a sword from you. It’s not perfectly tempered yet, but it’s a huge, sharp, and sturdy sword.”


Raon nodded, looking at the wavering old man’s eyes. He was looking at the level of swordsmanship he had achieved.

He was an outstanding person, deserving Greer’s recommendation.

“How did you manage to temper such an aura blade at that age?”

“I just trained hard.”

“If one can achieve that level by just training hard, everyone in the world would’ve become an expert already. Hah, it’s truly incomprehensible. Are you the next strongest swordsman of Owen or something?”

“No, I’m not related to them.”

“Hmm, it’s not Owen’s sword, indeed. This pressure… is it Zieghart?”


The response came from Dorian instead of Raon. His jaw dropped in surprise.

That’s how a proper blacksmith should be. They can tell someone’s background just from looking at a swordsman. Back in Devildom, there was a blacksmith like that. The King of Essence’s sword has…


Since he was already found out because of Dorian, Raon nodded and ignored Wrath’s story about Devildom.

“So you were a Zieghart after all.”

He laughed and stepped back.

“The conqueror of the north has been raising a monster. I’ve witnessed countless swordsmen, yet it’s my first time seeing somebody like you.”

“My name is Raon.”

He deserved the courtesy since he was able to analyze his strength just from looking at him. Raon introduced himself by revealing his name.

“I’m Kuberad. Just an old man that has no choice but to wield his hammer.”


Raon swallowed. Kuberad Jayton. He was one of the blacksmiths of the continent alongside Vulcan. He was a monstrous blacksmith that had created countless masterpieces between Owen and Balkar.

“Why are you in such a place…?”

The fact that the great blacksmith was living in such a deserted alleyway was as surprising as the fact that Vulcan had been making charcoal for over ten years after his retirement.

“It’s just my hobby, since I’ve already accomplished what I wanted.”

He gestured for them to come inside.

“H-how about me? What do you think about me?”

Dorian came next to him and pointed at himself.

“What are you talking about?”

“Can you also see the aura blade or whatever from me?”

“Hmm, round face, round eyes, a bloated face. You must be a coward.”


Dorian faltered, since he hit right on the mark.

Is that old man a fortune teller with a sharp intuition?

‘I know, right?’

Noticing his aura blade was one thing, but he didn’t expect him to recognize that Dorian was a coward.

I want to show him the King of Essence’s majestic face. I’m sure he will kneel and start worshiping me immediately.

‘What a joke.’

Raon sneered. He was sure he would immediately say that he was a psychopath as soon as he saw Wrath’s white face.

You bastard! The King of Essence’s true face isn’t this lump of ice. It's a flower! A literal flower! The most handsome in Devildom…

‘Ah, I see.’

Raon ignored Wrath’s scream and looked at Kuberad.

“So, why did you come to visit me?”

“We are looking for a sword.”


“Since we are heading to a tough battlefield, we came to find a sturdy and sharp sword.”

“Hmm, do you want me to make you a sword?”

“No, that’s not the case. I’m not a swordsman yet, and there’s somebody who promised to make my first sword.”


Kuberad stopped moving.

“D-did you just say you aren’t officially a swordsman yet?”


“What kind of life have you been living? How can you have such prowess as a trainee…?”

Murmuring that it was ridiculous, he sat down on the wooden box.

“You are a real monster, one that I haven’t seen for a long time. Wait, is Vulcan the person that is going to make you a sword?”


“I guessed right! I heard he’d retired, but he’s back! Kuhahaha!”

Taking his smile as a yes, Kuberad burst into laughter. He seemed to be related to Vulcan somehow, since it was his honest expression of joy.

“Of course. I shouldn’t snatch away the swordsman that Vulcan set his eyes on.”

He smiled visibly, to the point that his mustaches were raised, and opened his hands.

“Take whatever you like. Nothing here has been made sloppily, so it will be useful no matter what you take.”

“Thank you.”

“It’s nothing. My sword should be honored instead to be used by a boy that might become the continent’s strongest in the future.”

Kuberad started drinking the liquor on the table from the bottle.

“C-can I also pick one?”

“Yes. I’m in a good mood, so I’ll give you one too, coward!”


Dorian pouted. However, he didn’t say anything about it as he checked the swords with his eyes shining red.


Raon checked the scattered swords one by one.

‘They are on a different level.’

Even though they looked like they were made half-heartedly, they were higher than the rare rating by far. It seemed that he would be satisfied with any of them.

‘Then which… hmm?’

As he was checking a slightly long sword, he could hear a strange sound from the left side. It sounded like wailing.




He wasn’t mistaken. He put down the sword and turned his head.


There was a weird dagger between the swords. A dagger with red sheath and hilt was resounding on its own.

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