TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 78

 C 78

He was already aware of it.

He knew the Blood Raving Demon had already reached the master level, that he was strong against fire attributes, and that he had a dirty personality—one that enjoyed playing with his prey before killing it.

Since he was already aware of all of that, he had decided to use his trap to his advantage.

It was the only way to win—or rather, to survive.




The moment the Blood Raving Demon showed his true nature, the weight of the atmosphere became different.

It was a feeling of a lump of steel pressing upon his entire body. Raon grit his teeth and brought up every ounce of murderous intent that the assassin Raon possessed.




The moment his murderous intent started competing with the madness, Burren, Runaan, and Martha—who were at a lower level—were bounced out.

That was also according to plan.

However, the most important thing still remained.

After making them escape the Blood Raving Demon’s astral energy, he twisted his body so suddenly that his waist seemed to snap.




A huge fist, surrounded by astral energy, grazed his left shoulder.




It wasn’t a direct hit. Even though it had only brushed past him, the bone on his left arm was crushed.


Raon grit his teeth to the breaking point. He endured the pain with a superhuman perseverance and brandished his sword with his right arm.




He gathered all his energy and murderous intent at the end of his sword.

“You bastard!”

He thrust the blade of frost towards the Blood Raving Demon’s heart as the man glared at him in surprise.

Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation, Ultimate Point.

The principles of the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation flowed out through the Coldness of the Frost. The silver blade was dyed in blue, as if the ice dragon strolling in the sky dwelled within it.




The sound of the blue blade piercing the ogre’s armor resounded in his ears.


However, Raon’s eyes didn’t grow any brighter. They only got darker, like the glow of the setting sun.

“Damn it…”

Because the ultimate technique that would even pierce the steel was unable to penetrate any further, blocked by the leather.

“Haa… Amazing.”

The Blood Raving Demon coughed out his admiration, a sword piercing his chest.

“I never expected you to use my trap instead. I really almost died right there. However…”

The blue sword piercing his chest shattered with a clank.


Raon was sent flying, coughing up blood.

“You were too weak. The difference in power between us isn’t something you can make up for with that kind of surprise attack.”

The blade thrust into the Blood Raving Demon’s chest came out like a pebble stuck in the mud.

‘His muscles stopped it…’

Raon bit his blood-stained lip. The Blood Raving Demon had stopped his attack by enhancing his skin and muscles.

It was a method befitting a monster that had reached the level of a master, one that could control his entire body as he wanted.


Raon stepped backwards and looked at Burren, Runaan, Martha, and the other remaining trainees.

“Th-the plan is over. Run, everyone!”


“Hey, you…”

“We can’t win.”

There was no way they could win, no matter what they did in their current state. Since the plan had failed, the fight was over. All that was left to do was run away.

“I command you as the top trainee. Run away with the villagers! The house’s reinforcement that Krein requested is coming. Run to the west!”


“I-I’ll also…”

“Burren Zieghart!”

Raon shouted Burren’s name, who was about to stand up with trembling lips.

“Is dying in vain right here the Zieghart’s way you told me about before? If that’s the case, then fight alongside me here. If not, then do what you must!”


Burren bit his lip. The consideration was long, but the decision was short.

“We’re retreating. Everyone, back off! Focus on running away!”

He ended up tearing his lip, turning around to run towards the village. The trainees shed tears and ran away, following Burren.


Raon, who was coughing up blood while grabbing his arm, was reflected in Runaan’s purple eyes.


As she was about to dash at the Blood Raving Demon while screaming, Martha struck her neck.

With a thud, Runaan lost consciousness and fell on the ground.


Martha carried her on her back and looked at Raon. She was asking him if there really was no way.




As soon as Raon nodded, she turned around and ran in the direction Burren went.

“…Thank you.”

Raon smiled faintly. He was glad they were able to understand.




The Blood Raving Demon pulled the sword stuck on his chest out completely. Blood was flowing out, but it soon stopped and the wound started to close. It was the effect of ogre’s stamina and regeneration.

‘Damn it.’

Raon bit his lip. The Bleeding Curse was in effect, but it was completely pointless in that situation. Ten percent was far from enough to allow him to win as he wouldn’t be able to win with a 50% weakening effect.

“Do you think those insects can run away?”

The Blood Raving Demon crushed the sword in his hand like a biscuit.

“I’ve unleashed ogres in the area. They are going to be eaten alive soon enough. No, before that…”

The Blood Raving Demon giggled and looked down at Raon.

“Do you think you can hold on? With that arm and that stamina?”


Raon didn’t respond. He wasn’t looking at the Blood Raving Demon. He was looking at Wrath, who was in his arm.


It’s finally the King of Essence’s turn.

Wrath squirmed up like smoke. His pressure alone was far past the Blood Raving Demon, who was at the level of Master.

Just like I said before, you can’t win against him with your current strength. Give me your body. I’ll freeze up this entire space, including him.

‘Haa… you are always so delusional.’


‘It’s a trade.’

Raon’s eyes shone as he coughed up blood.

What do you mean, trade?

‘You mentioned before that I could make trades with your wrath. I’m going to accept your wrath, so return my body and aura to a normal state.’


Blue coldness burst from Wrath like a flame pillar.

You idiot! You’ll never be able to beat him at your current strength, even if you were reborn! You won’t be able to win just from recovering your wounds!

‘That’s my business. Do you accept or not?’


Facing Raon’s determination, Wrath ground his teeth, delaying his answer.

…Fine. I’ll give you 10 points of wrath and recover your body perfectly. However, you aren’t going to achieve anything with it.

‘Shut up and give it to me already.’


After Wrath’s snorting sound, his coldness was absorbed into Raon’s body.


He grit his teeth, feeling the pain of his skin getting ripped apart by the coldness.




The broken arm and ribs were fixed on their own. Raon’s lips trembled at a pain worse than when they broke.


Tears dripped from his eyes before he knew it. It was one of the worst pains he had experienced in both his previous and current lives combined.

“What are you?”

The Blood Raving Demon stood still, eyes widening upon witnessing his arm restoring itself.


Raon gasped for breath. Even the aura filling up his empty energy center felt painful.

However, the true pain didn’t end there.


[10 points of wrath have been created according to the contract with Wrath.]


His lungs shrunk like dry wood and his heart tightened. Every single one of his cells felt like they were being stabbed by a needle.


The pain was one thing, but he felt like his body was being dislocated from his soul. It was the feeling of something sticky and evil pervading his body.


His recovery was perfect. He was mentally exhausted, but his body and aura had recovered into a state better than normal.

“I don’t understand it.”

The Blood Raving Demon rolled his curious yellow eyes.

“I doubt you drank an ogre or a troll’s blood. How are you able to regenerate so quickly? It’s irrational…”

“You won’t understand it.”

How painful it was.


Breathing our hot air, he took another trainee’s sword from the ground.


What is it, you arrogant brat.

‘Since I might die, let’s make a bet.’


‘Yes. I’m going to bet that he is going to die.’

You are spouting nonsense once again.

‘Why, are you afraid?’

Fine! Bring it on! The King of Essence is going to bet you are going to hand over your body.

After hearing Wrath’s response, Raon pointed his sword at the Blood Raving Demon.

“Come at me. I’ll play with you until the sun rises.”




“Huff! Huff!”

Martha ran after Burren and the other trainees, carrying Runaan on her back.

Since everyone was running as fast as they could, they quickly managed to catch up to the other trainees and the villagers.

“Wh-what happened?”

“Are we going to be okay?”

The villagers were walking and running quickly to their standards, but they were way too slow in Martha’s eyes.

It was something that couldn’t be helped, but she became irritated.

“Damn it, damn…”

Burren’s fist trembled and his eyes shook. He just kept walking blankly, without looking ahead or around.


“Sir Raon…”


It wasn’t just him. The other trainees’ eyes had also lost focus, as if their souls were drained away.

“That guy…”

When small swear words and breathing sounds were the only things that could be heard, Martha silently started speaking.

“He stood alone in front of that huge monster in order to protect us and those people.”

Hearing her voice, filled with desperation and anger, everyone looked back at her.

“He is still stopping him, despite his broken arm and crushed ribs. But what are you doing right now?”


“After not having done anything there, are you planning to die like idiots here without doing anything once again?”

“That’s not true, Sir Burren is also suff…”


Burren stopped the collateral that was standing in front of Martha.

“She is correct. We have no time to be like this. The first group, watch the front! The second and the third group, watch the left and right side respectively. Control your aura at all times and stay ready to act!”

Hearing his quick commands, the trainees that were standing blankly started moving to their posts.

“Martha, since you have the best perception among us, you are in charge of the back. Give Runaan to us.”


Martha frowned but nodded and handed over the unconscious Runaan to the collateral trainees.

“We are going to increase our speed! Since the house’s reinforcement must be coming, as quickly as possible…”


Martha stopped Burren from speaking, turning her head towards the dense forest on the right side. Burren and the others also followed her gaze in a daze.




It sounded like a strong wind rustling through the forest. It was a sound of wind that could’ve been overlooked, but Martha broke out in a cold sweat and drew her sword.

“E-everyone retreat! Run away, right no…”

Before she could finish her sentence, the forest collapsed and a green monster over four meters tall appeared.


The brutal monster called the tyrant of the mountain stood with shining red eyes.


Martha swallowed.

‘I didn’t think about it.’

The Blood Raving Demon was a monster possessing an ogre’s strength, capable of controlling ogres. It was only natural that ogres existed in that place.

‘W-we can’t win…’

Maybe they could have if they were at their perfect state, but it was impossible to kill the ogre even if everyone fought together the way they were right now. They were really going to be annihilated at that rate.


Ogre roared and hammered down his huge fist.



Martha and Burren jumped at it, swinging their aura-filled swords.


The ogre withdrew slightly, noticing the aura in their swords.




Once their strength ran out after slashing the air, the ogre ran back to them and thrust its fist.




Powerful energy exploded, and Martha and Burren got pushed back, unable to keep their balance.



They stood back up while staggering, but they were already weakened significantly.

“D-damn it…”

Martha bit her lip. The ogre had an even more monstrous hunting instinct, to be able to withdraw its body at that instant.


The ogre was approaching them, a small amount of blood flowing down its hand. Its mouth was outright laughing at them.

“You guys leave first! I’ll follow you after killing this one with Martha!”

Burren shouted, grabbing his trembling right wrist with his left hand. His turn had come.

“S-Sir Burren!”



Dorian grit his teeth and turned around. However, another sound was heard before he started moving.




Along with a thunderous noise crushing the ground, an enormous shadow appeared from the left side.

A second ogre blocked the trainees’ path.


Martha’s eyes wavered violently.

‘This was why.’

That was the reason the Blood Raving Demon was smiling despite them running away. He had already released the ogres in the area.

“E-everything’s over.”

The atmosphere became even more quiet, following somebody’s despair-filled voice.



The only sounds that could be heard now were the ogre’s hungry roar and the human’s scared groans.

“Don’t back down.”

Burren brandished his sword, wiping the blood flowing from his mouth.

“Raon is also still fighting! If we die here, we will be too ashamed to face the one that is still fighting the Blood Raving Demon on his own!”

He screamed and drew out his aura. The blue wind raged, strengthened by his determination.

“You’re talking sense for once.”

Martha chuckled and nodded, surrounding her sword with Titan’s aura.

“I have to go help Raon.”

Runaan—who had woken up—brandished her sword, radiating silver frost.

It was a desperate situation, yet darkness couldn’t be found in three people’s eyes.



It seemed the two ogres didn’t like such expressions on their prey, as they roared and kicked the ground.

The moment the three swordsmen and two monsters clashed against each other.




Green wind raged from the center of the forest.


* * *



The yellow aura pressed and burst the blue and red aura.




Raon was sent back flying through the jet-black smoke.




He barely managed to stop after sticking his sword in the ground.


Raon’s chin trembled, vomiting out the black, dead blood. His repaired left arm was crushed once again, and his side was ripped apart.

He could hardly breathe because of the pain filling his entire body.

“You are like a leech.”

The Blood Raving Demon approached him, while warming up his solid finger. His increasingly powerful energy wave was bursting Raon’s skin.




He crushed the ground and leaped at him like a cannonball.


Raon kicked the ground and rotated his body.




After dodging the Blood Raving Demon’s fist with a paper-thin difference, he stepped back.


He clicked his tongue. His broken and swaying left arm was bothering him. If it accidentally got caught, he could be killed right after.

‘Shall I cut it off?’

He considered cutting off his left arm, since that would allow him to hold on for a little bit longer.


‘Why am I doing this here?’

‘My arm has been shattered twice, my side got ripped apart, and my muscles and skin are screaming.’

‘I don’t understand why I’m fighting against that monster, enduring pain that I didn’t even experience in my previous life.’

Various memories passed by his mind, from the moment of his birth until now.

‘I remembered the words of the person I spent the longest time with, the one I felt the most uncomfortable with, and the one I wanted to apologize to the most.’


[I want Raon to become like those ancient swordsmen of Zieghart.]


Right. Those were the words.

‘Those words from Sylvia are binding me here.’

‘If this were my previous life, I would’ve run away already.’

‘I would’ve run away from the monster, even if that meant using Burren, Runaan, Martha, and the trainees—even the villagers—as bait.’

‘But what Sylvia said…’

‘The memories of the trainees that spent time with me are binding me to this place.’

‘Runaan looks cold and blank, but she’s nicer than anyone. She’s a girl that has endured pain by herself in order to save her family from a psychopathic brother.’

‘Burren was a rude guy, but he changed quickly like a good child and has started running towards his goal.’

‘Martha is rough, but she has a strong willpower and unwavering conviction. I’m not certain, but she seems to miss her birth mother.’

‘The other trainees also changed gradually, despite the beginning. It would be a lie if I said I wasn’t attached to them.’

‘Everything changed a lot.’

‘The way they look at me has changed a lot, and the way I look at them has also changed.’ 

‘That’s why I decided to stay.’

‘Just like Sylvia had said, I wanted to save those that are growing up as Zieghart swordsmen.’

‘It’s different from when I used to participate in dozens of battlefields, killing hundreds of lives in my previous life.’

‘I’m currently fighting against this monster of my own volition.’


He burst into laughter.

He felt strange, wielding his sword in order to save people instead of killing them.

“Are you laughing in this situation? You aren’t normal, either.”

“I know, right? I didn’t think I would be like this.”

Raon nodded. As he was standing in that posture, Wrath—who had been watching him—silently came up with a distorted conclusion.

I finally understand it.


You are planning to give your body to the King of Essence.


You are just buying time right now until those young ones escape the King of Essence’s range.

‘So, you finally noticed.’

Such arrogance from a madman!

Wrath’s flame shot up like a star in the night sky. The wrath was more intense than it ever had been.

Raon Zieghart. There’s a limit in how much you can underestimate the King of Essence. Do you truly believe you can regain the control of your body in the short time between I kill him and find your allies?

‘I’m not certain. It’s just a gamble.’

Raon shook his head.

‘Since that’s the only way.’

There was no way he could win against the Blood Raving Demon currently, and reinforcements were going to take at least a few hours.

The only way to survive and save everyone was to hand over his body to Wrath to kill him, then regain the body before he reached the trainees.

You’ve already accepted the King of Essence’s wrath. It will be different from before.

‘But I still have to try.’

He couldn’t die in vain like that, with his archenemy still alive.

Stop your mistakes. You are currently exhausted both mentally and physically. Your emotions are also agitated. I’ll let you experience it.

Wrath ground his teeth and stuck on Raon’s body.


Raon screamed, unable to withstand it. The pain was at a different level from before, dying his skin in black.


That’s your current state. You might be able to stop the King of Essence’s possession, but you will never be able to come back once you hand over your body by yourself.


Raon trembled. Wrath was correct, he wasn’t confident he could endure the pain and shock just now.

‘Then how…’

“It looks like you finally have a problem. Ah! I got a great idea.”

The Blood Raving Demon spun his bulky finger.

“I should kill your allies before killing you. What kind of face are you going to make if I pluck off their heads, one by one?”

He turned around while giggling. His thigh puffed up, as he was about to split the ground and run off.


The trainees wouldn’t withstand a single strike from the Blood Raving Demon. It would be a massacre. Holding out so far would become meaningless then.

That was one thing he couldn’t allow.


Raon brandished his broken sword. He grit his teeth and straightened his spine. Using the Ring of Fire and Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation to the extreme, he increased his prowess.

“Look at me.”

He pointed his broken sword at the Blood Raving Demon. His hand was trembling, but the tip of his sword wasn’t wavering.

“My name is Raon Zieghart. I’m the Destructive King of the North, Glenn Zieghart’s, grandson—and the swordsman that will become the continent’s strongest one day.”

It didn’t matter whether Glenn acknowledged him or not. It was fine even if the others didn’t accept him as one of their own.

“I’m still alive. You won’t leave this place until my heart stops beating! O, mad demon of Eden!”

His prowess and aura, which were completely exhausted, ignited once again and surrounded his blade.


The Blood Raving Demon’s yellow eyes reflected his admiration.

“Such spirit at that age! Excellent isn’t a sufficient word to describe it. Fine, I shall pay respect befitting to a true warrior.”

His energy soared up explosively. He turned the muscle he had amplified in order to run.


He managed to turn his attention back to him, but there was nothing more he could do.

‘What shall I do?’

He would die to the Blood Raving Demon if he didn’t give his body to Wrath.

If he gave his body to Wrath, the trainees were going to die, and he was probably going to be unable to recover his body for eternity.

‘Damn it!’

Misfortunes on top of misfortunes. There was no solution.

The Blood Raving Demon was right under his nose. His leg wouldn’t move after exhausting his strength to increase his prowess and aura.

“I’ll remember your name, Raon Zieghart.”

Raon was unable to decide until the moment he was about to strike with his boulder-like fist.


‘I can’t die like this. I still have something to do!’

‘Wrath, I’ll give my body to …’

You’ve finally decided. It’s time to say goodbye.

Wrath’s voice was filled with anticipation and a small, unknown emotion.


In the middle of talking, Raon widened. The kind and refreshing fragrance of the wind, one that he had scented countless times after he turned twelve years old, brushed past his nose.

What are you doing?! Make up your mind already!

‘I’m not giving it to you.’

Damn it! Why now, of all times!

He lowered his sword as he heard Wrath’s scream. He even closed his eyes.


The Blood Raving Demon struck with his fist. Raon’s skin burst from the wind pressure, but he didn’t open his eyes.




There was no pain. He opened his eyes, hearing the sound of a small wind gently touching a flower petal.

He could see long red hair fluttering in the wind and a broad back, surrounded by green wind.

The thin sword he was holding was perfectly defending against the Blood Raving Demon’s fist.

“You’re late.”

Raon wrinkled his mouth, looking at the man in front of him.

“I’m sorry. I overslept a little.”

The red-haired swordsman, Rimmer, turned around. He smiled with a face covered in someone’s blood.

“Leave the rest to me.”

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