TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 104


Raon returned to his room in the annex building after finishing training the Fangs of Insanity. Even though training was over, the heat in his body and mind still remained.

‘It's an amazing technique.’

What’s so great about such savage swordsmanship?

Wrath complained, telling him that it was just a vulgar technique.

‘It’s not just savage. It’s like the king of tigers with sharp fangs, one that knows how to use his brain.’

An intuition sword targeted the opponent’s weakness by sharpening one’s fighting senses. Since they were mostly extremely aggressive techniques, they were often tricked by feints or prone to counterattacks.

‘But Fangs of Insanity is different.’

Fangs of Insanity was one step better than the average intuition sword, since it wasn’t tricked by the opponent’s feints and was capable of creating an opening that didn’t exist. Once he became more proficient in it, he would be able to stab his sword through his opponent’s defense, whoever they might be.

Intuition reminds me of something. Back in Devildom, a powerful kid with the ability to defeat demons with his excellent intuition appeared. But the King of Essence is the king of Devildom and the monarch of Wrath, I easily subdued that demon by simply spreading coldness…

Raon yawned, his mouth wide open. He suddenly started to feel sleepy from listening to Wrath’s chatter.

Keep listening. The story will be a life lesson.

’But it won’t be for my life.’

Raon shook his hand and ignored him. At that moment, a small knocking sound could be heard.


He responded with a voice as soft as the knocking sound, and Judiel entered after opening the door.

“You called for me?”

She knelt by the bed and bowed her head.

“I called you because I have something to settle before I leave.”

“I’m listening.”

Raon looked at Judiel, who remained emotionless, and closed his eyes before opening them again.

“The rage worm I fed you on the first day was a fake.”

Judiel’s neck trembled slightly. It was an expression of confirmation rather than surprise.

“Did you know about it already?”

“I wasn’t sure. I just suspected it.”


“Yes. Actually, I was too terrified the day I first saw the young master’s face to think about anything. I couldn’t even imagine that it would be a fake back then.”

She raised her chin. Her serious eyes were rather impressive.

“I just wanted to survive because I was too scared of the young master, but the kindness of people from the annex building gradually made me feel relieved. Even though I thought the young master would make strange demands, the young master instead treated me as a human being and even prepared a way for me to avoid suspicion from the Central Martial Palace.”

Judiel’s stiffened mouth grew loose.

“I was still wary of the young master, though. I thought you were just acting as a slightly precocious child for my lady and Lady Helen. However, I realized that wasn’t the case after experiencing a few incidents.”


“Your expression when you were facing Lady Sylvia and the gaze upon threatening me were both real. You just wanted to protect this annex building.”

Raon nodded silently. It was just as Judiel had said. Everything was for the sake of protecting the annex building, from threatening her to terrifying her and making her into a double agent.

“That’s why I figured the young master might not be evil enough to use a rage worm.”

That was wrong. He didn’t intend to use rage worms for the rest of his life because of Derus Robert, but he could do even worse for the sake of protecting the annex building.

“But it was just a suspicion, and I couldn’t be certain unless you told me about it. Why did you tell me?”

Judiel tilted her head, unable to understand his actions.

“Because you’ve changed.”


“I’ve been watching you, just like you’ve been watching me.”

Raon continued nonchalantly.

“I noticed sincerity in your face, which used to hide behind a mask. It was probably because the annex building is special.”


“You didn’t need to gain other people’s favor since I already discovered your identity. A single word from me would be enough to chase you away or get you killed, after all. Yet you tried protecting my mom and Helen with your body, and that wasn’t an act either.”

Judiel shuddered.

“Just as you showed me your true nature, I’m also revealing the truth.”


She couldn’t say anything for a while as she kept her head lowered. Raon silently waited for her to speak.

“I have a younger brother. I don’t know where he is or what he is doing since we were separated after being sold here. But I had to follow their directions since they told me they would allow me to meet him again one day.”

Judiel’s sad voice touched Raon’s heart.

‘It’s similar.’

She had a younger sibling and she was sold off instead of being abducted, but her story was similar to his previous life. He could finally understand why her gaze felt familiar.

“I’ll save him.”


Judiel raised her head in surprise.

“You must’ve already realized it, but I don’t like doing nothing after getting attacked. Since Karoon isn’t going to give up on targeting me and the annex building either, we are going to clash against each other one day.”

Karoon didn’t stop at just gathering information. He went as far as to bribe the magician to inflict a critical injury on him during the actual battle training. There was no way he would give up after doing all that.

“I’ll find your brother after settling the matter with Karoon. I’ll use any means necessary as long as he is still alive.”

He had never experienced the loss of his family, but he could understand how she felt about it because he had precious people in his life now.

“It doesn’t matter whether you believe me or not.”

He honestly wanted to save her since her life was so similar to his previous life, especially because he had failed that very same life.

Judiel stayed prostrated for a while with her arms on the ground, then she finally raised her head.

Her eyes were as narrow as a fox, and the corners of her red lips were hanging down. It was a face without the faintest sign of smile, her true expression that he had witnessed before.

“I will ask you one thing. What were you planning to do if I gave the information about the young master to Karoon Zieghart, after you revealed the truth about the rage worm?”

“I just figured you wouldn’t do that.”

‘Because your eyes were the same as mine.’

“That’s a ridiculous answer.”

“So, are you going to do it?”

“…I’ll comply.”

Judiel’s voice was different. It was as dry as dead leaves, with no sign of her usual kindness.

It’s over.


The fact that a spy had revealed her true face and voice signified her heartfelt obedience. Just as Wrath said, Judiel could be considered completely on his side now.

“Please tell me anything you need.”

Judiel said with utmost courtesy, as if she were facing the head of house. A white line shone in her dead eyes.

“Take care of the annex building while I’m gone.”


She nodded once again before leaving the room.


Raon laid down on the bed and sighed.

‘She is a bit different.’

His life was similar to Judiel’s, but their desires were different. Unlike his desire for freedom, she wished to save her sibling, which was probably more difficult to achieve.

“I have a lot of things to do.”

He needed to return Sylvia to the direct line, sever Derus Robert’s head, separate Syria from Runaan, and save Judiel’s sibling.

“There’s only one solution.”

What is it?

“I have to become stronger.”

He got up and attached the training sword that was next to the wall to his waist.

What are you doing? Don’t tell me…

“Yes, I’m going to train.”

Raon gave a big nod and opened the door.

You are seriously crazy for training! A freak like you doesn’t even exist in Devildom! Let me sleep a little! I need some sleep!


* * *

Two weeks passed, and the morning of departure for the survival exam finally arrived.

Raon equipped the real sword around his waist for the first time in a long time and put on an old coat. His appearance was closer to that of a mercenary or an adventurer, rather than a swordsman.

He finished by picking up the backpack with lightweight magic cast on it and left the room after looking around one last time. The lobby was empty. He snickered and opened the front door.

Sylvia, Helen, and the maids were lined up in front of the entrance.

“Y-young master, are you leaving right now? Can’t you just stay, instead…?”

Helen, who was on the verge of tears, gave him food—including lunch boxes and beef jerky.

“Young master, please take care.”

“Please don’t overdo it.”

“Run away if it gets difficult.”

The maids gave him items necessary for traveling, along with a worried line each. Even though Raon had already had it all, he still took them and put them in the bag.

“Thank you.”

“Please take care.”

Judiel also said her goodbye and gave him a package wrapped in cloth.

After all the maids finished telling him goodbye, Raon went to Sylvia, who was standing at the end.

“Raon, good luck. Mom will be waiting for you here.”

She smiled, telling him she would be waiting. The maids' eyes had all gone teary, but she was the only one smiling.


Since Raon was aware of Sylvia’s feelings, he bowed and hugged her lightly.

“I’ll be back.”

Raon brushed tears from Sylvia’s eyes as she started trembling, then turned around.

“Young master! Please be careful!”

“You have to return safely!”

“Don’t skip your meals!”

He waved his hand to answer the maids' voices and headed to the training ground.

It’s just one year. I don’t understand why they worry so much.

‘It’s because it’s a dangerous place.’

Every maid except for Judiel had been living in the annex building since they were born. It was obvious they would be worried, since a boy they considered their own son was going to a dangerous place.

The King of Essence has been fighting extremely severe danger throughout his thousands of years of life. It’s something humans would never be able to imagine…

‘I see.’

Please listen to me. This is really important…

‘I see, I see.’

Raon opened the training ground’s door while making fun of Wrath. The trainees and instructors were all gathered at the center.

“You’re late!”

Rimmer was sitting at the edge of the platform as he grinned and waved his hand.

“Since everyone is here, I’m going to announce your graduation exam once again. It will last for one year, and you have to survive in your designated area. Isn’t it simple?”

“B-but that place isn’t normal!”

Dorian’s lips were trembling, as he was going to Habun Castle along with Raon.

“It can’t be called an exam if it’s too easy.”


“He’s really hateful…”

“In addition, you aren’t allowed to use the Zieghart name. Only use your name without mentioning your family name. As for the job, you can make it a mercenary or a swordsman trainee.”

Rimmer flailed his legs in the air, telling him to have fun suffering. He gave a refreshing smile, looking around at the trainees.

“Lastly, I’m going to be honest with you. Your abilities are already no different from a rookie swordsman. You will be able to reach an even higher level if you manage to overcome this trial.”

The trainees straightened their spines, recognizing his serious gaze and voice.

“And this is my gift to you.”

Rimmer pointed at a box with a lion head drawn on it. An instructor opened the lid of the box in front of the platform, and several dozens of gray gloves could be found inside.

“Those are the knight gloves we were supposed to receive for winning against the Owen Kingdom. I’m glad they’ve arrived in time.”

He grinned while touching the gloves.

“They are light and protect your hands. Since they are valuable items that are difficult to buy with money, take them with gratitude.”

Rimmer personally took the gloves and distributed them to the trainees one by one.


Raon nodded after equipping the glove. It fit his hand perfectly, and didn’t feel inconvenient at all to wear while using a sword. It was befitting the Owen name, which was famous for its handicrafts.

“I hope you will stay safe and healthy.”

Rimmer went back up on the platform and smiled widely.

“Line up.”

The trainees lined up in front of the platform, following Raon’s instructions.

“Bow to the instructors.”

“Thank you!”

The trainees bowed to the instructors. Their sincere shouts resounded throughout the training ground.

“Become stronger and return. I’ll be waiting right here.”

Rimmer left the training ground after saying the same thing as Sylvia. Each of the instructors also gave them a word of encouragement before following him.

Raon turned to look at the trainees. Facing the determined gazes, he nodded.

“I don’t have anything special to say.”


“Hey, don’t be like that on a day like today!”

“It might be the last day we see each other, so you have to say something as the top trainee!”

“You usually speak so well!”

The trainees stomped on the ground like angry monkeys, as they were now close to him because of the various incidents.

“Then I’ll say just one thing.”

Raon raised his hand and everyone closed their mouths. They straightened their backs, as if they were listening to the instructors.

“As the saying goes, warriors that survived their first real battle don’t die easily. And we’ve already experienced our first real battle, even though it was a coincidence.”

The trainees' minds returned to the time they encountered the Blood Raving Demon a year ago. Some of them felt fear, some felt competitive, and others felt regret.

“We survived a situation where we had no choice but to die, and managed to complete the mission. Just as the saying goes, you aren’t going to die. Return after getting strong enough to represent the fifth training ground’s name.”


“Let’s survive and win!”

“Let’s goooo!”

The trainees drew their swords and shouted in unison.

Raon stepped aside, looking at the passionate trainees. It was now time for them to say goodbye to each other personally.

“Raon Zieghart.”

Burren approached him nervously.

“I’m going to become stronger during the next year at a killing pace. I’ll ask for a spar right after I return, so make sure to not disappoint me.”

“Are you going to run away again?”

“Th-that’s! Because… You were trying to kill me!”

His confident voice became as small as a hungry kid’s.

“I never tried to do that. I was just practicing my swordsmanship.”

“Anyway! I’m leaving first. Get stronger at all costs! Enough that I’ll be satisfied after catching up to you!”

He shouted at him to live like a Zieghart swordsman no matter where he was, then left. Krein, who was going with him, nodded at him as well.


Next up was Martha. Her nose was wrinkled.

“I don’t forget debts or revenge. There’s no way I would forget about you, as I have both with you.”

“I see.”

“Since I have to pay them both back, don’t you dare die over there. I’ll find you and kill you if you die like an idiot.”

“Ah, and Mom wanted to say thank you for the meat. She told you to visit the annex building next time.”

“Why are you saying that right now…”

“Return safely, don’t die.”


She murmured something incomprehensible with her head lowered.

“Don’t you dare die either. Never!”

Martha said that last line with her finger pointed at him before leaving the training ground alone.


It was a humming sound that had begun to sound cute. As expected, Runaan was standing behind him when he turned around.


She extended her hand, holding an ice cream box.

Oh, the ice cream girl! I’ll make an exception and keep taking care of you even after the King of Essence conquers the world.

Wrath licked his lips slowly, thinking about the ice cream’s taste. He had taken a great liking to Runaan, who gave them ice cream all the time.

When he assumed that she was telling him to take one and was about to open the lid, Runaan pushed the entire box onto him.

“Are you telling me to take them all?”


Ooh! The ice cream girl! The King of Essence will appoint you as the first maid. I don’t think you are aware of it yet, but…

‘Can you go away?’

Raon pushed Wrath back into the bracelet as he kept making a scene.

“Is it really okay to give me all this? What about you?”


Runaan took out the ice cream boxes from her bag. One, two, three, four. There were four of them. She gave him a big nod after showing him all four of them. It looked like she was asking for his opinion.

“That’s amazing.”

Raon snickered and took out some handmade beef jerky from his bag to put it in Runaan's box.

“It should be delicious since it is handmade. You can eat it when you get bored on the way.”

Runaan stared blankly at the beef jerky pouch and nodded.

“Thank you.”

“Thank you, too.”


The corners of her lips were slightly raised, despite having been frozen stiff.

“Return safely!”

Runaan waved her hand as if she was shaking a balloon, then left the training ground.

Just like that, the trainees left one by one. Raon and Dorian were the only people left in the training ground.

“Ugh, I don’t want to go. I seriously don’t want to go.”

Dorian, who was completely terrified, was driving his head onto the ground.

“Shall we visit somewhere else, then?”

Raon raised Dorian up by grabbing the back of his neck. He was about to burst into tears.

“What? What? Where?”

“The merchant city Cameloon.”

He smiled, pointing at the south.

“Let’s grab some good equipment before starting our fight.”

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