TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 96

 C 96

The training ground remained silent as Raden collapsed with his teeth broken and the beautiful flame filling the space was extinguished.


“Raon! Raooon!”

“Young master!”

“He won! Young master Raon won!”

The first ones to break the silence were Sylvia and the annex building’s maids. Since they were the most distressed about the situation, they looked like they would break into tears and run into the training ground.




Without minding the glares of the members of the direct line and collaterals, they screamed and shouted in joy.

Their clear voice was a shout of freedom, breaking from the oppression they’d been receiving so far.



The shouts that followed came out from different locations in the training ground. They were the voices of the trainees that had been with Raon for over three years.

“Sir Raon!”



Direct line, collateral, vassal family, and even the recommended children from outside shouted out Raon’s name in unison.

“Hmph! Th-that’s the least he should do. He is the top trainee, after all.”

Burren leaned back in his chair and nodded.

“I knew from the beginning that he was going to win.”

“Hmm, but didn’t you shout too much to be saying that?”

Burren’s butler tilted his head while keeping a smile on his face.

“‘Raon, I’m not going to forgive you if you lose here. I’m the only one you are going to lose against!’ That’s what you said in the beginning.”


“‘Fight, break it! Take that bastard down a peg!’ That’s what you said earlier, and when the young master Raden collapsed, you shouted with a ‘Waaaah!’”

“S-stop it!”

Burren wrinkled his red face.

‘I-I don’t remember it…’

It seemed he was too excited since he couldn’t remember that at all.

However, he didn’t think he was wrong. Since Raon became the fifth training ground’s top trainee instead of him, it was only natural for him to beat up a sorry excuse of a member of the direct line like him.

“I-I’m not the only one who did that. Every trainee is shouting Raon’s name right now…”

“Hmph, so you couldn’t control your emotion and shouted like that. You’re still a baby.”

Martha, who was sitting in front of him, glanced back and sneered.

“You are really pathetic. You should bring a paci around from now on, and don’t tell anyone you know me.”

“Keuh, Martha Zieghart…”

“Lady Martha.”

Burren’s butler pointed at the handrail in front of Martha. The handrail should’ve been a cylindrical shape, yet it was distorted with a clearly visible mark—one left behind by a fist.

“Didn’t you clasp that with your hand? It looks like Lady Martha was quite excited as well.”

“N-no I wasn’t. What kind of bullshit is that?”

Martha violently shook her head, swearing with a clearly flustered expression.

“Why would I get excited from watching such a low-level Sword Duel? Hah, are you taking me for a snotty kid or something?”

She denied it wholeheartedly.

“Martha, it’s pointless to pretend you weren’t. I also heard you shouting foul language.”

“You are the one who was pretending. Fight me if you don’t like it!”


Burren and Martha, who were growling at each other, turned their heads at once upon hearing a thin voice coming from the bottom.


With her hands around her mouth, Runaan Sullion kept calling Raon’s name.


There was no way he could hear her even with her hands there, yet Runaan kept shouting Raon’s name.



After seeing Runaan, who was definitely and honestly cheering for Raon, Martha and Burren lowered their hands.

“Tsk. There was no point in watching this Sword Duel. It was such a low-level fight.”

Martha awkwardly scratched her head and stood up.

“Hey, dead fish eyes!”

She put her feet on the chairs in front of her, where the swordsmen from before were sitting.

“Didn’t I tell you? That the results would be interesting.”



The swordsmen ducked their heads, unable to respond.

“If your skills are bad, you should at least be tactful. But since you have dead fish eyes, you’d better train a lot in order to survive in the future.”

After laughing at the swordsmen, she left the training ground.

“What a temper.”

Burren shook his head and stood up. Martha only acted docile in front of Raon, and she had become more violent than before towards the others.


He turned his head to look at Raon standing at the center of the training ground.

The way he was confidently standing as he looked around the training ground reminded him of how he stopped the Blood Raving Demon on his own.

‘I’ll never be able to forget that. I’m going to repay that debt throughout the rest of my life. However, I’ll never give up.’

Burren clenched his fist and stared at Raon’s back.

“I’ll definitely catch up to you.”





Glenn heaved himself up from the chair’s backrest. His pupils were bigger than usual, and his eyebrows were lowered.

It was an extreme reaction when one considers how rarely he changed his expression.

“M-my lord.”

Roenn looked back at Glenn with a trembling chin.

“The thing the young master used in the beginning, in the middle of the River Footwork—wasn’t that the Supreme Harmony Steps?”

“…It was.”


Roenn had always kept a smile on his face, yet his collected expression was broken. He exclaimed at the ridiculousness of what Raon had done.


Glenn furrowed his brows. What surprised him the most that day wasn’t the fact that Raon had defeated Raden with an overwhelming difference.

It was the fact that he had used the Supreme Harmony Steps that he was only taught two weeks prior.

The Supreme Harmony Steps was a footwork that Glenn had created once he had reached transcendence after breaking through the demonic wall. It was an advanced martial art that an average martial artist wouldn’t even be able to learn, even if they tried for their entire lifetime.


Raon managed to acquire it in only two weeks.

That was amazing enough for Glenn to be awestruck and surprised, despite how he didn’t show much emotion.

‘I thought it would take him at least half a year.’

Glenn gasped, looking at Raon standing there confidently. He had expected him to use it in half a year at the earliest.

‘Two weeks, huh.’

It was his first time making a mistake after he reached transcendence. It was absurd, but it was making him smile.

‘And the swordsmanship…’

Raon used the true meaning of the Star Connecting Sword at the end. A fifteen-year-old boy, one who wasn’t even qualified as a swordsman yet, had used the true meaning of the swordsmanship. It was impossible for him to not be surprised.

“H-he is really amazing. The Supreme Harmony Steps, the Star Connecting Sword, and the flame at the end…”

Roenn was too astonished to finish his sentence.

“Ahem, it’s not that amazing. The Supreme Harmony Steps is only at one star, and the beginning of the first star at that. He also still has a way to go with the Star Connecting Sword. If Raden had used another flexible sword technique, he wouldn’t have lost so easily.”

Glenn hid his surprised expression and shook his head with his usual appearance.

“What do you mean it’s not that amazing. My lord’s face is… Heh.”

Roenn smiled wryly with his eyes and hid his mouth.

“I’m telling you it’s not.”

Glenn turned his head while caressing his cheeks. It seems Roenn’s personality was taking after Rimmer after hanging around with him so much recently.

[Th-the Sword Duel ends with Raon Zieghart’s victory!]

The ringmaster, who had been standing dumbfounded, remembered his role and declared Raon’s victory. People started to shout from everywhere.




The young voices were from the children.

“Those children…”

The trainees that had been with Raon were all shouting in unison regardless of their position; direct line, collateral, vassal family, and recommended children from the outside.

“It’s my first time witnessing such a thing. No, I think it's the first time ever that everyone is cheering for a collateral.”


Glenn slowly nodded.


There were occasions of a collateral getting achievements or winning a duel, but it was the first time one was getting cheered for by direct line, collateral, vassal family, and recommended children at the same time.

It was a day with lots of mysterious occurrences.

“I wish the others can become one like them.”


Glenn didn’t respond. Since he used to rule over the place as a dictator when he was infected with demonic energy, such a thing was impossible for him.

He segregated them by might and blood for a long time, and he was too old to change that now.

However, he could see the light.

If it was Raon, he thought he would one day change the house. After all, he knew about the unfair treatment collaterals received despite being born as a member of the direct line.

“My lord, the Sword Duel has ended!”

The ringmaster knelt under the platform and bowed. Everyone in the training ground looked at Glenn.


Glenn stood. It was time to celebrate the victor, although he needed to take care of the cheater that interfered with the noble fight first.




Glenn’s threatening gaze was directed at Balder, sitting at the west.


* * *


Raon walked up to the platform along with the ringmaster, who was supporting the unconscious Raden.

‘He looks scary.’

Glenn was even more expressionless than usual. It seemed he was displeased with the current situation, as a frightening atmosphere was surrounding him.

‘Is it because of my victory, or…’

He was already aware of the fact that Glenn disliked him. However, he would never fail to reward a merit or let a fault go unpunished.

Even if he was displeased with his victory, he shouldn’t have been petty enough to plainly act frightening.




Glenn stood up on the platform, and the training ground’s atmosphere grew extremely dry. It felt like he was in a library, as not a single sound could be heard.

“Raon Zieghart has won today’s Sword Duel.”


The trainees shouted even louder as Glenn declared it, although most of the direct lines and collaterals remained silent while watching them.

“I’m going to reveal the condition Raon Zieghart had in this Sword Duel.”

The condition set by each swordsman during a Sword Duel was revealed after the match. People grew silent, looking forward to hearing the condition.

“Raon Zieghart wanted Raden to kneel down and apologize to Sylvia and the annex building’s maids for the problems he has caused in the annex building. He also wanted the True Martial Palace to never interfere with the annex building.”



People remained speechless as they stared at Raon.

“Was that the condition?”

“An apology?”

“Huh? An apology to the maids”

The usual condition of a Sword Duel was everything the opponent possessed.

Since it was a battle of pride, it would usually be the opponent’s wealth, their best weapon, or breaking their arms or energy center.

However, Raon only wanted an apology, and not one directed at him on top of it. He just wanted an apology to his mother and worthless maids.

People were shocked, as it was their first time hearing such a condition. They could only stare at Raon dumbfounded.

“Apology in a Sword Duel? He is a fool.”

“I know right? He is just like Sylvia.”

Direct lines and powerful collaterals laughed at him.


The vassal families didn’t say anything.

“Raon Zieghart, huh…?”

Powerless collaterals that were ousted from the center, and the swordsmen from the outside that had been weak from the beginning, engraved Raon’s name deep into their minds.

“Since the Sword Duel is over, that condition shall be fulfilled.”


Glenn flicked his finger and Raden, who was lying flat on the ground, coughed up blood and opened his eyes.

“Wh-where am I? Argh! Wh-why am I here…?”

Since his teeth were broken, Raden was helplessly lisping.

“Sylvia and the maids from the annex buildings shall step forward.”

Sylvia, Helen, and the maids stood up straight upon hearing Glenn’s order. They were just standing there, trying to read the atmosphere.

“Come down to the training ground.”

“Ah, yes!”

Sylvia nodded. She led the maids to the training ground.


“H-how did this happen?”

“My lady, I’m too nervous to walk.”

Since they weren’t used to being the center of attention, they were nervous as they hesitantly walked up to the platform.

Raon turned around to meet Sylvia, Helen, and the maids’ eyes. He told them with his eyes that everything was okay, so they could proudly walk up.


“Everyone calm down. We didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Yes, my lady.”

It seemed his gaze had an effect, since Sylvia and the maids started walking more naturally. They stood next to Raon and bowed at Glenn.

“We have arrived.”

Glenn nodded and looked down on Raden, who was still out of his mind.

“Raden Zieghart.”

“Eh? Ah, yes!”

“The Sword Duel has ended with your loss.”

“Ah, aah…”

Raden, who finally realized his defeat, trembled.

“Raden Zieghart, respect the condition of the Sword Duel. Kneel down and apologize to Sylvia and the maids.”


Raden violently shook his head and knelt towards Glenn instead of Sylvia.

“I-I’m a member of the direct line with a swordsman’s qualification. How can you ask me to kneel down to maids that aren’t even collaterals?

“You are the one who made that promise. Since you lose the Sword Duel, you have to keep your promise.”

“Grandfather, I-I…”

“We are at an official event. Call me your lord.”

“M-my lord! Please forgive me! I can win next ti…”

“You shouldn’t be begging forgiveness to me, but to them. Keep your word as a member of Zieghart’s direct line, Raden Zieghart.”

Glenn frowned. The coarse atmosphere became even more dreary. Goosebumps appeared on his forearm, as if a storm were about to break.


Raden’s whole body trembled, weighed down by his pressure. He looked at his father, Balder, but he also shook his head.

‘D-damn it! Damn it!’

He swore on the inside. It was all Raon’s fault. That son of a bitch had messed everything up.

‘I’m going to kill you, no matter what! Even if I have to give up everything, I’ll ki… ugh!’

His hair stood on end upon seeing Raon as he was standing up. His heart was pounding too heavily, to the point that he couldn’t meet his eyes.


His entire body hurt from getting beaten up by him. His lungs were shrinking so much that he couldn’t breathe, and he was too scared to look into his eyes.

‘F-fear? Am I really afraid of a guy like him?’

That was the only possibility.


He raised his head because he couldn’t admit that fact, but his stomach became upset and he wanted to throw up as soon as he met Raon’s eyes.

It was a natural outcome since the martial arts he had learned throughout his entire life was defeated, and he was beaten up countless times even after losing in terms of power.

“Go. Go and kneel down before them.”


Because of the gaze closer and more frightening than Glenn, Raden walked up to Sylvia without saying anything back.

‘I’m going to kill you all no matter what.’

Even though he couldn’t look straight at Raon’s eyes, he bit his lip with the determination of killing them.

“I-I’m sorry. I apologize.”

He lowered his head enough to hide the fact that he was gritting his teeth.



Sylvia didn’t say anything, and the maids awkwardly bowed back.

“You don’t need to lower your heads.”

Raon surrounded the maids with the aura from the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation. The color returned to the maids’ pale faces.



“Sir R-Raon.”

“We are getting an apology today.”

Raon calmed Sylvia and the maids, then walked up to Raden.

“Do it over, Raden Zieghart.”


“The condition was to kneel down and apologize. Kneel down and lower your head.”

“Are you seriously not in your right mind? After this, I’m…”

“Do it again.”


Raon’s voice became deeper, and Raden started trembling. The fear of Raon was carved into his body.


Raden looked around, but nobody could help him. It felt like Glenn’s frightening gaze was urging him to continue.


Raden bit his lip with his few remaining teeth and knelt.

“I-I’m sorry.”

“Tell them what you did wrong. I’m sure I taught you what it was.”

He was right. He told him what the problem was each time he beat him up with his fist and sword. Since it hurt too much, he remembered every single one.

“I-I sent a fake letter, trampled on flowers, spat on her hand, struck the maid’s cheek, k-kicked her with my foot. I-I one-sidedly picked a fight with the annex building. I-I’m sor…keuh.”

Because his pride was hurt while being suppressed by fear in his injured state, he fainted once again.

“It’s alright.”

Raon smiled at the maids, whose faces were blue with worry.

“I’ll make sure nobody can mess with the annex building, so don’t worry.”



The maids finally burst into tears.


Sylvia bit her lip and grabbed Raon’s hand tightly.

“My lord, there’s still more to the condition. I want you to confirm it personally.”

“Of course. But before that…”

Glenn’s frightening gaze was directed at Balder.

“I need to take care of the person who interfered with the noble Sword Duel.”

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