TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 80

 C 80

Eye of the Storm was the calm region at the center of a storm.

It was a calm and peaceful place, where nothing happened despite the wind blowing violently in the surroundings.

And that was the situation unfolding in front of Raon’s eyes.

Both the Blood Raving Demon’s violent madness and combative energy and Rimmer’s dark green aura were pushed into the surroundings.

A completely windless space.

No, it wasn’t just the wind. It was completely silent, as if air had stopped flowing, and his entire body felt as heavy as if a lump of steel was settled on his shoulders.

The Blood Raving Demon seemed confused, standing still with his eyes and mouth wide open. He wasn’t able to move his body freely, either.




A clear flow protruded into that silent space.

It was Rimmer’s sword. Dark green wind was gathering on his empty sword, devoid of aura.




Rimmer stomped the ground. His body shot up like an arrow, crushing the ground.

The Blood Raving Demon thrust his fist in panic, but Rimmer rode the wind to pierce into him even deeper.

And a single slash…

The sword containing the wind itself fell vertically.




The Blood Raving Demon’s right hand was harder than steel, yet it was easily cut off. It fell onto the pitch-black ground.

However, the Blood Raving Demon was a warrior at a Master’s level. Losing his arm wasn’t enough to make him fall.

He immediately stopped the bleeding of his right arm and stepped back. His movement was as swift and flexible as a tiger.

Rimmer turned his sword to follow the Blood Raving Demon, as if he were already expecting it.

The Blood Raving Demon tried escaping from Rimmer’s Eye of the Storm, but the space was moving along with Rimmer.

Upon realizing he couldn’t escape, the Blood Raving Demon came to a halt. Lowering his posture, he focused all his remaining energy in his left fist.




The space was vibrating. Red astral energy appeared as a stream, creating a tidal wave.

Rimmer faced the tidal wave of astral energy covering the ground, holding a single thin sword.




The Eye of the Storm grew bigger in size, and the wind surrounding Rimmer’s sword grew lighter in color.

Rimmer swung his sword, the blade surrounded by the storm.




With a cliff-splitting sound, the dark green wind cut through the red tidal wave.




An intense light burst out at that moment.


Even Raon closed his eyes for a moment, unable to withstand the light.

‘Is it over?’

When he opened his eyes, the Eye of the Storm had disappeared, and the world had returned to normal.


The Blood Raving Demon and Rimmer were facing each other, about five steps apart.

“You cut your strength of body and aura in half and incorporated all the wind around that windless space in your sword.”

The Blood Raving Demon’s voice was still overflowing with madness and combative energy.

“That’s fine, since Sword Field is that kind of technique. But how were you able to use a Sword Field?”

The Blood Raving Demon wasn’t the only one curious about it. Raon was also surprised at seeing Rimmer using a Sword Field.

‘I thought those who inherited Zieghart’s blood were the only ones capable of using a Sword Field…’

As the strongest organizations in the continent, Six Kings and Five Demons had distinct characteristics, but Zieghart was special even among them.

They were capable of creating a barrier as swordsmen, and not as mages. That was why the Sword Field Creation was an outstanding ability, renowned throughout the continent.

However, those who could use it were limited to those who had inherited Zieghart’s blood, and only a small number among them were actually capable of using it.

Because of that, it didn’t make sense that Rimmer was able to use it—not when he wasn’t even human.

“More specifically, it’s not exactly a Sword Field, but something similar.”

Rimmer smiled while closing his eyes.

“Since I’m pretty close to nature because I’m an elf.”

“…I see.”

The Blood Raving Demon nodded, realizing something.

“An injured tiger who lost their teeth is still a tiger, huh.”

Letting out a laugh, he looked at Raon.

“What a shame. I should’ve gotten rid of him at all costs, since he is going to impact Eden gravely…”

 “I can’t let our young king be defeated by someone like you.”

“Certainly, he has the qualities of a supreme ruler instead of an average swordsman. However, don’t be arrogant.”

The Blood Raving Demon’s voice started to tremble.

“We also have a talent as good as him in our side. I’m looking forward to you fighting against him.”

“The continent is vast, after all.”

Rimmer murmured that it was understandable and nodded.

“It’s my loss, Zieghart’s Sword of Light.”

The Blood Raving Demon closed his eyes after saying that. A red line appeared from the center of his body.

The body, maintained through aura, split apart. The giant at the Master’s level fell back.




The Blood Raving Demon’s helmet was also split in half, and the light of madness disappeared.


Rimmer sighed and sat on the ground.

“Were you watching?”

He turned his head around and grinned. He looked exhausted despite having his usual expression on his face.

“Yes, I was.”

Raon nodded.

“That’s the special technique you should learn as a Zieghart. It’s called the Sword Field.”

“Sword Field…”

He murmured the words Sword Field, pretending he didn’t know about it.

“It’s a barrier created through pressure and karma, not mana like a magician would use.”

“That’s why you’ve put so much importance on pressure.”

“Yes. Even if you aren’t using a Sword Field, developing pressure helps you exert your power.”

Rimmer grinned, and Raon nodded once again.


He might have been a bit different, but Rimmer’s training requiring trainees to surpass their limits every day must’ve greatly helped the other children.

If they hadn’t gone through the training to increase their pressure, the children wouldn’t have been able to fight against the Green War Demon, nor run away from the Blood Raving Demon.

“You are a collateral, but you are actually a member of the direct line. You can probably use it one day… No, you will certainly use it.”

Rimmer declared, certain that he could do it one day.

“The experience, achievement, aura, and even the future you’ve been accumulating. Sword Field is created by incorporating all of that. You need to experience many things, and you must learn.”

He was teaching him despite being out of breath. Everything from the battle against the Blood Raving Demon until that moment was a lesson.

“You guys watched too, right?”


* * *

Rimmer completely turned his body and looked far away. Runaan, Burren, Martha, and the other trainees were standing in a daze.

It seemed they’d been watching the situation from outside the Sword Field.


Runaan came running at him. Her eyes were filled with small tears.

“That’s crazy! This guy was alive! He’s alive!”

The hand Martha used to grab Raon’s shoulder trembled, unable to believe Raon had managed to survive so long.

“Sir Raon!”



Dorian and the trainees came running at him with teary eyes.

“Raon Zieghart.”

Burren’s chin trembled as he breathed out a sigh of relief.

“I’m really glad…”

While faltering, he sniffed and turned his gaze to Rimmer, who was next to Raon.

“By the way, instructor.”


“How was the instructor able to use the Sword Field Creation?”

“I made it.”

“D-did you say you made it?”


Rimmer repeated what he told the Blood Raving Demon and nodded his head.

“There are a few different kinds of Sword Fields that are passed down in Zieghart. Since they are inherited through blood, only their bloodline can use it—but making a new one is a different story.”

He smiled, telling him that he made the Sword Field.

“Then am I also able to use that Sword Field?”

Martha asked while stepping forward. Runaan’s eyes were also glittering.

“That’s a no.”

Rimmer calmly shook his head.

“There are two conditions that are requirements for a non-Zieghart to create a Sword Field.”

“Two conditions?”

“First is experience. You need to have lots of experience with a Sword Field. I’ve done that in all the battlefields I’ve led with the Lord. And second is…”

He gave a look at each trainee before he continued.

“The talent in attribute.”

“What kind of talent are you talking about?”

Martha took one step closer and asked. She was greatly interested in the Sword Field.

“Talent in attributes. The power of attribute is necessary for people like us, who don’t have Zieghart’s blood, to create the Sword Field. I’ve managed to make it through the power of wind.”


“But I wouldn’t recommend it.”

Rimmer shook his head with a dejected expression.

“Collaterals and a few vassal families, including the Sullion families, also inherited Zieghart’s blood. They might be able to use the Sword Field if they worked hard on it. However, you would need to sacrifice something if you are trying to use the Sword Field without Zieghart’s blood.”



Rimmer didn’t respond.

“You have a bright future ahead of you. Unlike me, who had no choice but to make my Sword Field, you should be able to get stronger with your own strength.”

He included wind in his voice, so that everyone could hear him.

“Let’s talk about this later, and for now…”

Rimmer took out a transparent water bottle from his sleeve and approached Raon.

“It’s going to hurt. Endure it.”

He spoke as he poured the water on his broken arm and his torn waist and thigh.


It was extremely painful, but Raon didn’t groan in the slightest. That much couldn’t even be called a pain compared to when he was fighting against the Blood Raving Demon.

“Doesn’t it hurt?”

“It hurts.”

“But you aren’t even groaning.”

“It doesn’t hurt that much.”

“Huh, wow.”

Rimmer snickered and shook his head.

“It’s over, so let’s go back.”


Burren raised his hand. He had the same eyes as when he was in the training ground.

“I have a question.”

“Eek? I’m tired, can we do it later…”

Rimmer gulped, guessing what he was about to ask.

“No, I need to ask it right now. Where have you even been, that you came out to help so late? It’s obvious you’ve been following us, so why did you appear after we were in so much danger? Not only us, but the villagers were also in dan…”

“Huh? What’s that?”

Rimmer raised his finger and pointed towards Burren’s back.


“What is it again…”

The trainees hurriedly looked back, but all they could see were shaking branches without any leaves.

“There’s no… Where did he go?”

Burren’s eyes widened. Rimmer had disappeared in the short time he was looking away.

“That guy, seriously! Why did he appear so late?! We almost died for real!”

He was grateful that he came to save them, but the timing was too dramatic. Considering the villagers' lives were also at stake, he should’ve appeared earlier.

“Did anyone die?”

Raon walked up to Burren, grabbing his broken right arm.

“Fortunately, nobody died. I would’ve grabbed the instructor by the collar if there was any.”

“Then it’s fine.”

Rimmer must’ve had his own circumstances. The villagers must’ve been shocked, but they should be able to overcome it since no one had died.


“Let’s clean up. We still have much to do.”

Raon shook his head, his entire body covered in blood.

“A-are you really okay?”

“Are you okay, Raon?”

Burren and Runaan asked at once.

“I’m fine.”

Raon nodded like nothing, despite being seriously injured no matter how one looked at him.

Raon was recovering his body and mana circuit with the Ring of Fire.

Rimmer’s medicine was also effective, so his body and mana circuit became even stronger after a good rest.

“I’m sorry.”

Burren lowered his head. His drooping hand was trembling.

“You had to step up because my decision was made too late, yet I almost got everyone killed. I don’t think I’m fit to lead anyone.”

“You look like you are about to die from a single mistake. If you realized your problem, develop your decision-making and strength together.”


“Or you could just give up on everything if you aren’t confident.”

“No, I’ll do it. I’m going to gain judgment and strength that won’t lose in any situation! I promise this to you, the one that saved my life!”

“That’s good.”

Raon waved his uninjured left hand.

‘I would’ve punched him if he apologized for being unable to help me.’

He liked that he apologized for not running away immediately, instead of not fighting against the Blood Raving Demon together.

Since Burren was still a child, he would be able to improve a lot more in the future.

“Runaan, you’re the same. You should’ve run away back then instead of trying to help me.”

“Don’t wanna.”

Runaan shook her head with an unusually sullen face.

“If it’s an opponent you can’t win against…”

“Don’t wanna.”

“It’s dangerous.”

“Don’t wanna.”

“No, listen to me first.”

“I won’t listen. I’m going to help.”

She covered her ears and shook her head while saying that.

“I’m going to get stronger. I’m definitely going to get stronger and fight alongside you!”


The silliness drew a bitter smile from him. However, his heart felt warm. He could feel the sincerity in her words when she said she would get stronger and help him.

It was a difficult mission, one where he got injured a lot, but he was happy that he got to learn a lot about emotions.


Raon looked at Martha. She seemed to be thinking about something, her deep gaze was directed at him.

“It’s over. Let’s return.”

He waved his hand at the trainees, who were still standing around dumbfounded.

He could see people running at them from the darkness. They were the Zieghart reinforcements that Krein went to call.

His mind grew relaxed because everything was really over.


[You’ve won the bet against Wrath.]

[The reward is being distributed.]


When he was thinking he wanted to rest, a blue window appeared in front of his eyes.



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