TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 83

 C 83

“Why are you in such rough shape?”

Glenn raised his chin, watching Rimmer kneel down awkwardly in front of him.

“The balance between your body and energy has been broken even further. What have you done this time?”

“It wasn’t my fault.”


Glenn frowned and narrowed his eyes. His aura split apart like knitting wools and burrowed into Rimmer’s body.




The pain in his mana circuit and energy center caused by opening the Sword Field started to subside.


Rimmer gasped.

‘Did he get even stronger?’

He managed to fix his body’s balance from just controlling his aura. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that Glenn was already at a demigod’s level.

‘No, he was already at that level.’

Glenn had never shown his true strength in about ten years. It was more accurate to say that it was a portion of his true ability, rather than that he'd gotten stronger.




After soothing his muscles, bones and internal organs, Glenn’s aura disappeared like smoke. His body had gotten a lot better.

“Thank you.”

Rimmer stopped fidgeting with his fingers and bowed to him properly.

“Don’t mention it. I don’t want to see you trembling like that when you are already weak as you are.”

“Huhu, I’ll be counting on you in the future.”

“Stop your pleasantries and get to the point.”

“Ah, you are right.”

He raised his head and smiled.

“I brought news about your grandson that my lord has been looking forward to.”


Glenn looked down on Rimmer indifferently, not responding.

“Do you want me to tell you about it already?”

Rimmer giggled and raised his body.

“Actually, something interesting happened during the mission.”


“Yes, Eden was in Cebu village.”

“What do you mean by that?”

Glenn’s pupils dilated. It seemed the news managed to surprise him despite him being at a demigod’s level.

“Considering the branch office didn’t manage to notice them despite having examined Cebu village and Cebu Mountain beforehand, they must’ve arrived after their investigation.”

“Get to the point, quickly.”

“All right. I’ll tell you what happened from the start. I found a Red Eye Demon upon arriving there before anyone else. After wondering what to do, I decided to leave the matter to the children. Then…”

Rimmer nodded and told him about what happened in Cebu.

“…When I reached that place, Raon was holding his ground against the Blood Raving Demon despite his ruined body.”

“Blood Raving Demon? Do you think that makes any sense…”

“That’s correct. It doesn’t make any sense. A fifteen-year-old trainee killed the Green War Demon and survived the Blood Raving Demon’s fist? Anyone would be criticized for telling such a story. However!”

He raised his long finger.

“It’s the truth. I witnessed it, the trainees witnessed it, and the villagers witnessed it as well. I’m sure the head of house will also realize it upon seeing Raon. He is already at the novice level Sword Expert.”

“You said he survived. How is his body, then?”

Despite being a transcender, Glenn’s eyes were filled with question and worry.

“I told you such amazing news, yet you are just worrying about his body. I guess he’s not your family for nothing.”

“Silence, just answer my question.”

“His left arm was broken, and his muscles were torn. I heard he took the first blow while trying to save the village chief.”


Glenn’s mouth twisted slightly upon hearing it.

“It’s been a while since I saw that expression. I guess you are proud of your grandson and worried at the same time.”

“How is he right now?”

“I gave him the Elvrin sap. He will return sturdier than ever.”


Glenn narrowed his eyes. Elvrin was the name of the second World Tree, and its sap was a priceless treasure.

“Since he was heavily injured, he wasn’t going to recover perfectly if I didn’t take proper measures quickly. And what can I say? It didn’t feel like a waste at all.”

Rimmer shrugged his shoulders.

“Where are the trainees right now?”

“They should arrive at the house in one or two days.”

“We are going to hold the house conference as soon as they return. Summon the division leaders in advance.”


Glenn ordered while closing his eyes, and Roenn, who was standing still in surprise stepped up.

‘Raon, we can extort a lot.’

Rimmer grinned, seeing Glenn’s expression.


“Ah, yes?”

Glenn’s voice suddenly spoke up when he thought it was over.

“Why did you go there instead of sending another instructor?”

“I just… Wanted to watch the children’s growth.”

“I see…”

Glenn scratched his chin and continued.

“Good job. And well done.”

“Oh? How long has it been since the last time you complimented me? It’s been almost twenty years…”

“You would’ve been complimented more often if you didn’t act like a fool.”

“Hahaha! That’s true.”

Rimmer burst out in laughter. He couldn’t even remember when he last laughed genuinely in front of the head of house, and he saw the head of house’s visible smile.

It felt like the house had started moving once again, thanks to Raon.


* * *


Raon and the trainees managed to arrive in front of Zieghart’s front gate after fifteen days.




Along with a ground shaking noise, the massive silver gate was swung open.

The gatekeeper swordsmen were standing still behind it, guarding the gate and the castle walls.

It was the same sight as when they had left on the mission.

However, one thing had changed.

The eyes of the gatekeeper swordsmen used to be as adamant as stone status, but they were now filled with surprise and curiosity.

“Welcome back.”

The guard captain’s voice had also changed. He wasn’t treating them as novice trainees, but real swordsmen that had returned from a mission.

“Thank you.”

Raon bowed at the gatekeepers and narrowed his eyes.

‘Rimmer spread the story.’

It was obvious. Since the people from the branch were still in Cebu village, it must’ve been Rimmer who told everyone about it.

“I’m sure you want to rest, but there’s a place you have to visit beforehand. Everyone shall go to the lord’s manor, the lord is waiting for you.”


“Lord’s manor?”

“The head of house is waiting?”

Upon hearing that the head of house had summoned them, the trainees’ eyes widened.

“Go there immediately.”

The guard captain pointed towards the lord’s manor and ordered the gate closed.

“Let’s go.”

Since Raon had already expected it, he nodded and led the trainees towards the lord’s manor.

Everyone stood still and watched them as they passed the main street.

Raon could even hear their whispers, thanks to his improved perception.

“That’s him, right? Raon Zieghart.”

“Did he really defeat the Green War Demon, despite being that small?”

“That’s nothing. I heard he withstood the Blood Raving Demon’s attacks.”

“I can’t really feel his pressure, though. Is he really an Expert? I think he is more like an advanced level User.”

“Maybe it’s another false rumor from Rimmer?”

“Rimmer is lazy, but he didn’t sink so low as to spread a false rumor.”

They were cheerfully making a fuss about whether Rimmer’s story was true or not.


Raon sighed lightly and entered the lord’s manor.

“Congratulations on your return after a successful mission.”

Glenn’s butler, Roenn, bowed his head. The other servants also lowered their heads after him.


Their reaction hadn’t changed from before, probably because they were the real deal.

“Please, come this way. Everyone is waiting.”

“Does ‘everyone’ mean…”

“On top of the head of house, there are also the division leaders.”


“Th-the division leaders?”

“Oh, no…”

Raon turned around hearing a light groan. The trainees were licking their dry lips with nervous expressions.

“You don’t need to be nervous. We just need to tell them what happened, that’s all.”

“That’s correct. You just need to convey what you saw and experienced during the mission.”

Roenn nodded with a bright smile.

‘He is indeed different.’

He had seen countless talents while assisting Glenn, but it was his first time seeing a boy like Raon.

He wasn’t ignorant of the importance of the situation because of his young age. He was fully aware of it, yet he was completely calm and composed. His mindset was truly outstanding.

“Please, come this way.”

Roenn bowed slightly and guided them through the wide hallway.

“Let’s go.”

Raon followed right behind Roenn, heading to the audience chamber. The audience chamber’s door was already open, exuding frightening pressure from the inside.


He breathed out, then entered. The throne was the only chair on the platform, unlike during the Judgment Ceremony, and swordsmen he had never seen before were standing in a single line underneath.

‘They are Zieghart’s squad and division leaders.’

Their pressures were sending a chill down his spine. The energy and spirit they possessed was different from average people.


He could feel it even more clearly now that he was at the Expert level. 

Glenn Zieghart. 

His tremendous energy was too much for him to properly perceive. It seemed as if his energy, emanating from the audience chamber, was reaching the entirety of Zieghart’s domain.

‘How fearsome.’

In that place, where powerful people were gathered, he was the only one standing on a different dimension.

“Greeting my lord!”

Raon knelt at the center of the audience chamber and bowed his head.

“Greeting my lord!”

The trainees followed him, bowing in the same posture.


They all raised their heads, feeling Glenn’s heavy voice in their heart.

“Raon Zieghart.”


“I heard you were at the center of the Cebu village incident. Tell me about it in detail.”


Raon stood up while organizing his thoughts.

“Once we reached Cebu village, I could feel somebody observing us. I first thought it was one of the instructors, but that wasn’t the case. In order to obtain more accurate information…”

He opened his mouth after meeting the eyes of everyone; the squad and division leaders standing at the very back, Rimmer who was yawning, and Glenn.

“While I was prepared to meet my end—having exhausted my strength from stopping the Blood Raving Demon—I managed to survive thanks to Instructor Rimmer, who came to help.”


The whole audience chamber fell silent, as heavy as a lump of steel.

“My lord.”

Burren’s father and Glenn’s second son, Karoon Zieghart raised his chin.

“Do you think that makes any sense at all? They are just fifteen- or sixteen-year-old children. The Green War Demon would’ve been enough to annihilate them, yet he stood his ground against the Blood Raving Demon! It can be nothing other than nonsense!”

“But big brother, the branch has also reported to us that multiple traces of Eden have been found.”

“I told you I witnessed it. Is it that hard to believe?”

Rimmer snorted while picking his ears.

“That’s the problem to start with! How am I supposed to believe a cripple like you managed to defeat the Blood Raving Demon! Give me the proof…”




The sudden sound of metal directed everyone’s gaze towards Raon.

Two lumps of metal were lying in front of him. They were the Green War Demon and the Blood Raving Demon’s helmets.

“Green War Demon and Blood Raving Demon’s helmets…”

“W-was it actually true?”


The division leaders’ eyes widened upon seeing the helmets.

“Eden’s helmets aren’t the problem! What I’m asking you is how you managed to kill them! A surprise attack? You aren’t even an assassin, so how was it even supposed to be possible!”

Raon couldn’t say that he used to be an assassin.

“My lord.”

Instead of looking at Karoon or the other division leaders, Raon looked up at Glenn, who was in front of him.

“Can I draw my sword?”

Glenn nodded very lightly.

“Thank you.”

Raon bowed his head and drew his sword from his waist. Crimson flame flared up from the silver damaged blade.




The flame surrounding the blade lit up the entire audience chamber like the intense flame burning inside the furnace.

“A-aura blade, and such a flame on top of it…”

“I’m sure I heard it was a very tiny flame, though.”

“Is he a Sword Expert? At that age?”


“His level seems enough to fight equally against the Green War Demon.”

The division leaders’ eyes widened in surprise upon seeing Raon’s aura blade.

“I told you already. That guy’s a monster.”

Rimmer giggled, watching the astonished division leaders.

Glenn Zieghart’s expression didn’t seem to have changed at all. However, those who knew him well could notice the corner of his lips twitching.




Raon lowered his sword, burning in a crimson flame, and raised his chin.

“Was that enough of an explanation?”

There was no response to his words.

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